This could be important! Jason really liked Hardwired, has been in frequent contact with Metallica guys, especially Lars and ,,when asked if it was friendly, business related or about a future collaboration, Newsted responded with ,,All of those three", but didn’t give any details". It’s beginning to look a lot like a reunion… Maybe for a few shows on their tour to promote Hardwired To Self-Destruct? I’d actually die if that happened. And then come back to life, because there’s no way in hell that I’ll miss it.

// Rita remembers Kabuto and Kabuto remembers Rita from the orphanage where they both grew up in. It’s one of the most beautiful reunions even though they called each other names during their reunion.

Kabuto: “Let go of me! I can’t go back!” 

Rita: “I’m not asking you to come back.” 

*They both hug* 

// the feels are so strong like you have no idea. 

Football Wives Of Miami: Reunion Show Part 2.

INVOLVED: Mercedes Evans, Samuel Evans, Tasha Wells, Justin Cohen, Rachel Hudson, Finn Hudson, Quinn Chang, Mike Chang, Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce, & Wendy Williams.
TIME FRAME: Sunday, July 10th, 2016.
LOCATION: Studio; Miami, Florida.
SUMMARY: Wendy sits down with the ladies for a explosive reunion show wrapping up season 1 of Football Wives of Miami.

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Pokemon-Pikachu and Ash’s Reunion

An Animation I started during my 2nd year at the Animation Workshop and I decided to continue. It was a good challenge and a pleasure to use those childhood characters !