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Protégé [Part 6] (M)

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[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] - [Part 4] - Part 5]

Thirty-four hours.

It had been thirty-four hours since you’d yelled at Jungkook and he had left your office. It had been thirty-four hours since you’d collected yourself after shattering your phone set into pieces and ran out of your office looking for him. Jaebum told you with a dejected frown that Jungkook had left. Where to? His guess was just as good as yours, if not worse.

You ran out to your car, the chill of the night air biting against your bare arms and cheeks, but you’d be lying if you said you felt it. You went at a crawl through the streets, stomping down on the brakes and squinting to make out the face of each and every pedestrian you past who resembled Jungkook in any way. You had even called out to a few of them, earning you nothing more than odd stares or blatant ignorance. You didn’t believe he could have gotten very far, but after two hours of driving, there was no sign of him.

The hospital’s visiting hours were long over, which cut that out as an option. And it took a persuasive conversation and a few slow swipes of your tongue across your painted lips to convince the security guard of Jungkook’s apartment building to tell you that no one had come in or out since six that night. He’d left your building much later than that.

You returned to the building, your jaw aching from hours of clenching your teeth and your eyes downcast, staring at nothing in particular. Jaebum greeted you, and before he could get the chance to ask you what had happened, you held your hand up to him. You were tired of questions, you were tired of explaining things. But, mostly, you just didn’t want to relive the truth of the matter–this was entirely your fault.

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So, my wife and I were having a discussion about the wonderful creation of Pam the HR lady by the fandom and this kind of happened…

Pam walks into the break room at Quantico and looks for the coffee machine; she was going to need a hit of caffeine if she was going to make it through the early morning start. She hadn’t been to Quantico since her original induction, but with the DEO becoming known to other agencies, she was now required to attend the yearly inter-bureau briefing. She nods at a few of the other people present as she fills a mug and inhales deeply.

The caffeine hits her bloodstream as they’re called through to the conference room. They all filter through and Pam takes a seat around the tables that had been arranged into an L formation.

One by one they were asked to introduce themselves and the agency they worked for and Pam feels a sense of relief at finally being able to state that she worked for the DEO, rather than her usual vague answer. What she wasn’t expecting was all the eyes watching her to go wide and a cacophony of noise to fill her ears, one question louder than all the rest;

Which of the Agent Danvers stories are true? They can’t all possibly be true.

Pam chuckles, she had a feeling once it was know she worked for the DEO, stories about a certain Alex Danvers were certain to surface.

‘They’re all true’ she replies with a shrug. She’s a pain in my arse she added in her head.

‘But…’ a young agent stutters, his eyes wide as he watches the HR manager for the FBI nod.

‘All. Of. Them’ Pam states, enjoying the look on the agents face, she was well aware of the rumours that had been going around for years about Agent Danvers and the ‘legendary’ status she had picked up among other agents.

There is silence until the same young agent pipes up again, ‘so she really did fly a spaceship to save Supergirl?’

‘Preposterous!’ an older man in a military uniform yells out. ‘I’ve head many stories about this… this Agent Danvers and refuse to believe that she piloted a spacecraft without any prior training or advance notice! The paperwork alone…’

Pam stays silent and instead reaches into her bag where she had stowed the paperwork she needed to file with the FBI today; the paperwork relating to the second time Alex Danvers had taken it upon herself to fly a spaceship.

‘The paperwork wasn’t any easier the second time around…’ Pam smiles sweetly as she places the paperwork on the table in front of her.

The room erupts once again and Pam just smiles.

The following week Pam opens up the tenth email that day requesting that she holds a HR training session at the DEO. She shakes her head and wonders if they think she doesn’t know the only reason they want to come to the DEO is to meet Agent Danvers.

Her phone rings and she picks it up, pretty sure in who is on the other end. Sure enough, Director Henshaw speaks first, ‘Pam, do you know why I’m being inundated with requests from other agencies for training sessions here?’

‘I do Director, it seems our Agent Danvers is somewhat of a legend at Quantico…’

‘Ah, let me guess, they all want to meet her?’

‘Yes Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll sort this out.’

Pam hangs up and emails Maura the HR Manager at the FBI;

Maura, you have to tell Agent Roberts to stop harassing my Director! Just leave it with me, I’ll figure something out.

Pam decides that she can’t exactly have a ton of agents descend upon the DEO, the only other option is to send Agent Danvers on a field trip…

She shoots a quick email off to Alex explaining that she is required to go to Quantico to pass their training in order to keep her fake FBI badge, now that the DEO is a known organisation to them.

A month later Agent Danvers strides into the training facility with Pam at her side.

‘So I just need to pass the training?’ Alex questions.

