return of the snapback

I always see blurbs about you trying to get Michael’s attention while he’s playing videogames but imagine you were chilling in his mancave and decided to play Call of Duty or Skyrim or something and he walks in and is kinda intrigued yet kinda bummed that you’d rather play videogames than cuddle with him so he tries talking to you and is greeted with two-word responses so he tries kissing your neck but you smirk and playfully shrug him off so now he’s running out of ideas to get your attention but then it dawns on him so he leaves the room only to return a minute later completely naked - wearing only a snapback - and struts past you in an awkward attempt of being sexy and tries kissing your neck again so you just roll your eyes and pause the game because his fucking plan worked and you were horny now and all you could do was say “fuck you, Clifford” only to have him smirking against the sensitive spot at the base of your throat