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When I talk about Matsuoka Rin with someone else, the first thing that springs to my mind is his smiling face.
His dazzling smile from when he said “I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before.” Even now I still think about it at times. If only at that time… If I hadn’t run into Rin at that railroad crossing during that that first year of middle school winter break. If only I had hurried and crossed when the crossing signal at the light before was flashing. Or stopped at a convenience store and read a magazine. No, or better yet, if I hadn’t thought to go out at all that day. I should have stayed in my room and read a book. Then I wouldn’t have run into Rin, so then I wouldn’t have won and hurt him, and then I wouldn’t have parted from my new middle school friends, and I probably wouldn’t have made the choice to stop swimming either.
Or maybe…
It’s possible that, that day, it was an unavoidable fate that I run into Rin.
It might have been fated that no matter what stops I made, or what detours I took, or even if I never left my house, that we would have been pulled by some invisible force, and in the end we would have met somewhere else besides that railroad crossing…

That Matsuoka Rin has returned.
Holding the trophy we buried 4 years ago, that Makoto, Nagisa, and I had snuck into Iwatobi SC in order to dig up. Matsuoka Rin was there. I believed we would meet again ever since I saw the phrases written on the wall under the sakura tree yesterday at Iwatobi Elementary, but I never imagined it would happen so fast.
If our meeting during the first year of middle school was fate, then our second meeting in the run down Iwatobi SC was also fate. The same Iwatobi SC as his breakdown. Iwatobi SC that is now rundown in the middle of the night. We’re slaves to our fate, bound and shackled to it.
The Matsuoka Rin that returned from Australia wasn’t the Rin from Elementary school who I swam in a medley relay with, nor the Rin who I raced against during the winter break middle school. His whole body was shrouded in a ferocious aura, he seemed like a completely different person from back then.
It would be a lie to say I didn’t have a hunch this would happen. It’s because I felt something that I wore my swimsuit under my clothes. Even though there was no reason for the rundown SC’s pool to be filled with water, and a race against him would have to wait.
But Rin definitely said “Let’s race, Haru.”
It wasn’t the Rin who lost to me and said “I’ll quit swimming” while crying. Nor the one who smiled and said “Let’s swim in a medley relay together!” It wasn’t either of those Rins, and yet all I felt was a little relieved.

My TF2 Comic Series

This is a rough idea as to how I’d plan out a new on-going TF2 series if I were given the chance, based on what I know of established plot and my major assumptions about what some of the final developments are likely to be. When (if?) part 7 of the current TF2 comics storyline gets released, a lot of this may get rendered moot. I’m just spit-balling, anyway. It’s fun!

So! Here we go.

Picking back up in the spring of 1974. Everything is different yet also pretty much exactly the same.

Demo gets saddled with Merasmus, first as a roommate, then as a magical mentor. Merasmus knows he must eventually train a successor to carry his arcane knowledge into the future, and while this guy may be drunk half the time, he actually has a lot of potential. And besides, he did Merasmus a solid when he took him in. So Demo embarks on a wondrous-yet-annoying quest to unlock his magical potential and claim his alchemical heritage. Merasmus and Mrs. DeGroot get along like they’ve been friends their whole lives, of course. Demo’s home life becomes a wacky supernatural sitcom starring himself, Merasmus, his mum, and his three familiars Eyelander, Bombnomicon, and Mini Monoculous. (Those three have their own weird dynamic. None of them actually like each other very much.) And hey, magic powers!!!!

Zhanna and Soldier have the biggest, stupidest, most elaborate Hawaiian wedding ever because it’s the furthest thing from that frozen Siberian hellscape she could imagine. (Soldier grumbles a bit that it’s barely even America, but finally relents.) Literally everyone is invited, including any and all NPCs, old enemies, the ghost of Tom Jones, a clan of raccoons, and close family of the mercs. We get to meet Soldier’s weirdly normal family and catch up with Zhanna’s family. Soldier turns into a drama-bomb groomzilla while Zhanna is just overwhelmed with happiness. She falls into a coma from the mental shock and is roused out of it when magical intervention annoys her into returning to reality. Once married, they immediately begin furiously attempting to conceive a child. Like, more than they were before.