‘Yes. To the rest of the world, you’re officially Alex Danvers, FBI. They didn’t take kindly to us faking your credentials, so have decided you need to actually obtain them…’ Pam explains, rather pleased with her cover story.

‘Understood. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here?’

‘To make sure the paperwork between the FBI and the DEO match up…’ Pam replies vaguely. In truth, she couldn’t wait to see how the other Agents reacted to Agent Danvers.

Pam spotted the young agent, Agent Li, from the briefing and smiled. Agent Rogers was also waiting in the training room, bouncing happily from foot to foot in excitement. Alex nodded towards them before entering the changing room to get ready.

The first few physical challenges, Alex passes with ease; simulations of various situations, requiring her to act quickly, shooting targets to avoid danger. As she exits the room, Agent Rogers looks like he’s about to pass out with excitement; she had set a new high score on her first attempt. Pam is filled with pride.

Next is the sparring match, in which new recruits are usually paired against each other. A dark haired woman steps forwards, her hand outstretched, ‘Agent Rizzoli’ she introduces herself, ‘we thought it was a bit unfair to pair you with a rookie…’ Alex laughs as she shakes Agent Rizzoli’s hand.

The pair are evenly matched and soon a small crowd has amassed to watch; money is quickly changing hands as various bets are made. Finally, Alex manages to pin Agent Rizzoli, winning the match. She stands and offers her hand to help the other agent up.

Finally, Alex is taken to the shooting range; by now there are roughly fifty other people crammed into the tiny side room to watch. To no one’s surprise, Alex gets a perfect score in the first round. Deciding she wants to show off a little and also because she’s a tiny bit pissed at being made to jump through all these hoops, she reaches down to her leg to pull out her favourite gun, the one she knew she probably shouldn’t have brought, but there was no way she was leaving her baby at home where Maggie could claim it.

Pam is out of the door and on the shooting range in a flash.

Alex barely has it raised to eye level before she hears a voice behind her.

‘Put it DOWN Agent Danvers’ Pam booms.

Damn it Alex thinks, before lowering it sheepishly.

‘You were under strict instructions not to bring your gun!’

‘But!’ Alex pouts.

‘No buts Agent Danvers… Give it here’ Pam holds out her hand, ‘you can have it back when we return to the DEO.’

Everyone’s jaws drop as they watch badass Agent Danvers slink over to Pam the tiny HR woman and hand over her gun.

Pam nods and heads back into the side room, alien gun in hand, to a captive audience.

‘I think we’re done here’ she states, ‘I expect Agent Danver’s FBI paperwork to be on my desk by the end of the week.’

Rumours still fly around the various agencies about the antics of Agent Danvers, but with a new addition; the tiny woman who can make Agent Danvers relinquish her weapon, just by raising her voice… Pam becomes a legend in her own right.

Back to the Future: Part 3

Summary: You, Sam, Dean and Castiel force Zachariah to send you back to the future.

Pairing: Endverse!Cas x reader, Present!Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: language, pregnancy, eh that’s really it

A/N: just for clarification: Castiel = present Cas, and Cas = endverse Cas

Back to the Future Masterlist

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“You guys ready?”

Dean looked around at you, Sam and Castiel, all of you standing in the middle of the road near the bunker, your eyes glued to the ring of holy oil on the pavement in front of you.

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You Should Know Better Pt.7

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen)

Summary: Literally, just…just…just read it. 
Warnings: Fuck me up cause there’s hot smut in this.   
POV: I finally decided to use Joe’s POV this time around and I’ll continue with his POV most likely
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 4700ish
Quote: “Hey, Merriweather, get your ass back to the station. That arrestee you gave me is acting up and since you’re the original arresting officer, you need to deal with this mess.” 



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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Seven

Word Count: 1648

Warnings: Cursing. More Willy. (That’s a warning right?)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

You couldn’t quite describe the emotions that were running through your body. You were still hurt from what happened with Alex the previous day. You were lost, not knowing what to do. Lonely, losing not only him, but Kasperi as well. Confused, as to why Will was now sitting on the couch in your living room. He leaned back comfortably on the cushions with his arms crossed. A nonchalant appearance across his face as you sat on the love seat across from him.

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Side Chick

A/N: I got the inspo to write this from another writer because their work is fucking outstanding.

Summary: You and Shawn sleep with each other, thus leaving you to be the side chick. He begins to lay out rules and bosses you around.

“Hey are you going to that party later”, you asked Shawn while walking into the recording studio.

“Um…yeah”, he kept his head down, “Walk a bit further away, you know how this goes”, he lectured.

You let out a light groan while rolling your eyes, “Are you going later”, you asked lowly.

