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And Bear-O Is His Name-O

Thousands of years later, one of Mabel’s reincarnations accidentally gets into their guard’s notes and summons Alcor the Dreambender. It coincides with the return of Bear-O as a historical educational doll. The guard returns to see Alcor shrieking like a smol child while their tot cackles.
We are forever here for Dipper the big scary demon screaming like a smol bby

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Sometimes, it seemed like everything went in cycles. Names, traditions, media tropes, fashion – everything, all the way down to toys.

And lately, it was the no-tech toys that were all the rage. No electronics, no magic, just cloth or rubber or plastic, toys that the kids had to do all the work with. Historical toys from yesteryear.

The year, the toy to have was one that no adult really understood, one that had already had protests made over it, but that kids seemed to go mad for – or because of. It was a bit hard to tell over all the crying, sometimes. About half loved it, and the other half ran in terror.


Even the creator, who had designed the bear from historical records and faded photographs, didn’t understand how his creation had gotten so popular, though he enjoyed the money that came in even if he didn’t enjoy the scandal.

He’d intended the toy as a historical prop, a way to help kids connect to how things used to be, how terrifying the supernatural could be, complete with short books and hints for making the toy look like it was talking, and the kids had latched onto it fiercely.

Bear-O, with his ratty coveralls, his one snaggle tooth, his walleyes, was popular despite all the adults protesting that it would give their children nightmares, despite (or maybe because of) their reluctant admittance that it gave the adults nightmares.

Some kids even chose Bear-O to keep the nightmares away on the basis that he was scarier than most of their nightmares.

It made as much logic as anything else.

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The Night Before The Wedding Short Story: Shu

What’s the story behind the two “rings” ?

―― I wonder why I have to be in this kind of place before the ceremony.


Sighing, I flung the both of my legs onto the desk. A stack of books fell from the impact, but I could care less.

I’m at the mansion in the human world. Originally, I had planned to return to the demon world where the woman’s waiting, but I’ve been staying here for a few days.

This is all because the ring hasn’t been delivered yet thanks to the merchant’s work delay. And on top of that, the ring will probably be finished right before the ceremony.

“The ceremony’s tomorrow… …yet there’s still no contact?”

I grabbed the remote control for the audio system and turned it on. Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” started to play.

“Tch… …”

I completely forgot that I had left off on this song. I reflexively clicked my tongue at the rapid melody.

“Damn it… …! It’s like even Wagner’s rushing me.”  [1]

I immediately stopped the music and left the room. That’s it,  I’m going back to the demon world. I was going to wait for the merchant to contact me, but I’ve waited enough.

Besides――I do have a ring as backup. I began to dig through my jacket.

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[September 21st, 2015]

The thing that I love about Kane is that through the years, he’s maintained a strong relevancy by revealing multiple layers of his bizarre personality. At Night Of champions, the WWE Universe saw the return of The Demon Kane, who chokeslammed the WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and his Money In The Bank opponent Sheamus to end the show. However, last night on Raw, the corporate Kane made an appearance, holding an amazing mug that I hope WWEShop has soon that says “World’s Best Director Of Operations”. Kane claimed to The Authority that he hadn’t appeared at Night Of Champions, despite concrete evidence that he had.

This new, possibly schizophrenic side of Kane might make for some very interesting revelations over the next several months. With Stephanie McMahon demanding the return of Kane’s mask and Kane citing that he hadn’t seen it, of course, some conflict will arise and we’ll be seeing a new, embraced version of “The Big Red Machine”.