Heavy himself is adjusting to his new family situation and being a little overbearing (unintentionally.) His mother is happy to be taken care of, so he moves her to America and builds her a beautiful cottage not too far from where he lives. It has all the amenities, including a high-powered laser mounted on the roof. Zhanna is starting her own family, and he’s secretly giddy at the idea of being an uncle. Yana and Bronislava are both off on their own world-trotting adventures, but they don’t write him as often as he would like. He’s collecting the selfies they mail him from all the exotic locations they visit into a photo album, which he likes to flip through and feel that big brother combination of pride and worry.

Medic has to deal with his past, such as his parents. He’s finally gotten around to going through the box of keepsakes and documents left to him by his mother, where he makes some interesting discoveries, and his elderly father comes sniffing around, presumably to take advantage of his estranged son’s advances in rejuvenatory medicine. Meanwhile, occasional bids from Mephisto, Perdition Representative and current minority shareholder of his souls, to tempt him into trading for more favors are casually swatted away. (I mean, until he actually wants something he can’t accomplish himself.) Medic really shouldn’t underestimate a sufficiently pissed-off devil, though. They have ways.

Throughout every story, hints are occasionally dropped that Pyro is an alien. Some are subtle, some… less so. Someone important apparently takes notice when Pyro begins to be followed around by 70s-era X-Files style FBI agents. Balloonicorn delights in terrorizing them, but Pyro is looking forward to making real good friends! Ultimately, nothing is ever revealed one way or another about Pyro’s nature, so everyone just ends up kind of confused.

Saxton Hale has stepped down as the big boss of Mann Co (handed over to Miss Pauling, who will sometimes call for advice) but remains an investor. He and Mags are now a power couple, but he’s going through a mid-life crisis in which he’s seeking out and wrestling the most legendary, dangerous monsters in the world, which is getting dangerous even for him. Mags has her own complicated feelings about the rekindled relationship, including the baggage from her past marriages, brief as they were. Eventually Saxton must face the fact that the most challenging foe he must wrestle into submission is… HIS DUTY TO MANKIND (and Mags.) They return to Australia to help rebuild after the loss of all the world’s Australium and oppose Charles Darling’s growing post-apocalyptic Thunderdome-esque zoo-based empire.

Sniper has manned a disastrous submarine expedition to the sunken ruins of New Zealand (because he built it himself and refused to ask for help) and barely survived. He reluctantly asks his fellow mercs and Miss Pauling for help in a second expedition, recovering artifacts of his lost heritage in return for sharing it with Mann Co. He also gets roped into Mad Max-esque adventures with Saxton Hale and Mags. And of course, his birth parents are still at-large, which he doesn’t know how to deal with AT ALL.

Miss Pauling is juggling several explosives at once. First, she’s just getting the hang of being Mann Co. boss (including having people do things FOR HER, her assistants Bidwell and Reddy), dealing with the terrorist cult Rise & Shine that’s out to ruin the company, hiring new staff (Driver to help with the cult situation and a new merc liaison to fill her old role, Chicken Girl), forging her vision for the future of Mann Co., and deciding how to deal with the company’s inconvenient ward Olivia Mann. She has her fair share of frazzled moments and sudden urges to dump all her responsibilities and run far, far away, but she never does. That’s not who she is. Oh, and she gets a girlfriend, so that’s nice.

The new liaison Chicken Girl (as everyone insists on calling her after Scout recognizes her) doesn’t actually remember Scout and finds him very aggravating, but not enough to quit her new super-legit job, which she’s actually very good at, once she gets the hang of it. She just wishes they’d stop calling her Chicken Girl. Just “Chick” isn’t an acceptable substitute.