He nodded, “Yeah, with Erica so you can’t be there”, he bossed.

This came as a shock to you. Was he telling you that you couldn’t go somewhere because his girlfriend was going to be there? Was he trying to boss you around? You tried not to let it phase you.

“Sure, whatever”, you said sarcastically, but he didn’t seem to catch on.

“Thank you”, he sighed, “Um…I’ll text you or something.”

“Uh huh”, you replied before going your separate ways.

Yes, you slept with Shawn behind his girlfriend’s back. Yes, you felt bad. No, you haven’t met the girl and thank goodness you haven’t, you’d hate yourself even more than you did because of it. And since when did he boss you around? You understood and were used to the basic rules of being a side chick:

Rule 1: Never make contact with the girl.

Rule 2: If you do, never let it be while her boyfriend’s there.

Rule 3: Lay low in familiar places.

Rule 4: Don’t let anyone catch you.

Rule 5 (a special one): This task may be harder if you’re dating an international singer-songwriter that is a household name.

How long had this been going on? About a year now. Did you like it? You liked the obvious part, everything else was a definite no.

“Hey Y/N”, Hunter Scott smiled at you as you went to leave the studio.

“Oh hey Hunter”, you waved while walking beside him.

“You going to that party later”, he asked nervously.

“Um…”, you thought about it. Was Shawn going to be pissed? Yes. Did you care? Not particularly. “Yeah, I think so. How about you?”

“Yeah”, his smile got wider due to your answer, “I have to go but…save me a dance?”

You giggled lightly, “Of course.”

Music blasted through the whole entire house as you smiled to yourself. You hadn’t been to a party in awhile as you’ve found better things to do, with Shawn. You missed it and it felt good to be back.

“Y/N”, a friend of yours, Jillian, shouted, “The party queen has returned back.”

“Yup”, you smiled as she handed you a drink.

“Can you still handle this stuff”, she teased as people laughed.

“Of course”, you nudged her before downing the drink while people cheered you on, “Eat it bitch”, you joked before dropping the cup on the ground and venturing further into the party.

You looked around and your eyes landed on Shawn dancing with Erica. You tried not to let your jealous side come out, but it did and you wanted nothing more than to fight fire with fire. Speaking of, that’s when you saw a bored Hunter in the corner.

“Hey there”, you smiled while leaning against the wall next to him.

He immediately perked up, got off the wall, and used his arm to lean against it with you caged inside, “Finally, I was waiting for the Queen of Parties to arrive”, he smirked.

You chuckled, “Well now that she’s here, what shall we do”, you trailed off while trying to revert your eyes from Shawn laughing with Erica.

“I mean…”, he smirked down at you.

Just then Shawn looked up and you were the first thing he saw. His eyes went wide at the sight of you. You took this as the opportunity to lean in and smash your lips onto Hunter’s.

“Well this is good too”, he smiled against your lips while deepening the kiss.

You tried to focus on him but you kept opening your eyes to look at a jaw dropped Shawn. You winked before finally closing both of your eyes.

You finally pulled away to be face to face with Hunter who was in awe. You smiled at his reaction, “It’s a party”, you shrugged as he laughed.

“Well that was…amazing”, he grinned as you eyed Shawn who now had his hands all over Erica.

“Ooh what’s out here”, you grabbed Hunter’s hand while dragging him to the backyard, “A pool. The Queen of Parties approves”, you joked.

Hunter chuckled, “Perfect.”

You leaned down and took your shoes off before rolling up your skinny jeans and dipping your feet in, “Join me Hunter”, you giggled.

“Of course my Queen”, he followed your actions, “Hey”, he called.

“Huh–”, you were met with a splash of water and a smirking Hunter, “You ass”, you joked before splashing him back.

“Shit”, he yelped before splashing you back.

You were in a fit of giggles and were honestly having a great time. But all good things must come to and end.

“Oh sorry, are we interrupting something”, Shawn said with his arm around Erica.

Both you and Hunter turned your heads. Before Hunter could respond you spoke, “Not at all….Shawn is it?” If he wanted you to stay your distance then why not go above and beyond by pretending to not know him at all?

He sent you a slight glare, “Oh Y/N! I didn’t recognize you at first, you know what age does to people”, he shrugged.

You scoffed at that, “You should know what that’s like. You have a child’s voice but your…I don’t know 19?”

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Erica”, Erica held her hand out to yours.

You looked at it for a few seconds before shaking it, “Y/N….and this is Hunter.”

“Hi”, Hunter shook her hand, “Hey Shawn”, he gave him a slight wave before his attention returned to you.

