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Designed by ANDY KUBERT • Sculpted by ALTERTON
Legendary writer/artist Frank Miller returned to Batman with DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE, teaming with superstar artist Andy Kubert! Now, the DC Collectibles statue based on Kubert’s rendition of the Dark Knight is back in a new, miniaturized edition!
Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 7” Tall
$80.00 US • On Sale SEPTEMBER 2017
Allocations May Occur

my new boss tells me i rock like every time i return a data request which, i mean it’s true obviously, but it’s still nice to be told haha

History will be made at NXT TakeOver: Orlando on April 1 when two undefeated competitors collide for the NXT Women’s Championship, as Asuka defends her title against Ember Moon.

Since her arrival in NXT in October 2015, Asuka has been an unstoppable force. The Empress of Tomorrow has bulldozed over the competition with ease, stunning the NXT Universe last April at TakeOver: Dallas when she made Bayley pass out in the Asuka Lock to capture the championship. After winning a rematch against Bayley in Brooklyn last August, Asuka has been begging for competition, and she has stood victorious whether she was facing the returning Mickie James or three of NXT’s top female Superstars at the same time.

Ember Moon has been on a similar path as The Empress of Tomorrow since her NXT debut last August. With a stoic, intimidating demeanor, The War Goddess has steamrolled everyone in her path. Moon earned her championship opportunity after impressing NXT General Manager William Regal with an emphatic victory over Billie Kay on the March 8 edition of NXT. After learning of her impending showdown with Asuka, Moon declared that NXT will enter a new phase on April 1. Though Asuka can be incredibly dominant when the bell rings, Moon has a secret weapon: The devastating Eclipse. No Superstar has gotten up from the brutal maneuver. Kay was left motionless in the ring for several minutes after falling to Moon, and NXT commentator Nigel McGuinness has noted that he’s seen several trainees leave the WWE Performance Center on stretchers after taking The War Goddess’ signature move. If Moon can connect with the Eclipse on Asuka, she may make good on her promise.

Who will suffer their first loss inside an NXT ring? Who will leave with the NXT Women’s Championship? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, live Saturday, April 1 at 8 ET/5 PT, only on the award-winning WWE Network!




On this day in music history: April 26, 1991 - “Power Of Love”, the seventh studio album by Luther Vandross is released. Produced by Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller, it is recorded at A&M Studios and The Village in Los Angeles, CA, Right Track Recording and The Hit Factory in New York City from Mid 1990 - March 1991. After taking a year and a half hiatus from recording and touring, R&B superstar Luther Vandross returns to the studio in 1990 to begin work on first full length release of the 90’s. The end result is Vandross’ first new studio album since “Any Love” three years before. It maintains his trademark sound which has earned him a highly loyal R&B fan base over the past decade, but also sees him setting his sights on winning a larger mainstream audience after his crossover breakthrough with the 1989 single “Here And Now”. At the time of its release, “Power” is one of a handful of albums by high profile artists to be mixed into “Q Sound”, a computer algorithm that creates a three dimensional surround sound effect from a regular two channel stereo recording. The album spins off three singles including “Power Of Love/Love Power” (#1 R&B, #4 Pop), and “Don’t Want To Be A Fool” (#4 R&B, #9 Pop). “Power Of Love/Love Power” wins him two Grammy Awards for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male and Best R&B Song in 1992. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2001. “Power Of Love” spend five weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, peaking at number seven on the Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Hii~ Idk if ure still accepting headcanons but if so can you pls make some abt celebrity couple jikook au. Maybe actor jimin and singer jk! If ure not accepting headcanons u can ignore thiss im sorryy~

A concept. A concept. Jikook as a celebrity will be the death of me. They would be the hottest couple of the century oml. Enjoy~

+ Jimin and Jungkook met at the premiere of one of Jimin’s new movies. They happened to sit next to each other for the showing

+ Jungkook had taken notice to the beauty that was Park Jimin and leaned over. “So you’re the superstar on the screen?” Jimin looks over at him, freezing but then relaxing with recognition. “And you’re the superstar on the stage.” Jungkook smiles in return

+ They end up whispering to each other throughout the movie while Jimin should have been paying attention, laughing at Jungkook’s comments.

+ In the end, Jungkook ends up getting Park Jimin’s number.

+ Since Jungkook had recently finished his world tour, he currently had a lot of free time. With that in mind, he invited Jimin to hang out sometime since they were both on breaks

+ They end up going on simple lunch dates, enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes going to one another’s apartments.

