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Harry Styles - “Confessions” Part Four

Alright… there’s gonna be a part 5. But, let’s do this! Part four of the ‘Confessions’ series!! Hope you guys like this one as much as you’ve liked the others. Let me know! It’s a touch happier … or is iiiiit?

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Five

Harry groaned as he awoke, the sunlight poured down on him and he felt a layer of sweat on his forehead from the light as well the body pressed into his. When he lifted his head, finding that it rested on the back of his couch instead of his pillow, he had a moment of confusion before he remembered. You being curled up in his arms, still fast asleep against his chest, also helped jog his memory. 

It took him a moment to realize what had woken him but he quickly realized it was his phone buzzing in his pocket. He knew there was no way to pull it out and answer it without waking you so he let it continue until finally it stopped. Harry sighed, taking in a deep breath as he rest his head on top of yours, his cheek resting against your soft and sweet smelling hair. 

He was just starting to drift off back into his nap when his phone began going off again. Apparently whoever was calling him really needed to have a chat. He opened his eyes and sighed, wondering how he could possibly do this. He didn’t want to wake you but it seemed whoever was ringing him wasn’t going to give up. He shifted a bit to the side until eventually he was able to slide out from under you, helping you lay back gently onto the couch, thankfully still fast asleep. 

He didn’t even care about the phone call in that moment as he stared down at your slumbering and peaceful face. All he had seen the last while was pain and heartache but now it was all gone, just for a little bit at least. He couldn’t help as he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the corner of your mouth, bringing a large and ringed hand up to brush a few hairs off of your face. The moment was then ruined by the phone once again going off. He knew he had no choice now but to take it.

When he left the living room, heading down the hall towards the kitchen, he pulled the phone out and felt his heart rate increase when he saw his mom’s name and face flashing across his screen. Why would she be calling him so many times? He hadn’t told her what was going on, he told his sister as he had gone to stay with her the night he had told you but she had sworn not to tell their mother. 

“Mum?” He questioned, answering the phone finally, as he opens the back door in the kitchen and steps out onto the back porch. “Is everythin’ alrigh’?” He questions as he leans against the railing of the deck, running his fingers over the hard wood. 

“You tell me, Harry.” Came her reply. No hello, no greeting, no asking how he was. Yeah, Harry knew in that moment that she had definitely found out. 

“Did Gem tell you, then?” He mutters, hoping it was from his sister and not that the media had gotten wind of the situation. Even with both parties involved having signed an NDA, which he hated having to see your face as you had to agree not to talk about how he knocked up a girl, these things could still get out and he dreaded the moment that they did. 

“She shouldn’ have had to, Harold, why haven’ you come to me abou’ all of this?” Harry sighed, hanging his head, unsure of how to answer. The truth was that he was afraid of his mothers disappointment. He felt he had made her so proud up until now and what a way to ruin that than with a situation like this. He had already broken the heart of one important girl in his life, he couldn’t handle doing it to another one just yet. “So it’s true then? You got a girl pregnant?” 

“Yes, mum.” Harry mutters, running a hand through his hair before his fingers begin to play nervously with his bottom lip. “Well, I go soon to have a paternity tes’ done, bu’ as of now we are almos’ certain tha’ I am the fathe’,” 

“And Y/N left you?” Harry hadn’t spoken to his sister since before he left for LA so of course she wouldn’t know that you had for some reason agreed to join him on this little adventure. “The one girl who could handle your lifestyle, put up with everything she’s had to, and you go and do this to her.” That was exactly what Harry hadn’t wanted said to him. He already knew all of this but to hear that disappointment, the disbelief, in his own mothers voice hurt almost as much as he imagined it would. 

“She’s here in Los Angeles with me.” His mother was silent on the other end. “We broke up, yes, bu’ she knew…” He sighs. “I don’ deserve her to, bu’ she came to help me through this.” He hears his mothers answering sigh as she took this information in. 

“Wha’ are you going to do, Harry?” Her voice was full of concern now. She had gotten out her reprimanding and now it was time to make sure her son was okay. No matter how upset with him she was, he was her son and she would support him through this. 

“I don’ know, mum.” Harry had done so well at keeping the tears at bay but in that moment he broke again. The tears fell a few at a time down his stubble covered cheeks, his green eyes shining as he hung his head, resting it on his arm that was supporting his weight on the rail of the deck. 

“Oh, Harry.” She sighed, picking up on the brokenness of her son on the other end of the phone. 

“I can’ do this,” He turns and takes a few steps over to a deck chair, falling into it as he wipes at his wet cheeks and stares off across his green lawn before he closes his eyes, resting his head against he back of the chair. “Wha’ do I do, mum?” His voice was so quiet as he begged him mother to help him through this even though he knew that she couldn’t. No one could. 

“We will take this one day at a time, love, okay?” She offers, her voice calm and reassuring. “I’ll fly out there as soon as I can.” 

“No, mum, you don’t have to do tha’.” Though as soon as she had offered, Harry knew he needed her to. He needed that motherly hug, that parental guidance as he began to navigate his own way into potential parenthood. 