“Hunter”, Shawn’s jaw clenched as Erica took a seat on the pavement by the pool and Shawn followed, “Y/N, I thought you weren’t coming to the party?”

You shrugged, “People can change their minds, much like I’m doing right now”, you referred to your little affair.

“So you guys do know each other”, Erica asked.

Shawn looked down at me with a slight look of disgust but I responded quicker, “Sadly.”

“Good friends”, Erica asked again, acting like a clingy girlfriend.

“I guess you could say that. Pretty close, in fact”, you piped.

“Y/N”, Shawn warned lightly.

“Yes”, you looked up as though he were asking you a question.

He sent you another glare, “Brian was looking for you. He said he found that song you both talked about. I’ll show you where he is”, he lied while standing up.

You stood up, “I’ll be right back”, you told Hunter before following Shawn inside the house, up the stairs, and into an empty room.

“What the fuck is wrong with you”, Shawn asked as soon as he closed the door.

“What the fuck is wrong with you”, you yelled back.

“There are rules to being a side chick you know”, he exclaimed.

“Sure, but before any of those, there are rules to being a boyfriend. Rule 1, don’t ever cheat”, you pressed your pointer finger against his chest in an accusing way.

“Don’t play that card because, for all I know, Hunter should know who you are before you both get into anything. Whatever you two are”, he trailed off, but still angry.

“No he shouldn’t because I feel really bad Shawn, I have remorse”, you shouted.

“Well I think he should”, he said while walking out of the room.

“Go do that Shawn. While you’re doing that, I guess I’ll tell Erica about you”, you grabbed his arm, “I mean at least I’m not with Hunter, at least I’m not in an almost two-year relationship with him.”

Small Reminders // Barry x Reader

Request: Hey can I request an imagine with barry where we go clubbing and then someone comes up and flirts with, ya know Y/N, idk while barry is in the bathroom and when he comes back he gets all jealous and angry and then he gets a little freaky when we get back home?….

Warnings: slight angst and smutty smut smut

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Dat Ass (Owen Grady x Reader)

Written for owen-alpha-grady because he tolerates me and my nonsense.

You always saw Owen Grady as invincible. How could you not? You knew about his past in the Navy, and you certainly knew about his present; training bloodthirsty velociraptors. He held a sort of…electricity to him. It was pronounced and strong. The type that demanded attention, and those demands never failed to be met. The second he’d arrive at the paddock every day—always right on time or early—the entire atmosphere changed. People went out of their way to make sure they said hello to him. They had more purpose in their actions. But most noticeably, everyone relaxed as if a simultaneous thought of oh, Owen’s here now, we’re safe had swept over the paddock.  

Except that wasn’t what happened.

From day one, Owen had held a sort of power over you. One that tinted your eyes with rose colored glasses, and melted your world away when he was around. In truth, everything stayed the same when he arrived, for the most part. People went about their business; the lazy ones stayed lazy, and busy ones still had that frantic fuck-i-have-so-much-to-do look on their faces. You were the only one who relaxed and worked with more purpose. But you didn’t say hi. You could never say hi.

The crush you had on him was embarrassing. It reduced you to this puppy dog state that you thought only high schoolers could experience. You were convinced that he was a product of photo shop, what with the way you could see the outlines of his body underneath those fitted clothes he wore daily. But it was his personality that really got to you. He was casual and laid back, yet, often times his military background would show through. He was confident. He took no shit. But he was also kind, and loving; and all of those traits would show through at once when he interacted with the velociraptors. But perhaps the only thing more pathetic than your constant staring, was the way you seemed to lose control of yourself every time he spoke.

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Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry/Harrymort

Tags: Polygamy, Polyamory, Drama, Humor, Petty!Harry, No I’m not back in the fandom much right now

“I understand that you are independent, but you will be dead if you do not learn to take care of yourself,” said Tom, jaw set firmly in his Disapproving Pose™.

Harry glared up at his lover and in order to avoid the accusations in light blue eyes, he rolled over, taking the duvet with him. He even made sure to cover his entire head. A bold declaration that Tom was in deep shite and that Harry wouldn’t bother giving him any attention. Harry loudly sniffed up the mucus for good measure.

He was fine. Nothing a Pepper Up Potion couldn’t fix.

Except… it tasted gross and was too far away for him to bother to get. Using magic when one was ill was asking for trouble.

The Slytherin Heir huffed and plopped - yes, Tom actually plopped - down on the bed beside Harry’s thighs. “You know that I’m right and if you don’t take your potions, I’ll have to take you to St. Mungo’s.”

Dread, like a stone in his stomach, practically pinned him to the bed. Hospitals were not his thing. 

Stubbornly, he refused to make any sort of remark.

