<3 Eremin Week <3

FINALLY! I am so excited for Eremin week it's one of many favorite OTPS! Since I’m not very talented at writing and drawing, I decided to show my love by recommending some fics for all ya! 

Finished Fics: 

We Were Kings by seasideimprovion:

Armin’s life is a tide coming in fast: bullies, loneliness, a secret he’ll never tell, and thoughts of getting the hell out keeping him afloat. It just takes one chance meeting with a dark-haired boy that has him sucked out into the ocean, with no choice but to sink or swim. [12 chapters]

Shrinking Violets by phollie (laronuille):                                        

Eren kisses him again, kisses his little giggling mouth and his flower-pink face in quick little pecks, and people on the streets don’t stare because they’re just children and children are supposed to love each other before they grow old and forget how to. [1 chapter]

Armin’s Ass in Gym Shorts by Remmy -AoT (Remberance):                                        

The tale of how Eren Jaeger found out he was gay. [1 chapter]

Solstice by reunionwillcome:  

Eren and Mikasa, orphaned siblings with no-one but each other, have spent years in crappy foster home after crappy foster home. When they’re sent to the fancy Arlert house for the summer, Eren is convinced he’ll have a bad time. But he’s in for a surprise when he meets the kindly Mr. Arlert and his sweet grandson, Armin, who is brighter than the stars themselves. Slowly, they become friends, and they find themselves slowly falling for each other.
It’s just too bad Eren can’t stay forever. [1 chapter]

Frilly Daydreams J_senpai:

Armin’s attempts at earning more money invoke unexpected reactions from Eren. [1 chapter]

Honestly by phollie (laronuille):

They’re clumsy at this, their movements frantic and unrehearsed, but Armin doesn’t care; if this is to be the last time they do this – if they are to die tomorrow, or the next day, or the next – then he’ll be damned if he doesn’t make this worth it. [1 chapter]

A Thousand Years by jakee9424                                      

Armin remembers key points in his life with the man he loves most, Eren. [1 chapter]

Papercuts by shipping_queen:                                  

Reading books gets you papercuts, and being friends with Eren gets you a lot of band-aids. [1 chapter]

Tighten Up by ClockworkCourier:                                      

Eren was torn between bashing his own head into his desk or writing ‘I LOVE YOU’ on a piece of paper and smashing Armin’s head into that. [1 chapter]

Caretaker by Almerst:      

Eren is soft and warm to the touch. Or at least, Armin likes to think so; he couldn’t say for sure. But he knows the habits of animals, has grown up watching them, reading of them in books. Their behaviors, their ways of adapting to an ever changing world.

The animal backed into the corner, wounded and deposited right on death’s doorstep, is the strongest. Its drive to stay alive is what keeps it fighting, instincts set on attack in order to survive.

That’s where humanity is now, backed into its dying corner and ready to lash out at last.

But then there’s Eren, who has more than that. Beyond instincts and drive, he has a burning anger, a ceaseless need for revenge. No matter how Armin watches, it keeps Eren at arm’s length from everyone.

Armin suspects it’s something that Eren can’t turn off. [1 chapter]

Their Promise by InsiderKiwi:  Armin and Eren fulfill a promise they made to each other as kids.[1 chapter]

Unfairytale by Tox:          

Once upon a time, two boys shared a damaging and enduring love. It was told over the years and fated to be repeated. [1 chapter]

Finally Made It:      

Finally, at long last! Eren has made it past the walls and reached the ocean! But, sadly, Armin couldn’t make it… [2 chapters]

Mario Kart Kisses by Tsunhimesama:                                  

Wherein two cute dorks by the names of Eren Jaeger and Armin Arlert are having a slumber party. Lots of cute, some video game action, and somebody loses a bet. [1 chapter]

Not Finished: 

Rather Cliche by RetroRabbit:            

High School AU. Armin has his hands full dealing with bullies and tutoring the new transfer student, Eren Jaeger. [10 chapters/ ?]

Slowly Dancing in a Burning Room by well_hello_bright_eyes:        

Armin Arlert and Eren Yeager had always been two peas in a pod, even as Eren rose in popularity in highschool. And along with all of the other girls, Armin fell for his best friend but is too scared to tell him. When he does tell him, their relationship changes forever, from Senior year until the very end. But through everything, Armin wouldn’t change a thing. [11 chapters/ ?]

Feels So Scary Getting Old d3anstiel:            

As Armin’s junior year of high school begins, he finds himself facing the breaking point of his anxiety. Doing nothing to lessen his stress is the fact that he’s incredibly, disgustingly in love with the best friend who has climbed through his bedroom window every night since they were in the sixth grade. [7 chapters/ ?]

