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Here is my latest crazy thing. And this one IS crazy (I think it’s unlike anything I’ve written before!).

xlcor  asked:

So there's been an ongoing conversation between some of my friends and I about what the raven gang would be doing in ten years, and I figured what better person to give input than the author herself? What would our boys (and girl) be doing in a decade? (For the sake of our hearts, could this be in a world where Gansey is alive?)

Dear xlcor,

I cannot answer this ask as there is always the remote possibility that I might lose my mind at some point in the future and return to the world of TRC in another novel-length work.



600 days ago…
You walked away, no goodbye, no reasons that you were willing to give me,
You claimed you loved me in one text message,
And in the next one shut me off and out of your life.
For all this time, I have been left wondering what I did so wrong to you, that made you decided I was no longer worth your time, or thought.
I just leaves me thinking why, how could one person be so heartless to another they claimed to have loved.
You didn’t fight, you didn’t care…I guess you aren’t the man I thought and felt you were.
I no longer know what to feel.
My mind, spirit and soul have been left in a constant state of turmoil. Going through so many emotions in a single hour, of every day since you walked away. I know it’s aged me and taken a significant toll and loss to my being.
I think the worse part is the ever present realisation that you simply don’t care…and with each and every passing day, I’m doubting that you ever did.
These thoughts, emotions and feelings I will carry and be burdened by until my last breath alive.
—  Missalonely