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I haven't been here long enough to understand Can you give me a quick run down of this AU?

sure thing!!

the basic premise is that dipper and mabel were separated as infants and while mabel grew up in her normal home with her normal parents dipper grew up in gravity falls and was raised by grunkle stan, neither of them knowing that the other existed. and at age 12 mabel finds out about dipper and travels to gravity falls to find him, not knowing about all the supernatural business that goes down there. so dipper has known or at least known about a good portion of the other characters for his whole life, and he’s also well-acquainted with the supernatural at this point. his symbol on the wheel is no longer a pine tree, but his birthmark, which ties into why he doesnt hide it here. meanwhile mabel, while still technically being “shooting star”, effectively takes over the role of “pine tree”, meaning she finds the journal, she gets possessed by bill, and the creepy prophecy tapestry depicts a burning star instead of a tree. so most backstory stuff is going to focus on dipper while most “canon timeline” stuff is going to focus on mabel.

you can see what else me and my co-writer have come up with by going through my #reunion falls tag but those are the basics!!!

I was perfectly fine, it was just another day… I was scrolling through my dash and all of a sudden I stumble upon a gifset and saw.. the hug. *heavy breathing intensifies* THE BEST HUG IN THE HISTORY OF HUGS. Daryl runs to hug Carol trying to get her as close as possible. Her eyes, her little handsssss!!! She. was. so. happy.. and it’s only Carol who can bring the puppy side out of Daryl.. like woah! Every little detail is so perfect. This is me, going from a state of absolute boredom to a fangirl state of mind in less than 2 seconds.

Jawbreaker Reunion: A Band You Should Be Listening To

From left: Dre, Bella, Lily, Tom

Jawbreaker Reunion knows that you probably think their band name is stupid. They do not care. Emerging from the Bard College scene with 2014’s excellent Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club  (Miscreant Records), the four-piece has risen beyond the inevitable punchlines about their band name and have begun to carve out a place in the scene in earnest. With a sound that’s reminiscent of everything from 60’s girl groups to Le Tigre, Jawbreaker Reunion is definitely on track to inspire a band to name themselves Jawbreaker Reunion Reunion in 20 years. I caught up with the band after they played the Eskimeaux release show a few weeks ago to take a few photos, chat about the band, presidential politics and more.

This Has Got To Stop: Hi Jawbreaker Reunion! Can you tell me what everyone plays and their favorite TV show?

Dre Szegdy-Maszak: Drums! No such thing as a favorite but I’m currently way too deep into the West Wing?

Bella Mazzetti: Guitar and Bass! GoT baby.

Lily Mastrodimos: Guitar! Ugh…too difficult to choose but I will always be partial to Pee Wee’s Playhouse or the Crocodile Hunter.

Tom Delaney: Guitar and bass! Toddlers and Tiaras!

THGTS: What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said about your band name?

Bella: “Deception is the weakest form of misandry.”

All: YES

Dre: Not the worst but my favorites are “musical clickbait” or “cheap media ploy to get raisins like me excited.”

THGTS: What are some of your favorite records that have come out so far in 2015?

Lily: Oh god too hard there are so many.

Dre: It’s been an unbelievable music year already.

Bella: Is it a cop out to say Eskimeaux?

Dre: Gonna go for it and say IF by Paul de Jong is #1 so far

Lily: New Decemberists, new Sleater-Kinney, new Sufjan, obviously Eskimeaux.

Bella: Committing to Eskimeaux and Fraternal Twin’s Skin Gets Hot.

Tom: I don’t know I haven’t listened to anything from this year.


THGTS: What would be Jawbreaker Reunion’s dream festival to play?

Dre/Bella/Lily in unison: WARPED TOUR

THGTS: Will Jawbreaker Reunion be endorsing a candidate for the 2016 presidential election?


Dre: He’s 28 Bella he can’t run!

Tom: Tom Delaney

THGTS: What are social issues that are important to Jawbreaker Reunion as a band?

JBR: We’re active in a community at Bard that strives to reinforce safer space policies and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves in a respectful, accountable way. We want to make sure anyone can feel comfortable and welcome at our shows and that everyone has a mutual respect for the space and each other.

THGTS: What are some of the great and not great things about the Bard College scene?

Bella: I would say the good thing about the “scene” is that it’s easy to be supported, but I think that a drawback is that even though anyone at Bard can host an event it always ends up being the same few people organizing shows and because of that it can come off as exclusive

Dre: Bard alums Bellows and Told Slant took such good care of us and were some of the first bands to start putting us on shows, and it was that community, at Bard at the time, that got us playing first.

Lily: The scene is concentrated on such a small portion of the population, it needs to expand and be more inclusive. Both the good and the bad are how small it is.

THGTS: What was the experience like playing the Eskimeaux release show? Was it as fun as it looked?

Lily: Un-fucking-real, it was so great.

Bella: It was a dream and I’m still in denial I still don’t feel like it was real.

Dre: It was so surreal.

Lily: All friends and heroes in one place. Nobody’s really processed it yet.

THGTS: What’s next for Jawbreaker Reunion?

JBR: We’re going to release new music soon on an EP called “haha and then what ;)” which is going to make the internet hate us even more!!

Jawbreaker Reunion plays the Miscreant Records Northside Showcase on June 13. Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club is out now on Miscreant Records.