Dead Hearts thehistorygeek:        

Armin dreams of strange things: giant walls that tower fifty metres into the sky, protecting the cities inside from huge, man-eating creatures, and the people that fight them, flying through the air with wires and swords. They wake him up screaming in the middle of the night, reaching for someone who isn’t there. He brushes them off as simple nightmares for the longest time, until one day he realizes that they’re so, so much more complicated than that. And then everything changes. [ 10 chapters/ ?] 

Crowns for Kings; Kisses for Princesses by Tsunhisesama:        

Armin Arlert just started his first year at University, rooming with his best friend Eren and being helped around campus by his boyfriend Jean. Armin’s life begins to take directions he never expected and he finally gets to come to terms with his haunting past and all the feelings he’s buried deep. Lots of angst, lots of laughs, and definitely lots of cute dorks. [4 chapters/ ?]

To Be Or Not To Be by Shaunathin93:        

Armin, the president of Trost High School’s theater department, has a life full of bullying and fear. He has his life turned upside down, however, when a certain boy auditions for the part of Hamlet. [8 chapters/ ?]

Well I hope I ruined your life  you enjoy. All of these stories are focused mainly on Eremin ( some side pairs included) also ratings may vary and I’m pretty sure you just have to copy and paste to get the stories (sorry I didn’t and still don't  know how to make a link). All of them are on Archive of Our Own. I didn’t write anything all of the credit goes to the authors! Let me know if you have any suggestions  Happy Reading :) 

As of late I have reached over 700 followers! I thank you all for sticking with me and my crazy otakuness. I don’t know how I even reached this number since I cry over fictional characters and talk about protecting a bunch of characters with my life. 

Since this is my first follow forever this might be really bad. I have no idea really how to do one of these so it might be bad.I also don’t have very many mutuals on this site but I would like to start talking to you all more. Anyway, here it goes. 

# - C

1hellofashotabooty-fujoshi 1magineall 2pointsfororiginality 50shadesofgrell 88phantomhiveciel-cakesplease 666-raven-eyes a-butler-for-your-soul a-murder-of-muses absent-voices adorablemaster adorablist ask-bocchan allvr-e alois-bootyshorts-trancy alois-motherfucking-trancy aloistrancyprotectionsquad aloistrancyvevo amazingkuroart ambre-yeux anarallath angelphantomhive angelus–eius anime-manga-y-mucho-entai animeandbandsfolifeyo animelover1000 annabeerocksyoursoxs another-otaku-girl anotherattackonblackbutler
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone! I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and make my first follow forever! I follow 515 blogs, so I can’t name all of them. If you’re not on here, I’m sorry and I still love you ♥ Thank you so much all of you for making my tumblr experience amazing. This year has been pretty difficult, but it’s also been a year of healing for me. Whether we’re friends, mutuals, or you inspire me, I really love you all and I can’t imagine where I would be without the overwhelming support. 

BOLD is for mutuals and ITALIC is for friends/acquaintances that I want to get to know better! Though if you’re on this list, I would want to be friends with you regardless uwu I couldn’t bold favorites tbh because all of you are my favorites! So without further ado, here we go!


-jenjam abyss-break adiosassholes aimys akacchi akasato akashis akatsukii akirassendoh altairis armins arthurbarma asahiis asameruu asheliah atsush-i avatarious axule ayatoh aydenpearce azuila azulacroft baiko bakamura bassamsenpai bekascrazyrambles bertholdts boxcchan cainora changbak cheramuu chitouse cieled coovira crossroad–demon crosszerias daikiaomines dailyhaikyuu dataclear defeat-the-buttons derikisu divebattle edwarrdelric elricity ephrain erioha eruren escarletes eufleuric faikitty fangasming fernris finalaeon finalmix fushimney  fvllmetal gameage gamersdaily gardevoirs gasaisyuno gifbending gingfreecsss ginozaas ginozanobuchikas grand-piano


hachikenz hakurens halfhouse haou harukasenpais harukazes hitsougaya hitsuyo hoshiitsuki hwoaarang ichij0u irascibleaxel ishidas ishvals isumiilde itslenaleebitch iwillstillopenthewindow izurru jellals jiggyypepper jinchuuriikis judaimes jvuzou k-isecchis kadrena kageayama kaizokkus kamiyus kammishiro kaneki-kun keiko-chan kikyousama killedlight killucis kiriayato kirisakih kirschtein kjaku komorieskorrapted koujakus kuroh-chan kurokots kurokucchi kuzuryus lancinant lesbianneptune lesbianymir letsgetonwithit lightningfarronsboobs lilyginnyblack lordzuuko luminousmice mahkoto mammura mamotte marukyus maskedtears matsuokaplz matsuokav mazusu mihuramiro misurugi mochichou momoness mukoros nagchika nanahse nannaseharu neterou neverpitou nezuming nezurin night-ray nishiinoyas nokutou notmi ocarine ohayocelestia ohmykorra oikiwas oikowas orulyon-sama oshirins owldee ozswald


