The End

Words: 2605

Summary: Sam and Dean finally go to heaven for good.

The coroner circled the body on the cold steel table in front of him, a clipboard pressed against his belly, rotund from too many beers and microwave dinners consumed in front of the television. He clicked on his digital voice recorder, thinking fondly of the days of cassette tapes.

“John Doe One. Male, mid-thirties, brown hair, green eyes.” He stood on the right side of the cadaver, its skin mottled blue in death. “Star tattoo over heart. Evidence of extensive physical trauma- cluster of what appear to be small caliber bullet wounds to the abdominals and obliques between three and five years old. Numerous lacerations to the forearms and biceps ranging from freshly scabbed to eight years old.  Many of these lacerations appear to be defensive wounds. There is what appears to be a fresh stab wound entering the thoracic cavity, as well as many shallow cuts to the upper chest and arms.”


Dean came back to himself- that was the best way to describe it, he knew he wasn’t laying in the grass anymore, but he wasn’t sure where exactly he was currently- with a jolt. Without opening his eyes, he tried to pick out what information he could. He was sitting on something comfortable, feet on the floor. His ribs didn’t hurt when he inhaled; and there was some sort of firm material under his fingertips.

“I know you are conscious, Dean,” came a voice, the consonants explicitly enunciated, his accent almost British, as though he had immigrated to the States a long, long time ago.

Dean opened his eyes and recognized the face of Death.


The coroner walked to the mounted light-board on the wall. It began to glow with a low hum, the greyscale X-rays clipped to the top becoming clear. The coroner sighed before continuing with his preliminary examination. “Remodeled compound fracture to the tibia, approximately three years old, professionally set. Numerous fractures and breaks to toes and phalanges; most appear to have been ignored or set at home. Remodeled fractures to the lower ribs, left and right, ranging from time of death to eight years.”

The coroner paused the recorder and slowly crossed the room to his desk. Grabbing the rolling chair, he wheeled it over to the X-rays, one wheel squealing across the cement floor. Once settled in the chair, the aging man looked up and continued on. “Remodeled fractures to the jaw, the C1 and C2, zygomatic…” -in the flickering fluorescent light of surgical lamps, the county Medical Examiner droned on.


“So we meet again,” Dean drawled, looking around the small room. He and Death were sitting in dark wingback chairs, a fire flickering on the edge of the wool rug. There was an empty chair to Dean’s right.

“So we do,” said Death, slowly folding his fingers together, elbows on the arms of the chairs. “For what will be the last time.”

Dean let that sink in. “Where’s Sam?” he asked finally.

Reaching into the interior breast pocket of his jacket, Death pulled out an intricate gold pocket watch.

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anonymous asked:

UHMMM **POSSIBLE SPOILERS** I JUST SAW JENSENS PURGATORY TWEET AND upon closer inspection I'm 98% sure that's the same jacket he was wearing in all of the season 8 flashbacks so what if we're getting another flashback??? I can't think of a plausible reason he would be back in purgatory in season 10. honestly I just want a montage of "I need you" moments (possibly some we've never seen before!!) to flicker through deans head as he struggles with the mark's pull and the music crescendos !!!!

I think it’s a current jacket -  for one thing it doesn’t look like it’s made of leather. Also I feel like the Purgatory Jacket is embedded into my eyelids and I couldn’t pass it in the street without turning on the spot to stare. :P *may have a thing for it*

However I’m 100% behind the idea of Dean hanging out in Purgatory taking selfies. 

I do remember though that they use the same 2 square feet of woodland for everything and before the season started everyone had a Purgatory flip out over the use of some tree or other and it turned out not to be Purgatory. :P It’s reasonably likely if they’re re-using the woodland again and Jensen was hanging out there he was like “lol I’m spending another day in these woods” and that maaay have been all the intent behind it.

That said… *goes back to flailing wildly about how they are 100% going to Purgatory because I am total Purgatory trash, I will wreck myself upon Purgatory; I want to write a novel about Purgatory; I still come up with new Purgatory headcanons like 3 years later; PURGATORY…*

Straightedge Revenge
  • Straightedge Revenge
  • Jawbreaker Reunion
  • Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club

i wish that i wasn’t afraid of parties
maybe then people would start liking me
i wish that i wasn’t afraid of people
maybe then there would be a lot more i could see

i hate talking 
i hate drinking 
what if i just lay in bed? 
play situations in my head 
i don’t wanna get fucked up tonight 

get that beer out of my face
you sad sample of human race!
don’t wanna be the dream girl standing against the wall
people crawling up my back
oh god here comes the panic attack!
maybe i should just go home after all 

i don’t wanna be the girl with no one to talk to
i just wanna be the girl who doesn’t have to try
it’s times like these where i only feel like hiding
i’m walking out that door, tears are wellin’ up in my eyes



i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.

But do you realize what the reunion between Clarke and the 47 is gonna be
  • The 47:CLARKE momma so good to see you you came back and saved us!
  • Clarke:*nods silently because she see who's dead and it kills her*
  • The 47:So where's Finn why isnt he here to hug us
  • Clarke:Well actually Finn is dead
  • Clarke:Well actually i killed him
  • The 47:what but.... why??!!
  • Clarke:Because he was going to be tortured to death
  • The 47:What but..................
  • Clarke:Because he went cray-cray and killed innocent people
  • The 47:Wha...............................
  • Clarke:Also i sent Bellamy to die to save you and almost sacrificed Octavia along with a bunch of people i could maybe have saved
  • The 47:..........................................
  • Clarke:Basically my soul has been destroyed, my heart ripped to pieces and i just wanna lay on the floor and cry
  • The 47:...................................................
  • Clarke:*digs a hole in the ground and buries herself in it*
  • The 47:*run to her and hug her strong, everyone of them reminding her she saved their lives*
  • Bellamy:*is the last one to get to her*
  • Bellarke:*stare at each other for five minutes*
  • Clarke:*starts crying*
  • Bell:*grab her and hold her like the broken baby she is* It's okay Princess, you did well.