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Dramaland Forecast: July 2017

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  • Chicago Typewriter it started out slow and I was *thisclose* to dropping it around ep 5 because I didn’t care about the modern timeline dynamics, but ep 6 was good and then it just got better and better until the ending crushed my heart in all the best ways.
  • Man to Man – a fun, idle binge! Even though I wasn’t super invested, I loved every moment Park Sung Woong was on my screen (he can do no wrong!). I preferred the goofier side of the drama than the srs bzns spy stuff, but the action scenes were pretty slick and I liked the production values. I don’t regret wasting my time on this show although I will probably forget it ever existed.

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • The Best Hit
  • Duel


  • I purposefully didn’t start many dramas this month knowing that I wouldn’t have time for them. I’m waiting for Lookout, Circle, Secret Forest, and Fight My Way to end so I can binge at my leisure (and no one had better spoil me on Circle until I do because that’s the one I’m most looking forward to – I’ve worked incredibly hard to avoid spoilers so far and you don’t want to make me cry, do you? Do you?)
  • Oh and I also plan to look into Woman of Dignity but my hopes are sub-basement level and I’m only doing it for my love of Kim Sun Ah.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • School 2017 – I never watched the 2015 version but I really enjoyed the 2013 version (all my beloved students with their various problems, and the reunion of the Baby-faced duo Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi). Although, based on this writer, I have a feeling there will be loads more humor than tears.
  • Strongest Deliveryman – I know nothing about this except it has Go Kyung Pyo in his first leading role, so of course it has my attention.
  • Reunited Worlds – “A love story between an 18-year-old man and 31-year-old woman, born in the same year and were childhood friends.” Well, this is certainly a new take on the noona romance. The writer is dependably okay and I like the cast even though no one particularly excites. I’m curious but not to the point where I’ll make a point to clear my schedule for the premiere.
  • Save Me – I love OCN thrillers (esp. in the Sat/Sun timeslot) as much as anyone, maybe even more than most, but… but… Taecyeon.  I dunno if I can last a whole drama with him as the lead.
  • Man Who Dies To Live the plot is vague but the cast is decent. There’s potential here but I’m gonna need more info.
  • Manhole – “Bong Pil and his five friends travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later.” Starring Jaejoong and UEE and Baro. Heck, let’s get all the idol and ex-idol actors and make it a thing. From the writer of TEN and TEN 2 so it shouldn’t be quite as ridiculous as it sounds (but it better be just a little bit ridiculous. Just a little).
  • Hospital Ship – the plot makes me think of a gender flipped version of my beloved Matsuda Shota’s A Clinic on the Sea, so I’m tentatively willing to give it a chance if it promises me a quirky mix of characters.
  • Mojito – the plot sounds like a standard chaebol-candy rom-com buuuuuuuuuut Sung Joon and Baek Sung Hyun reunited? Yes, please!
  • Live – Noh Hee Kyung’s newest offering that potentially could star Lee Kwang Soo in a role that I’m hoping reflects more than just his comedic abilities. There’s no airdate set (some time next year, probably) and only a vague plot but MY BODY IS READY.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

Watch I’m Watching: July 2017 Edition


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Bride of the Water God (TVN)

Marriage Not Dating (TVN)

Another Oh Hae Young (TVN)

Soulmate (MBC)

For the last month or so, I have been in a dry spell of sorts. Dramas that usually catch my attention didn’t, and I found other things I wanted to watch more than dramas (which is a first for me). Bride of the Water God is a complicated drama, because while there is indeed flaws with it, I am eager to watch each episode — so I don’t see myself dropping this one. Soulmate is a early 2000′s coming of age romantic story that if I can get over the awful post 90′s hair styles, should be enjoyable. I’ve recently been able to rope my sister into kdramas (she has avoided them because of the subtitles) and I’ve been selecting some good shows that I know she would love — we usually watch an episode a night. So far I have gotten her through Coffee Prince, Weightlifting Fairy, and Marriage Not Dating, and since she likes meaningful rom-coms we are going to tackle Another Oh Hae Young. I was obsessed with that show when it was on, even if I didn’t love the last couple of episodes.

On Hold

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The Best Hit (KBS2)

Fight My Way (KBS2)

Chicago Typewriter (TVN)

All of these dramas are great, I just haven’t been in the mood to finish their runs — but I know I will. I sometimes like dramas enough that I will inadvertently delay their endings because I want more episodes. I’m on the last two episodes of Chicago typewriter and about halfway through Fight My Way and The Best Hit, but I’ll finish them eventually. I miss seeing Yoon Shi Yoon and Yoo Ah In on my computer screen!


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Criminal Minds (TVN)I’ve yet to see Lee Jun Ki in a modern drama (my sister also has never seen him before and he is a GIFT), so I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m also a big fan of the American TV show, so I will hopefully enjoy this.

Reunited Worlds (SBS)
The premise of this one seems crazy, but I’ve had good experiences with supernatural romances before. Age gap dramas are not always my cup of tea though.

School 2017 (KBS2)
I have yet to complete a School series yet, but this one looks promising — I haven’t seen a school aged drama in a while, and the writing of these series are usually very good.

Stranger/Strange Forest (TVN)
This is getting RAVE reviews and I know almost nothing about the plot, which almost never happens. I’m excited to start this one.

What are you watching?