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97/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

2 Years...

Her eyes burned with unshed tears, the mark adorning the palm of her hand sputtered softly as her gaze bore into the back of his skull.

The unwavering glow of the eluvian casted his face into shadow before he turned his head slightly, his eyes refusing to meet her own. “I suspect you have questions.”

His low calculated voice squeazed at her heart as she marched up to him, his body now fully turning to face her. A crack echoed throughout the tense air when Lavellan’s palm connected to his cheek.

Her hand fell to her side, heavy breathes escaping her chapped lips. “Just one.”

Fen'Harel held his breathe and nodded, finally allowing his eyes to meet her glazed over stare. His fingers twitched slightly before curing into fists and allowing his nails to bite at the skin of his palms.

“Do you…” Lavellan trailed off, her tired eyes moving to stare intently into the ground, anticipating his grim answer.

A small sob escaped her as he took her chin in his hand, forcing her to look at him. “I never stopped, vehnan.”

Bubbles of laughter lingered in her throat. Her fingers curled into his robes and she stood slightly on her toes to touch her forehead against his. “Halam'shivanas, ma fen.”


Here’s my Little Red Riding Hood take. Tagging those who’ve been discussing it the past day or two. Notice this is pretty short for me (he-he). I only really make a couple of points. If this is a true template they’re using, there are probably TONZ more applications I haven’t even thought of, so I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts.
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Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts), Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen), Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper), and creative team Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and McG all sat together during the show. We caught up with a few of them to dish about their characters’ futures, their favorite quotes, and iconic musical moments. Spoiler alert: Seth and Summer are still perfect.

The Cast’s Favorite Musical Moment

Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts): I remember “Hide and Seek” because it was my first time hearing it, and it’s still so awesome.

Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper): The title song, “California,” for sure!

Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend and O.C. Musical’s Julie Cooper): The moment I was so excited to see wasn’t even my song—it was “Champagne Supernova.” I just think that’s such a beautiful number. I love the way they staged it with all the scenes from “Rainy Day Women” with the umbrellas. All of these incredible actors and singers sound amazing. I feel so blessed to be on this stage with every single one of these performers, I could cry.

Molly McCook (O.C. Musical’s Marissa Cooper): When we sang “Hallelujah” at the end with the slideshow [of photos from the original show], I was kind of tearing up a little bit since some of the cast members were here and for them to watch these memories back with the song that was so iconic was a big deal.

Brendan Robinson (O.C. Musical’s Seth Cohen): “Champagne Supernova” in the musical. It’s a great moment for so many different characters—not only Seth and Summer. It was my idea to have a rip-away Spider-Man shirt. They weren’t sure what they were going to do with the microphone and getting the mask over it, so we improvised.

Tilky Jones (O.C. Musical’s Ryan Atwood): “Strange and Beautiful.” Now that’s one of my favorite songs, and I think Molly and I are going to try to do it as a cover.

Where Are the Characters Now?

Autumn: [Taylor is in] politics. Definitely politics. She’d be doing something like working with Hillary Clinton.

Melinda: It’s funny. When we did the finale and Julie got her degree, it was in something like metaphysics. So I think she’s working for John Edwards. She’s a psychic!

Rachel: We don’t want to disappoint the fans, so of course [Seth and Summer] are happily married with kids!

The Cast’s Favorite Quotes and Scenes

Melinda: I love when she says, “Is this a booty call?” to Caleb, and I love “your sticky little fingers aren’t going to ruin my party” with Marissa.

Rachel: I still say “Ew!” all the time. [Laughs]

Autumn: “The Chrismukk-huh?” was fun because we got to crawl up on a roof and then spend an entire week of laying in a hospital bed, and you don’t get to do that often as an actor. The episode where Ryan is having fantasies about Taylor was so fun. When do you get to soap up a window? That was ridiculous and so much fun! And rollerskates? Hello, I got to wear rollerskates and get paid for it. Could life be any better than that moment?

Brendan: Definitely when Marissa shoots Trey! Now that’s iconic.

Molly: I’m so glad we got to do the scene, where Julie says to Marissa, “Tell me what’s bothering you,” and she says, “You really want to know what’s bothering me?!” And then she screams. I was upset because I wanted to throw a lounge chair in the pool too.

Other Fun Tidbits

When we asked Rachel what Summer’s theme song would be, she deferred to creator Josh Schwartz. His suggestion? Boyz II Men, which she giggled and agreed to. “Yeah, absolutely. ’Motownphilly’!” she suggested, before he chimed in with another idea: Warren G and Nate Dogg’s “Regulate.”

Autumn says if The O.C. was on today, she would play Julie Cooper. “I play a lot of women similar to this, so it was really fun, and I was so excited that Melinda was here,” she said before the show. “I didn’t know she was going to be here! Such a nice surprise.”

