reunited and it feels soooo good

Fix You- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: I can’t find the original request, but the reader and Percival have been in an established relationship for a while when she gets word that he’s finally been found safe and sound after the Grindelwald innocent. Reunited and it feels soooo good! <3

Warnings: Angst, as requested!

A/N: Shorter than my usual (although that’s not a bad thing in my case lol). This one was a challenge, to write a version of Graves that’s so broken. Hope I pulled it off okay! :)

“Where is he?”

I felt dazed, my legs suddenly weak as I braced myself against Madam President’s desk for support. I could hardly believe my ears and waited for her to reassure me it wasn’t a dream. There was a stitch in my side as I tried to catch my breath. I’d apparated straight to MCUSA as soon as the news had reached me, running the rest of the way to the president’s office.

The other woman leaned forward, clasping her hand over mine. “We found Percival. We brought him here, in the medical wing.”

My heart jumped into my throat.

We found Percival.

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I had so much fun at SDCC this year! I got to reunite with my league, and we got to show you another trailer with what we’ve been working on, including being able to see my mama bear Queen Hippolyta - Connie Nelson there in the trailer with us! and announcing that Wonder Woman 2 is officially happening. And sharing my excitement about wanting to go head to head with the beautiful Margot Robbie in an epic Wonder Woman vs Harley Quinn showdown. I feel so blessed. Who’s excited for November? 

Christi's Response on Maddie contacting Chloe

Recently, there have been a few articles that state that Maddie has tried to contact Chloe, but Chloe has ignored her. Christi, Chloe’s mom, then went to tweet out:

“@ Dancemomchristi: Soooo tired of the rumor that Chloe’s former friend reached out to her and “mean Chloe” ignored her. Let’s check facts: never happened.”

I honestly feel like Maddie did try to contact and reunite with Chloe, but when she tried, it was right when Chloe and Christi had left the studio, so it probably wasn’t a good time.

Now going back to what Christi tweeted, I honestly was in a way disgusted and upset at the fact that Christi doesn’t have the audacity to say/write Maddie’s name. She has to make it very clear and tweet “former friend”. Like it irks me at the fact that Christi refuses to use Maddie’s name, like she never really knew Maddie. It feel like Christi thinks Maddie was just Chloe’s friend for a very little time, yet Maddie has known Chloe since she was 3 or 4…

I’ve always felt that Christi loved Maddie, and the only problem she had was with Melissa, Maddie’s mom, but I guess that’s not the case. As well as I thought Chloe and Maddie had a very good friendship, but I guess not anymore either.

To me, as Christi makes it out to seem is that Maddie didn’t try and contact Chloe. So okay, but then I think, well Chloe hasn’t tried to contact Maddie either, so clearly, TO ME, it feels like Chloe doesn’t want to be Maddie’s friend at all anymore. Which honestly doesn’t make sense to me since Chloe has kept in touch with Paige and Brooke, as well as Nia! Chloe has deleted all the pictures she’s had of her and Maddie from her instagram, as well as picture with her and the other girls from dance moms, yet Maddie still has hers up. Chloe supports Nia with her music, but Chloe didn’t with Maddie and the music videos she was in. And I know that can be rebutted with "Well Maddie hasn’t supported Chloe… blah blah blah” but Maddie did say she was happy for Chloe when she won the Choice Dancer award. Fans have even stated that Maddie once said that she misses her friendship with Chloe because it was one of her most amazing friendships ever.

I just don’t understand why Chloe and especially Christi, have treated Maddie like she doesn’t mean anything to them. Like she hadn’t been part of their lives at all.

I feel like this has been happening, especially ever since Maddie had become huge with the Sia videos. Like Christi doesn’t want to mention Maddie at all so she won’t continuously put out Maddie’s name so it could get more recognition. And I could understand that because she wants her own daughter’s name out there, but it’s still sad. (PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS/OPINIONS ON THIS.)

I probably have confused you all in the purpose of me writing this, but overall, it saddens me that Christi doesn’t even want to acknowledge Maddie at all. Also, this isn’t me being like “Aww! I wish Maddie and Chloe were friends again” and I do wish they could be friends, but like I don’t have a right to say if they can be friends again, that’s their choice. I just feel like Christi doesn’t truly value Maddie as a person anymore.

Like Christi used to let Maddie sleep over at her house all the time, as well as vice versa. Christi used to be like a second mom to Maddie and now all of a sudden she doesn’t want anything to do with Maddie. I just don’t like Christi’s attitude towards how she responds to things that have to do with both Maddie and her daughter.

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t me hating on Christi or Chloe. This is me giving my opinion and thoughts with their relationship with Maddie. Please don’t hate on my opinion, as I know you might have different opinions than mine.