Reunion Dinner 2016.

1+2. Yu Sheng with abalone, salmon sashimi and deep fried fish skin
3. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with South African three-headed abalone 
4. Steamed fresh sea bass in soy sauce
5. Rack of suckling pig
6. Wok-fried Prawn on stone plate
7. Goose web with sticky rice
8. Young coconut steamed with rock sugar, gingko nuts and apricots
9. Nian Gao with red bean and shaved coconut

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年夜饭  New Year`s Eve Dinner

The first meal of the year is as important as the reunion dinner for most Chinese people. Most people choose to eat dumplings, in hope of making fortune in the future, because the shape of the dumpling is similar to the gold ingots used as currency in ancient time. People in Fujian prefer to eat noodles, because the noodle is the symbol of longevity in local culture.  


The Twin Soul language is one of energetic vibes that strengthens the bond where words fail.

Twin Souls have a way of communicating through energy–aural energy. Whether they’re together in the same room or worlds apart, energetic communication, translated from sensation, intertwines their aural energy and puts them in deeper contact with God, themselves, and each other.

The Twin Soul language is a form of communion and intimacy. In the act of simply being, they begin to feel the joy of the divine.

When Twin Souls meet in silence, there is a sensation of belonging together. They become visible beyond the veil.

If you think Adam Taurus was abusive back when he and Blake were… involved, we can’t be friends.

If you aren’t enraged by the bizarre change in characterization of Adam Taurus in eps. 10-11, we can’t be friends.

If you don’t see the infinite amount of ways Adam and Blake’s reunion could have been done better, we can’t be friends.