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This is for all my followers who haven’t seen Black Mirror

I saw it for the first time when it first aired waay back when I lived in Germany. I’ve always been obsessed with it, I watched all of season 3 in a day. Here is your guide to all the episodes (under the cut after a bit bc long)

1.1: The National Anthem

IMDB’s description: Prime Minister Michael Callow faces a shocking dilemma when Princess Susannah, a much-loved member of the Royal Family, is kidnapped.

Daisy’s description: Rory Kinnear has to have sex with a pig on live television in order for a princess to be returned. Also stars the lady from Waters Of Mars.

Review: worth watching just because it basically predicted David Cameron’s “pigf*cker” scandal.

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Tumblr has informed us that today is the 3rd birthday of this blog. Three years ago we reblogged some neat pictures of wolves, and old werewolf movies. We didn’t even have a promo for season 1 yet, because we had just returned from the promo shoot. We begged people to watch a show about teenage werewolves, we left work and told our friends “No seriously, it’s really good, you have to believe me.”

Never in a hundred (or even three) years did we imagine such a large and involved global fandom, made up of the most creative and passionate human beings in the universe. Thanks for sticking with us through our various learning curves, even through that period where we sucked at making gifs. We promise to continue sharing all parts of the Teen Wolf world with you here for years to come, even if it’s just silly pictures of our adorable cast.

Now back to our reguarly scheduled posting, we have to go pack for a promo shoot.

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some link from irunthehell. i found these link in my history. if you use chrome you can add search from your history.


3x003x01 - 3x02 - 3x03


1x01 - 1x02 - 1x03 - 1x04 - 1x05 - 1x06 - 1x07 - 1x08 - 1x09 - 1x10 - 1x11 - 1x12 - 1x13

Ouat in wonderland

1x01 - 1x02 - 1x03 - 1x04 - 1x05 - 1x06 - 1x07 - 1x08 


Despicable me - The Cat Return (Ghibli) - Ponyo (Ghibli) - From Up on Poppy Hill (Ghibli) - Now You See Me - Iron Man 3 - Rise of the Guardian - Monster University - Wolf of Wallstreet - Porco Rosso (Ghibli) - The Pink Panther

160901 baekhyunee_exo: 아들이 나오는건 다 본방사수하는 울엄마😊 #에리들덕에어깨에힘 #귀국선물고마워요에리들
[Picture]: from: Mom I love 😍
Congratulations on first place son~~ 😙
Did you return from abroad??
[Baekhyun’s caption]: My mom who watches in real-time everything her son appears in 😊 #strength in my shoulders thanks to Eris #thank you for the homecoming gift Eris

At the end of that kiss Kurt can’t stop staring at Blaine’s lips, lips that were just against his, hot and smooth and letting Kurt taste him one last time. As he pulls back the realisation hits him that it’s the last time he’ll ever be allowed to kiss Blaine. Blaine who can’t be with him anymore and has moved on. Before now they didn’t really have a last kiss, not a proper one, but now they do, something to punctuate the relationship’s end with, and Kurt can’t stop staring at Blaine’s lips and being terrified at the loss of hope, the probability of a life alone, of never kissing Blaine again. He shakes if off moments later as they run down the corridor, they’ll pretend none of it ever happened, it wasn’t real.

As they fall apart, hands off each other and leaning back, Blaine knows he didn’t want to stop; he feels his heart twist at every inch of air put between them even as he recognises the necessity of it because they’re held hostage in a fake elevator and they’re not together. He can’t look away from Kurt though, Kurt’s gaze down, eyes hooded as he looks at Blaine’s lips. And the realisation hits Blaine like a two tonne truck in slow-motion: he’s never going to want to stop kissing Kurt. Not now, not ever. Kurt is it for him whether they can make it work or not. As they run down the corridor all Blaine wants to do it grab Kurt’s hand and drag him somewhere private and safe and confess. But then he remembers how wrecked he had been after they broke up, not once, but twice, he remembers Dave and moving on. When they both reach for the auditorium door their hands brush and Kurt flinches away; the ache that it sends rippling under Blaine’s skin makes him yank open the door and push down on everything inside him until it’s almost like it isn’t there at all. 