Engie is increasingly called on by Miss Pauling to consult on developing exciting new tech for Mann Co, which is especially important in a world without Australium to fuel effortless scientific discovery. The McMANN is his first such success, and he’s so excited and proud! He collaborated with Driver, the new blood, on its final design, but it was 95% his project. (He’s pretty sure that goes without saying.) Engie spends a lot of his time quietly tinkering away at ideas to make the McMANN even better, but he cooking up some other stuff that he knows Miss Pauling will be interested in. Even though some of it’s a little… weird.

Scout, Spy, and Scout’s ma are awkwardly trying to form a conventional family unit. This is extremely complicated because Scout is still convinced his father is Tom Jones and there are all those older brothers to deal with. The most successful moments happen when Scout’s ma tricks the two of them into spending time with her for a nice outing like a picnic at an outdoor concert, a baseball game, a demolition derby, etc. (Of course, there are shenanigans.) We also learn about the history behind Scout’s parentage.

The Mann brothers are all still hanging around as increasingly irrelevant ghosts, doing silly ghost stuff. Since they’re triplets, none of them can move on unless they all do, and it’s a constant source of arguments. Redmond & Blutarch just want to pull spooky pranks on people, but Gray takes as much time as he can to try to influence and even possess his daughter Olivia, which she eventually starts fighting.

I would include Driver in this new set-up, as previously mentioned. As the new recruit, she’d be the one to ask questions about stuff the audience might want answers to, which is a useful function in fiction where a bunch of crazy shit happens all the time. She’d have her own little character arcs, too, but I’ve gone on enough about all that.

And do keep an eye on that weird new cult that has it out for Mann Co. Rise & Shine? Yeah, I’ve mentioned them a few times. To the public, they seem so cute and harmless, with their chubby smiling mascot of a guru, talk show coverage, novelty songs, and funny comic book series. But we know better.

Here's my OUAT/Lost theory

Since I read the beginning of another one this morning, here’s the parallel I think seems to be ignored in every OUAT/Lost theory I’ve read…

(Contains Lost spoilers)

So, a major theme that Lost and OUAT is fate/destiny. In OUAT the characters always try to fight back or make their own fate. In Lost, they had the choice to embrace their fate or not.

Right from the very first episode of Lost, they seemed to be setting up Jack and Kate as endgame, right? There was no question that they loved each other, they even got engaged. But they weren’t endgame.

In the end Saviour Jack’s fate was to die (they didn’t even try to hide the Jesus metaphor there, did they?). Jacob = God, Man in Black = the Devil, Jack = Jesus, dying to save everyone else. On the surface, it would seem that Emma is a parallel of Jack, but I’m not so sure that’s where they are going…

The other half of that ship was Kate. They weren’t so in your face about what her fate/destiny was, but if you watched, it was there. And it wasn’t Jack.

Another constant throughout that entire show was Kate and Claire’s relationship. Charlie was Claire’s soul mate, not many would argue that, but what did Charlie do? Right, died. (In one of the saddest TV deaths of all time, I swear, but that’s beside the point).

If you watch Kate, especially in the later seasons, everything she does is motivated by Claire and Aaron (Claire’s son, for those who haven’t watched it).

When Claire is unable to care for Aaron, and disappears, what does Kate do? Takes him off the island and becomes his mother. Read: Aaron has TWO moms… his blonde birth mother (who would have given him up for adoption if the place didn’t crash, don’t forget) and his brunette adoptive mother who has a past filled with crime and murder she’s hiding.

But that wasn’t the giveaway. In season 6, the infamous flash sideways season, it’s not Jack or Charlie that Kate and Claire meet first, it’s EACH OTHER. That was the big clue that their roles in each other’s lives were important.

But then as season 6 goes on, what is the ONLY reason Kate would ever leave Aaron and return to the island? It’s not because Jack was incredibly persistent (even though he was), it was because she had the chance to save Claire. She states this several times and is unwilling to leave Claire behind.

And how does fate play out for Kate and Claire? They leave the island TOGETHER. Now, we don’t get to see what happens to them after the fact, but we know Kate has Aaron, which means we can reasonably deduce that Claire does not return to Australia, and instead goes home with Kate.

