return of the pug

The Signs as Dog Breeds
  • ARIES- Great Dane- large and powerful on the exterior, but really a sweetheart and a good protector
  • TAURUS- Basset Hound- maybe not the best runner or doer in general, but not unintelligent, a good companion
  • GEMINI- Jack Russell Terrier- energetic and wily, always ready for something new and going places
  • CANCER- Newfoundland- calm but powerful, a good sense of loyalty and recognizes when you're unhappy and genuinely tries or wants to help
  • LEO- Poodle- a show dog, but not only that, also needs to feel loved and appreciated, treat them right or don't expect them to return the favor
  • VIRGO- Pug- may be unaware of a lot of things but will make the most of what they know, a joy to be around, won't take dangerous risks
  • LIBRA- Labrador- peaceful and intelligent, yet never boring, a good supporter when you provide for them equally
  • SCORPIO- Husky- may be possessive or protective of their owner, but only because of how they love them, only mean good
  • SAGITTARIUS- Beagle- an adventurer with a kind spirit and willingness to learn
  • CAPRICORN- Burmese Mountain Dog- a worker and a cuddler in one, ready to protect you and fight for you if you need
  • AQUARIUS- Chow Chow- independent and intelligent but still can't be neglected or ignored, seriously huggable as well
  • PISCES- Dachshund- looks like a lap dog but definitely capable of being aggressive or useful