it just occurred to me that while Rowan is in Wendlyn helping rebuild Mistward, he’s probably also rallying allies for Terrasen. the Ashryvers are an obvious choice, but what about the Whitethorns? He mentioned his many cousins who love snooping, and they’re a royal family which means they hold enough power to offer assistance! Rowan also said that Aelin would probably get along with his bothersome cousins (✿◔◡◔)

Calm Your Tits #?$!

Yep I saw it! Yep I read it!

It’s not pleasant of course but it’s also not going to affect my CARYL feels for several reasons; 

1. The interview quotes Norman Reedus and he is interpreting the reunion and how HE played it OR as he said “tried to do that”. 

It’s not like Gimple would have come to him and “Norman, CARYL is taking a romantic turn or Norman CARYL will never be romantic so you better not show a glimpse of romantic tension in that HUG…”. 

Norman knows that Daryl LOVES Carol so he knew that regardless he needs to play it in a way that shows without a doubt that there is abundance of LOVE between them….he did that! Most Carylers didn’t classify the reunion as ROMANTIC either but we did classify it as LOVE. 

Norman’s quote doesn’t change that. 

2. We have heard from Norman a million times that if Daryl felt romantic feelings he wouldn’t know what they were or how to figure them out, which is why we know that even if Daryl was head over heels in love with Carol he wouldn’t know how to show them. 

Running towards somebody who is a few feet away from you, getting winded because your heart is in your throat after a week of having not seen them and not being able to leave them for a second alone afterwards…is not ORDINARY FRIENDSHIP, even Norman knows that and since there is no way he can use the mother-son reference, the only other thing left is the dreaded ‘sibling connotation. Daryl loves Carol, Norman wants that to be clear and it was.

Using ambiguity like a “little kid finding his sister” is the way it makes it easier for him to describe it to someone asking for a description he knows needs to be AMBIGUOUS! 

3. Look at the timing. In the question before that Maggie is describing finding her specific ROMANTIC PARTNER Glenn which means that Norman HAD TO play any romantic talk down. 

At the time this interview was done there were other ships other people were pursuing, considering and using to further the TWD Plot - Norman was obligated to be ambiguous and downplay a scene HE KNEW was bursting with Daryl’s LOVE for Carol, no matter what. 

Daryl and Carol HAD TO BE separated from how Maggie and Glenn WERE, at the time this interview was done. 

4. In “Consumed” Carol specifically TELLS Daryl 

“you were like a KID…now you are a MAN”, 

which means that symbolically we can see that a point in Daryl’s full transformation of how he sees himself (something Norman himself reiterated later interview). 

He was like a KID, he acted like a KID, dealt with things like a KID and handled things like a KID. 

Up until then that is! Everything Daryl did after that reunion and during Consumed dripped with the maturity of a MAN, not a KID…. 

Norman played the scene “like A LITTLE KID finding his Sister” - not a brother but A KID who hasn’t taken the steps he needed to grow up all the way yet, to be a man who acts like a man and treats a woman like a woman deserves to be treated…

He did that with Carol in “Consumed” which she acknowledged in script and Norman Reedus acknowledged in a separate interview. 

 That “little kid finding his sister” stayed in those woods! 

 5. Bottom line is and something we ourselves need to accept is that CARYL will not be seen nor will it happen in an interview, no matter who is being interviewed, because it’s not allowed to and it’s always about someone else’s interpretation or opinion. 

They can’t tell us what’s going to happen because their job is to keep us in anticipation of the thing happening, which is why it’s always ambiguous, troll-influenced and interpretative. 

The only thing that matters is what’s on screen, what’s CANON on screen and what that makes you FEEL. 

Interviews are about keeping the masses - EVERYBODY happy - and that’s impossible, especially if you are Norman Reedus! 

For CARYL to be ENDGAME means that before it happens every ship will have to SUNK, including CARYL because that’s the way anticipatory, suspenseful and infuriating television works! 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


anonymous asked:

So,NR played the reunion scene like a kid finding his sister. But then later in the season, played the "you look ridiculous" scene, in his own words, like "when you're in kindergarten and you like a girl you punch her in the arm first."Since NR has also said repeatedly that Daryl wouldn't know he was in love -wouldn't understand yet what he's feeling- it's exactly how I would expect NR to play Daryl falling in love. NR wants all the awkwardness/insecurity that goes with that journey! This is it!

Meet My Anonymous SOUL SISTER - She Gets It!!!