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             4,722 Hours: “Start of Time” by Gabrielle Aplin (x)

brief details of the Nirbhaya case:

– a young aspiring doctor, Jyoti Singh, was brutally raped by four men

– she was returning home from watching life of pi with a male friend when they were both attacked on a bus

– when she fought back the rapists got angrier

– they decided to be more violent to ‘teach her a lesson’


– a policeman found the two people on the side of the highway and tried to help them until an ambulance arrived


– leslie udwin’s documentary India’s Daughter reveals the sick minds behind the rape.

– one rapist, Mukesh, DOES NOT REGRET WHAT HE DID. He doesn’t believe she should have been outside at 8PM

– one of the defence lawyers of the rapists have said 'india has the best culture. it DOES NOT HAVE any place for women' 

– the other said he would gladly LIGHT HIS SISTER OR DAUGHTER ON FIRE AT HIS FARMHOUSE if he thought they engaged in any pre-marital activities that he didn’t like

– the Indian government has BANNED the documentary saying that it is a conspiracy to defame India.

– the same government whose SITTING MINISTERS OF PARLIAMENT have multiple sexual abuse cases against them.


Prompt from @msarahv​: Castiel is sacked from his job and finds himself outside, holding his office stuff in a box. He’s all depressed as he wonders how he’ll feed his kid sister, when a stranger parks his car and come comfort him. In the end, Destiel + Sam hires Cas as his assistant. This got so much longer than I intended. 1.4k

The cardboard box in his hands grew soggy and flexed beneath his palms, unlikely to survive the half-mile walk from his former office to the house he rented on Ohio Avenue. The least his former employers could’ve done was offer him a trash bag to cover it, but the security guard had stood adjacent to his desk while Castiel furiously scraped the personal contents of each drawer into the single box that had been thrust at his chest, then escorted him to the sidewalk. No warning, no curious co-workers watching him – Castiel had returned from his lunch hour to find the office vacated, senior partner Zachariah Adler waiting next to his desk with a pleasant expression and a termination notice, effective immediately.

Downsizing, Zachariah had explained, meaty hands folded on his lap. A necessary staff reduction. He promised Castiel an excellent reference and wished him good luck. With a stiff jaw, Castiel had bit back what he really thought of Zachariah’s well wishes and refrained from clocking him in the face.

He hurried at a pace just short of a run, shaking with anger and with cold – of all the days for his car to be in the shop. The wind picked up, blowing the rain sideways, and soaked his pants. His overcoat slapped heavily against his legs as he went, head bowed, blinking every second to keep his eyes clear. His desk plant, a rescue he’d nursed by fluorescent light, tickled his chin as he went.

He should’ve called a cab, but he needed every dollar for rent, the local service was questionable, and Hannah would need new books again soon.

It was just rain. He’d dry off once he got inside.

He cursed when the bottom of the box gave out three blocks from his house, and stood looking down on the water-logged contents scattered on the sidewalk. None of the items held much value, but he knelt in a puddle to retrieve them, putting the engraved pen (a graduation gift from his brother Michael) in his pocket and balancing the ruined pictures on top of his books, held in the crook of both arms. He’d never get the plant home. He left it on the sidewalk, among the ruins of the cardboard box, and hoped it would still be there tomorrow once the rain had stopped.

A few cars passed him, politely arcing their path to spare him the spray off their tires, but that couldn’t be said about the driver of a black car that peeled past and sent a wave of water up Castiel’s back.

Today was an abomination. 

Seething, he clutched the books tight to his chest and bit out, “Assbutt!” at the car, though he knew perfectly well the driver couldn’t hear him, probably hadn’t seen him, wasn’t aware what he’d just done. And that thought, knowing Castiel was expendable, disposable, invisible, was the proverbial straw and Castiel the broken camel, trudging through a rainstorm.

The car stopped just shy of the intersection, tail-lights pulsing momentarily red before the reverse lights came on bright, and the car pulled alongside him.

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