Please, Harry?” asked Tom, voice smooth and calm.

It almost worked. Almost. But then he realized that Tom was using that stupidly attractive voice of his to try to influence Harry’s emotions and physical reactions. Who needed an Imperius when they were capable of such manipulations?

He buried himself deeper in the bedding in response.

A sigh.

One moment, Harry was pressed against a wonderfully soft bed, and the next, he was being levitated, still cocooned in his green duvet.

“Voldemort will wring my neck if he learns that I allowed you to remain ill,” Tom stated simply. “I am not about to deal with his pompous attitude and find myself ont he end of his wand just because you are stubborn. So we are doing this the difficult way, my dear Harry.”

He pouted, put out that Tom hadn’t even bothered to play along a little more.

His attempt to reprimand the man was cut off by the itch in his throat taking over. Coughing felt like razors being taking to his throat. The Cruciatus would have been more preferable to this hell.

A miserable groan ended up being his reply.

“That’s what I thought.” Tom damn near sniggered. Harry wanted to kick him in the stupidly attractive shins.

His annoyance was cut short by a feeling that built in his stomach. Then his mouth watered. Oh dear.

“Tom,” he rasped, voice rough and throat hurting from daring to speak. “Come here. Please?”

When the man was near enough, Harry promptly turned his head and unrepentant vomited on Tom’s perfectly shined shoes. Served the other right for levitating and swaying a physically ill man back and forth and thinking nothing would happen because of it.

So returned the stiff jaw as Tom gritted out, “You are so very fortunate that I favour you over everyone else.”

Contented with his revenge, Harry settled back and allowed himself to be taken wherever Tom intended to go.

Some time during the journey, he fell asleep.

A/N: I don’t think Tom would beg as in literally begging, so I changed that part.

“did i stutter?”

pairing: oak x reader

request: (anon) oak x reader with 10, 16, 7

7. “let him go! it’s me who wants you!”
10. “oh my God. you’re in love with her!”
16. “did i stutter?”

warnings: swearing i think

words: 1,321

a/n: i’m starting to get over my bug! hopefully i can get a few more fics out to you soon. thank you so much for the amazing requests! feel free to leave some more! (also @ whoever haven me this request i loved writing it and thank you so much i love u)

Masterlist / Prompt List

“How could I be so foolish?” You spoke aloud as you paced the floor of your apartment. He had cheated on you. Again. He, your boyfriend Jake, had done this three times now. And each time you forgave him. Each time you told yourself it was only sex, that he was drunk, that it was okay, that he loved you.

Deep down, you knew you deserved better. You knew he treated you like shit. Still, you weren’t sure if you anyone other than him could ever love you.

You had just wiped a stray tear away when you heard a knock at the door.


He stood there holding two pints of Ben and Jerry’s and a blanket.

“Hi,” he said, but you were already in his arms, grateful he was there. He was always there for you.

“God, I just, I just wish she could realize her worth, you know? She is this beautiful, smart, incredible, girl. I just don’t see why she let’s herself get stepped all over by - by Jake.” Oak was pacing the dressing room the following day.

Anthony chuckled from across the room, smirking knowingly at Daveed.


“Oh my God,” Daveed said, rolling his eyes.

“What?” Oak asked again, this time more frustrated.

“You’re in love with her!” Anthony laughed, standing up to walk towards him. “You probably always have been.”

Oak should his head, flustered now. “I am not in love with her. She’s my - she’s my best friend? Pfft, why would I be in love with my best friend? No. I’m not in love with Y/N, no I -“ he looked up to see Anthony and Daveed look at him with raised eyebrows.

He sighed, “I’m totally in love with her.”

The week ensued with Daveed and Anthony and even Lin (Diggs doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut) trying to figure out a plan as to help Oak confess his feeling to you. But just as it seemed like it was working out, he got a text.

from: y/n
can we pls talk


From your living room, you heard a knock on the door. Quickly making you way towards it, you smoothed down your sweater, trying to make yourself somewhat approachable.

You laughed quietly to yourself, it’s not like he would care. He was your best friend.

Oak was waiting, a beanie still covering his head from the cool autumn air when you let him inside.

He looked nervous. You must’ve too, because simultaneously, you both blurted out, “Are you okay?”

You giggled, but Oak looked down at the ground.

“What’s gotten into you, Onaodowan?” You laughed, shoving his slightly.

He shrugged, cautiously walking towards the couch.

Now you were concerned, “Wait, seriously, Oak. What’s wrong?” He shook his head again.

“You had something to tell me?” He pulled his beanie further over his ears.

You nodded slowly, “It can wait. What’s going on?”

He shook his head again, checking his watch.

