return to the jungle

  • Namjoon: *Stares longingly out of the window*
  • Jimin: What's wrong hyung?
  • Namjoon: It's dumb but I miss him already. I mean when will my wife return from the jungle?
  • Yoongi in the background: It's been 5 minutes! At least wait until the kitchen is burning down to sulk!
the signs as obscure disney women
  • aries: franny robinson (meet the robinsons)
  • taurus: miss bianca (the rescuers)
  • gemini: georgette (oliver & company)
  • cancer: big mama (the fox & the hound)
  • leo: abby mallard (chicken little)
  • virgo: shanti (the jungle book)
  • libra: celia mae (monsters, inc.)
  • scorpio: colette tatou (ratatouille)
  • sagittarius: jane darling (return to neverland)
  • capricorn: captain amelia (treasure planet)
  • aquarius: roxanne (a goofy movie)
  • pisces: olivia flaversham (the great mouse detective)

Misaki & Saruhiko: Lost Small World vs Return of Kings

“We’ll topple this boring, fucking world.”


- The Jungle location from MH2 returns in MHXX -

Jungle, a location that was first introduced in Monster Hunter 2, is back in MHXX. This location is characterized by white sandy beaches, turquoise seawater, lofty cliffs and subterranean caves. Also had appear in MHF2, MHFU and MHFO.


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Read this and you will love this boy more ♥

Chanyeol always wears the rings and his Rolex watch

And this fake tattoo sticker(?)

and this fake temporary tattoo, too

But this morning, he left to Brunei for the filming of Laws of Jungle, he changed his Rolex watch into sports watch-

took off his rings

removed the tattoos

This shows how professional he is because he knows he needs to do a lot of hard work there and also to respect the country’s culture.


When Chanyeol appeared on Superman Returns, he removed his tattoos and rings too because he knew he’s meeting up with the babies.

now do you love him more than you do right now? because I do (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥


The Lost City of Z - Official US Trailer | Amazon Studios  

*US Trailer, more Charlie focused, Rob is at 2:06

 “The Lost City Of Z” opens on

April 21st in the US (NY & LA on April 14th)

March 24th in the UK

*UK Trailer : *More Rob footage and drama, slightly shorter

About The Lost City of Z:

Based on author David Grann’s nonfiction bestseller, THE LOST CITY OF Z tells the incredible true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who journeys into the Amazon at the dawn of the 20th century and discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region. Despite being ridiculed by the scientific establishment who regard indigenous populations as “savages,” the determined Fawcett – supported by his devoted wife (Sienna Miller), son (Tom Holland) and aide de camp (Robert Pattinson) – returns time and again to his beloved jungle in an attempt to prove his case, culminating in his mysterious disappearance in 1925. An epically-scaled tale of courage and obsession, told in Gray’s classic filmmaking style, THE LOST CITY OF Z is a stirring tribute to the exploratory spirit and those individuals driven to achieve greatness at any cost.