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Adam Butcher, Alexander Beck, Andrew Westermann, Axel Hermann, Connor Patterson, Didier Vinson, Dimitri Stampfer, Jackson Rado, Jeremy Matos, Jester White, Michelangelo Gruby, Reuben Ramacher, Rhys Pickering y Tommaso De Benedictis, por Johan Sandberg para L’Officiel Hommes Italia.

Rose's Rad Ice Cream

Did you see this?

This Ice cream truck it’s so ridiculously funny! It was made as a wrap gift by Rachel and Rose (Writer’s PAs on Rizzoli and Isles, Rizzles shipers and Katy Perry’s fans)

I mean.. It’s a golf car and it’s made from the scripts of the show! How creative is that?

Besides you have to dance to get and ice cream. And guess who loves to dance..

See? Sasha the car it’s perfect

Who wouldn’t love one of this?