Kate and Claire were fated to be together. That storyline was never explored fully, and if there were one thing that OUAT could take from Lost and expand upon, it would be that relationship… two women connected over the same child who save each other. (Arguably Kate saves Claire more often, but Claire does save Kate from the smoke monster in season 6… there could be more examples, but I haven’t started my Lost rewatch yet).

Neal, h00k and h00d were poor substitutes for Jack, Sawyer and Charlie, but Emma, Regina and Henry could very much be based off of the Claire, Kate and Aaron dynamic.

That trio was endgame in Lost. That still leaves me the smallest glimmer of hope that the Swan Mills family is endgame on Once. (The glimmer is small because A&E didn’t actually write Lost, they only wrote some epsidoes. And also they can’t be trusted to tell a good story, so there’s also that…)
Coming Home x Soldier!Ashton

“(Y/N), why are you sitting alone?”

His broad stature was almost overwhelming as it stood over your own. He was intimidating in general although it was now as if your anxiety skyrocketed.

It was odd to be intimidated by him though as you’d known him for years, just never had you witnessed him like this.

He’d always been Ashton, little old Ashton Irwin with the gleaming hazel eyes and the floppy curls; the boy who you spent years with, the one who became your best friend.

Yet as he stood over you he was no longer just that boy who was two years ahead. He was no longer the neighbor boy that you met because mom had invited him over for dinner; he was a man, a respectable, all too changed one.

He’d turned out to be what no one had ever expected, leaving the second he’d graduated for basic training, returning home six months later for a mere two weeks. But after a year away since that short visit, he’d finally returned home to Australia, being greatly missed by everyone in town.

“I- , um- I can’t believe you’re here,” you muttered, throwing the napkin from your lap onto the floor, jumping to your feet, “You weren’t supposed to be here until the end of the month-”

It still hadn’t processed; Ashton was in the flesh, standing in front of you, blue fatigues and all.

“I couldn’t miss this moment, I made you a promise that’d I’d be here to dance with you, and I am.”

You couldn’t help but to tear up at his words. He was truly unbelievable.

“Ashton, I don’t know what to say,” you managed to muffle through the tears, his eyes trained on my own.

“Don’t say anything, just accept my apology that I couldn’t be here sooner, and that I couldn’t really coordinate with your dress,” he shrugged, grasping onto my hand only to pull me away from the small circular table, “You look beautiful by the way, I didn’t expect you to clean up so well.”

“Irwin, shut up and hug me, you haven’t even been home for five minutes and you’re already harassing me,” you sighed, looking down to the tan boots on his feet.

“Are those steel toed?”

“Yes- but wh-”

“Good,” you smiled, slipping off my heels, placing the balls of your feet on the rather grimy fabric. Arms extended toward his waist, you rested your head on his chest, “I never realized how much I’d miss you until you were gone.”

“Aww, did you just admit to me that you missed my presence, my best friend missed me while I was overseas?” His tone reeked of mockery prompting my quick yet weak rebuttal.

“Of course I did you loser, how could I not? I just can’t believe you were gone for so long, and I can’t believe you’re here with me now Ash.”

“That’s Leading Aircraftman to you,” he smirked. He was beaming with pride, well deserved gratification.

Everyone was proud of Ashton, some more so than others and you were at the top of that list.

“Did you miss me Leading Aircraftman?” you questioned, lightly running my finger over the insignia on his sleeve.

“Why else would I be here at your prom, straight off my plane back to the base?”

“Because you promised to take me to prom if I didn’t have a date, a promise you made when I was still naive, in Year 10,” you shrugged, moving my arms up around his neck.

“And I don’t break my promises, do I?”

“You never have and you hopefully never will Irwin.”

“That’s what best friends are for, I’ve always been here,” he paused, lightly pressing his lips to my forehead, “And some things never change.”