You huffed a little, “What? Am I keeping you?”

His brows furrowed instantly as he turned to face you, “No! No, it’s just… No. Really, I just haven’t been feeling great is all.”

You didn’t buy it. You gave him one more look before he shoot his head, “Really, I’m okay.”

You still didn’t believe him, but you knew better than to push him past his breaking point. He’d tell you when he was ready.

So out with it you went, “Jake and I are back together.”

The scowl on his face appeared faster than you felt your heart drop.

“What?” You asked, but he was already up and heading towards the door.

“Oak!” You yelled out, quick on his heels. He turned once, his mouth open to say something, but all he did was shake his head before walking out of your apartment, slamming the door behind him, and leaving you ridiculously confused.

You texted him throughout the night, desperate to know what the hell was going through his damn mind.

You checked your phone one last time before allowing yourself to doze off. Still no response. What had you done now?

The following week was clammy; Oak avoided you like the Black Death, seeking out ever opportunity not to speak to you. It was Saturday that you finally broke.

Stalking down to the theater, the guard let you in immediately, knowing you from your many visits to Oak’s dressing room. Taking the stairs two at a time, you ran through the monologue you had prepared on your walk to the theater.

You hadn’t even knocked when the door to his dressing room flung open.

In hindsight, you probably should’ve knocked, as Daveed stood there almost completely naked: a pair of boxers the only thing covering him.

“Shit,” you seethed, immediately clapping your hand over your eyes. Daveed only laughed, showing himself out - still undressed.

Oak was sitting at the makeup counter, a pink tint painted onto his cheeks.

You sighed inwardly, the entire speech you had mentally prepared was completely forgotten by now, leaving you staring at Oak with a lost expression on your face.

You opened your mouth, ready to start, but you shook your head, “I shouldn’t have come here.”

You were almost out the door when Oak’s voice stopped you, “Wait! I - please. Talk to me.”

“I should go…” you said, allowing your voice to trail off.

He was closer now, making your heart beat a little faster. You thought it was going to be okay, the way his eyes went soft; but then his jaw clenched and you instantly felt distant again.

At that, something inside of you snapped, “What the hell is going on with you?”

Oak ran a hand over his face, “With me?” He grumbled.

You nodded, “You’ve been avoiding me nonstop and haven’t bothered to return my texts!”

His jaw dropped, “You’re joking, right?” Your pursed lips and hands crossed over your chest told him otherwise. “Oh my God,” he laughed a little, “You really don’t know what’s wrong.”

You rolled your eyes, “Enlighten me, please,” you spat.

He looked absolutely stunned, “Y/N, I’m actually speechless.”

You had to pull everything from inside of you not to hit him. You almost walked away again when his words stopped you.

“Great, just go and run back to Jake, why don’t you,” he muttered, half not expecting you to hear it, half wanting nothing more than for you to listen.

“Excuse me?” The latter, okay. Let’s roll with this.

“He’s an absolute pig, Y/N! Can’t you see your own worth? You deserve someone who loves you!”

You could feel the tears welling in your eyes at his words. You knew they were true, you did. But that didn’t make them sting any less.

“He treats you like dirt. When - when in reality? He’s the one who should be lifting your chin up!”

“What are you trying to say?” You asked, your words sharped than anticipated.

He shoved his hand through his hair, “Christ, Y/N! Let him go! It’s me who wants you!”

You gasped the second the words left his lips.

“What?” You breathed. It took him a moment to process what he had said before he began to backtrack.

From his eyes, you could see a million thoughts running, but nearly choked when he settled on the one: “Did I stutter?”

The two of you shared a look before a smile broke out on your face, “Are you being serious right now?”

Oak grinned sheepishly, “As a heart attack.”

You giggled slightly to yourself, “I gave up on you in seventh grade. I thought that you would never like me like that.”

His jaw dropped, “Wait, what?”

You took a step closer, “I like you too.”

His eyes went wide again, “Wait, what?”

You only had a moment to smirk, the words barely leaving your lips before etching them to his:

“Did I stutter?“

Cupcake Distractions

@supremeuppityone: more Gorgons, please!

This follows Pocket Full of Stones.

Klaus’ kitchen had become her territory.

It wasn’t like he actually used it. Cooking and baking weren’t particularly high priority activities for the family, and other than the occasional Elijah ordained dinner that turned into mayhem, the kitchen went unused. It suited her perfectly.

It was a crime, to waste such a gorgeous space.

Particularly on those nights she stayed over, and some minion or other interrupted them with some crisis management. Caroline rarely managed to sleep once he’d left to remove heads, and instead made her way downstairs to bake. Thankfully, Kol could be taught, so the time she’d woken to find only crumbs remaining of the cupcakes she’d left out to cool hadn’t been repeated.

