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Why is your username yukipri?

Ah, been a while since I got this ask ^ ^

I originally started Tumblr as a way to stay in contact with my Sengoku Basara cosplay friends <3 The character I cosplayed, who is still one of my fav fictional characters of all time, was Sanada Yukimura (based loosely on the historical figure).

Pri comes from the name of my university, Princeton, where I was a student when I made this blog.

So Yuki (Yukimura) + Pri (Princeton)

Credits for the name idea go to my senpai @shikarius who suggested it during an anime club meeting <3 I never thought I’d end up turning it into my art brand ^ ^;;;;;

Take Me Home 1/?

Rickon does not like White Harbor. There are too many people on it’s cobbled streets. Too many strange sights and sounds and smells. Too many rules that must be remembered.

Most days he wishes he was still in the cave with only Osha and Shaggy. Things were better there.

Osha says he should not be ungrateful to the the Manderlys. That he should be happy to be safe and fed and protected now that winter’s come. Rickon thinks she’s wrong. They were safe before. Rickon knew all the best spots to dig for clams and abalone, and could fish for them with his spear. And they had Osha’s knife and Shaggy to protect them. (He does not say any of this out loud, though, for he knows it will only make Osha cross).

Lord Wylis refuses to let Shaggydog inside the keep and will not let Rickon sleep in the kennels with his friend. Rickon hates the lord for it.

Still, he supposes White Harbor is not all bad.

Rickon likes Lady Wylla, who tells him stories of the sea and is not at all afraid of Shaggy and has hair that makes Rickon think of the tiny frog he once caught in the woods with his bare hands.

He likes Lady Wynafryd even more. She visits him often, sneaking Rickon sweetmeats and honeycakes before supper with a wink and a smile. Sometimes she brings her high harp and sings. Rickon likes that best of all.

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Bring back... my girls! ALL of them!

Cycle 8 is coming to an end, and the time has come to reunite all of our sickening queens together in video form to answer questions from the judges and close out cycle 8! We’re very excited to end such an amazing cycle, but we have one last thing for our girls and that is a reunion video.

Questions will be sent out to you in personal messages and you must record a video including the following:

- Introduce yourself to the TDR audience, just like “Hi, it’s ________ and I’m so happy to be back on your computer screen” or something cheesy like that.
- Answer all judges’ and fan questions you received.
- Who do you want to see win the crown? Say which of the remaining contestants team you are on and why?
- Any final words, thoughts, and good byes - The final 15 second runway walk to no music

To The Remaining Contestants:

Instead of declaring what team you are on, you must each include an “If I win” video as well as a Crowning speech to be included in the reunion in the event that you are crowned Tumblr’s Next Drag Superstar.

Your videos are due no later than Saturday May 7th at 9pm EST!!!

So for the last time ladies good luck & don’t fuck it up!

The Sound + The Hurry

Ten days ago, I was a single girl who didn’t auto-react to the word ‘Mom.’

A 30-something widow who’d finally learned to sleep alone.

I didn’t get out of the bathtub to answer incoming calls.

Or jump at the sound of a text message.


Ten days ago, I hadn’t yet scooped up the 18-year-old girl who shares my DNA.

Hadn’t ever spent more than 24 hours with her voice, laugh and gestures.

Hadn’t fully experienced the force of nature that is my biological daughter, Laurie Rae.


One week is all it took.

One week of ridiculous vulnerability.

Of unabridged conversations and high-fives.

One week of sleeping beside a girl who’s kinder, braver, more beautiful and self-effacing than I could ever hope to be.

But one week of waking beside Laurie means I woke up sleep-talking to her this morning—even though she’s already back in North Carolina.


Ten days ago, my identity was easily summarized in a few snappy sentences.


I’m still contextualizing what can only be described as ‘mama bear’ emotions and something that feels a lot like separation syndrome. I’d hash it out here—except she just texted so I’m kinda rushing outta the bathtub.

I love that Rose is so pissed off at The Doctor right here that she doesn’t even notice he’s checking her out.

He gives her an appreciative once over (twice) and then just has to turn around and look at her again. *whispers* “I think he likes the outfit.”

And don’t forget the little obligatory (he is so staring at her ass) head tilt here as she’s walking away.

Bonus Scene From Tooth and Claw:

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I need to say two things to you dear Scout. 1: happy late birthday wishes. 2: in God n' Gabe 3 do we get to know where Mike and Adam had been?

castiel–lover said:

What do you think Michael and Adam are doing down in the pit all alone? Do they get along without Lucifer there to torment them?

ohhh, i should add this to my faq!

OK SO. i think when mike took adam’s body, he left adam in heaven. so, michael had no reason to keep adam cooped up in there for no reason, and adam would be more willing to give up his body and stay with his mom?? so i’m like 99% sure mike is just sitting in the cage alone like

Anonymous said:

Scout, one question that has plagued my mind is…what is you true form like?

oh, you’ve seen it quite frequently! it’s basically just