This album means so much to me. KDot gave us a chapter of his life in 12 tracks with no industry bullshit and proved you can have a completely uncompromising body of work and it can be a classic. Why I connect with this album is because the main in this story could’ve been me and the setting could’ve been Detroit instead of Compton. This what separates the J. Coles and Drakes from the KRITs and Kendricks of the world because they can make albums of this caliber that’s lyrically and sonically excellent and in sync with each other. I never knock one’s preference but I don’t condone people’s bullshit opinion they try and pass off as facts like “J. Cole lyrically the best rapper alive” or “Cole World: The Sideline Story lowkey this generation’s illmatic” anyways I digress, GKMC is a classic and will always hold a spot in my heart, whip and iPod. Y'all have a good day