“Arizona! Are you ready yet?”


The voice of the peds surgeon drifted out lightly from the bedroom where she was getting ready, and Callie couldn’t help but shake her head a little, a grin tugging at her lips as she glanced at the time. They were probably going to be late for their reservation, but Callie didn’t care – it was her third official date with Arizona since she’d returned to Seattle and they’d decided to make things work, and late or not late, she was happier than she’d been in years. 

Happier than she’d ever been, possibly, because there was a renewed energy between them – a renewed passion, a lightness, a new sense of love and respect and openness that seemed different than it ever had before. That seemed more, somehow. Callie had loved Arizona before, had loved her with everything she had, but now, if it was even possible…she was more in love than she’d ever known she could be.

“What are you doing in here anyway? We’re going to be late for our reservation.”

Making her way into the bedroom, she wandered up behind the blonde where she was standing in front of the mirror, leaning in to peer closely as she touched up her mascara. Callie stood behind her, leaning a hand casually on the wall, and she just smiled as she watched, her eyes roaming down over gorgeous curves and the perfectly fitted black dress her date had on.

“Almost ready. This is our first fancy date, Callie, I want to look nice.”

“You already look amazing.”

Brown eyes met blue in the mirror, and Arizona blushed slightly – compliments from the other woman both all too familiar, and new and exciting at the same time. They gave her a rush of emotions, a fluttery feeling of butterflies in her stomach – just like every look, and every touch. She’d never truly stopped loving Callie, but the brunette hadn’t made her feel this way in years, and the adrenaline of it all was easily becoming an addiction all over again.

“Oh, yeah – the overtired, just came off a 12-hour shift look is great on me, I know.”

Callie just laughed softly, smiling as she watched Arizona blink her long lashes a few times, dropping the tube of mascara back into the makeup bag beside her. The blonde picked up her lipstick next, leaning in again as she uncapped it, and she glanced at Callie in the mirror as she sensed eyes still on her.

“Stop watching me!”

She applied the light pink colour with a slow swipe across each lip, but Callie remained fastened in place, a smile spreading across her face again, wider and completely uncontrollable.

“I can’t. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

This time it was Arizona’s turn to laugh, and she paused momentarily, glancing up to meet the eyes staring back at her in the mirror.

“You’re ridiculous.”

She laughed again as she said the words, her eyes bright and happy and playful, and she quickly finished up with the lip colour, rubbing her lips together to perfect it. She glanced back in the mirror, giving herself a last once-over, but a faint blush rose on her face again as she felt warm, soft lips make contact with the bare skin of her shoulder.

“I mean it, Arizona…” Callie sighed softly, her fingers gently reaching forward to brush blonde hair away from the smaller woman’s neck, “I can’t stop looking at you. You are so, so beautiful. And this dress is new…”

Her lips landed on the side of Arizona’s neck, and she kissed softly, letting out the faintest of sighs as she pressed a row of kisses down along a perfect, lightly freckled shoulder.

“I bought it yesterday." 

Arizona straightened her back as she replied, coming into contact with the woman behind her, and she let her eyes flutter closed as she felt fingers run through the length of her hair, and another lingering kiss being pressed just below her ear.

"It looks incredible on you.”


The name was breathed out softly, lingering on the blonde’s lips with a sigh – and Callie’s heart beat wildly in her chest, her arms sliding around a slim waist to rest low on Arizona’s hips, her body instinctively pulling closer to her warmth. For the first time since they’d been back together, the first time in…years…Arizona had spoken her full name. And it was like the most beautiful music – the love and affection and reverence carried in the tone of her voice almost overwhelming, almost too perfect.

The blonde turned in her arms and brought them face to face, and her blue eyes sparkled, framed by the dark, elegant eye makeup she’d so carefully applied. She pressed a light kiss to Callie’s lips, her head tilting slightly to the side as she pulled back, and an almost teasing smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

“I thought we were running late for our reservation.”

Callie’s hands smoothed over the sides of the soft, black fabric, her fingers coming up to delicately trail over Arizona’s bared collarbone, and almost unconsciously, she held her breath as her eyes met the ones that were now watching her. Tonight, in this dress, in this moment, Arizona simply took Callie’s breath away. The way her eyes were impossibly blue, the way her hair fell in gentle waves around her shoulders, the scent of her at this proximity that was the same as it had always been – that was a sensory overload in the best kind of way – that was home

Yes, Arizona left her breathless. And there was only thing Callie could do.

“Screw the reservation–”

Her hands came up to grasp at silky hair, her body moving to cover the smaller one in front of her, to press her against the bedroom wall as their lips met in a heated embrace. It didn’t take a second before Arizona was kissing her back, the moment not lost on the blonde as the crackle of electricity flowed between them, and as much as she’d prepared and carefully dressed up for the night – all she could think at the moment was that they were going nowhere. There was nowhere she wanted to be except right here.

