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Things to do until next Saturday
  1. Watch the episode again and tell your friends (seriously, please! Between all our blogs we have like 10-15k followers but only 400 notes? spread the word!!)
  2. Listen to previous episodes.
  3. Look at the script; everything in episodes 1-12 was planned in advance; would love to read your theories!
  4. Wait for Wednesday at 5pm; that’s when we release the “coming this week” snippet.
  5. Go praise the AWESOME VOICE ACTORS. Like guys, Armin was fucking sick, seriously. Same to Sasha!

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with having many audio plays?

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with a high quantity of audio plays, but with the explosive rate we’ve seen them pop up, plus the structure of many of the pages themselves, a great deal of thought hasn’t gone into them. A project, especially a continuous voice project, is really hard to keep moving. Don’t even get me started on ensuring it keeps up to date weekly.

This happened in the Homestuck fandom and was totally innocuous… except for the many voice actors who were misled and never got to do anything. Be wary of people who just want attention. I won’t deny that AOS uniquely is popular in a way that most others won’t; I don’t want this to be seen as “oh look Reuben doesn’t want competition.” Rather, I’m concerned about people getting their hopes up with projects that are clearly trying to copy our structure in the hopes of getting name recognition. 

That is a problem.

Wow, finally someone responded to me as a character from Evangelion and they were a TOTAL DICK. wow. 

“find a good anime”

Oh yes, I forgot there was an objective scale of story quality. Sorry I didn’t check that before choosing my character you inconsiderate shit.