return to the place where we first met


“When we first met Daisy, formerly Skye, she came from a place of isolation, so we’re sort of returning her back to that point. She kept her distance from people; she grew up through the foster care system where she kept feeling like she was being either abandoned or hurting others, and in the events of our season finale and everything that led up to it, I think she has not only guilt but shame, so she has once again isolated herself. […] We can have faith in the fact that she’s still out there doing good work.” ~Maurissa Tancharoen (x)

And she said “baby, you can meet me at paradise falls.”

He was always confused.
So he gave his crooked smile
and asked “where is that again?”

Ever the poet, ever the poet
she whispers

“to a place we shall return to
to a place that made us
to a place where we first met
to a place even humans remember
to a place we spend our whole
lives trying to not forget
that is paradise falls”

Ever the lover, ever the lover
he made her smile
with his simple words

“i’m already here”

They roll back to sleep
in their favorite cuddle

—  paradise falls
// k.c.