“Too late, I’m lookin’ at flights now.” She argued and Harry knew it was a lost cause - not that he would fight hard for her not to come anyway. “You and Y/N need someone to help you through this.” 

“Thank you.” Harry didn’t even have to say it as more than a whisper but Anne picked up on his gratitude fully anyway. 

“How is she doing? Y/N?” As Harry thought back to you, fast asleep and peaceful inside, he had to bite at his lower lip to keep the tears from falling again but when he opened his mouth to speak nothing but a jumbled mess of words came out. 

“She’s.. I.. i-i mean..” And then a small, quiet sob fell from his mouth and Anne sighed. “She’s never goin’ to forgive me, mum. I’ve lost her.” He squeezes the bridge of his nose between his fingers as he looks down at his feet, more tears leaking down his damp cheeks. He didn’t even try to wipe them away now. It would be pointless as his eyes were burning with fresh tears, surely not stopping any time soon.

“Harry, love, true love always finds a way.” 

“Mum, this isn’t some romantic movie. This isn’t going to jus’ resolve itself and everyone is goin’ to be all happy in the end. I fucked up, cheated on the most importan’ person in my life, lied to her about i’ and only told her when I had to because I found ou’ I had gotten the girl I cheated with pregnant. Would you forgive Robin if he did tha’?” Anne was silent and Harry knew it was because she knew he was right. “No matter how much her and I love each other, this is i’. She won’ forgive me and I’m tryin’ to come to terms with tha’.” But with the tears still falling down his cheeks he knew he was no where near close, if he ever really would be. 

Just then, Harry turns as the back door opens and out you step. You had woken moments before to find Harry gone but heard his voice outside and came to see where he had gone off to. You had heard what he’d just said and he watches you as you walk across the deck and comes to take a seat beside him. 

“Your mum?” You ask, gesturing towards the phone. Harry gives a nod, simply watching you, trying to see if you were going to say anything more but you don’t so he looks away and sighs. 

“I should probably go, bu’ le’ me know when you’ll be here and I’ll le’ you know about the paternity test.” He says to his mother who takes a deep breath on the other end of the line, still full of concern for her son but now that she had heard your voice on the other line knew he would talk no more about the situation. 

“I will, Harry. I love you.” Harry couldn’t help but smile. Even so much as his mothers voice made him feel better, knowing that she still loved him after he fucked up like this helped a lot. He only wished he could hear those three words from the girl sitting beside him. 

“Love you too, mum.” 

“Give Y/N my love as well. Bye now, darling.” With that, his mother ends the call and Harry sighs as he puts the phone down on the seat behind him and looks over at you, finally wiping at his damp cheeks. 

“Mum sends her love.” He mutters. You can’t help but smile, biting at your lower lip. “She’s comin’ out here. Gemma told her abou’ all of this and she said she wan’s to help up through this.” 

“That is very sweet of her.” And not shocking at all. Anne had always been the best support system you and Harry had in your relationship. She would listen to you both, helped you through tough times and much to your benefit told Harry when he was being an idiot. “You hungry?” You eventually ask after it was silent between the two of you for a few moments. 

“Always.” He answers, looking over at you as you smile a bit. He returns it, one corner of his mouth upturned in a genuine grin. 

“Let’s go out to eat. Somewhere nice where we can just enjoy some good food, strong drinks and .. nice company.” You lean over, nudging him a bit with your shoulder. 

“Sounds much bette’ than sittin’ here all nigh’ bein’ sad.” Harry responds and you agreed, which is why you had suggested it. There was only so much more silence you could take before it drove you more insane than you already felt. 

“Hear anything about going to do the test?” You wonder later in the night after a nice meal at a restaurant the two of you had gone to many times on many dates in the past. It had exactly what you wanted, good food, good drinks and great privacy. 

“He sen’ me an email while we were eatin’.” Harry responds, shrugging a bit as he drives back towards the house with you in the passenger seat beside him. “It’s tomorrow mornin’.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You questioned but thinking about it, you knew why. The two of you had been having such a lovely evening. He didn’t want to ruin it by talking about anymore of this baby stuff. The two of you had shared jokes, laughs, and stories. Even 4 years together you could always find stories to tell one another and Harry was happy to see that they could still do that. Maybe there was hope after all. 

“Didn’ wanna bring it up.” He answered, focusing on the road before him. “You don’ have to go with me. It is gonna jus’ be quick, he said.” 

“Are you sure? I don’t mind.” You would prefer not to, of course, but you had come to support Harry so you would go if he needed you to. 

“I’ll be alrigh’.” He smiles over at you and reaches over, resting his large hand on your leg for a second. When he goes to pull away, you grab for his fingers, tangling yours with his. You just needed to feel his skin on yours, those long fingers between yours, their warmth, the coolness of his rings. He looks over at you, a small crease between his brows but he gives you a smile, mimicking the one you were giving him. 

“What do you they even do for this test? I mean.. what kind of test is it?” You had been wondering that ever since the lawyer had brought it up in the meeting earlier this morning. How did they go about testing if Harry’s DNA matched this baby’s when it was still in that woman’s stomach? 

