The CARYL Angst Reward System

Season 2 “Bloodletting 202” 


Daryl: “I’ll tell ya what it’s worth— Not a damn thing. It’s a waste of time, all this hopin’ and prayin’. We’re gonna locate that little girl. She’s gonna be just fine. Am I the only one zen around here? Good lord.”  


Daryl: “We gotta plan for this. I say tomorrow morning is soon enough to pull up stakes. Give us a chance to rig a big sign, leave her some supplies. I’ll hold here tonight, stay with the RV.” 

Season 2 “Pretty Much Dead Already 207” 


Daryl: "Just leave me be…stupid bitch" 


Daryl: "You see it?…I’ll find her. Hey, I’m sorry about what happened this morning."

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The rainy season in Japan is from May to July, depending on the region, which fits nicely with the timeline of the doujinshi. It’s also the raining season right now here in Southern California, though our rainy season assuming it actually rains is during the winter.

Progress on FR has been slow of late, mostly due to work. But I did manage to sketch out the rough draft for Act 4’s cover, with Sailor Pallas. There’s only a handful of pages to go before I wrap up this act, so I hope to post the cover soon. :)

160 DAYS!

Just a quick update…

  • Trivia company is lined up and ready to write an all-Josh trivia game for us!
  • Work on the service project is coming along and I’m hoping to have more info to announce next week (fingers crossed!)
  • There’s still time to let me know if you require a hotel room in the official room block
  • If you want to attend and want to find a roommate to share a room and split the cost with, let me know.  I have a few people that are looking for roomies.
  • If you’ve already sent me your name and that you need a room, you have a hotel room.  Once I get a few more things tied up, I’ll post the registration form that you will be required to fill out and then you will receive your reservation confirmation number.
  • Once again, you do not need to be staying in the room block to partake in the activities.  Anyone that’s not staying but wants to join, please just shoot me a message to let me know so that I can get a more accurate count for venues and such.

We’re getting closer!  August will be here before you know it!

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about something with alistair/warden?

(forgive me, anon- I didn’t mean for it to be so angsty, but I’ve had this idea for a while) 


Amaranthine, 9:31

“Now let me say a quick goodbye before I change my mind.”

Alistair tried to keep his tone playful as he spoke to Evelyn. Inside, his heart was aching- he hated that she had to stay, and that he had to leave. Her obligations to the wardens superseded her responsibilities to the crown. They had only been married a few months now, and he wanted nothing more than to keep her at his side at court. Maker, how would he ever rule a country without her?

He kissed her cheek, smiling as she turned her chin to catch his lips against hers. Her kiss was soft and sweet, like the kisses she gave him when she’d see him in a few hours. Alistair returned it, understanding the significance. She wouldn’t be long.

Denerim Docks- Amaranthine Ocean

Evelyn wore a perpetual frown the entire trip from the royal palace to the harbor. She thought Alistair couldn’t see her expression, that he was fooled by her forced smile. He knew better by now, knowing when she was upset. He hated this- hated doing this to her. He shouldn’t have any reason to leave her side, especially when he had no way of knowing how long he’d be away. He watched her pull Varric and Isabella aside he gathered his small pack from the horse.  

“Keep him safe. I implore you.” Her words were desperate.

Evelyn’s kiss was full of want- pleading silently for him to stay. She whispered I love you and come back over and over, her hands framing his face. When he saw the tears glazing over her eyes, he was almost convinced. This would not be easy.

Denerim, 9:39

Alistair watched with downcast eyes as she moved around the room. He had caught her in the middle of the night, gathering her belongings, a note left on her pillow for him. She was afraid- and had been for some time now. The taint was catching up to her, crawling at her skin. He had to admit he noticed how she struggled to sleep through the night. There had been rumors coming out of the Frostbacks, near the Orlesian border, of a potential cure for the blight.

They had made love, and their passion still lingered in the room when she kissed him one last time. He held onto her far longer than he should have- knowing that she needed to do this. It was now or never. Alistair understood, but hoped this would be the last time. He didn’t know how many more times he could handle saying goodbye.



i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.

But do you realize what the reunion between Clarke and the 47 is gonna be
  • The 47:CLARKE momma so good to see you you came back and saved us!
  • Clarke:*nods silently because she see who's dead and it kills her*
  • The 47:So where's Finn why isnt he here to hug us
  • Clarke:Well actually Finn is dead
  • Clarke:Well actually i killed him
  • The 47:what but.... why??!!
  • Clarke:Because he was going to be tortured to death
  • The 47:What but..................
  • Clarke:Because he went cray-cray and killed innocent people
  • The 47:Wha...............................
  • Clarke:Also i sent Bellamy to die to save you and almost sacrificed Octavia along with a bunch of people i could maybe have saved
  • The 47:..........................................
  • Clarke:Basically my soul has been destroyed, my heart ripped to pieces and i just wanna lay on the floor and cry
  • The 47:...................................................
  • Clarke:*digs a hole in the ground and buries herself in it*
  • The 47:*run to her and hug her strong, everyone of them reminding her she saved their lives*
  • Bellamy:*is the last one to get to her*
  • Bellarke:*stare at each other for five minutes*
  • Clarke:*starts crying*
  • Bell:*grab her and hold her like the broken baby she is* It's okay Princess, you did well.