Words of wisdom like always ❤️

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



clyrics1 asked:

I have a question about your gravity falls reunion au. Tell us where Gideon comes in please?

oh geez ive like, barely thought about gideon. i had this really funny idea ages ago that mabel casually asks dipper if there are any vampires their age around gravity falls and dipper, not being used to her dating habits, is like “idk theres been some rumors abt this kid named gideon but i havent been able to confirm anything yet” so mabel goes to seek out gideon herself and she asks him if hes a vampire and he says yes and they start actually dating for real briefly. but pretty quickly mabel figures out that gideon is weird and uncomfortable to be around and not a great boyfriend and he kinda freaks her out sometimes?? so she goes to break up with him armed with a bag full of garlic and a wooden stake but of course it turns out he was lying and is not actually a vampire and from there the legendary pines vs gleeful rivalry ensues….. somebody also suggested that gideon and dipper could have known each other and might have had their own rivalry long before mabel showed up. i like both ideas

BREAKING: Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba Quits Guns N’ Roses


To Each and Every One Of You,

6 years ago I received a call that changed my life forever. The call was from a dear friend of mine (Katie McNeil-Diamond) who was working with Guns N’ Roses. It was an offer to audition for Axl Rose and earn a role in arguably the biggest rock band of my time. While I thought it was a complete long-shot, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Much to my shock and surprise, I got the gig. And so began the most incredible journey I could have possibly imagined. I was blessed with the opportunity to not only work with one of the most talented bands but also to share the stage with a living legend and a truly gifted human being, Axl Rose. The amount of confidence and trust that Axl placed in me was genuinely heartwarming and truly career-defining. In the years that followed I traveled the world many times over and played these incredible songs night after night to the most enthusiastic and loving crowds. As you can imagine, the friendships that were forged during that time were deep and long lasting. But the most beautiful surprise of all was YOU… the fans. You welcomed me into your lives with open arms and showed me love and support that I could only have dreamed of. From the very first time I stepped on stage and started playing “Welcome To The Jungle,” and felt the crowd erupt, I knew my life would never be the same. I’m not gonna lie…I was terrified!! But you were so accepting. You immediately turned my fear into pride. For that, I am truly grateful.

So now it is with a very heavy heart and yet great pride that I announce that I’ve decided to close this chapter of my life and encapsulate the wonderful times that I’ve shared with Guns N’ Roses into fond memories. I have reached a point in my life where I feel its time to dedicate myself to my band Sixx:A.M., my adoring wife and family, and to the many new adventures that the future holds for me. I have always been driven by my passion for creating music and Sixx:A.M. has always been a place where I can express myself honestly and share that passion with my two brothers and bandmates, Nikki Sixx and James Michael. As you know I have also been blessed with the love and support of my incredible wife, Naty, who has been at my side for much of this amazing journey.

As I sit here writing this letter, I want to take a moment to thank Axl from the bottom of my heart for not only the most incredible experience of my life, but for truly believing in me. You are a true friend and a champion of mine and I am forever grateful. And even as I move on to pursue other endeavors, I will always remain one of your biggest fans.  I also would like to thank each and every one of you fans for your love and support throughout the years. Without you, I am nothing. Please know that I do not take one minute of this amazing life for granted.

I hope that you all join me as I forge ahead.  Let’s conquer the world together!

With love and respect,
Dj Ashba

Para todos y cada uno de ustedes,

Hace 6 años recibí una llamada que cambió mi vida para siempre. La llamada era de una querida amiga mía (Katie Diamond) que estaba trabajando con Guns N’ Roses. Era una oferta para audicionar con Axl Rose y conseguir un puesto en la que es, sin dudas, la banda de rock más grande de mis tiempos. Aunque en eso momento pensé que era bastante improbable obtenerlo, decidí seguir adelante y darle una oportunidad. Para mi sorpresa y conmoción, conseguí el puesto. Y así comenzó el viaje más increíble que podría haber imaginado. No solo había sido bendecido con la oportunidad de trabajar con una de las bandas más talentosas sino también el compartir el escenario con una leyenda viva y un ser humano verdaderamente dotado, Axl Rose. El nivel de confianza que Axl depositó en mí fue realmente conmovedor y definitiva para mi carrera. En los años que siguieron di la vuelta al mundo en más de una oportunidad y noche a noche toqué estas increíbles canciones para los públicos más entusiastas y cariñosos. Como se pueden imaginar, las amistades que se forjaron durante ese tiempo son profundas y de larga duración. Pero la sorpresa más hermosa de todo fueron USTEDES … los fans. Ustedes me recibieron en sus vidas con los brazos abiertos y me demostraron un amor y me dieron el apoyo que sólo imaginaba en mis sueños. Desde el primer momento en que pisé el escenario y empecé a tocar “Welcome To The Jungle” y sentí como la multitud entraba en erupción, sabía que mi vida nunca sería la misma. No les voy a mentir … Estaba aterrorizado!! Pero ustedes me aceptaron inmediatamente y convirtieron mi temor en orgullo. Por ello, les estoy verdaderamente agradecido.

