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So apparently “I don’t have any ideas for drunk Tiz” = let’s have him get someone else drunk

“You got Yuu drunk,” Edea said in horror as Yuu laughed.

Not drunk,” the boy argued, though he was betrayed by his own loopy smile–and the fact that he’d missed two buttons when putting his clothes back on. “Edeaaaah, it’s fine, it’s fine. I’m not even a little drunk. Just…so warm and toasty from the onsen. It’s so nice.”

Tiz nodded to Yuu with a grin before turning back to Edea. “See? He’s fine.”

Steam rising from the onsen,” the younger boy suddenly sang. Oh, dear. They hadn’t even given him the Performer asterisk anytime today. He paused, hummed a bar, and then continued: “A drink by the pool… Ah, Magnolia!” He took off to greet her as she stepped back into the hallway from the changing room. “The only way it would be better…is if I could share it with you!

“Ah, ah…Yuu?!”

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