“But some do,” you chuckled, a hand tracing over the stubble on his face, “I like this, this should stay. But I must say, I miss the long hair.”

It wasn’t as bad as you’d anticipated, Ashton didn’t come back with the standard military buzz cut. He had what was a sort of undercut, few of his smaller curls still resting at the top. He didn’t look bad it was just peculiar for him.

“They didn’t quite appreciate the man bun,” he smiled, the one thing you’d missed seeing the most, “And I’m over that straightening phase.”

“That’s a shame,” you joked, “But sometimes change is needed.”

“Don’t you dare act like I’m the only one that changed in that time. You actually have a figure now,” he prodded, his hands squeezing at yourwaist, “Like you have a butt now, I’m surprised I’m not beating the guys off from you at this point.”

“Always a charmer, Irwin,” you sighed, rolling your eyes at his choice of words though still refusing to let him go.

You never wanted to let him go, and if it had been your choice, he never would’ve left in the first place.

It was selfish, you were selfish but he’d missed so much. It’d been almost two years without him, two years without a shoulder to cry on, almost two years without any sort of hope other than the occasional call and the many letters you’d received.

But now he was here and you were in his arms, having the dance you’d waited for since his senior prom.

“Why don’t you put your shoes back on, then I can whisk you away to the dance floor,” he suggested, looking down at your feet that still stood on his own.

“Or we could just dance like this,” you shrugged, steeping off from his toes onto the surprisingly cold tile.

“Do you want me to help you,” he groaned, looking down at me as you struggled to slip your swollen feet into the nude pumps.

“I would have you help but it will be pretty embarrassing since the shoe won’t fit right now,” you sighed, leaning onto Ashton for support.

“You know everyone can’t have that perfect Cinderella story (Y/N), and I may not be your night in shining armor but-”

“But you’re my best friend and your here, my knight in blue fatigues,” you gushed in response.

His hands steadied your frame as you stood up straight once again, “Can you walk in those Hun?”

“Shut up Irwin and let’s dance, they’re only going to play a few more slow songs,” you began only to hear the soft lyrics flooding through the speakers.

Ashton hummed along, his hand making its way to the small of your back.

“Thank you so much for being here,” you muttered. Your hands made way to their former place at the back of his neck, as you glanced directly into his hazel eyes that glimmered under the soft lights of the venue.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he finally admitted, as you made your way across the floor.

It was like time stopped as you reached the center, not a single soul seemed to be focused anything. It was just the two of you, in your dysfunctional friendship that had lasted longer than you’d ever imagined.

“Is it okay if I don’t let go of you Ash?”

“(Y/N), what do you mean,” he challenged.

“I just don’t want you to leave me again, it was too hard without you here, way too hard.”

His hand moved up to the side of your face, tucking the loose hair that’d fallen back behind your ear, “Do you realize that what happened the night before I left made my departure so much more difficult? It was like I left a piece of me here and I couldn’t wait to return.”

“But you’re here now, so that’s what we should focus on,” you blushed, “And you made my coming to prom worth it.”

It had been like pulling teeth for your mom to get you to purchase that ticket and more so the dress. You thought it was pointless, but now you understood why she’d made such a big deal out of it, she knew Ash was coming home and just neglected to share that information.

“That was all the plan, I didn’t want you to have to waste the night,” he finally replied, “And it gave me an excuse to take leave,” he shrugged, “But I’ll have to go back in three weeks so I don’t use all of my time.”

“For how long, Ash, please don’t say another two years -”

“That’s what I wanted to discuss, it’ll only be for a month and our campaign will be over. Then I’ll just have to go to our base.”

Only one month, 31 long days, although it couldn’t even hold comparison to the previous 18 months.

“Will you still write to me?”

“Of course I will,” he smiled, pulling your body even closer to his.

He began to hum once again, his soft tone was beyond comforting as it always had been.

“I missed your singing,” you laughed lightly, thinking of the countless times you'dwent to visit him after school only to find him belting his little heart out as he busied himself around his house.