She closed her eyes for the briefest of moments, her fingers finding the buttons on Callie’s blouse and working them loose as the brunette kissed her senseless. She knew this dance with Callie, and she knew it well, no matter how long it had been – and as she found her way to bare, warm, beautifully silky skin beneath the fabric of her shirt – Arizona simply smiled, eyelashes fluttering open to look at the love of her life, her voice a husky murmur in reply.

It was their third date. And although she’d been patient their first time around – this time, they both knew exactly what they wanted. This time, they weren’t waiting for anything.

“Screw the reservation.”

I’m a nice person I just hate everyone

Nerdy Men of Letters Dean AU, while we are playing the head canon game.

A fix it universe where Henry Winchester survived. He returned to his time and saved the Men of Letters.

He is over overprotective of his son John who rebelled by running off to join the armed forces for the Vietnam war. (Henry is concerned about the timeline forcing things.) Soon John returns disturbed by the war and needing the tranquility of the Bunker. He is frustrated but not able to think of something better to do with his life. Till a family of hunters, the Campbells stop by to get advice from the MoL and bam he meets Mary.

Henry is immediately torn. On one hand he knows bad things could happen(because again the original timeline seems to be trying to reassert itself). On the other, this is a chance his grandsons could still exist and he’s felt guilty for changing the timeline for just that reason. So he cautiously grants his blessing, relieved when Mary declares she doesn’t want to raise boys in the life and gives up hunting so she and John can live normal lives.

Despite his best efforts history tries to repeat itself and Mary dies and John flies of the handle and into hunting. Refusing to let his grandsons suffer the same life they had before, Henry demands custody of them while John is out and raises them both as good little nerdy Men of Letters Acolytes. Sammy prefers making a difference in the real world and still goes to College but Dean happily dorks out in the bunker determined as always to make one of his adult male parental figures (grandpa Henry) proud of him. Plus he has a best friend fellow initiate Charlie. (Henry made a lot of good changes to the men of Letters including gender inclusion.). Plus under grandpa Henry he’s allowed to explore being bi with another initiate without the fear of censorship he’d get from his dad.

However when he officially passes his last initiation right into a full Man of Letters and his dad doesn’t show up as promised, Dean starts to worry. He wants to go after him but he has no training in combat just Lore and magic. So he uses his new authority as a member to go into the restricted libraries the Men of Letters to learn if there’s combat magic or artifacts to aid him and stumbles on the lore they’ve amassed on celestial beings and learns about angels. Remembering his mom’s stories about angels watching over us, he summons and binds a guardian angel to him for his journey into the real world to find his dad. And Castiel answers.

And their first stop is to check in Sammy to see if he’s heard from their dad. And we catapult into a weird mirror of Season 1 only better with nerdy(and slightly clumsy and bashful and crushing on his bound guardian angel) dean, tag-along-Cas, and Charlie sneaking out armed with an arsenal of MoL artifacts she and Dean can play with.

Take That and run with it PW. ^_^

@therearecertainshadesoflimelight That’s totally okay! I’ve always said there are people who are honestly fans of Eddie - or even Eddie and Iris - and I have no beef with them. You know, people who liked him and celebrated him when he was on the show and aren’t clearly just celebrating him now because they think he’ll be clearing the way for their ship.

Sadly, the vast majority of people I’ve seen celebrating Eddie’s “return” are people who never said a single nice thing (or thing period) about him when he was alive. They CERTAINLY never said a single nice thing about Iris. But as soon as Westallen got together, it became “I want Eddie back! He and Iris were so great together! OTP!”

Most of what I’m seeing is this:

“Ugh. Iris is so annoying. She’s selfish. She doesn’t deserve Barry. What a bitch. She cheated on Eddie. She’s useless. A reporter? Flash doesn’t need a reporter. If she’s not a scientist, she’s too stupid to be of use and just needs to go. Why is she even there? She should be killed off. Or recast. But mostly killed off. Shut up, Iris. Iris fell in love with the superhero, not the guy. She’s stringing Barry along. He doesn’t really love her! She’s just using him. Why is she just a damsel in distress? Why isn’t she ever shown doing her job, outside of Barry? She was better when she wasn’t involved with Barry and she just had her job to do - being a reporter, far away from Barry. She didn’t talk for five seconds in this scene. They’re paying her to stand there and not say anything for five whole seconds. Just fire the bitch. The only reason she’s even there and WA is even a thing is because of the comics. She probably slept around to get her role on the show and keep it. Maybe she’ll die at the end of the season and the show can finally get back to when it was good, back in the first season when it was OTF all the way. Wait, Eddie’s coming back? OH MY GOD, THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Westhawne were perfect together and my true OTP of the show! Eddie made Iris so happy! This is great; they’ll end up together and Barry will be available for other girls and my two favorite ships will be back! Oh, I loved Eddie back then and I adored Iris when she was with Eddie!”