+ The media starts to pick up on the two hanging out more frequently and start snapping pictures while they are on their outings.

+ “You know Jimin, a lot of people are speculating that we are in a relationship. Jimin looks at him and asks him with the most serious tone, “Are they that far off?” Jungkook is surprised at this but instinctively leans forward so that their noses were touching. “Perhaps not.” He closes the distance between them

+ It ends up being a tweet that confirms it all. Super star sensation Jeon Jungkook and Top actor Park Jimin were officially dating. (Jungkook had posted on his twitter a pic of him kissing Jimin’s cheek)

+ The media outlets were having a field day now that the two most popular icons in the industry were together.

+ “You know they say we are a ‘power couple,’” Jimin says, leaning further into the crook of Jungkook’s neck as they cuddle in bed. Jungkook chuckles and repeats Jimin’s words back to him.

+ “Are they that far off?”

+ The couple begin to attend premieres and red carpets together as an item, the media eating them up

+ A couple months into their relationship they are named the “Hottest Couple” in the industry. (Jungkook may have saved that issue of the magazine)

+ Jimin sometimes sits in on Jungkook’s rehearsals and Jungkook sometimes shows up to Jimin’s filming.

+ They go on mini vacations together when they have time, from places as simple as home to tropical paradises

+ When Jungkook has to go back on tour, it starts to get rough. They miss each other so much and all they can really do is Skype each other whenever it best fits their timezones

+ Jimin flies out and surprises Jungkook at one of his concerts, standing proudly backstage watching his boyfriend perform for thousands.

+ When Jungkook runs off the stage and sees Jimin standing there, his first instinct is to pick him up and spin him around, kissing all over his face as he laughs. “I thought that you weren’t coming to any of the concerts.” “I wouldn’t miss it for anything Jungkook.”

+ They remain as the “It” couple for many years to come

+ Bonus: (and maybe Jungkook’s proposal to Jimin becomes the talk of the decade)


The stunning Maryse first broke onto the scene as a finalist in the 2006 Diva Search competition. A crafty and determined athlete from the start, she rapidly became one of the top competitors in WWE.

Using her wiles along with her fierce French Kiss DDT finishing maneuver, Maryse rose through the ranks and created an impressive in-ring resumé. In addition to becoming the first two-time Divas Champion, the Montreal, Quebec battler held that prize for 216 days in a single reign making her one of the longest tenured Divas Champions ever.

Maryse’s accomplished skills between the ropes also made the French-Canadian Superstar an extremely talented manager, as she guided a number of her fellow contenders to squared circle success. It is that experience that should be of great concern to the WWE locker room. For after parting ways with WWE in October 2011, the ultra-dangerous Superstar returned in April 2016 to help her husband, The Miz, capture his fifth Intercontinental Championship. And from the way things look, she is out to make sure he keeps it.



Titan Comics are excited to announce that following the fantastic sell-out response to the Vikings: Godhead mini-series, Vikings is returning for an all-new story!

Superstar writer Cavan Scott (Vikings, Doctor Who) re-joins series artist Staz Johnson (Batman, Spider-Man) to further expand the Vikings lore with Vikings: Uprising #1! This new story follows after the explosive events of the MGM TV show’s Season 4 mid-season finale.

Ragnar and Lagertha return from the disastrous events of Paris to find their land threatened from within. A charismatic Irish slave is leading an uprising, which will set Viking against Viking. With blood flowing freely, Lagertha searches for guidance from the gods, while Ragnar struggles with failure and addiction. Can Lothbrok survive yet another challenge to his throne, while his former wife takes up arms to bring the bloody rebellion to an end?

Released September 14th, Vikings: Uprising expands on Titan Comics’ hugely popular Vikings: Godhead, which sold out of its debut issue and went to a second printing!

This thrilling new #1 comes with five variant covers to collect with art by artists Mark Hammermeister, Claudia Caranfa, Verity Glass (Doctor Who, Assassin’s Creed), Josh Burns and a regular cover by Chris Wahl (Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage).

Vikings: Uprising #1 covers:
Cover A: Chris Wahl
Cover B: Mark Hammermeister
Cover C: Claudia Caranfa  
Cover D: Verity Glass
Cover E: Josh Burns

Retailers can order issue #1 of Vikings: Uprising from the July edition of Diamond PREVIEWS. This all-new storyline in the world of the hit TV show will delight hardcore fans and new fans alike.