“You love it, don’t deny it,” he continued, stopping rather abruptly to finish the song.

“Whatever you say, Ash, don’t get too cocky,” you groaned.

“I won’t, but I say we ditch this place after the next slow song and have one of our infamous sleepovers.”

“Just because you came home from overseas, you think you can already make your way into my bed?” You challenged, struggling to suppress the smirk on my lips.

Placing another soft kiss on my forehead, he pulled away insisting, “Chivalry isn’t dead (Y/N), I’d take you for ice cream first.”

“You’re the best Ash, we can leave right this instant because I’d like to change before you fufill that chivalrous act.”

“One more dance, just one more,” he smiled as the bass overwhelmed the room, “Maybe even this one,” he smirked as he recognized the lyrics of The Weeknd.

“Really Ashton, you’re still that pervy teenage boy that I managed to befriend?”

“Oh you love it and you’re the same way,” he smirked, “And give me some credit, I haven’t had physical contact with a girl since that first time home. I could be all over every girl in this place but I wouldn’t want to come off as a pig.”

You groaned as Ashton pulled you back onto the floor of handsy teenagers, the two of us quickly becoming additional ones.

As his hands made their way to your hips, you couldn’t help but to smile, “You definitely owe me that ice cream, especially after putting me through this.”

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

AU where Rin returns from Australia, all resentful and bitter. Haru feels bad and worries after he sees what Rin has become, and then he realizes how precious Rin was for him. He thinks about Rin so much that pretty soon he starts coughing Sakura petals…

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Are you OK? We haven't seen you in a while!

Yes, I’m okay!

If you don’t follow my Twitter account, then you may not know I’ve just recently returned from Australia, where I sadly had to lay my older brother to rest after he lost his battle with cancer. Huge thanks to all who have sent me messages of support, virtual hugs and more – it means a lot to me in these difficult days.

It’s taking me a while to get back in the swing of things upon my return – though I got all the outstanding print orders from my store that had been piling up while I was away out the door yesterday – so posting may be a bit sporadic for the next little while. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon!





My Language Journey

Hey langblr/studybly community! I had an idea for everyone to share their language journeys to motivate each other and also to see the different ways that different people studied languages and how they did it.  So let’s get started!

RULES: Reblog, tag ten others and share your answers with everyone!

1. What language/s are/have you studied?

Mandarin and Cantonese. I have learnt a little Korean and Indonesian only for kpop and travel purposes.

2. How long have you been studying?

I speak both languages at home to varying degrees since childhood, however as I’ve gotten older I’ve used it less.  My peak language level was probably when I was 8 years old when I used both languages at home and school in China, to the detriment of my English however.   After I returned to Australia, I only used spoken language and have largely forgotten how to read and write.  I started studying it again as part of my university degree in International Studies in 2015.

3. Did you learn through class or self-study (or both)?

My spoken language was totally learnt at home through speaking with family. My writing and reading were always through formal classes at school whether in China or here in Australia.

4. Why did you decide to learn this language?

I mainly have two reasons. Personally, because most of them cannot speak English it is super frustrating not being able to fully communicate to my family.  I feel like I’m trapped by my limited eight year old vocabulary so I cannot communicate anything beyond child-like concepts and feelings.  I feel like we’d have much better relationships if we could communicate properly.  

Professionally, knowing Chinese is SUCH an advantage as there is always a demand for it especially in particular fields.   I really want to be able to work alongside Chinese co-workers and clients one day.  

5. What was a major highlight / milestone in studying this language?

If you told me this time last year that I could write a 2000 word academic Chinese Essay, with proper Chinese referencing and everything, I would not have believed you.   But I did it!  And I got a half decent mark for it too!  It was extremely challenging but I feel like it really pushed me to read and write even when I felt very out of my depth.  Going out of my comfort zone really saw a rapid increase in language.

6.What was the hardest thing about studying this language?

To be honest, it’s easier for me than others because I’ve used it since I was young and I have a Chinese cultural background.   The hardest thing would be becoming complacent and assuming that my language is not too bad, when in reality it is far from what I want it to be.

