AP 266 // September 2010 // Something Corporate #AP30

“They were scene darlings in the early ’00s before unceremoniously disappearing from the radar nearly five years ago. But now, the Southern California piano-rockers are putting their “grown up” lives on hold for a reunion party, much to the joy of their fans. Is it a flash in the nostalgia pan or a sign of greater things to come?”


Alright Sasuke, I was able to deal with you turning your back on your friends and your village. No big deal really, whatever. Becoming a vengeful homicidal maniac? I mean, who hasn’t really in this day and age? Whatever. But potential child abuse?! C’mon Sauce Man! lol.


They didn’t have their mask on. It would look too suspicious, but they did have it with them. They would never go anywhere without it. They stood outside her house, watching. Could this really be Emilia? It certainly felt like her… There was the definite presence of celestial force… They paused, and froze as they spotted her exit the house. They move behind a bush, and hold their breath.

churchoffear replied to your post: blue-sea-witch asked:another reun…

maybe dipper would feel even more betrayed, because that means stan has lied to him ALL HIS LIFE? that would make dipper even more not wanting to trust him, half in vengeance/to rebel, half because he doesn’t want mabel to make the same mistake

hm!!!! yeah, i can see him being pissed off enough to do that. it would be a lot more painful for him too ofc

My dear twins/soulmate out there…. I know sometimes it can be hard when you still not reunited with your loved one
Even though we practicing self love ,there are still times when you feel like your heart is crying for the other person and you ask yourself “why me” ?
Keep on your path.your twin/soulmate is still on your side and within you energetically.
Much love to all💗👼


for everyone who’s been asking me why reunion falls dipper doesnt hide his birthmark, here’s your answer

(btw if the implication wasnt totally clear here, in reunion falls dipper’s symbol on the wheel is his birthmark, not a pine tree, which is why bill would have called him that. also he’s supposed to be like ten or something here but im not great at drawing distinguishable ages in children)