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Roommate Agreement (Part 13)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Sorry, it’s a bit short.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 535

Previous Part: Part Twelve

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The Signs as Dog Breeds
  • ARIES- Great Dane- large and powerful on the exterior, but really a sweetheart and a good protector
  • TAURUS- Basset Hound- maybe not the best runner or doer in general, but not unintelligent, a good companion
  • GEMINI- Jack Russell Terrier- energetic and wily, always ready for something new and going places
  • CANCER- Newfoundland- calm but powerful, a good sense of loyalty and recognizes when you're unhappy and genuinely tries or wants to help
  • LEO- Poodle- a show dog, but not only that, also needs to feel loved and appreciated, treat them right or don't expect them to return the favor
  • VIRGO- Pug- may be unaware of a lot of things but will make the most of what they know, a joy to be around, won't take dangerous risks
  • LIBRA- Labrador- peaceful and intelligent, yet never boring, a good supporter when you provide for them equally
  • SCORPIO- Husky- may be possessive or protective of their owner, but only because of how they love them, only mean good
  • SAGITTARIUS- Beagle- an adventurer with a kind spirit and willingness to learn
  • CAPRICORN- Burmese Mountain Dog- a worker and a cuddler in one, ready to protect you and fight for you if you need
  • AQUARIUS- Chow Chow- independent and intelligent but still can't be neglected or ignored, seriously huggable as well
  • PISCES- Dachshund- looks like a lap dog but definitely capable of being aggressive or useful

You wouldn’t recognize her now even if you tried.

(Merlin knows they’d tried.)

People could be very unforgiving. Memories, hasty. Colours, divisive. 

She’d worn green. Of course she had. She’d also pointed out the stupidity of it all. The maths had been quite simple: one life versus three hundred, maybe more. Pure unbridled logic that had made everyone turn and look at her aghast.

(She’d also been scared, but fear isn’t something she’s allowed herself the luxury of feeling any time in the past fourteen years.)

She’d gone on the run, like the rest of them - all of them clad in green.

Funny, isn’t it, how they forgave them all so quickly? Draco, sitting in the lap of luxury, still playing at being a gentleman of leisure. Blaise with a cushy job in the Medici Bank, Venice. Theodore, Adrian and Daphne with a bloody island of their own - and there were the rumours, of Theodore ending his exile and returning to England. Millicent and Corvus - all right, Corvus was an honorary Slytherin - happily mingling in the German Ministry.

But Pansy - yes, that was her name, wasn’t it? She can’t quite remember now - poor little Pansy, had had none of their luck. The eternal struggle of a friendless girl, with no men to save her. Boys could sulk around, play the role of martyr: persecuted and heroically struggling in the face of difficulty. Girls with boys so artfully posed too, escaped the dread axe. But Draco was selfish and so she’d run. Albania. Bulgaria. Romania. Ukraine. Now Russia.

Well, not entirely friendless. Andrei Vakhashivili had been most interested.

(Never mind the age difference. Girls like her, pug-faced bitches, had no time to think about age differences. Not that age mattered when one was deathless.)

She wore green. She was a survivor.

And here she was, preparing to lose her soul one last time; blood in her veins running blue and heart turned to ice.

Because even if she’d wanted to return, she couldn’t. Past the point of no return, as cliched as that sounded. She was no longer part of their world; but maybe, just maybe, she could find her place here, with liars and thieves and murderers. People who’d forgotten themselves and consequently, unquestioningly take care of their own. 

What could a girl do except find a place to belong, a people to call her own, who’d come for her when she called?

She allows herself precisely five minutes of mourning - for Draco, for Blaise, for Crabbe and Goyle, for mum and papa (still vainly hoping that one day their little girl would return), for the unnamed dead, for home, for innocence - for a now unnamed pug-faced girl.

Then, she forces herself to forget, forever.

She is a Winter’s child and the Winter is all she knows.


Pug Puppy ‘Very Excited’ for 'True Detective’ Season 2

Tuesday’s revelation that HBO’s pulpy crime drama True Detective will return for a second season has local pug puppy Luna prancing with glee.

“She’s a huge fan of the show, and very excited,” says Carol Gray, a friend of the pup. “As soon as she read the news in the entertainment trades, her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.”

While details about the new season are still scant, Luna has every trust in its producers, according to sources close to the situation.

Via @leela_luna_pugs.