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Do you believe that a hastily constructed, slapdash sandwich created by a rank amateur can ever measure up to the creation of a true artisan? By this, of course, I mean to ask if you have finally come to understand the inferiority of your pallid, uninspired offerings.

I’m paying you to make my sandwich, not engage me in whatever philosophy 101 bullshit you’ve come up with to convince yourself you’re anything but a corporate shill making mediocre food with sub par ingredients, and pretending you are an artiste.  

However, if you want to tell me more about your love mayo, I’ll listen ;3

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@andsotheuniverseended replied to your post: @seekingoutfriday: I…. reminded you how determined…

…died smiling and looking at Harold. gosh who else do we know that did that?



(gifs from this post made by @genderbinaryisforlosers)

Do you ever just remember that John Reese picked Harold Finch as the right life to save and thought that it would absolutely be enough, and just start sobbing hysterically?

Look at that first gif – John’s smile is so full of utter fondness and love, mixed in with a little bit of smugness as well because his plan worked, TM held up her end of the deal, and Harold was going to be safe despite all of his stupid attempts at locking John into massive vaults. And John is so fucking happy that he gets to send Harold to the wrong rooftop and save his life, he’s so utterly delighted to do this for Harold that it’s astounding. 

And then we have that last smile – when John really should be focusing on the SAM agents coming to kill him, but instead finds himself looking back at Harold one last time while he still can, and smiling when he actually sees Harold walking away to safety. You can just see him thinking that this was absolutely the right thing to do and how glad he is that Harold is going to be safe and how he would do it all over again and how much he fucking loves Harold

Gah this finale was just a relentless onslaught of ALL THE EMOTIONS!!