“He sent me a bi’ of information on it bu’ it seems like they jus’ take my blood and her’s. The baby’s DNA is in her blood now and so they can see test it if it matches mine.” He explains. “It’s all very scientific.” You give a small laugh but were stunned by this information. You had no idea paternity could be tested like that. It was a bit fascinating, actually. 

“So you don’t want me to come hold your hand while they stick you with a needle.” You jokingly ask, pinching the back of his hand a bit. He laughs and shakes his head. He then has to release your hand as he needs two hands to pull into the driveway, pulling into the garage. 

“I think I’ll manage just fine.” You give him a grin before sliding from the vehicle and the two of you head inside. “Oh, my mum jus’ sent me her fligh’ details.” He tells you as the two of you go to collapse on the couch and he pulls out his phone. “She ge’s here tomorrow nigh’.” 

“Oh, good. It will be nice to have her here.” You sigh then, pulling your legs up to your chest and bite at your lip. 

“You alrigh’?” Harry questions, tossing his phone down beside him and leans back against the couch, looking over at you. You look over at him, resting your cheek against your knees. 

“I just feel tired, no matter how much I sleep. I feel like I just got done running a marathon. I could sleep for like a year.” Just to add on to your words, a yawn manages to escape your lips. Harry gives a small laugh, taking in how adorable you were. He resisted the urge to wrap his arms around you and cuddle you. 

“You can go take another nap. Don’ le’ me stop you.” He gestures towards the hallway but you smile and shake your head, uncurling your legs and you let out a sigh. The room fell silent then, neither of you saying anything, just staring at the wall in front of you both. 

Your heart pounded in your chest as you thought about how close he was to you, and for some reason in that moment you felt the urge to kiss him. You missed the feel of his lips on yours, the way his body surrounded you, the feel of his touch - gentle and warm. It had been so hard to be so close to him the last few days, no matter how mad at him, or how hurt and heartbroken you were, there had always been that draw towards the man beside you and it was back in full force in that moment. 

“Hey, Harry?” You end up saying, not looking over at him, continuing to keep your eyes fixed on the wall but you see out of the corner of your eye as he looks over at you. 

“Yes, love?” He questions, curious at what you were about to say. He was picking up slightly on your anxiousness and wondered what it all of a sudden could be about when things had been fine just a second beforehand. But you didn’t know what to say. You couldn’t get any words out though. So, you decide to shut off your brain from thinking logically, you instead just gave in to the feelings coursing through you and ignored the way your head was screaming at you. 

You instead listened to your heart in that moment, the part of your heart that adored the man beside you, that was completely in love with him and leaned over quickly, not giving yourself enough time to back out and pressed your lips to his. 

He gasps a bit against your lips but quickly kisses you back, his fingers coming up to tangle in your hair. You rest a hand on his cheek, the other on his chest as you lean into his chest. He turns towards you a bit more, bringing his other hand up to your waist, pulling you a bit closer. The feel of his lips on yours, the pressure they left on you, the buzzing in your chest, you felt alive for the first time in weeks and for once weren’t thinking about the entire situation. In that moment the baby didn’t matter, the cheating didn’t matter. You loved this man, you didn’t forgive him, but both of you were so emotionally unstable right now, you needed this. 

You soon pull away from him, both of you breathing deeply. Harry was feeling this pang in his chest, butterflies in his stomach, even. He was feeling the best he had in so long, he missed your touch, your kiss, so badly and here they were again, back on his. He didn’t know what that meant but as he pulled you back in for another kiss, he just didn’t care. This could be your last kiss ever and he would be okay with how perfect it was. Nothing ever gave him that happiness, that soaring feeling, that sense of completeness like your kiss. 

“I love you.” You pull back and whisper, looking into those green eyes of his that you loved so much. You just had to say it, even if it was just for one last time. 

“I love you, too, sweetheart.” Harry gave you a small smile. He knew this most likely didn’t mean the two of you were okay again, he knew you were far from that, but he wasn’t going to complain about your sudden affection towards him. He would take this over crying and arguing any day. You give him one last smile before pulling back completely. 

“I’m going to go take a bath and then probably get in bed, maybe read a little and call it an early night.” You tell him, pushing your fingers through your hair. 

“Want some company?” Harry offers, completely joking though would of course do it if you were up for it but you laugh and smack playfully at his chest. “Goodnight, love.” He reaches over, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple. 

“Good luck tomorrow morning, don’t let them hurt you too much with that needle.” You say as you stand up, making your way across the room. 

“I’ll try.” You both exchange grins before you leave the room. That night, later, as you lay awake all you kept thinking about was the feel of his lips on yours once more. And for the first time in weeks, none of all this mess mattered and you finally were able to fall asleep with a smile on your face. 

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 4)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

It’s over? Finally, it’s over.

You’ve been anticipating the end of it for the last few days but only officially noticed the change when you swapped out of your university clothes for an outfit more comfortable to sleep in. It took too long for your liking, but the strange and unhealthy cravings have finally left your tastebuds, the lower abdominal cramps have finally disappeared, and best of all, you can now feel safe wearing white shorts in public again.