Because Brendan and Tilky were both on Pretty Little Liars, we suggested a PLL musical. Brendan would love to play Ezra in it, and he’d cast the four Liars as their moms in the show. Tilky would love to play Brendan’s character, Lucas.

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“The guards have been chasing you all morning, master burglar.” In a narrow, shadowed corridor, Thorin snagged fingers into the back of the Hobbit’s tunic, dragging him back towards himself. Smells of cedar and spices, of grass and wind from above ground caught his senses and the King felt his chest seize tightly under the weight of how long it had been.

“Why not use the front gates just like everybody else?” he mused, beard twitching in a grin. 

So Eun latest Interview about Jae Rim

Soeun’s interview, released on 27.08.15


MC: (Is there) any things that you wanted to do but did not have time to do?

Soeun: We still have one coupon left unused. Skydiving. Until now still feeling regretful (for not having to do skydiving). (we) should go, to do skydiving. We used up 5 coupons and only this one left. I still feel a little bit of regret for not using the last coupon.


MC: When can we see both of you appear together?

Soeun: *joking* Jaerim oppa, seems like hiding from me.

MC: There must be a lot of fans waiting to see you both appear in a project together again.

Soeun: That will be very interesting. I also wish to have the opportunity of seeing oppa in a same project in the future.


MC: In real life, do you like the person with same personality and appearance like Jaerim?

Soeun: On the first time meeting with WGM, they asked about my ideal type. Tall, monolid, wide shoulder, a guy with a good looking adams apple and they did really find such a guy. It’s very close to my ideal type.


MC: Currently in The Scholar Who Walks The Night, Lee Joon-Ki vs. Shim Chang-Min!

Soeun: *without hesitation* Lee Joon Ki!

MC: The second semi-final, 2PM’s NichKhun and whenever we talked about Soeun, this one must also be mentioned. Song Jae-Rim! NichKhun vs. Song Jae-Rim!

Soeun: Song Jae-Rim! *gets shy*

MC: So, for the remaining two..

Soeun: Their images feel similar..

MC: The final duel, Lee Joon-Ki and Song Jae-Rim.. 3..2..1..

Soeun: *can’t decide* I should choose Joon-Ki oppa whom I work with now.. But Jaerim oppa will feel sad. What to do?

Soeun:*after awhile* Jaerim oppa! *laughs shyly*

MC: So, Soeun’s Ideal World Cup final winner is Song Jae-Rim.

Soeun: *congratulating Jaerim for winning her Ideal type world cup* Ahh.. Congratulations~ *clapping*


Soeun: Oppa, is everything going well? I heard that you are ready for your next project. I hope to see your new project soon. When oppa starts shooting the drama, I will send a foodtruck to the set. And also, send a foodtruck to me. Be happy~


MC: Privately, do still have contact with Jaerim? What is the most touching thing that Jaerim did (to you?)

Soeun: Before the filming starts, I received SMS from him. We still have contact. The most touching thing is.. Bungee jump. Oppa said he could not jump. He said it was very scary. But he jumped for me. In the end, he jumped for me. When he returned, his face looked pale.

MC: So you felt really touched when you saw that?

Soeun: Actually, he would really not dare to jump.. But he took the challenge just for me. It’s really touching. Thanks to him.


MC: Who is the actor you most prefer to work/star with? Who would you like to collaborate with?

Soeun: Chen Bolin? I am a fan of Chen Bolin. And in the future, if there is a chance I also hope to collaborate with Jaerim Oppa.

PS. For those who wants to watch the full video, you can watch it HERE //Credits to sofie aftermidnight// subbed credits to imLov & lovely_alain of Soompi LTE Thread

AJ Maddah Says GN’R Reunion Show In Australia Was Just His Personal Fantasy

Via Music Feeds | August 30, 2015

Australian Soundwave Festival Promoter AJ Maddah spoke to Music Feeds after days of keeping up an unfounded story about Guns N’ Roses AFD era lineup possibly headlining the festival in 2016:

“It’s been nice for me personally to share this fantasy for a few days along with the fans but it is not happening for SW16. I sure hope those guys do get back together again as there has never been, or as far as I am concerned ever will be such a potent force for rock’n roll than the original GNR in full flight.”

AJ continues that if Guns N’ Roses were to ever reform and head out on tour, it would take a hell of a lot more time than the rumoured January trip for SW16:

“If it does happen it is going to take longer than 6 months for the band to be ready to tour. I think it’ll take a hundred lawyers 6 months just to get the 5 of them into a rehearsal room together.”

Maddah does however put his hand up to be the man who brings out a reformed Guns N’ Roses, if it were to happen in the near future:

“But if by a miracle it does happen, then of course, I’ll throw everything I can to be involved and it would be my last act as a promoter as after that I’ll have nowhere to go!”

As usual, he was just promoting his biz at the expense of Rose and Co.

Photo Credits: Marco Del Grande