But tonight, even baking didn’t really cure her boredom. Klaus had his collection of siblings had been gone for just over two weeks, and she was a little perturbed at how much she missed him. She hadn’t planned to crash at his mansion while he was gone, but a pipe had burst in the apartment above hers. Between the minor flooding and construction work, she’d been annoyed and restless. But it had been the unexpected invasion of ants that had her packing a bag and making herself comfortable in his room.

The series of text messages and complaints she’d sent Klaus had led to a truly spectacular round of phone sex. Caroline could deal with any number of creepy crawly bugs, but ants were where she drew the line. Klaus had been quite willing to assist in taking her mind off of the horror of finding them floating in the river in her bathroom.

Now it was Sunday night, she had three dozen cupcakes cooling on the kitchen island, and she was bored out of her mind. Reaching for the wine bottle she’d opened, she topped of her glass with a sigh. It wasn’t even the lack of sex that was bothering her, though that one bout of phone sex had been fun, but she found herself actually missing Klaus. Usually he’d stroll into her domain once she’d gotten the first batch of cupcakes into the oven and they’d spend the next hour companionably chatting while she flipped through cookbooks and he sketched.

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Words: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

Request:  Something sweet and innocent with introverted and “cold hearted” reader who never told Yurio before that she loves him even though they’re dating for long time and he wants to do something to make her say it, please? Sorry for any grammar errors

A/N: I’m back! Get ready for a shit ton of imagines, because school is done and so am I with school. Enjoy!

The snow crunched under the pressure of Yuri’s feet. Clouds of mist escaped his lips every time he exhaled, as if smoke had filled his lungs even though it was just the cold night air. The scarf around his neck couldn’t prevent the tip of his nose to turn red, and he placed the back of his glove covered hands against his cheeks to warm them up.

 It was already dark out, and even though he knew you hated when he walked alone at a time like this, it wouldn’t stop him from doing so. If that meant he was able to see you, he would walk through pitch black alleys that smelled like drunk escapades and cigarettes.

 Something had been bothering him for a while, a thought at the back of his mind that was gnawing at his conscience. Itching at his insecurities to form a rash of negative thoughts. Lately he felt like you were distancing from him, slowly building a wall to isolate yourself.

You had been dating for 3 years now, and it had been the happiest and most fulfilled years since he could remember. You were the true definition of positivity, even though from outsiders it could seem a little different. You preferred to keep to yourself and only talked when asked to. Of course, Yuri was an exception.

 The first time he told you he loved you was one and a half year ago. You went on a small vacation together, and he told you over dinner how he actually felt about you. That was also the moment his insecurity developed itself. You responded with a bright smile and a kiss on his cheek, but didn’t return the words at all. Not even something close. It was a silent “Thank you, but I don’t return those feeling.” and it formed an ache in his heart.

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anythas-thoughts  asked:

Congratulations for you milestone! I wouldn't mind if you wrote something fluffy post season 4. :)

thank you! hope this satisfies that itch. :-) emotionally follows this & this ficlets.
Anniversary Ficlet 7/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Future fic, space!fic, super fluff.

Everyone on the space station was abuzz with the possibility for an Earth-bound mission departing sometime soon, so Jemma wasn’t sure if she was feeding off of that or was imagining things (or not). But for the past two days, Fitz had been behaving atypically squirrelly and seemingly avoiding her, and it hurt her more than she cared to admit. Even if they were sort-of-mostly dating (Still? Again? They hadn’t quite defined it yet), they were not, after all, glued to each others’ sides, and nor should they be. With their steady but tentative patching up of their relationship around Fitz’s healing, though, his strange and unprompted behavior had caught her off-guard.

Because their bunks were minuscule and the space station’s rules on fraternization were opaque, to say the least, they were still spending their nights alone. Whenever they could sneak away or had free time that they could spend together, however, they had been happily easing their way back towards a romantic and physical relationship much more alike the one they’d both been enjoying before the Framework had forcibly turned everything upside down. At the beginning of the week, Fitz had even tugged Jemma into a storage closet for a clandestine snog, which had made her positively giddy.

Then, barely two days later, he had begun acting vague and unduly distracted around her, from when she spoke to him at work and to when he’d scoot off to be on his own. Even though she tried to tell herself he was probably just working on getting the Peak’s camouflage up and running, and that she really should try to avoid being clingy, his behavior was making her antsy. It was a clear sign that she was still recovering from their forced separation, too, Jemma pointed out to herself, and attempted to keep her mind on her work.

