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lalahope12: Xmas dinner with the family@🙌🏾❤️😘  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture BEFORE we ate…… turkey, Mac cheese, sweet potatoe mash, yorky puds, stuffing, sprouts, parsnips, cauliflower cheese, rice & peas, corn bred courtesy of @findthewalker AND lentils (oh and carrots) 😎😎😎 that’s how we does! #family chefs include, myself and @nicholashoult.   Oops, and roast potatoes! ”


Chika and Chihiro’s surprise appearance at Especia’s final Osaka concert + SETLIST

Fans at Especia’s final Osaka concert at Misono universe witnessed an unforgettable treat with former members Chika Sannomiya and Chihiro Mise making an impromptu reunion with the group onstage.

As Especia performed YA・ME・TE! for three consecutive times during the encore, Chika and Chihiro crowd surfed their way onto the stage and performed with the current line-up, complete with choreography. A five-membered Especia was formed for the first time in more than a year!

Prior to the beginning of the concert, guests had spotted Chika and Chihiro among the crowd but were only hopeful for their return to the stage.

An additional concert highlight included Haruka’s emotional MC. Haruka tearfully plead, “Humans are living beings who eventually forget. Someday you will all forget about Especia. But whenever you see a palm tree, I want you all to remember us; remember Especia.”

Videos of the performance have yet to surface.

Especia “SPICE” Tour Fullband Live at Misono Universe, Osaka (12 March 2017)


1. Intro from “GUSTO”
2. X・O (the members shook hands with everyone in the audience)
4. Danger
5. Aviator (LEAD VOCALS: Erika)
6. Rittenhouse Square (LEAD VOCALS: Haruka) [DEBUT PERFORMANCE]
7. Nothing
8. Usotsuki na Anela (LEAD VOCALS: Mia)
9. Mistake
10. Kirameki Seaside
11. Umibe no Satie
-MC- (Haruka’s plea to remember Especia when you see a palm tree)
12. Twilight Palm Beach (LEAD VOCALS: Haruka) [DEBUT PERFORMANCE]
14. Knight Rider (LEAD VOCALS: Erika)
15. Boogie Aroma (LEAD VOCALS: Mia)
16. Aventure wa Gin-iro ni
-MC- (Especia acknowledges Chihiro and Chika’s presence + teaches the crowd the last phrase from Ternary)
18. No1 Sweeper

20. YA・ME・TE! (LEAD VOCALS: Erika)
22. YA・ME・TE! (LEAD VOCALS: Haruka) [Chika and Chihiro crowd surf onto the stage]

-DOUBLE ENCORE- (without the band)
23. Midnight Confusion (Pureness Waterman Edit) [LEAD VOCALS: Erika]
24. No1 Sweeper

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Overwatch Fic Chronological Masterpost

This is largely a means for me to keep the chronology of all the Overwatch fics and ficlets I’ve been doing in order to keep track of them (Because surprise! I tried to give them all continuity!).  Stuff in brackets is stuff I hope to write… if I ever get the chance….

Anyway this will probably be updated as I do more fic prompts.

Pre-Fall of Overwatch

  1. Road Trip (Gency)
  2. The Left Hand of Justice (McCree loses his hand)
  3. Birthday (Gency) (AO3)
  4. Pining (Gency)
  5. Tracer’s Post-Its (Tracer x Emily, spans from pre-fall of Overwatch to Post-Recall)


  1. Tracer’s Pints (Tracer x Emily)
  2. [Tracer Rescues McCree and McCree joins the team]
  3. [Handful of Ficlets of everyone coming back together on Gibraltar]
  4. Valentine’s Day (Spiderbyte)
  5. Long Distance (Tracer x Emily)
  6. [Reunion] (Gency)
  7. Photos (Genyatta)
  8. [Junkers join the team]
  9. Junkrat Needs Shots
  10.  Cheesy Pick-Up Lines (Gency)
  11. Dancing (Gency)
  12. [Volskaya Incident] (Gency peppered with Spiderbyte)
  13. [Ana and Soldier 76 join the team]
  14. Confession (Gency)
  15. Tea (Ana76)
  16. Pining (Spiderbyte)
  17. [Symmetra joins the team] (Symmarah)
  18. Letters (Lúcio)
  19. Fake Married (Gency)
  20. Bad at Romance (Symmarah)
  21. Sleepover (Gency)
  22. Aquarium Date (Gency)
  23. Cooking (Gency)
  24. Date Gone Awry (Symmarah)
  25. [Hanzo joins the team]
  26. Stakeout (McHanzo)
  27. Roller Coaster (McHanzo)
  28. Serenade (McHanzo)
  29. Rain (Spiderbyte)
  30. Rain pt. 2 (Gency and Spiderbyte)
  31. [Assassination attempt on Hanzo] (McHanzo)
  32. Cabin Fever (Spiderbyte)
  33. That one Sombra/Junkrat prompt I got
  34. Ohaka Mairi (McHanzo and Gency)
You can call it poetry...

I’m often asked to write poetry about this or that, to write according to a prompt. This for me is pure anguish to both write and to read, as they often feel so empty. When I write my own words they are innate, and surface without coaxing. They overflow from remnants of unhealed wounds, from an amazing view I’ve witnessed, an argument, a song, a photo, a reunion, the presence of a loved one, the lack of presence of a loved one. Simply anything that conjures overwhelming emotions that fill my core and then overflow into words. It’s my ability to empathize in the human condition and the complexity of its nature, as I remind myself of my own diverse humanity. My own frailty and strength. When finally spilled onto a page, it is not art to me, nor is it refined. These words are the broken pieces of a soul that mend together in an attempt to create something out of nothing. I guess you can call it poetry. These words may appear beautiful, or even seem terrifying, while sometimes…

they simply remain nothing at all.

you can call it poetry if you like

This Week’s Relatable Post is:



China: meh, I’m only here for the food

America: HI YOUTUBE!! ;D

Japan: just act chill, the photo is almost over

Russia: I swear!.. if aunt patty takes one more photo. I am going to hurl her phone into the fireplace

England: *is drunk on eggnog* why am I here again??

France: Ooo YES! They got my good side!!

Germany: I just want to go home and get some sleep…  *cries*