reuben thomas


New OCs full body reference alert!!

Calvin (16 yo) is the new kid in town. He likes wearing plain cool colors. He prefers them to be a bit baggy so it’s comfortable to sit still for hours and hours. Almost always has a sketchbook on hand. Sticks to drawing landscapes and animals.
Thomas (17yo) is the local odd-job man. He likes to fix stuff. Leader of his own bike gang, He prefers wearing neon color/goofy tank tops that may or might not have workshop messes on them. Hates wearing school uniform. Wants Calvin to paint a killer design on his helmet but he has yet to pick what.
Mattie (17 yo) is Thomas’s extrovert cousin (on his dad’s side). Dreams to one day move to America. Asks Calvin all about it. Works at an ice cream shoppe and is currently dating Hannah.
Reuben (16 yo) is Hannah’s sour younger brother. Is very protective of his older sister even while dating his 2 best friends. Thinks Calvin is a total dweeb. Loves rugby, usually wearing jerseys. Works as a part time guide for his family owned eel farm (and hates it).
Hannah (19yo) is the self proclaimed tomboy mom of their group. Dating Thomas’s cousin, Mattie; although she did date Thomas beforehand. They’re still good friends. She buys the boys alcohol and will carve her name into almost everything. She’s never been seen wearing shoes. Loves working as a part time eel guide. Absolutely adores Calvin’s artwork.

Stratford book haul (top to bottom):

1. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall & Agnes Grey, Anne Bront
2. Reuben Sachs, Amy Levy.
3. Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Arden gift edition).
4. The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry.
5. The White Devil (RSC Prompt Book), John Webster.
6. The Witch of Edmonton (RSC Prompt Book), William Rowley, Thomas Dekker, and John Ford.
7. Collected Poems, Robert Graves.
8. S., Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams.