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Hello! I saw that you'd opened requests! Can I ask for hc about RFA, V and Saeran didn't see MC for few weeks, because was abroad or went to another town and MC couldn't go with him or her. And today he or she is coming back. Thanks for your great blog!

Such a cute idea! Hope you like these~


  • Zen was filming his latest movie and they needed him abroad for a few weeks
  • You couldn’t come because of your own work obligations
  • You get a call on the week he’s supposed to return
  • He says his work is delayed for another two weeks
  • You try to sound as supportive as possible, but honestly you’re disappointed
  • You’ve been super lonely
  • A few days later, you return to your apartment and there’s a path of rose petals on the
  • floor
  • You slowly follow it and notice there’s also a few candles and dim lighting
  • Zen is waiting in the dining room where he has take out nicely plated he didn’t have time to cook
  • You just drop your bags and hug him with a small squeal
  • He picks you up and spins you around
  • When he puts you down, he explains that he lied about the extended work to surprise you
  • You’re too happy to see him to scold him for lying
  • You guys eat together while he shares some stories from his trip
  • As the evening comes to a close, you two just cuddle up on the couch and make out make up for lost time


  • He had to attend a family reunion in Japan
  • You couldn’t join him, so you had to bear the few weeks alone with occasional spotty video call sessions
  • Finally the day comes where he’s returning
  • You spend several hours making a large Welcome Home sign with drawings of some of his favorite things all over it
  • When he walks out from the gate in the airport, he looks really tired but lights up as soon as he sees you
  • He tries to do that cheesy airport run, but then he just realizes he really missed you and gives you a kiss as soon as he sees you
  • You take him back to his place so he can drop of his things
  • But you’re in for a surprise when he brings out all the stuff he got you
  • He’s so excited to give you a bunch of little gifts, and he tries to explain some of them…but others he’s just like…
  • “Oh! And I got you this because it reminded me of…of…actually, I don’t know why I got this. It was cute.”
  • He’s still talking even as you two are laying down on the bed
  • After a while, he grows silent and just grabs your arm and pulls you into his chest and presses a kiss to the top of your head
  • You two stay there for awhile until you hear his soft snores


  • She’s abroad meeting with partners and sponsors for the cafe
  • She was supposed to be gone for about two weeks
  • Since everything went smoothly, she got to come back early
  • But she didn’t tell you…
  • She got in early as usual and hid in the closet
  • She waits until you come in and start setting things up
  • She texts you and tells you to check in the closet to see inventory or something
  • You sigh and obey instructions
  • That’s when she pops out with open arms
  • Only…you were holding a bag of flour
  • Which you threw right in her face
  • “Jaehee! I’m so sorry!”
  • She spits out a mouthful flour out of her mouth
  • You think she’s mad but she just starts laughing like crazy
  • There was a mini flour fight before you two hurried home to clean up before customers arrived


  • He went on business trip pretty often, but this one happened to be nearly a month long
  • You were supposed to join him
  • But you got very sick near the last minute and ended up staying home while he went
  • It was a rough time for you since he was barely on any phone calls with you
  • It was only to ask how you were doing and check up on you but that was it
  • Two weeks go by and you’re feeling better but the house isn’t the same without him
  • You wake up groggy and go to the kitchen
  • He asks you, “Chocolate or Strawberry?”
  • You shrug and say, “Chocolate,” before sitting down on the small island staring at him in his apron
  • Then it hits you
  • “Jumin! You’re home?!”
  • You’re mildly confused but it doesn’t stop you from tackling him in a hug
  • He’s laughing that his little trick worked but also asking questions about your health
  • He spends the entire day with you, showing you blurry pictures from his time away


  • He had gotten this one freelance hacking job abroad
  • It paid really well, but the only downside was that it was approximately three weeks and there could be absolutely no communication
  • You still encouraged him to take it, convincing him you and Saeran could handle yourselves
  • You end up with a really bad flu about a week later, so half the time that passes is in a drugged delirium from all the meds
  • Still, you liked to leave your room occasionally to check up on Saeran
  • He’s sitting in the computer room playing some games, so you just casually start a conversation, but he wasn’t responding
  • Then Saeran…another Saeran? Walks into the room and you swear you took the wrong meds
  • But when Saeran starts yelling and brawling with the “imposter” you realize your mistake
  • “Saeyoung!” you cry happily, running to give him a hug
  • “Uh…actually, that’s Saeran….”
  • Oops. You quickly amend your mistake
  • He forgives your mix up, considering your illness, but right away he activates his mothering mode to get you better


  • His therapist had suggested some retreat abroad to help him through some things
  • He didn’t really want to go at first, but you thought it might be good for him to explore a little, since it was only about a week long
  • But once he was there, he was constantly video chatting you in the evenings
  • Even if you two weren’t talking, he would call and just have you there
  • When you pick him up at the airport, he drops his bags in the car and pulls you into the biggest hug
  • It’s odd since he doesn’t usually initiate affection, but he’s holding you so tightly
  • When you two finally get home, he’s clingier than usual
  • He’s just sharing everything he saw and what he did and showing some pictures
  • He’s so tired by the end of the day, but he’s just laying with his head on your lap and still talking
  • Until finally, he drifts off mid-sentence, and you can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing


  • He got a big opportunity for a photoshoot abroad
  • You encouraged him to take it, as he was slowly building up his work after regaining his sight
  • You two still managed to talk occasionally, but your schedules barely matched
  • Because his project was indefinite, neither of you knew exactly when he was coming back
  • One of those rare moments where you could text each other, you asked how his work was coming along
  • He replied that he just took what might’ve been his favorite picture in the past few weeks
  • When you ask him to send it to you, you realize it’s a picture of you…on the couch you were sitting on right then
  • You jump up and run to the open door where he was waiting
  • You throw your arms around him, your legs wrapping around his torso as he spun you around
  • He had already made dinner reservations so you two could spend the evening catching up 

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Headcanon: Dating Older!Damian Wayne

Anon requested: “Headcanon for dating older!Damian Wayne?”

A/N: I feel like an older Damian would learn to not be afraid of showing his feelings so here goes…


  • This man would spoil you to death
  • He treats you like a fUCKING queen
  • You feel so, so guilty about it
  • You being his one emotional outlet
  • There weren’t many people he could rely on in this world, but you always welcomed him with open arms and never judged him
  • You respected him like no other, and whenever he needed space you gladly gave it to him
  • You two had probably been together–as friends when you two were younger–for a long time so you could read him like a book
  • Sometimes that helps but sometimes it sucked because nothing could get pass you
  • You two probably had adopted a bunch of strays
  • He had found you asleep, surrounded by all the animals, on more than one occasion
  • He has pictures to prove it
  • Whenever Damian’s in a bad mood, you were the one to calm him and cheer him up
  • And his family knows it
  • “[F/N]? Can you–”
  • “It’s Damian again, isn’t it?”
  • You swear you get a call like that too often
  • When he met your family for the first time it was safe to say he impressed them and swept them off their feet
  • You always kiss him before patrol
  • You know he likes it, but he’s still a bit too shy to admit it
  • Sometimes he’d initiate it though and those were always the best
  • You staying up waiting for him to return
  • He insists you go to sleep but you stay up anyway
  • You being the one to treats his wounds
  • He always protests and acts like he’s fine but let’s face it, he needs you
  • If he’s away on a long mission, he sends you sweet messages regularly
  • He demands you update him every day because he’s afraid something would happen to you
  • He secretly loves cuddles
  • You two don’t know it, but Dick has pictures of you two cuddling when he barged into Damian’s room in the manor to wake you two up once
  • The entire family has a copy

“group home” 

  • ive been thinking about this since last night okay with my boy jesus
  • he has from day one, been so caring towards maggie and sasha, and daryl and rick, etc etc. maggie knows that jesus is full of love, she sees it, thats why shes fallen so easily in step with him. maggie is like glenn, she knows good people 
  • now lets go back in time a little. jesus in a group home. maybe at some point the oldest of them. maybe he was always an orphan who wants more and to be loved and to leave
  • but jesus is taking care of all the people in that home that hes grown close to them all, and he makes friends, and thinks of them as family, and some of the people are more anxious than he is, and cant deal with things as well as he does
  • so jesus takes it upon himself to do more, to help out even though its not asked of him. what if he spends most moments working his butt off to make sure everyone is good and safe and happy
  • jesus said he never knew how to get close to someone. was it because he was too busy making sure everyone stayed safe? was it because he never had the time to sit down and focus on himself? on his joys, or fears or sadness. was the noise ever too much for him? was all the hustle and bustle overwhelming at times? did he ever have to just sit in a park by himself and breathe and try to remember who he is and what hes about
  • and now in a dying world he has found people who care for him, and want him around, and even more so, that he wants to be around them in return
  • he looks at rick and sees someone  who doesnt automatically assume that jesus will run around endlessly taking care of them–they can be equals. and jesus never had an equal. 
  • he looks at maggie and sasha and sees that he have friends, true, real friends, people to count on. people who dont care about his sexuality, or who he was before–because they know him now, and they love him, and maggie’s smile is a reassurance of his validity, and sasha is a reminder for him to pick up his knife and fight with her. 
  • and daryl. daryl is quiet and reserved and right now jesus doesnt know him well enough. but maggie tells him to try, and jesus knows she didnt mean daryl in particular, but jesus looks at daryl now and there is something new in his chest that he never felt before in all of his life
  • and that feeling is hope

i’ve never seen a pokemon/khr crossover so i’m taking matters into my own hands. here are some headcanons. idk what i’m gonna do with this au


  • he’s actually terrible with pokemon but only because he’s scares so easily because the pokemon sense his anxiousness and that makes them anxious in return
  • he only really gets along with his mom’s kangaskhan and nidoqueen and it’s like having 3 moms tbh 
  • one day he gets chased by bullies and gets lost in the forest but he ends up finding an eevee that’s just as scared and easily spooked as he is and they become kindred spirits and best buds
  • he names the eevee nastu and she is his best friend and he takes care of her more than he takes care of himself and his mom even convinces him to put bows on natsu
  • tsuna is bad at catching pokemon and battling but he will do great things one day……just wait

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Hi could you make a hc of the rfa members realizing they are mc's first kiss ever after they have kissed them


  • You had your first kiss at the party and you were too nervous to tell him then 
  • And since you were still new to this you were pretty nervous each time he kissed you 
  • He eventually noticed this
  • Which started to make him nervous 
  • Does mc not like to kiss me???????? 
  • And now you’re both nervous wrecks 
  • You notice him being super nervous for some reason and you ask him about it 
  • “It’s nothing mc don’t worry” 
  • You convince him to tell you 
  • He’s tearing up and you hear his voice is cracking as he tells you 
  • You explain to him you do like kissing him, you’re just really nervous about it since he’s your first kiss 
  • He is so relieved!!!
  • You are both each other’s first kisses!! 
  • Once you both know it’s way more comfortable 
  • And there are a lot of kisses!!


  • When he first kissed you you were really surprised 
  • He’s really good but you were worried that you weren’t 
  • So you never kissed him first 
  • He didn’t really notice at first 
  • But he was starting to worry that he was pressuring you 
  • He really didn’t want to make you uncomfortable 
  • He asked you about it 
  • “I’m just a bit nervous since I haven’t kissed anyone before” 
  • He thinks it’s so cute that he’s your first 
  • He makes sure to know before if you want a kiss 
  • He doesn’t ask directly 
  • He sorta just hints at it


  • She’s just as nervous as you before the first kiss 
  • She hasn’t been in a relationship for a while and she’s pretty shy about this 
  • You end up having to be the one to kiss first 
  • You don’t regret 
  • Jaehee thinks you’re the best at kissing!!!!
  • When you do tell her that was your first kiss ever! 
  • She is sort of surprised because you’re really good at it??? Wth???? 
  • Once you get past the first kiss she loves kissing you 
  • Mostly in private tho 

Jumin Han

  • He loves kissing you so much
  • But you only give him small short kisses in return
  • He notices right away
  • He confronts MC right away about this
  • Mc explains it was their first kiss and they are still sort of nervous about kissing
  • He’s happy about this since it means no one else has touched MC
  • He has and always will have MC To himself
  • He wants to be gentle with you with the first few kisses but it’s!!!so!!!hard!!!
  • He just wants to always kiss you tbh
  • youdontmind

707/Luciel Choi

  • It isn’t until pretty far in your relationship where you tell him 
  • “Oh by the way you were my first kiss” 
  • “Pfft~I knew that” 
  • “What! How?” 
  • “H A C K E R” 
  • right after you say that tho he kisses you 
  • you were right tbh
  • He didn’t know 
  • But he felt so happy about this

How to tell if a guy is only seeing you as an object:

  • he doesn’t take your feelings seriously and laughs them off
  • he doesn’t take your opinions seriously and argues why you shouldn’t have them 
  • he dismisses your arguments as if they can’t possibly be correct 
  • he refuses to acknowledge when he’s making you uncomfortable
  • he demands that you’re unreasonable for feeling uncomfortable
  • he refuses to respect your physical boundaries
  • he touches you even when you let him know you don’t want it
  • he tricks you into hugs and physical interaction you didn’t want
  • he stares at your body parts (shoulders, breasts, butts, stomach) and you can tell he’s forgotten you’re a person and is only interested in specific parts of your body and what it could do for him
  • he doesn’t stop touching you when you tense 
  • he doesn’t stop touching you when you give out hints to stop it
  • he doesn’t stop touching you when you say clearly to stop
  • he doesn’t stop until you struggle/not even then
  • he finds reasons and ways to touch you again 
  • he talks about other women as if they’re disposable, crazy, mindless
  • he uses slurs while talking about other women
  • he doesn’t show any kind of compassion for a woman who isn’t doing what he wants her to
  • he makes you feel guilty if you don’t do what he wants you to
  • he makes you feel like you cheated him somehow if you deny him to touch you
  • he makes you feel like you’re unreasonable and cruel unless you give him access to your body
  • he wages his kindness and attention based on how much access he gets to your body in return
  • he wages his favours to you based on how much you let him touch you
  • he doesn’t care if you enjoy his touch or not, you feel pressured to act like you enjoy it
  • he doesn’t make sure you’re alright and if anything he does bothers you
  • he doesn’t care how you feel as long as you’ll be fond of him and give him what he wants
  • he disregards your choices and decisions and makes new ones for you, the ones which benefit him better
  • he makes you feel stupid if you refuse his choices
  • he laughs it off when he hurts you and you can tell he’s going to get angry and hostile unless you laugh it off too
  • he gets angry and hostile if you firmly call him out on his shit
  • he competes with your achievements to make it look like his are better
  • he doesn’t try to find out anything about your interests but he makes you listen to his
  • he decides how you should feel about everything and disapproves of your reactions, demands different reactions
  • he says anything to get you to bed and then later disregards it as if it never happened
  • he makes you feel ashamed of your body
  • he makes you feel as if you’re not good enough
  • he makes you feel insecure
  • he rates your body
  • he makes you feel okay only as long as you please him, the moment you stop you’re suddenly ugly “slur”
  • he ignores you if you want him to do something, dismisses it as unreasonable and silly
  • he manages to get everything he wants out of you without giving anything in return
  • he assumes you’re a supportive figure for him and expects you to act it
  • he overrides your arguments by speaking LOUDER
  • he acts like you’re supposed to fit dozens of social stereotypes but he is perfect as he is
  • he makes comments about what you could do for him instead of making you feel confident about yourself
  • he acts like the ultimate authority on weather you’re good enough or not
  • he makes you feel small and silly and like you should be grateful for him
  • these are also good for spotting abusers if a guy does any of this it’s just downwards from there it’s not. going. to. get. better.
  • add more!
BTS: Jin - As A Boyfriend

A/N: This is for all the lovely jin stans out there who are always dedicating their time and energy to love our little snowflake. Just everyone in general ok pls enjoy the amazingness that is jin. If you thought my suga one was good (idk some people thought so im still in shock) THEN HAHAHAHAHA WAIT FOR JIN