Also writing and reading is just super hard cause I don’t have a visual memory.  I remember spoken words much better off the top of my head for this language.

7. What resources did you find most useful for studying this language?

Pleco, the Chinese Dictionary App, is LIFE!

I currently LOVE listening to LiZhi FM荔枝 FM, which is a Chinese podcast / live broadcasting site.  Great for listening practice.

Hellotalk is currently my precursor to launching into using Chinese Social Media by posting daily moments.

8. Any top tips for studying this language?

You MUST get the tones right!  People from non-Asian / Chinese backgrounds struggle with this the most.  Practice your speaking with a native from day one!

9. What’s your next major language goal?

Be able to comfortably read native media sources e.g. news, social media, books etc.  Start using Chinese Social Media and actually know what to do with it.

10. Anything we can do in the Tumblr community to get you there?

I am in DIRE need of helpful Chinese reading resources online e.g. news websites, stories, blogs. Currently the ones I have been provided with are too hard / boring.  If you know any, I’d be more than happy to check it out.  Also, anyone currently using Chinese Social Media (微博, 人人网 etc.) have any tips on how to get started?

I tag: @langblog @languageloveaffair @rachel-the-cactus @languagemoon @aspoonfuloflanguage @chat-got-your-langue @thespeechie @mylittlelangblr@langblr @cinnyglot @woailanguages

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Yo! Could you do some hcs with anyone you want really (as long as you have Junkrat and Roadhog) with an Australian s/o? I love your hcs.

Thank you! Hope these are okay. Sorry i only chose one more, I’m trying to do as many requests as i can before work


  • Its really cute because the two of you started dating by accident when Junkrat had returned home to Australia in hopes that they had maybe forgotten his crimes…?
  • And by accident, i mean he got you into a bit of a mess he made and shockingly, that had somehow charmed you.
  • Jamie’s always bragging to Roadhog about how he’s got such a cute girlfriend
  • Is ever the Joker, but you seem to like that about him
  • Its really funny because whenever people ask if your British, the two of you get really offended and you have to stop Junkrat from blowing those people up.
  • One time you guys went on a tour in the countryside and saw a kangaroo going by
  • With a giggle, Junkrat had been eager to show you that he could jump higher then a kangaroo.
  • It turns out, animals don’t like explosion and thats how Junkrat got his ass whooped by a very unhappy Kangaroo
  • It was even better because you’d taken a picture and the two of you ended up using those as your holiday cards for Christmas
  • Both of you always write “Merry Christmas, you dongo!” on your cards. For Roadhogs card, he put “Don’t cark it anytime soon.”


  • Is very opposite of Junkrat
  • Quiet and you like that about him. He gets across his feelings more with gestures then with words
  • You two met at a motorcycle festival in Sydney
  • Everyone had to pair up and so you ended up sitting in the side car of Roadhog, who had caught your eye earlier
  • It turned out both of you had a very serious appreciation for motorcycles
  • It was nice being around you. Unlike when with Junkrat, he liked hearing you talk all the time
  • One time during bad road rage, someone yelled at you for your driving and Roadhog just slowly turned to look at him from his harley, saying ‘Don’t make me go troppo on you.”
  • Honestly, it scared the man enough that he didn’t bother you again in the bad traffic.
  • You guys absolutely love barbecues 


  • Its really cute because when neither of you are working, she’ll either be with you over in Australia or you’ll be there over in England
  • Around the holidays she likes go back to Australia with you since its warmer
  • Once when you two were getting ready for bed, you told her you’d knock her up in the morning after a hot shower. It had taken her five minutes to realize you meant you’d be waking her up.
  • Instead she had been deciding if she was ready to be a mother
  • The two of you like competing and going on runs around a field
  • During those, Tracer isn’t allowed to blink or rewind at all
  • At one point you guys thought it’d be cool to go visit Ana and Soldier over in America during the winter. It turned out, the cold really wasn’t good to either of you and you two vowed never to go near America or Canada in the winter ever again.
  • One time, just to prove that she was faster, Lena decided to race a kangaroo. You thought it was hilarious until the kangaroo kicked her
  • For the next two days you two stayed at home icing her side
  • Lena never spoke about that moment ever again
Pacific Rim AU ► Raleigh asks Chuck to be his Valentine.