Your period, as nature always seems to plan it, couldn’t have been gifted at a more inconvenient time–just two weeks prior to Ashton’s next fight. They may not sound related, but not only have you been irrationally irritated with him over the last few days for strictly hormonal reasons, sending him off to gym sessions in less than great moods, but you also haven’t shared a night of intimacy together since the beginning of your premenstraul temper. You always hate how uncontrollably turned off you feel when you’re going through the monthly cycle, all the bloating and cramping antagonistic to your sex drive. You’re especially disappointed this time, because while you’re usually able to get back into swing of things once your body returns to its normal status, you might not have the opportunity to with Ashton’s upcoming match being so soon.

There’s a superstition–the origin of it a mystery to you–that has Ashton convinced he shouldn’t have sex in the week leading up to a fight. You know it’s got something to do with staying focused and bottling up the energy, and in the seven months you’ve spent with him you’ve been polite enough not to question it, but right now your hormones are going on a final rampage before they settle back down, and you want your boyfriend bad. Despite his strange rule you figure it’s worth asking since after tonight he’ll still have six more days to abstain, and honestly, what harm could one orgasm do?

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Five Little Words

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natalia (OFC)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Power outage, bad weather (no one is in danger but it sounds scary), mention of crappy ex, mention of abandonment, Jensen singing (and hell yes that is a warning!).      

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is a three in one ;) I hope I won’t dissappoint anyone. A while ago I did this tumblr game thing where I let people send me a “I wish you would write a fic where…” I told a few people I would do theirs. @chaos-and-the-calm67 said this:

I wish you would write a fic where Jensen and the Reader get stuck in a room when the lights go out (place of your choosing) so they sit in the dark and get to talkin’ and when the lights come back, Jensen asks the Reader out :)

I changed it a little Bev, but I hope you still like it.

This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge where my prompt was “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh as well as my entry for @iwriteaboutdean 200 follower challenge where my prompt was “Kiss Me” - Sixpence None the Richer.

Song also used Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to amazingly talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

No hate towards Danneel intended. Her and Jensen are my otp. This is just fiction. Also no mention of Supernatural in this one so I guess if you prefer to see it as an AU it could be that.

The storm was raging outside. It seemed to have hit the town out of nowhere. You hated that you had to go out in this weather, but your washing machine was broken. It was your turn to wash your daughter’s softball mini league uniforms, and she needed them tomorrow. So you didn’t have a choice. You sighed as you watched the darkness outside the glass doors  that were almost quivering in the wind. You quietly folded the uniforms as you dreaded having to head home in the storm. Luckily your little girl didn’t pay much attention, she had never been to fond of lightning storms, but she seemed to slowly be growing out of her fear of them. She was too busy playing with her favourite toy, her Winnie the Pooh teddy.

Natalie made you so proud. She was a tomboy who played softball and soccer, and still she was one of the most artistic and imaginative kids in her class. She made up stories and loved drawing little pictures to go with them. She was a special little girl and the light of your life.

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The room was furnished with a thick twelve-hour candle, rings of dark wax marking the hours. We talked through three of the rings, only letting go of each other’s hands to pour wine or get up to visit the privy stool behind the curtain in the corner. Returning from one of these trips, Jamie yawned and stretched.

“It is awfully late,” I said, getting up too. “Maybe we should go to bed.”

▶ 2. adoration [ m ]

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

▶   Genre: Smut. (Werewolf!BTS)
▶   Description: It’s possibly the worst time to forget to lock the doors; Namjoon’s in heat.
▶   Word count: 7,099. 
▶   Author’s note: WHAT HAVE I JUST WRITTEN.

Jin taps his foot impatiently, his eyes simultaneously jumping from the clock and then back down to his younger, Jungkook.

“Hyung,” Jungkook mumbles, reaching for Jin’s arm before pulling away in fear he might jump if he were to touch him. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

Jin responds with a deadly glare over in Jungkook’s direction, his fists balled up, just about ready to strike.

“She’s probably just working a little late or something,” Yoongi adds, really paying no attention to the elder besides him.

“I’ve never seen you get like this, hyung.” Taehyung chuckles, flipping over onto his back to relieve some of the discomfort brought on by laying on his front.

Jin scans the room again, noticing that the other two boys, Hoseok and Jimin, were indeed there but, to his surprise, Namjoon was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Namjoon?” Jin asks dangerously, anxiously popping up from his seat next to Jungkook and running over to the bathroom door. His hand almost magnetizes towards the handle, forcibly opening the door and scanning the dark and empty inside.

“He’s not here, hyung.” Hoseok grumbles with an intonation of annoyance in his voice, plopping down right onto Taehyung’s outstretched legs, a bowl of ice cream in hand. “Do you really not remember?”

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Marvel Comics have confirmed the return of corner box art, starting with the upcoming ‘ResurrXion’ line of new X-Men titles. For non comic-book readers, corner box art refers to the little character drawings that appear in the top left corner of classic Marvel comic books!