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reunion idea: shion returns home one day only to find nezumi sitting there petting one of the rats (that shion probably took under his wing) and when he sees shion he says smth dumb like "i left something here" and shion laughs but hes crying haha

yet somehow this is the most realistic reunion - i can definitely see this happening - nezumi not knowing how to act, and feeling awkward, and why is he even feeling awkward, it’s just shion - so he just says something dumb, and shion first starts laughing and then there are tears and wow nezumi did not sign up to deal with emotions once again

Once one of my high school “best friends” called me fat bc she was clearly trying to hurt me or something and I literally laughed in her face like do people still use fat as an insult what is this 2004?? Mean Girls is over child

Aside from the Britney-Christina rivalry, this movie is another gem of 1999. What’s up with that year, right???


I was 8 when this movie came out and honestly fangirling over Sarah Michelle already.Watching them only reminds me of my age now and how time flies.

More 90’s movie reunion please!!!! Can we have I Know What You Did Last Summer reunion next??? I can’t even…..

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Alright so, can we talk about the look on Natsu’s face in this panel? He’s not only worried about Lucy, but he’s clearly pissed off that she’s hurting. He doesn’t like that he’s one of the reasons why she’s hurting, and he doesn’t want to give her any false hope either. Maybe he’s even a little annoyed that she’s not being honest with him when he can read all over her face that she isn’t fine….I can’t help but imagine him thinking “What is this nostalgia, and how do I kill it?”…..I ship it 

Bleach 628: New World Orders

This week’s Bleach chapter marks the arrival of the Gotei 13 up in the RR. To which everyone breathes a sigh of relief because FINALLY!!! After a lot of delays, the Gotei has landed! Haha.

Similar to Ichigo and co’s reaction, the Gotei was surprised to find the RR looking like the Wandenreich City:

Kyouraku then proceeds to explain the gravity of the situation:

Soifon has some input of her own too:

Notice that visual up there? Those were the RG’s cities that, upon Yhwach’s renovation, now look like a five-pointed Quincy cross. That’s on-point symbolism, the Quincy have really taken over. Oh Kubo-sensei. You’re a genius. 

Meanwhile, Ichigo and co. have barely dodged Yhwach’s renovation process according to Yoruichi:

Then we cut to two separate panels of surprised eyes that look identical. 

Well of course..we know who this is! It’s this cutie pie:

Yuushirou Shihouin, younger brother of Yoruichi, next in line as head of the clan after Yoruichi defected. The gang seems surprised by this, especially Ichigo, who has been dumped with so many revelations already…he can’t keep up with it. Haha…you poor boy:

Since they don’t know how he looks, they imagine him as this. That looks like Kuukaku’s manservants though. This second one though, haha:

LOL! Bleach humor. I love it. If they only knew how adorable Yuushirou is. Anyways, Yuushirou gets excited and jumps off to find his older sister but nearly falls off the border because he can’t create a foothold out of reiatsu. Good thing Renji was able to hold on to him before he fell. Byakuya then proceeds to explain:

Okaayyyy…we already have two reminders from this chapter alone of how powerful the enemy has become, first from Kyouraku, now from Byakuya. Seems like the odds are against the Shinigami now. They may have the numbers but at this rate, the terrain and the reishi concentration are all in favor of the Quincies. Which reminds me, didn’t Renji and Rukia (and I assume Ichigo and Byakuya too) train in Ichibei’s palace where there was also this type of reishi concentration? I remember Rukia saying that “it feels like moving on water” when she was at Ichibei’s palace. The results of that training might come into play in the coming fights you know.

Anyways, Kyouraku points out that there is still a silver lining in all these:

Well…we will eventually have to have a new SK just to keep things in order. But that will come way later. The name “Aizen” keeps ringing in my head but that’s jumping the gun a little bit. Also, the succeeding panel grabbed my attention:

Plus this:

That is the first time Kyouraku mentioned Ukitake after that Mimihagi event that left us all wondering if he’s alive or dead. And it is still unclear. I’m kinda sad looking at those panels, especially Kiyone and Sentaro’s faces, but I still don’t believe he’s dead. We didn’t get a color spread or a proper goodbye scene or even a flashback. Byakuya had a touching goodbye scene and yet he still lived. Yamajii got a color spread and a flashback before he died. Even Sasakibe had a flashback too. What I’m saying is I don’t believe Ukitake is dead right now. At least not yet. Kubo doesn’t do things halfheartedly anyway.

Going back, Kyouraku, being the soutaichou that he now is, proceeds to amp up everyone’s spirits for the coming battle:

Yeah! Go fight Gotei! Meet up with Ichigo and co! IchiRuki reunion FTW!!!!

Then, all of a sudden, this thing rises up from the center of the streets:

Gotta give it to Kubo though. That looks majestic. Naturally, everyone was surprised: 

Oooh..Badass Kyouraku. I’m looking forward to seeing him fight this time. His powers are already scary enough in Shikai, I can’t imagine how his Bankai would be. And I believe he has more motivation to fight this time, for one, he’s the soutaichou now. Plus, he has to avenge Yamajii and fight also for his bestie Ukitake. It’s gonna be exciting. That “Irooni” and “Kageoni” ability of his? I’m really looking forward to him using it in this battle. 

Anyways, Haschwalth reports to Yhwach that both Ichigo and co. and the Gotei 13 have intruded at the same time. Then we get to see Yhwach in his throne saying something about a new world:

According to someone from DB, “Wahrwelt” roughly means “the real world”. Interesting. So Yhwach’s like the default SK now that the previous one is dead. I wonder what kind of world he’s planning on building though. You can’t be a king unless you have subordinates to rule anyway. Also, the Elites plus Uryu are nowhere to be found. They weren’t in the throneroom. Are they lying in wait somewhere to ambush Ichigo and co? Or perhaps the newly arrived Gotei? Either way, I am so looking forward to the next chapters. Plus I smell IchiRuki in the air :)

Scanlations © mangapanda