Uh. Huh.

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I dont know if im meditating right. I dont understand. I keep thinking about SOMETHING or hearing things or visualising things. And even when i bring my attention to my breath i realise that im still THINKING about my breath/visualising my body. Is that okay/normal? I am not required to he completely blank am I?

Meditation is not something to get right or wrong. If you are sitting and meditating you are doing it right. Thoughts don’t stop. What stops is your attachment to those thoughts. By focusing your attention on your breath, even though you are thinking about your breath, you are not thinking about the things that normally consume your thoughts.

Counting your breaths is a good practice because when you lose count you notice that you have been carried away by a train of thought and you can stop thinking those thoughts and return your attention to your breath.

It is wildly entertaining to think things. It is somewhat boring to rest our attention on our breath. When we can be comfortable sitting with our boredom we can be comfortable anywhere. As we sit and quiet our minds, our minds will try to engage in our entertainment habit and offer up all kinds of things that are more interesting than our breath. Like a master walking a dog on a leash, when we notice our mind trying to run off after a squirrel we gently tug on the leash, bring our attention back to our breath and keep walking along the path. That is the right way to meditate.

I feel like i’m still in disbelief that I passed my driving test last week & am picking my car up on Saturday.
It’s going so make such a difference, I live out in the countryside and honestly how i’ve gone so long without driving, I don’t know.
I’m so dependent on lifts from others, because we have an awful bus service and the stop is far from the house. So on a weekend if Matt was doing something else, my Mum works Saturdays, I’d literally do nothing, i’d rather sit at home than venture out to get the bus.
I can’t wait to even just be able to drive to the retail park to return things next week because I can!

My daily commute will drop from over three hours to under an hour as well! I’ll get back so much time!

The worst thing about procrastination is that you procrastinate doing the most simplest fucking things and it makes no sense for you do so like I’ve been needing to get my other set of glasses adjusted for awhile now and I had to go to Walmart later to return something I had bought cause it was the wrong thing and I knew I could get that pair of glasses adjusted while I was there but I left the house deliberately not taking the glasses with me. Like a few hours later I was like why the fuck did I do that? Why didn’t I just take them and get it done with? Literally why am I like this.


Valentines day is coming up y'all


💋 Victoria’s secret - bralette lingerie, lace body suits lingerie

💋 American Eagle - guys boxers (X2)

💋Hot topic - walking dead bracelet set (gift for a friend)

💋 Sephora - makeup forever matte velvet foundation and pressed HD powder

💋Yankee candle - mini luscious plum candle

💋Spencer’s - mesh body suit lingerie, massager (not pictured) furry handcuffs  novelty gift😉

💋 Ulta-  UD B6 priming spray (grabbed the tester since they were out) UD naked illuminated shimmer powder, Tarte double duty beauty pallette, too faced chocolate bar pallette, too faced Sweet peach pallette, too faced Sweet peach glow pallette

So I went to the mall to return a few things I’d bought on a previous trip as a cover for spending so long in stores…..things got out of hand 😅

Some of the makeup is for boosting, some is for me. All the sexy stuff is because this is the first valentine’s day I have a guy and can spend it with him, I love this boy and I wanna spoil the hell outta him 😍

💎 total - 483$ w/out tax💎

Horror movie where it turns out the “killer” is only stalking the protagonist to return something they lost as a child and the whole thing turns out to be a big misunderstanding about appearances

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So, made-up title, eh? How about "To That Secret Place We Both Know"?

Mm, maybe this could be a super sweet Banorashipping thing! 

Angeal and Genesis get to return to Banora for an actual break, and they go out hiking together, out through the orchards and into the woods, up the hills to a hidden outcrop overlooking the town. They used to go up there all the time as kids. It’s all overgrown now, but still there. 

There is reminiscing of how they grew from friends to lovers, and how they’re happy being together now. Making out probably ensues as well, lol.

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Hey Pine Tree, sorry for throwing your body off the gravity falls water tower. Sorry I asked Shooting Star if she wanted to join you. Sorry for making your spirit wander the dreamscape with no body to return to. Honestly, I'd change things if I could. But the past is the past now, and all I can do is apologise..