SUMMARY: You have a bad day at work, and Credence takes it upon himself to take care of you. I combined these requests:

  1. Reader being Credence’s s/o. they’re always happy to help and love to mother him. But one day they are completely wrecked by their work and anxious, so he goes into mother mode and is so happy to give it back?
  2. one where he’s really affectionate towards them, neck kisses, hugs from behind, idk where I’m going with this

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,678

Credence supposed that your treatment of him and consideration toward him were what got him through those roughest of days following his destruction of New York. You had been patient and gentle with him when you met him, and you had waited for him to be ready—for anything, even for things as simple as kindness. You had never pressured him or told him he should be further along in healing or learning, and that is how he had come to trust you sooner than others and how he had learned to let you take care of him. He had been hesitant at first, and you had stepped back, letting him take his time and not scolding him for being skittish or distrustful of you. Then he had relaxed slightly over the next few weeks and had let you make him meals or buy him books or even sometimes stay with him until he fell asleep. In many ways, it was the mothering that Credence had never experienced—at least, not that he could remember.

Eventually, he grew to care for you so much that he had agreed to move in with you, once he had worked at the bakery long enough to save the money to afford the rent. You would have paid for his half had he wanted to move in sooner, but you knew his independence meant a lot to him, now that he had it. And you were always willing to be patient for Credence.

That had been slightly over a year after the subway incident.

Since then, Credence had accepted, acknowledged, and given in to his feelings for you, and once a conversation was had, the two of you had decided to give dating a chance. More patience and more care later, things were still going smoothly a year later. Credence just wished sometimes that he had the opportunity to care for you the way you cared for him. It wasn’t that you had put him back together, because he had worked very hard to do that himself, but you had given him the support he needed to do so and had devoted much of your time to caring for his corporeal well-being so that he could devote himself to learning self-love and -confidence. Those were things he was still learning to put into practice, but you were patient with that too, and very understanding; and he was grateful. You had always been so put together though, and he worried sometimes that he didn’t do enough things for you. You always insisted that his company and his love were enough, but he couldn’t help but wish that he could show you how much he cared, beyond those confines.

And then Credence’s chance came in the form of a terrible day at work. He could tell immediately that you had had it because you slammed the door more harshly than you usually did and threw your bags onto the kitchen table with a heavy sigh before storming over and collapsing onto the couch in the living room.

Credence was, of course, upset that you were having a bad day, but he was ready to take care of you and to practice being more assertive in his own actions—he wanted to take charge of this situation. So he walked over to where you had face-planted into the cushion, smiling softly at the way your hair had become disheveled. “Long day?” he asked quietly, placing a shaking hand to your back.

Your answering sigh was deep and long as you melted into the couch, letting every muscle in your body fall slack. “I’m tired of people, Credence. I don’t like them.”

He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to the base of your skull, and ran his thumb across the knobs of your spine carefully and humming in response. He knew that you hated socializing, so it must have been a day of prolonged interaction. The exhaustion must have really gotten to you today. “I know, Y/N. Did you have to be personable today?”

You smiled at the question, and you wondered briefly how you had gotten so lucky to find someone so understanding of your closed-off nature. You supposed because you had never been closed-off with him. He did tell you once that it made him feel special, as if you were a cat who had settled on their person. You smiled even wider at the memory before curling into Credence’s lap contentedly, humming at the feeling of Credence’s fingers rubbing into your shoulders and gently up the side of your neck. This was a rare initiation of physical affection, one that you really needed today. “Yes, I did.” You began frowning again as you recalled the day. “And people kept asking why I didn’t smile more or why I didn’t talk very much, and then my boss got mad that I wasn’t being more welcoming. And all I wanted to do was come home to you. I’m just…so glad I’m home now.”

You felt his hum more than you heard it, and you closed your eyes to the feeling of his hands against your skin. You appreciated the coolness of them and could have groaned when you felt him stand up gently and pull away from you as he did so. “I’m going to make you some tea, okay?”

You nodded, trying to conceal a pout, and Credence felt a swell of pride and affection—finally, he was the one taking care of you. He hurried into the kitchen, beginning to boil water, and looked over to the living room as he heard you get up. He watched you walk to the window in the living room with a blanket draped over your shoulders that you held tightly to your chest and then press your forehead to the glass, looking to the world outside. He could tell today had been tough on you because your muscles seemed completely lax and because you had none of the confidence in your gait that you usually carried, so when he finished preparing your tea (just the way you liked it), he placed it on the coffee table quietly before padding over to you and hugging you from behind, curling his arms carefully around your middle to pull you close, and pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear. He indulged a small smile when he felt you roll your head back into his shoulder and completely surrender yourself to the embrace. “Thank you, Credence.” Your voice came out in a quiet sigh more than a deliberate statement, and instead of answering, he just pressed another kiss to your skin, this time to the hollow of your throat. Curiously, though, he could feel the stretch of your smile against the side of his face and looked to you questioningly.

You dropped one side of the blanket. “It’ll fit both of us,” you said a little more definitively and with a smile that melted his heart, and he caught on. He took the other corner to wrap around himself and returned said corner to your hand so that you could curl your fingers around the blanket again, securing the blanket burrito you had constructed. Credence liked this better, the feel of your body more concrete than before and the embrace feeling more protective and inclusive. He peppered small kisses along your throat and shoulder, and you couldn’t help the widening of your smile at this uncharacteristic show of physical affection and the confidence behind the gestures. You felt a swell of happiness at how much he had grown and how that growth had included the two of you coming together.