Así que ahora, con el corazón apesadumbrado y sin embargo con gran orgullo, les anuncio que he decidido cerrar este capítulo de mi vida y encapsular los maravillosos momentos que he compartido con Guns N’ Roses en afectuosos recuerdos. He llegado a un punto de mi vida donde siento que es tiempo de dedicarme a mi banda Sixx:A.M., a mi devota esposa y mi familia, y a las muchas nuevas aventuras que el futuro me depara. Siempre he sido movilizado por mi pasión para crear música y Sixx:A.M. siempre ha sido se lugar donde puedo expresarme honestamente y compartir esta pasión con mis dos hermanos y compañeros de banda, Nikki Sixx y James Michael. Como ustedes saben, también fuí bendecido con el amor y el apoyo de mi increíble esposa, Naty, que ha estado a mi lado durante gran parte de este increíble viaje.

Mientras estoy aquí sentado escribiendo esta carta, quiero tomarme un momento para agradecerle a Axl desde el fondo de mi corazón no sólo por la experiencia más increíble de mi vida, sino también por realmente creer en mí. Eres un verdadero amigo, eres mi campeón y te estoy eternamente agradecido. Y aún cuando he decido perseguir otros proyectos, siempre seguiré siendo uno de tus mayores fans. También me gustaría dar las gracias a todos y cada uno de los fans por su amor y apoyo a lo largo de los años. Sin ustedes no soy NADA!. Por favor, sepan que no doy por hecho ni un minuto de esta increíble vida.

Espero que se unan a mí mientras sigo adelante. ¡Vamos a conquistar el mundo juntos!

Con amor y respeto,
Dj Ashba

Para todos e cada um de vós,

6 anos atrás, recebi um telefonema que mudou minha vida para sempre. A chamada era de um querido amigo meu (Katie McNeil-Diamond) que estava trabalhando com Guns N’ Roses. Era uma oferta para uma audição para Axl Rose e ganhar um papel na indiscutivelmente a maior banda de rock do meu tempo. Enquanto eu pensei que era um long-shot completa, eu decidi ir em frente e dar-lhe uma tentativa. Muito para o meu choque e surpresa, eu tenho o show. E assim começou a jornada mais incrível que eu poderia ter imaginado. Fui abençoado com a oportunidade de não só trabalhar com uma das bandas mais talentosos, mas também para dividir o palco com uma lenda viva e um ser humano verdadeiramente talentoso, Axl Rose. A quantidade de confiança que depositaram em mim Axl era realmente emocionante e verdadeiramente definir-carreira. Nos anos que se seguiram eu viajei o mundo várias vezes e jogado estes incrível músicas noite após noite para as multidões mais entusiastas e amorosos. Como você pode imaginar, as amizades que foram forjadas durante esse tempo eram profundos e de longa duração. Mas a mais bela surpresa de todas foi VOCÊ … os fãs. Você me acolheu em suas vidas com os braços abertos e me mostrou o amor e apoio que eu só poderia ter sonhado. Desde a primeira vez que eu pisei no palco e começou a tocar “Welcome To The Jungle”, e sentiu a multidão entrar em erupção, eu sabia que minha vida nunca mais seria a mesma. Eu não vou mentir … eu estava apavorada !! Mas você era assim que aceitar. Você imediatamente virou meu medo em orgulho. Por isso, estou realmente grato.

Portanto, agora é com um coração muito pesado e ainda grande orgulho que anuncio que eu decidi fechar este capítulo da minha vida e encapsular os momentos maravilhosos que eu tenho compartilhado com Guns N’ Roses em boas lembranças. Cheguei a um ponto em minha vida onde eu sinto o seu tempo para me dedicar a minha banda Sixx:A.M., minha esposa adorando e família, e para as muitas novas aventuras que o futuro reserva para mim. Eu sempre fui impulsionado pela minha paixão por criar música e Sixx:A.M. tem sido sempre um lugar onde eu posso me expressar com honestidade e compartilhar essa paixão com meus dois irmãos e companheiros de banda, Nikki Sixx e James Michael. Como você sabe que eu também tenho sido abençoado com o amor e apoio de minha esposa incrível, Naty, que esteve ao meu lado durante grande parte desta incrível jornada.