Originally posted by linheys

  • This masterpiece of a man will just blow your heart when you see him for the first time. I swear to god, the cameras do him no justice because he is a precious snowflake and he just wow he blows me away with how handsome he is
  • I can very well see Jin going out with a fan because why not. Are ARMY’s not good people? Will they not love him sincerely and honestly? Don’t they deserve that same love in return? Jin is the kind of person to share love with everyone in the world irrespective of nationality, culture, religion or gender/sex tbh. he’s an angel fight me on this (and sometimes he might get confused about just how can you differentiate love between friends or family and significant others because he can love everyone)
  • I think your interactions with Jin would span across a long time before you guys realize you have feelings for each other. I think it’d be Jin who’d realize it first and it just hits him right in the heart you know.
  • SHIT. This girl. I love her.
  • There is no ‘i might like her a little bit’ or ‘this could be fun to try’ with Jin. No. This boy knows it well when his heart flutters every time you smile and he isn’t going to go play some stupid push-and-pull games with you. He’s a grown up man and love isn’t going to wait.
  • When he realizes that he has some pretty strong feelings for you, he’ll want to say it to you immediately. Even if he’s overseas and you’re sitting in your pyjamas in your house and it’s 3 AM and you’re wondering why your phone is blowing up so much.

Originally posted by btsleepy

  • Y/N-ah (or cute nicknames like hotpot or bibimbap) you have to skype me now. Please. Now”
  • “Jin. It’s *squints at watch in the distance* its 3 AM are you mad? i don’t love you that much bye”
  • “Bibimbap. I do. I need to talk to you about it. please.”
  • And you freak out because you’ve always joked about how you don’t love him enough for this and that but he’s never entertained it the same way but if Jin is using the word love. this might be some serious shit. so he calls you up and skype’s you barefaced and a little bit nervous and spends the first 10 minutes just checking up on you and saying utter shit and you just want him to cut to the chase because JIN MY HEART WILL BEAT OUT OF MY CHEST WHAT IS IT JUST TELL ME
  • I love you.
  • There is no why after it, there aren’t multitudes of reasons to backup his simple confession because in his head Jin doesn’t need to logically understand this. He just loves you, simple and clear.
  • And man do those words knock the air out of you. You’re a bit shocked and waiting for a few more words but he smiles his angelic little smile and says “that’s it. I’ll be going now. BYe”
  • And for every message you send him about how unbelievable it is that he loves you because god have you seen the women you work with or could work with, there are incredible people out there and yes i know I’m awesome but still, incredible people and this relationship will be so hard with your schedule and mine and lets not even forget the fans oh god
  • He just keeps sending “i love you” without even stopping until you just shut up because you cant have this conversation with this 5 yr old anymore.

Originally posted by jinful

  • But when he gets back, he’s immediately at your place in very comfy clothing (and his bags because he came straight from the airport) carrying flowers and food (from wherever he visited) because he just couldn’t wait to see you and he wasn’t going to waste a goddamn minute.
  • you slip into this relationship so easily because it is literally like a relationship with your best friend. he takes care of you so well that you forget sometimes that he does it for everyone else and it’s high time someone did it for him
  • when you cook for him the first time and leave some in the fridge at his place because you’re busy and you have to get to work, he nearly cries when he eats your food. You only find this out later on from namjoon who had walked in on it and tried to get some of your food, but got whacked for no good reason
  • it just hurts your heart because you didn’t think much of it but that’s when you realize just how much it means for him
  • so you make a conscious effort to remind jin that you’ll be taking care of him from now on and protecting him whenever and wherever possible
  • and he argues because he doesn’t need it. he just finds it more comfortable to take care of you he’s used to it
  • You shouldn’t be used to it you idiot. So let me just love you please.”
  • And jin is so surprised by your words, he lets you be

Originally posted by jiguk

  • so many cuddle nights because he needs the sleep but you keep telling him its because you want the cuddles (i mean who doesn’t want to cuddle with sweet and long jin)
  • and you guys cook together so often but he always does the main korean dishes because he’s just better at it. so you take up cleaning and setting up the table
  • he loves how well you guys work together. even when he has slept over and you’re both late for your work and you have to get ready together. He runs at you with lotion and you tug his scarf a bit closer to his neck. he makes sure you’re wearing socks before you get into your boots and then you run into the house *jin silently screams because THE FLOOR IS ALL DIRTY NOW JAGIYA WHY* but you come back with a tiny pack of sunscreen lotion and dab it on his face because he always forgets it you idiot and he presses a quick kiss to your lips in return