paddras pandoracaps pandorahurts peneloe perfvert phontes prince-alibaba prodigyofpower prompto punkshion rainnieday ren-hakuryuu restfulinsomnia reunionwillcome riinyu rinmathsuoka rinmattsuokas rinsmatsuoka rovaille ruikuro rurubarma ryuugazakis saruhikoh sasskervilles sato-mobile scarredprince seikis senj0ugahara serault sexpai sexuoh shikakunokirin shino-cchi shizacchi shoraii shuzuya skyphoi sokkascactusjuice soldierholic starkana starukos statice suonihime syun-syun taikos the49thname thisguygames tohpbeifong touhkas touhken  toukasken toukyoghoul touoka toutsuka traumerrei tsu-sama tsukiyamas tsukiymah tsumikis urarra verggil watashi-akuma whippcreame winryrockbellz yamainus  yashiros yatogamih yominokuni yuureis zeino zetsueen zuzuthefirelord


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I reached 500 followers! Yes it’s a big deal for me, okay? Sure it isn’t 1k like most people here, but I’m lucky enough to have all of you guys! It might be a little cheesy, but it’s true. The group listed above is filled with wonderful people who have helped me, talked with me, people who I admire, and have just been great friends to me. I love you all dearly, and hope to continue to be fortunate to call you guys my friends. I’ve got plenty of other people to thank, and even if you aren’t listed here, all of you are important to me. ♥

A - E

ask-mermen-rinharu | asikikisa | ayeenardo | babeholdtbakamurass |  buraunaido | cakeforlife | chan-san-sama | cheriisu |  clarinet-sisterscold-canned-coffee | ciel-cramoisidanboorukami | devils-6th-day | dollymeweclair-butts | elanra | eizryl | echocave 

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I’ve been meaning to do another one of these forever and I finally got it done! I wanted to try and keep the number at an even 50 but it ended up being 51 ;w; ekfnrejnfgkrejngsjnejgkrengkres. 

Also I ran out of space and forgot to save the layers on photoshop so I added another box. Oops.

Thank you to you all for making my dash wonderful! Some of you I’ve talked to, others I’m too shy to talk too and others I’ve gotten to know well and am grateful to <3 


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Hey guys (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 I hit my second goal of 1,314 followers a few days ago and so, I wanted to thank all these people I follow for filling my dash with great posts. I wanted to make my second follow forever when I have 1,314 followers because in Chinese, 1314(一三一四)sounds like 一生一世, which roughly means “for life”, so this is literally a Follow Forever HAHAHAHHAA. 

Here are the blogs that I really love seeing on my dash and enjoy following. Thank you for giving my dash life and me an amazing tumblr experience!! (✿´‿`) Sorry, I messed up the order on the edit, but on the text post itself it should be fine :p

Bold: favourites (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

☆: friends (both irl and online)

♥: my beautiful husbando uwu


akaomine | alliandoalice | arsenikkia | asameruu | bakagamicchii | battle-of-trost | charminns ☆♥ | crow9karasu | diganne ☆ | fukuchous | funtomsciel | escarletes | hayamakoutarous ☆ | heichou-wings | henpai | iwillstillopenthewindow ☆ | k-irschtein-s | lcumo ☆ | levii-heishichou | literaltsukishima | mmahiro ☆ | matosuwa | midorimachiii ☆ | midorimachiis | miraii-yume | miyusawa | miyutan12


naisdick | narumiyas | nerdactusaur | nezushi-sushi | nnishinoyayuu | reunionwillcome | revaill | rvukos | ryugazakireii | seijjuro | seiijjuro | seijurohs | shingeki-no-nitori | so-muchhappening ☆ | sushingeki☆ | swimmingaomines | tachibanaharu | thegodofcalamity | tsuabaki ☆ | tsukishima-kun ☆ | urarra ☆ | yannychigi | yatoki | yukkiine ☆

Have a nice day guys!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


Thank you to all the amazing people who helped me spread the news of my blog’s delete and supported me too! This is a list to show my appreciation for all of you guys who reblogged any post regarding my accidental delete <3

(Please inform me if you think you should be here but I left your name out!)

Bolded ones are my angels. (●´∀`●)


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