One afternoon following a long day in the lab, Fitz sidled up alongside Jemma as she was finishing tidying up her workstation. “Hey,” he said, giving her a small smile that she returned, “what’re you doing tonight?”

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Yellow (Peggy x Fem!Reader)

Hello lovely people! My name is Angelina and this is my first imagine for Hamilton! I’ve been wanting to start a Hamilton blog for a long time but I’ve never worked up the courage. I have another writing blog for girl meets world, but since it ended I figured I should start this. I’m really nervous, but I hope you guys enjoy this! Please, please, PLEASE give me feedback. I would love to know your thoughts and any criticisms you may have. So, without any further ado, here is a cringe-worthy Peggy x Fem!Reader imagine :) (I know this sucks, but honestly I’m just trying to get a feel for writing for this new set of characters) 

(Y/E/C)= your eye color

Prompt List//Request Something

Prompts used: 

5) You’re cute when you’re jealous.

83) Are you drunk right now?

155) Do I look okay? I don’t normally wear things like this.

Warnings: alcohol/ getting drunk, cursing

Summary: Peggy slowly starts to realize that she loves Y/N, but will jealousy and one too many shots ruin her chances?


Originally posted by elo-art

Peggy’s POV

“Open up please! It’s freezing and your food is almost as cold as I am!” I hear her voice from the other side of the door to my New York apartment. I rush to open the heavy wood door and immediately drag her inside.

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EC FF: The Warmth Despite the Chill (Dorothy x Lucas)

A/N: Missing scene between the kiss at the end of episode 1x04 and the arrival of Eamonn & Ojo. Happiest of birthdays to @fairytalesandtimetravel, just one day late! A few soft moments before shit gets real next week.

Words: 1550 | Rating: M | ao3


He can hear the notes of the music playing. They’re crisp and clear, despite the sullenness of their tone. Between them and the wisps of snow falling and getting caught in the ends of Dorothy’s hair, he can almost let himself imagine that it’s just them in these woods, with the girl curled up with Toto across the fire.

Lucas watches her watch him listen. He tries to hold onto the words, but they fade and slip from his mind as the sound of the strings rise and her hand cups his elbow. Her fingers scratch at the fabric of his jacket as she whispers, “That man, he didn’t know you.”

He tries to stay focused on her eyes, on what it is she’s saying between those words, but his attention flickers to her mouth and the way her tongue rests behind her lower lip before she bites down. He means to nod his head, but instead inches closer.

“He knew who I was.”

The hand she has at his elbow travels up his arm and rests on his bicep. It takes all he has not to pull her towards him and cover her mouth with his before he can finish his thought.

“The man I am today?” he continues, twisting his fingers in the ends of her hair as she creeps forward. Her forehead is nearly pressed to his and Lucas can feel the puff of her breath against his lips. “He’s who I want to be.”

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Okay, but Roman and Undertaker really did give us amazing emotion tonight! To watch Undetaker go from being unemotional to annoyed with himself b/c he knew as soon as he chokeslammed Braun, Roman was gonna be waiting with a spear in return. To watch Roman’s jaw twitch when Undertaker rose up from the mat with such ease afterwards, and turn around and seal his faith with so much intensity that his whole body shook, made Roman’s mouth tremble!! This is gonna be a good feud guys!!!

Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Coming Out"

Title: Coming Out
Characters: Clementine, Gabe, Javi, Jesus
Summary: After finding a picture of Clementine kissing an old girlfriend, she comes out to Javi and Gabe and in turn, Javi tells them both he’s bisexual.
Author’s Note: Another special request for pride month! Gay means yay, friends.
Requested By: Anonymous
“Where’s Clem?”

Hearing the familiar voice ask the classic question, Javier turned to his side with a knowing smirk. Before him stood Gabe, eyes resting on his uncle only momentarily before nervously shifting away. He chuckled, turning his attention back to scanning the to-do list Kate handed to him earlier in the day. “I think she’s at the park.”

Since they had sealed the doors to Richmond, Kate and Javi had been working their hardest to put the community back together. Hoping to repay those affected, they promised to fix the city they felt they had destroyed. Ever since, Kate had given Javi a list of things yet to be accomplished, and every night they sat to do over what had yet to be done.

With a sigh, he stuffed the list back into his pocket. “I need to head that way anyways. Mind if I tag along?”

Gabe gave a nod almost as if he was relieved and paired it with a sigh. As clear as it was that he was smitten for the girl he was about to see, as far as Gabe knew, his secret was still under wraps. So, to ensure that his “secret” stayed that way, it was nice to have someone join him to go see her. That way it didn’t seem obvious.

Although to Clementine, it was. Hell, to everyone it was. But that didn’t mean they were about to burst his bubble and confess that they knew.

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