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

  • he get you to come to gym with him all the time even though you hate it eventually he just gives up, so he works out at the gym while you run a few laps by the river and then you guys meet up for a final walk back home all sweaty but so happy together
  • chill nights when he gets to get away from his busy bts life and just have loads of carbs and alochol with you and he isn’t complaining because this boy can wow i bet he has good tolerance ok dont fight me on this
  • If you’re a uni student, I bet your sweet ass he’s going to help you out a lot and is even willing to come with you to career days and parent-teacher meetings because your parents cant make it but he wants to know about how awesome you’re doing in uni and all your profs are so surprised because they’ve never seen a more caring boyfriend
  • you’re so embrassed because “Have you ever heard of a boyfriend coming to one of these things? Jin you didn’t have to,.”
  • I want to. Also how amazing are you? Your english professor couldn’t stop talking about you wow I was almost jealous I thought I loved you the most haha”
  • For the first few months you don’t tell him that you have a very valid driving license and can drive yourself around but he just enjoys it so much and he casually wraps your hands together and traces patterns with his thumb on the back of your hand when he’s driving. You can’t bring yourself to take that from him
  • but when he realizes you can drive, and a bit shocked at that, he’s so ready because now you can drive him from practice and he can take a nap in the car and he’ll still be with you . it’s win win

Originally posted by hobilu

  • you find it so amazing every time how easily he fits into your surroundings.
  • At your house, your pets come to love him pretty quickly. You dog literally fractures his tail because of wagging it so much (and Jin laughs his one lung out and then takes him to the vet because he is sorry that your dog loves him more)
  • and your mum is going to ADORE THIS BOY
  • dont make me start on your father because this boy will just blow him away because your father never thought someone could love his daughter more than he could. he was wrong. they even have a little fun-natured quiz about you and jin lets your father win
  • but then they have scotch late into the night talking about their university days and what kind of trouble jin is going through and you father says jin can call him anytime if he needs anything and you just want to sit down and sniff your feels away because oh god thats so just agggh so cute
  • and when he meets your friends, he casually brings up random conversations you didn’t even know they had in common. loves it when they talk about you during school days
  • and plans birthday surprises and videos for you with them especially because he got hold of your pictures from middle school and he loves how adorable you are
  • he whispers how beautiful you’ve become when you’re half asleep and in bed and its barely even dawn but he’s still the most beautiful thing in your world and you don’t get how he doesn’t see how amazing he is sometimes

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

  • you always take a step back when ARMY’s recognize jin on the street. not because you’re afraid of being recognized or something like that but because you just want him to take his time to love them back and interact with them. you even offer to take pictures of them together and he stands there for an hour or so, signing everything from caps to sneakers and writing nice words for them on their texbooks and taking as many selcas as they could possibly need
  • but you don’t notice how he always keeps an eye on you and he shudders at the thought of his fans ever hating you because how could they. if they saw how much you loved him and how goddamnmuch he loved you, they couldn’t hate you right?
  • wrong. lol. people will always find a way to hurt you
  • so jin just gets you on a mokbang so that people can talk shit about you guys to your faces on v app and the both of you sass your way through the show like some idiot will say “Ugh how can jin oppa go out with her she isn’t even that pretty” and jin just goes “well she tops her class and i don’t know how i can go out with someone so smart” and eventually thats the most watched show on their v app and all the boys roll on the floor laughing because THAT WAS SO GREAT OH MY GOD. JIN YOU GOT THE RIGHT GIRL
  • yoongi adores you and is so nice to you that jin often acts offended like “YOONGI-SHI I’m your roommate *flips table* and you treat her better and buy her things why”
  • and suga just casually flips him off and continues to play jenga with you hahahaah
  • you’ve suddenly become the relationship guru for all the boys and it just shocks you because everyone from rap mon to jungkook comes to you for relationship advice and you’re so thrilled because YES BABIES LET ME SPOIL YOU HAHA
  • jin has a heart attack when kookie likes a girl but you have to calm him down because hey junkook is allowed to grow up ok and you shall NOT scare him or be protective of him
  • but you still keep tabs on kookie because you’re just as protective of him and v and jin looks over your shoulder as you text kookie or v about their dates and jin approoves of how easily you fit into this role