Quando eu sento aqui escrevendo esta carta, eu quero tirar um momento para agradecer Axl, do fundo do meu coração, não só para a experiência mais incrível da minha vida, mas para realmente acreditar em mim. Você é um verdadeiro amigo e um campeão de meu e eu sou eternamente grato. E mesmo enquanto eu passar para perseguir outros empreendimentos, eu sempre continuará sendo um dos seus maiores fãs. Eu também gostaria de agradecer a cada um de vocês fãs por seu amor e apoio ao longo dos anos. Sem você eu não sou nada. Por favor, saibam que eu não tomo um minuto de esta incrível vida para concedido.

Espero que todos vocês se juntar a mim como eu seguir em frente. Vamos conquistar o mundo juntos!

Com amor e respeito,
Dj Ashba

Chacun et chacune d'entre vous,

Il ya 6 ans, je reçois un appel qui a changé ma vie pour toujours. L'appel était d'un bon ami à moi (Katie McNeil-Diamond) qui travaillait avec Guns N’ Roses. Il était une offre d'auditionner pour Axl Rose et de gagner un rôle dans sans doute le plus grand groupe de rock de mon temps. Alors que je pensais qu'il était un long-shot complète, je décidai d'aller de l'avant et faire un essai. A ma grande surprise et un choc, je suis le concert. Et a ainsi commencé le voyage le plus incroyable que je aurions pu imaginer. Je suis béni avec la possibilité de travailler non seulement avec l'un des groupes les plus talentueux mais aussi de partager la scène avec une légende vivante et un être humain vraiment doué, Axl Rose. Le montant de la confiance et la confiance que Axl placée en moi était vraiment réconfortant et véritablement carrière définissant. Dans les années qui ont suivi, je me suis rendu le monde à plusieurs reprises et a joué ces incroyables chansons soir après soir les foules les plus enthousiastes et affectueux. Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, les amitiés qui ont été forgés pendant ce temps étaient profonds et de longue durée. Mais la plus belle surprise de tous était VOUS … les fans. Vous me accueillis dans vos vies à bras ouverts et m'a montré amour et le soutien que je ne pouvais ai rêvé. De la toute première fois je suis monté sur scène et a commencé à jouer “Welcome To The Jungle”, et senti la foule éclater, je savais que ma vie ne serait plus jamais la même. Je ne vais pas mentir … Je suis terrifié !! Mais vous étiez tellement acceptez. Vous immédiatement tourné ma crainte dans l'orgueil. Pour cela, je suis vraiment reconnaissant.

Alors maintenant, il est avec un coeur très lourd et pourtant une grande fierté que je vous annonce que je l'ai décidé de clore ce chapitre de ma vie et encapsuler les merveilleux moments que je l'ai partagé avec Guns N’ Roses dans les souvenirs. Je suis arrivé à un point dans ma vie où je me sens son temps de me consacrer à mon groupe Sixx:A.M., ma femme adorant et la famille, et aux nombreuses nouvelles aventures que l'avenir me réserve. Je me suis toujours entraîné par ma passion pour la création de la musique et de Sixx:A.M. a toujours été un endroit où je peux me exprimer honnêtement et partager cette passion avec mes deux frères et acolytes, Nikki Sixx et James Michael. Comme vous le savez, je l'ai aussi été béni avec l'amour et le soutien de ma femme incroyable, Naty, qui a été à mes côtés pendant une grande partie de ce voyage incroyable.

Comme je suis assis ici à écrire cette lettre, je veux prendre un moment pour remercier Axl du fond de mon cœur, non seulement pour l'expérience la plus incroyable de ma vie, mais pour vraiment croire en moi. Vous êtes un véritable ami et un champion de la mienne et je suis éternellement reconnaissant. Et même que je passe à poursuivre d'autres efforts, je resterai toujours un de vos plus grands fans. Je tiens également à remercier chacune et chacun de vous les fans pour votre amour et votre soutien tout au long des années. Sans toi je ne suis rien. S'il vous plaît sais que je ne prends pas une minute de cette vie incroyable pour acquis.