You weren’t sure how long the two of you stood like that, wrapped up in each other and the blanket, before Credence whispered gently, “Your tea is probably getting cold.”

You didn’t want to leave this moment, but that tea really did sound promising. You felt Credence rub his hands along your arms before stepping back, letting the blanket fall from around the two of you so that you could go drink your tea. It really was perfect, and you hummed into the cup, which made Credence smile again as he watched you. “Thank you, Credence. This is exactly what I needed today.” He was what you needed today.

Credence blushed, still affected deeply by any kind of praise, and wondered if he would ever get over that swell of pride that came with compliments or praise of any kind. He supposed it didn’t really matter. “Of course, Y/N. I love…being able to take care of you.”

Something clicked in you then, and you realized that he had been wanting for some time to be able to do things like this, to prove that he could take care of you like you took care of him, to prove that he knew how to care for you, and what that meant to him. “Credence.” You jumped back onto the couch, huddling close to him and burrowing further into the crook of his neck as his arm curled around your shoulders to pull you close. “I love letting you take care of me. You know me so well.”

Credence knew that being nonchalant about that compliment was out of his wheelhouse, so he settled for telling the complete truth. “I’ve had the time to get to know you, and… I just want you to know that I can be there for you for anything… I can take care of you. I know I can.”

The confidence underlying the quiet of his voice could have made you cry. “I know you can too, Credence. I love you. Thank you.”

Credence smiled and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “Always, Y/N. I love you.” He had learned a lot over these last few years—to accept himself, to own his past, to open up, to form relationships—but he was beginning to think the best thing he had learned was to love and to let himself be loved.


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Million Reasons

Tagging: @prinanalogicality (thanks for writing Not About Angels, it made me want to write this part even more… I know it’s a bit late, but I hope you enjoy) The song used here is Million Reasons by Lady Gaga 

Warnings: Unrequited Love

You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go. You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show. 

He was in love. And it’s not like that wasn’t a normal thing for him. But usually it was a passing affair, something he could think about and smile. It was bright days and starry nights, hard kisses and soft cuddles. 

But not this time.

This time it was snide remarks and annoyed scoffs, big gestures and little notice. 

This time it was unrequited. 

This time it was a frenemy. 

This time it was hell. 

If I had a highway, I would run for the hills 

Prince smiled the brightest he could, trying to get light up the darker trait. But once again it made no change. If you could find a dry way, I’d forever be still Every so often Anxiety would shot a small smile back at the lovestruck Prince, and it would renew the hope that one day they could be together. 

But you’re giving me a million reasons 

Every fight, snide comment, and glare would break Roman’s heart. 

I bow down to pray. I try to make the worst seem better. 

He curled himself into a ball every night. There wasn’t another person in the entire universe who could make him feel complete right now aside from the dark aspect. He hurt. 

Lord, show me the way to cut through all this worn out leather 

It was about two months in before anyone noticed the creative trait’s change in mood. The aspect responsible for love wasn’t getting any. It was taking a toll. He was bound by his ambitions, however they weren’t playing together nicely with his feelings. Morality and Logic both made sure to ask him about how he was doing, but he brushed them off, only wanting the one person whom he couldn’t have. 

I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away 

The endless pining continued. He was more and more having physical pain. Anxiety wouldn’t even look at him. And after the Valentine’s Day video, Anxiety had freaked out about holding his hand. 

He felt awful. 

But baby I just need one good one to stay 

Anx had had another panic attack. Roman was the only one around. He might not have known what directly to do, but he helped and Anxiety smiled at him and said thank you several days later. 

Head stuck in a cycle, I look off and I stare, it’s like that I’ve stopped breathing but completely aware 

Prince found himself stuck in his own headspace. Everything there was obsessed with what Anx, might’ve, could’ve, did mean by any and all small gestures. He was reading into words, and hoping sometimes to be right and other times to be wrong.

Love is quite often the death of people. 

For better or for worse.

‘Cause you’ve given me a million reasons, give me a million reasons, giving me a million reasons

There was no reason for him to even try to pursue the boy any longer. And yet Prince wanted to. He was trying so hard. He loved, desired, wished for Anxiety to notice him. He wanted to be around the man. 

He wanted to be loved. 

About a million reasons 

There was never a passing glance. 

There was never a smile. 

There was always a passing glance. 

There was always a smile. 

And if you say something that you might even mean, it’s hard to even fathom which parts I should believe 

There was a heart-stopping smile. It was returned. 

The corners of dark eyes crinkled. Bright eyes shone. 

“Love ya, pretty boy,” Anx said. Prince choked. “Calm down, Roman, I was joking.” “I, I know, I just haven’t ever heard you say love.” “Oh,” the smile dropped. “I didn’t think.” Prince smiled and touched Anx’s shoulder. “It’s okay. It was nice.” Prince’s heart broke. 

