it just occurred to me that while Rowan is in Wendlyn helping rebuild Mistward, he’s probably also rallying allies for Terrasen. the Ashryvers are an obvious choice, but what about the Whitethorns? He mentioned his many cousins who love snooping, and they’re a royal family which means they hold enough power to offer assistance! Rowan also said that Aelin would probably get along with his bothersome cousins (✿◔◡◔)

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I have a question about your gravity falls reunion au. Tell us where Gideon comes in please?

oh geez ive like, barely thought about gideon. i had this really funny idea ages ago that mabel casually asks dipper if there are any vampires their age around gravity falls and dipper, not being used to her dating habits, is like “idk theres been some rumors abt this kid named gideon but i havent been able to confirm anything yet” so mabel goes to seek out gideon herself and she asks him if hes a vampire and he says yes and they start actually dating for real briefly. but pretty quickly mabel figures out that gideon is weird and uncomfortable to be around and not a great boyfriend and he kinda freaks her out sometimes?? so she goes to break up with him armed with a bag full of garlic and a wooden stake but of course it turns out he was lying and is not actually a vampire and from there the legendary pines vs gleeful rivalry ensues….. somebody also suggested that gideon and dipper could have known each other and might have had their own rivalry long before mabel showed up. i like both ideas

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Monster falls dipper? (Deerper)

finebyme4999 said: reunion falls dipper and mabel would look cool.

Dipper of the Day (50)

AU sketch requests! I tried my best but I was using a pencil with one of those erasers hahaha. I might color these when I get the chance. Thanks to the people who sent me suggestions ❤

EDIT: So I guess the original AU says Deerper doesn’t have antlers, so idk if those will end up in the colored version