Je souhaite que vous joindrez tous à moi comme je aller de l'avant. Allons conquérir le monde ensemble!

Avec amour et respect,
Dj Ashba


6年前、私は永遠に私の人生を変えた電話を受けました。コールは、ガンズアンドローゼズで働いていた私の親愛なる友人(ケイティマクニール·ダイヤモン ド)からでした。これは、アクセル·ローズのオーディションと私の時間の、おそらく最大のロックバンドで役割を稼ぐために申し出ました。私はそれが完全な ロングショットだと思ったが、私が先に行くと、それを試してみることにしました。私の衝撃と驚いたことに、私はギグを得ました。ので、私はおそらく想像し た可能性が最も信じられないほどの旅を始めました。私だけでなく、最も才能のあるバンドの一つで動作するだけでなく、生きた伝説、本当に才能のある人間、 アクセル·ローズとステージを共有する機会に恵まれました。 Axlのが私の中に入れ自信と信頼の量は、純粋に心温まる、真にキャリアを定義しました。私は上の世界を何度も旅し、その後、最も熱狂的な、愛情の群衆に 夜の後に、これらの信じられないほどの歌の夜を果たした年で。あなたが想像できるように、その時に偽造された友情は深く、長期的なでした。しかし、すべて の最も美しい驚きはあなたが…ファンでした。あなたは両手を広げて、あなたの生活に私を歓迎し、私がだけを夢見ている可能性の愛とサポートを示しまし た。私は舞台を踏んと再生を開始し、「ジャングルへようこそ」と群衆が噴火感じた一番最初の時から、私は私の人生は同じになることはありません知っていま した。私は恐怖だった…つもり嘘はありませんよ!しかし、あなたはそのように受け入れました。あなたはすぐに誇りに私の恐怖を回しました。そのため に、私は本当に感謝しています。

だから今、私は私が私の人生のこの章を閉じて、私は思い出にガンズアンドローゼズと共有してきた素晴らしい時間をカプセル化することを決定したことを発表 する非常に重い心とまだ大きな誇りです。 AM、私の絶賛の妻と家族、そして未来が私のために保持している多くの新しい冒険に:私は自分のバンドシックスに自分自身を捧げるためにその時間を感じて 私の人生のポイントに達しています。 AM:私はいつも音楽とシックスを作成するための私の情熱によって駆動されていますいつも私は正直に自分を表現し、私の二人の兄弟とバンド仲間、ニッ キー·シックスとジェームズマイケルとその情熱を共有できる場所となっています。ご存知のように私もこの素晴らしい旅の多くのために私の側にいた私の信じ られないほどの妻、Natyの愛とサポートに恵まれてきました。

私はこの手紙を書いてここに座っているように、私は私の人生の中で最も信じられないほどの経験だけのために、しかし、本当に私を信じるために私の心の底か らのAxlに感謝する瞬間をしたいです。あなたは真の友人と私のチャンピオンであり、私は永遠に感謝しています。そして、私は他の努力を追求するために移 動しても同様に、私はいつもあなたの最大のファンの1つ残ります。私はまた、年間を通じて、あなたの愛とサポートのためにあなたのファンの一人一人に感謝 したいと思います。あなたなしで、私は何もしていません。当然の私はこの素晴らしい人生の1分を取ることはありませんことを知ってください。



The Playground Antics Of a Daryl Dixon

As a very thoughtful anonymous friend already pointed out, Norman Reedus has been pretty consistent with the way he sees Daryl approach romance and that the most important thing about the way he’s “playing it” highlights the fact that he has “no game”, that he hasn’t figured out “women” and that he either doesn’t understand or know how to identify romantic feelings whatsoever. 

We know that Daryl’s path to love is suppose to be riddled with awkward moments, “boy meets a girl” kind of mentality and unconscious kind of development. 

There are quotes out there with ‘premature ejaculation’, running away, the girl making the first move and total misunderstandings that are to slowly evolve into an “actual thing”

Essentially Norman Reedus’s physicality might tell the fan-girls one thing but the character Daryl Dixon, is played as if he isn’t aware of the fact that anyone would look at him “that way”, want to be with him in a romantic way or find him attractive or good enough for a relationship of “that nature”. 

Nobody - including Carol! 

If you look at all the scenes that could have a romantic undertone you can see exactly what Norman is describing; 

Daryl gets flustered when he realizes he is touching a girl he could like. 

Daryl is shy and embarrassed when a girl he could like compliments him and makes him laugh. 

Keep reading