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Looks like Olicity are back to touching and being completely open with each other. Oliver seems to have left the "past in the past" and moved on because of Felicity's speech. Just... not a lot of forward movement for Olicity. Only 2 episodes left. How are Olicity supposed to reunite with each other in season 5 with just two episodes left?

I actually address this forward movement directly in my Heroes & Heartbreakers recap. The link will be up in the morning. 👍

I’m actually pretty happy with what I saw tonight. Everything is right on track for where I expected it to be. Maybe even a bit ahead of what I was waiting to see. I feel @jbuffyangel called it perfectly and I was shouting “Jen was right!” constantly throughout the episode. 😂

Basically, in order for Olicity to reunite, Oliver had to figure out who he is and what he stands for. Tonight, he put the Green Arrow costume back on again, he was a source of encouragement and light for his sister and he refused to kill Adrian. I’d say he ticked the boxes. 

All he’s gotta do is tell Felicity that he’s ticked those boxes and reunion is back on. That can absolutely be accomplished in two episodes (shoot, it can be accomplished in a two minute scene!). I’m putting money on next week’s episode… but if all else fails, absolutely by the end of 5x23. 

(hear that? before you guys send me more anons, that’s me saying I still believe in an season 5 reunion 😉)


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