‘Cause you’ve given me a million reasons, give me a million reasons, givin’ me a million reasons, about a million reasons

And that was the day that the prince broke. 

He let a tear fall. Walked back to his room and wished one more time. 

Looked at the clock. 


He wished one more time.


Gladiolus Amicitia x F!Reader  

(a bit of NSFW towards the end)

※ ※ ※

Fear crept over you as you huddled yourself in the abandoned shack you had taken refuge in. You had been out on a tedious hunt with the boys when you lost track of time and gazed into the horizon to see the sun was nearly down. You didn’t have the opportunity to say anything as you bolted for the nearest place to hide. You didn’t want them to know your dark secret. You didn’t even entrust you boyfriend, Gladio, to the crucial detail as to why you refused to stick around after dark.

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Skinny Love

“You still going to the party, Y/N?”

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing, just wondering.”

“Alright,” You replied, frowning at Josh as he walked back over to join the boys playing FIFA.

Jim and Tanya were hosting a party at their house, and as far as you knew, almost everyone was coming. Josh, however, kept asking if you were going to the party, which was a bit puzzling seeing as you had already confirmed it with him about a hundred times.

Truth is, you had possibly fallen for Josh. You had been best friends for years now. You were best friends with Zoe, who then introduced you to her brother, Joe, who then introduced you to all his friends, which is how you met Josh. You two instantly seemed to click, and became very close over the years. However, in the past couple of months, your feelings had begun to blossom, blooming into a flower as time went on. You knew you had fallen for him, but admitting your feelings was not an option. If you admitted your feelings, it could quite possibly shatter your friendship, and you would much rather only be friends with him than not be friends with him at all. There was no way in hell you could lose Josh, he has always been there for you. He was always there if you needed to rant, always there if you needed a shoulder to cry on, he could always make you laugh until your stomach hurt, and he knew even the smallest details about you; like how your eyes squint slightly when you’re concentrating, or how you run your hand through your hair when you’re stressed. He knew.

“Y/N!” Tanya squeeled as she opened the door, pulling you into a tight hug.

“Hey, Tan,” You giggled, surprised at the sudden embrace.

“Glad you could make it!” She exclaimed, pulling back from the hug, “You look gorgeous.”

You looked down at your black dress, patting down the skirt.

“Ditto,” You grinned, admiring her gorgeous flower patterned baby pink dress.

She stepped aside, motioning you into the house. You stepped inside, looking around. It wasn’t a huge party, obviously, just one for friends, but it was clear she had still put effort into the decorating. There were plates on the table, each one varying with different kinds of food and treats. There was soft music playing, and some fairy lights here and there.

“The place looks lovely!” You smiled, turning to look at Tanya.

“Thank you,” She replied, returning the smile.

From the corner of your eye you spotted the boys, and it seemed they spotted you aswell, as Josh sat from the couch he was sitting on and started to walk his way towards you.

You turned to look at Tanya as you felt her nudge you with her elbow, sending her a questioning look, but all you got in return was a wink as she turned and made her way across the room.

“Hey, Y/N,” Josh said, stopping to stand infront of you.

“Hey,” You smiled, looking up at him.

“You look nice,” He said, lifting his hand to run it through his hair.

“Thank you,” You grinned, a bit confused as to why he seemed nervous, “You don’t look half bad yourself.”

He blushed a little at that, causing you to giggle softly. You looked over at the rest of the boys over where he was previously sitting, and furrowed your eyebrows at their whispering and the numerous smirks sent your way.

“Want to come?” Josh asked, making you turn your gaze back to face him.

“Sure,” You smiled, following him over to the boys.

You had been at the party for around an hour now, and you planned to head home soon as it was nearing later into the night. You made your way into the kitchen, needing to just clear your head from the scene. You leaned against the kitchen counter, picking up a chocolate covered strawberry from some of the snacks, when someone walked in. Although Tanya and Jim knew everyone at the party, there were quite a few people you didn’t know, and he was one of them.

“Hey,” The stranger said, sending a smile your way.


He made his way over to you, reaching beside you where the snacks were, grabbing a cookie.

“I’m Austin, and you are?”


He shuffled closer to you until you were almost shoulder to shoulder.

“So, are you a friend of Jim and Tanya?” Austin asked, looking down at you.

“Mhm,” You hummed in response, staring ahead of you to avoid eye contact seeing as you two were uncomfortably close for people who had never met before.

“Why are you here?” Austin asked you, feeling his gaze lift away from you.

“No reason.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

You frowned, looking up at him as he turned to look at you again.

“And why do you ask that?” You questioned him.

“Just wondering if you came to the party with anyone, that’s all,” He shrugged, turning to look ahead of him at the wall.

“Well to answer your question, no, I don’t,” You replied, shifting a bit to the side to clear some distance between the two of you.

“That’s a surprise,” He grinned, looking down at you again.

“Why?” You said, looking up at him.

“You’re really pretty,” He replied simply, moving closer to you.

“Uhm, thank you?” You replied hesitantly.

Suddenly you turned your head as Josh walked into the kitchen. He glared at the stranger, and you could feel the uncomfortable silence in the air.