lightning1999  asked:

🐨Tell us something interesting about Australia? 🐚You live there and I really love to know anything new about it 😍especially If you live near the ocean🐳! 🌂And how is the weather right now, is it hot or cold?

Firstly - sorry that I have taken so long to get back to you!!

Well, I live in Brisbane which is not really near the water - it’s about 20kilometers inland.  However it’s nicely positioned between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast so we can take a drive to either to spend the day.  We also have a great beach in the inner-city at SouthBank Parklands, and a lot of people who work in the Brisbane CBD like to spend their lunchtime there

At the moment, Brisbane is just starting to cool down after a very hot summer and pretty much non existant (so far) Autumn.  The nights are getting below 20 Celcius (finally!!) but the days are still in the mid to high 20′s.

Australia exerts a very strange influence over those of us born here.  It’s been a part of Aboriginal culture for 50,000 years and is what is known as a Sense of Country.  It’s different to patriotism - much more fundamental than that.  

It’s a sense of “this is where I belong” that you feel whenver you return.  Not missing Australia when you are away - some do, some don’t, but a sense of belonging when you come back.

And always identifying as Australian.

Aussies have a fairly unique sense of humour.  We send ourselves up (we call it “taking the mickey”) all the time.  And we deal with tragedy by making jokes about it.  The deeper the tragedy, the faster we will joke about it.  It’s not that we dont feel the tragedy or the seriousness of it, it’s just our way of getting through it.  

After all - when your country is trying to kill you, what else can you do?

[translation] Character Interview Vol.7 HARUKA X MAKOTO

Scanned by sunyshore

- We are honored to have Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto with us today.

Haruka + Makoto: Thank you for having us.

- Well then, first thing first, please tell us how you met each other.

Makoto: Well… Haru and I are childhood friends, and our homes are really close to each other, so it’s like we’ve been together since the very beginning.

Haruka: I can’t remember something that long ago.

Makoto: But if you must know, I think our first encounter was when we were 0 years old.  We have photos from that time in our family albums.

Haruka: …like I’d remember.

Makoto: That’s true lol.

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[붐붐SERIES] RoboticsGenius!Minghao (G)

Prompt: When stoic robotics prodigy Minghao has one day left to make his feelings known
Word Count: 1,672
Genre: Slight fluff, slight romance
Warnings: None

A/N: Our second instalment of the Boom Boom short story series, featuring our drone pilot Minghao! I was pretty amused by how deadpanned he looked throughout the music video, so I incorporated that into his fictional character. Hope you like it! Our next featured member will likely be Seungchul, so do look out for that too!


See the rest of the 붐붐 (BOOM BOOM) SERIES here:

Biker!Seungcheol | Collector!Jeonghan | UndercoverAgent!Junhui | FieldAgent!Wonwoo | Hacker!Jihoon | RoboticGenius!Minghao

Originally posted by minghaon

If one were to take a look into Minghao’s mind on any given day, it would always yield the same result: nothing but an endless flow of mathematical equations, physics formulas and robotics blueprints. Because that’s who he is.  

For as long as he can remember, he has been devoted to the field of science. A prodigy from birth, he had been completely infatuated with robotics, drones being his specialty. He was always trying to exceed his own limits and he went as far as travelling to a whole other country to further his studies and truly reach his full potential.

That’s why he had been more than surprised to find himself caught in the middle of a top secret crime organization, responsible for operating the gadgets and gizmos that would help them advance in missions. While his devotion to his profession had prevented him from forging anything outside superficial relationships, he isn’t complaining; as long as he’s able to be around what he likes.

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