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

  • you’re already married. aint nobody going to deny that
  • but oh god it’s so hard to control jin in the early days of the relationship because this boy just loves to get on your nerves and just kiss you out of nowehere
  • like you’re talking about your day and you think he’s enjoying it because he’s smiling at you so kindly with that lopsided tilt to his lips but he just ups and kisses you and you just - *sounds of birds squeaking in the distance*
  • you can’t even wear shorts around the boys because (the hickeys are all over your thighs and please good lord rap mon knows whats up)
  • UGH
  • after dinner you’re watching a nice cozy movie and jin wraps a blanket over you and you want to melt because aww he’s being so kind but suddenly halfway into the movie, you feel his hands stroking your inner thigh and pinching his way up to your sensitive regions and you turn your head to check on him and he’s got his eyes on the tv like nothing has changed but oh god his long fingers slip under your pants so quick you have to bend forward from the shock
  • but he just takes it as encouragement and maliciously teases you and plays with you until you have to drag him to the bed by the collar and do him right then and there
  • seokjin is a sinner and i refuse to accept otherwise hahahahah

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  • fight me if I’m wrong but most of the times, especially when it’s round two on a sunday or a day off, he’s just really into lazy sex like random kissing and biting and just lying around naked and rolling between the sheets because he likes the smell of you in the morning and loves how he can touch you and feel so comfortable
  • he understands then that he hadn’t seen true beauty and comfort until he saw you naked and sleeping curled up against his chest and you were just wow breath-takingly amazing. hair and mounds of fats and scars and all. you were amazing and he couldn’t love you any more
  • I just I know I’ve written so much but a life with jin is the right sense of home and comfort that I know is out of my reach in life. he is home. i know he will be bring a lot of comfort and love to his girlfriend/wife and i just wish you guys the best ok. please treat my snowflake well he deserves the best. sometimes i wish i could show him just how much he deserves in life but lol ok moving on
  • just please treat him well he’s so body positive and appreciative of others and loves himself so well


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headcanons for kageyama, oikawa, noya, akaashi and kenma when a kind grandma tells them how cute of a couple they are~~


  • Kageyama is really stunned for a moment, he absolutely doesn’t know how to react and just stands stiffly at your side. The grip around your hand gets almost painfully tight
  • He needs some moments to process the said thing. While he realizes what the nice grandma said, his faces becomes as red as a tomato
  • Meanwhile you thank the old lady and pull him along. He stutters out a thanks when you already continued walking on


  • Oikawa would be overly happy to hear that, thank the old woman with a bright smile and pay her a compliment in return
  • He wraps her round his little finger in an instant. They start a little conversation and Oikawa’s a total charmer
  • Hearing all those compliments, he can’t help but put an arm around your shoulder and pull you closer during the talk. He somehow turns this talk around so he tells the granny what a great girlfriend you are


  • Nishinoya would thank her in an excessive and over the top manner, so the grandma soon seems to be a little overwhelmed
  • You try to physically restrain him as inconspicuously as possible so he doesn’t crush the grandma in a hug
  • In between thanking the granny, praising you as a girlfriend and telling about your relationship, he gets too fired up. You end up waving apologetically at the old lady while gently pulling Noya away


  • The corner of Akaashi’s mouth quirks up ever so slightly and he thanks the old woman politely, while you just smile next to him.
  • He starts grazing his thumb over your knuckles and can’t help but peeking at your blushing face. He sees this as a daily reminder how fortunate he is to have you as his girlfriend
  • Akaashi is very flattered about the compliment and probably will think about it the rest of the day


  • Kenma’s grip on your hand wasn’t tight to begin with, but when the granny compliments you, he lets go of your hand immediately
  • He doesn’t know how to react to the compliment. He feels uncomfortable, so he averts his gaze and tries his hardest not blush
  • He has the urge to flee from this situation, but stays at your side, because he loves you. Even though he unconsciously shuffles a little bit away from you