  • sherlock, second smartest man in london: what is this thing on the drone
  • john, the doctor who never returned from war: what is this thing on the drone
  • mycroft, MI6, the british government: explodey thing. goes boom when there's stuff
guys, we need to talk about eowyn

So I get really narky when people pull the whole ‘oh Eowyn’s storyline came to such a sucky ending; she was really cool going around killing orcs and Witch-Kings and then she got shoved into a traditional girly role by marrying Faramir and becoming a healer’ thing, because no. No-no-no-no-no. Not only does that stray dangerously into the territory of ‘women only have worth if they’re doing traditionally blokey things’, but that misses almost the entire point of Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien was in the trenches in the first world war, right? He got all that ‘for death and glory’ shit shoved down his throat, that was the whole point about the war, it was when so many people came to see how awful and misleading all the propaganda about winning glory through violence and death was. And Tolkien’s work completely shows that: it’s why the hobbits, who’ve never craved power or battle the way men do, are the heroes of the book; it’s why strong men like Aragorn and Faramir are shown to be lovers of peace rather than war. It’s why the quote - but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory; I love only that which they defend – is so poignant and beautiful, when seen in the context of all Tolkien had gone through. He’d seen all but one of his closest friends die in an utterly pointless war; the prevalent message in his books is ‘if you’re going to have that many people die, let it be for something worth dying for.’ (Like defending your home from the lord of all darkness, for example.)

And Eowyn might be a fantastic female character, but she’s also got so much development to go through, and she’s by no means perfect. I find it really interesting that when Eowyn talks to Aragorn about wanting to go off and fight she never really actually mentions protecting her people, but speaks about wanting to ‘face peril and battle’, and to do ‘great deeds’. And it’s not that Eowyn doesn’t want to protect her people, because of course she does, but she’s also got such a driving motivation within her to do glorious and fell deeds simply for the sake of valour and renown. It’s one of her defining features, having an attitude that got so many young men killed in the war and which, obviously, Tolkien would have been very wary of.

(Also, I think, there’s so much in Eowyn that wants to prove herself to be more than ‘a mere woman’; because twice in that conversation she asserts that she’s no mere ‘dry-nurse’ or ‘serving-woman’, but a member of the house of Eorl and therefore capable of greater things. There’s almost this slight sense of Eowyn considering herself more than ‘just’ a domesticated woman that I sometimes get from her in the books? Which is very sad - the idea of Eowyn having less regard for others of her sex who do mind the house or raise the children - and why I so love that ‘I am no man’ moment in RotK. Eowyn’s no longer hiding herself, or dismissing fellow women as the weaker sex, but acknowledging and embracing the fact that women in all their forms can fuck you up.)

And then we reach the Houses of Healing, and Eowyn yearning for death in battle just like her Uncle Theoden, and basically buying into that whole world war one ethos that Tolkien would have considered so poisonous. Which is why her friendship and courtship with Faramir is so fricking beautiful. Remember that quote I wrote earlier? That’s from Faramir. He’s not backing down from conflict, he’s in no way less of a ‘real man’ than anyone else; he’s just saying there needs to be more to the fight than simply having a fight. There needs to be a reason; something worth fighting for. Eowyn recognises that Faramir is a good man in every sense of the word: he’s strong and valiant, but he doesn’t fight simply to prove himself or for the sake of winning glory, he fights for other people. And Faramir gently challenges Eowyn on her idolisation of battle-glory and encourages her not to scorn gentleness or peace, and he’s so freaking good for her.

(Seriously. Can we just stop for a moment and think about how wonderful Eowyn and Faramir are for each other: Faramir encouraging Eowyn to turn towards life and healing and openness while never denying her strength or courage, and Eowyn giving Faramir the validation and security he never got after so many years of an awful relationship with his father? I honestly don’t know why I don’t get all giddy about these two more often, because they make the very best otp.)

And the result of the departure of the Shadow and her friendship with Faramir is Eowyn’s decision that ‘I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.’

I think that last bit is so important because I’m certain that Tolkien doesn’t mean for Eowyn to immediately pack up her sword and shield and become a good girl sitting at home with her knitting and waiting for the men to return home after the fight – after all, she’s going to be the wife of the Steward of Gondor and there’s a lot of mess to clean up after the War of the Ring. Eowyn’s probably still going to find herself defending hearth and home from time to time. But the important thing is that she’s no longer defining herself simply by the doing of valiant deeds; she’ll no longer compare herself to the great warriors of her house and feel lacking simply because she hasn’t killed as many men. Most importantly, she’s not going to take joy only in the songs of the slaying, in destruction and death. Tolkien was all about healers symbolising life and rebirth, and Eowyn’s decision to become one – to aid in the preservation of life rather than the taking of it – is so beautiful. I don’t think Tolkien ever wrote Eowyn’s ending to make her reclaim her ‘lost femininity’; I think it’s a lovely way of adding to the ever-present theme in Lord of the Rings of hope and frailty and healing and friendship over glory and battle and strife.