“What are you doing?” Josh snapped, looking over at Austin.

“Nothing,” He said, moving away from you.

“Are you flirting with Y/N?” Josh growled, walking over to Austin. Your eyes widened at the tone of his voice, surprised at his sudden outburst.

You watched as he walked closer to Austin, his hands clenching and unclenching into fists at his side. You watched him as anger bubbled inside him, until you suddenly stepped between the two. You put your hands on Josh’s chest, pushing him away from Austin.

“Josh! What the fuck are you doing?” You snapped, more shocked than angry.

“He was flirting with you!”

“Is there a problem with that?”

“Yeah, there is,” Josh replied, his voice lowering as the anger slipped from him.

“What?” You frowned, quickly glancing at Austin as he made his way out of the kitchen.

“Well, y-you see,” Josh stuttered. He sighed, scratching the back of his neck, “I like you, Y/N!” He blurted out.

You tilted your head, stepping back a bit.

“Really?” You questioned him, a soft smile spredding across your lips.

“Fuck, sorry, I messed up. Dammit, I can go, I’m sorry. Just forget I said anything, I didn’t mean to, like if you don’t feel the same way then-” You cut him off by slapping him softly on the arm, laughing.

You reached out, grasping his hand, intertwining your fingers.

“I like you too, you dork,” You smiled, moving your free hand up to his neck, pulling him down into a kiss.

The surprise only lasted a moment as he snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

When you pulled apart, you looked at each other, smiling.

“About bloody time you morons!”

You both snapped your head over to the door, stepping back from each other as Conor and Jack stood there, leaning against the doorframe with smirks plastered across their faces.

You laughed, looking up at Josh, who was already looking down at you.

in dreams

(jyn/cassian, post rogue one, everyone’s alive AU)



They’re flying to the Corellian system, a recruiting mission, several days into the journey. K2 and Cassian are up front, flying, Jyn somewhere in the back. Cassian blinks heavily at K’s voice, but doesn’t shift from facing forward, looking out into space, his hands loosely on the controls. He’s gotten good at tuning K out, especially when he knows he’s going to say something he doesn’t want to hear.

“Cassian,” K says, louder this time.

“What?” he snaps, sharper than he intends.

“You’ve been awake for 51 hours now.”


“And humans tend to need a few hours of rest every few days,” K2 says dryly.

“I’m fine,” Cassian grumbles.

“I’m sure you are, but I’d prefer for us not to crash.”

“We’re in outer space,” Cassian says, finally looking over at K2. “What could we possibly hit?”

K2 doesn’t say anything, just tilts his head to the side like he does when he knows he’s won.

“Fine,” Cassian sighs. “I’ll take a break. Wake me in an hour.”

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anonymous asked:

for the kiss prompt: #1 with ignis

@bluebell-lucy, have a fluffy Ignis. :D

When you woke up, you weren’t surprised to find the other side of the bed empty with the covers pulled up and tucked under the pillows. You breathed out a sigh, bathing in the warmth from the sunlight streaming in through the window. 

You managed to drag yourself out of bed when you heard the clang of pots and pans. The smell of fresh breakfast reached your nose then, and you inhaled deeply before making your way out of the bedroom and to the kitchen.

Just as you expected, Ignis was there, spatula in hand as he cooked breakfast for the two of you. You stretched out your arms and let out a yawn as you padded closer to him. Once you were behind him, you wrapped your arms around his waist and plopped your head between his shoulder blades. “Morning, baby.”

You felt Ignis’ hum vibrate through him. You could tell his focus was starting to shift, moving from the food to you. His culinary movements were still as fluid as ever even with the distraction, though, and you just moved along with him while he reached a stopping point in the meal.

Finally, he spun around in your arms, leaning back against the counter and wrapping one arm around you in return. The corners of his lips tilted up as he cupped your face with his free hand, leaning down and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. He pressed your foreheads together and rocked you back and forth, his eyes closed. “Good morning.”

You let out a pleased, peaceful little hum and kissed him again, pulling him a bit closer to yourself. You could feel his smile.

euphoria ; chapter 1

Originally posted by xiuchens

Pairing: OT13 x Reader
fluff, romance, light reading, college!au, drama (?)
Word count:

eu·pho·ri·a - a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

“ because living with these thirteen dorky guys results happy moments, maybe with a little drama here and there and hint of angst. but, in the end, you will feel the euphoria with these boys. ”

a/n: this chapter was more like introduction part of the boys..

prologue | 1

Saturday morning never really your favorite, because you had to wake up early even though you had no class that day. You let out a small sigh as you make your way to the stove with a bowl of soybean sprout in hand and spoon on the other hand. After pouring the bean sprouts onto the pot and add some salt, you place the pot lid then went back to dining room with a look.

“Why is it, when something horrible and drunk happens, it’s always you three?” You sit beside one of the boy, he had been complaining about his headache since you came to the kitchen.

The boy turns to you with a scowl. “It’s all Soonyoung hyung’s fault, he told us we won’t party too hard last night. I shouldn’t have believes him, it’s always end up like this. Oh gosh, I feel like my head gonna explode soon.”

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