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How about the lions becoming human or whatever race with a side of langst?

Fuck yes!!!!!! Mama Blue to the rescue!!!!!! :D
The new ability had come out of nowhere. One minute Pidge was frustrated with a new upgrade, and the next a human version of her Lion was pointing out what was wrong with the programming.
After that, a human form became available to Black, Yellow, and even Red. Green looked quite similar to Pidge’s mother, Colleen. Black explained that they chose their form based on an important female figure in their Paladin’s life, with a few differences. Like Green having bright lime colored hair and golden eyes.
The hair color matched the Lion’s metal, and all of their eyes were golden. They were a physical manifestation of their own Quintessence, while their metal bodies stayed put.
And yet, Blue still didn’t have her human form. That function was damaged, and she’d had no time to repair it since she’d been reactivated.
Lance didn’t blame her one bit, but he did feel slightly jealous every time he saw Hunk and Yellow, a bubbly yet bulky blonde reminiscent of Hunk’s mother, chatting away and baking in the kitchen or Keith actually laughing while training with Red, who may have been short and slim figured but was fast on her feet.
What really hurt, was that nobody seemed to care about it. Their Lions took his place as the friendly guy to the team. Pidge had Green to keep her active, Hunk had Yellow to soothe his anxiety, Shiro had Black to calm his flashbacks or nightmares, Keith had Red to tell him when to stop training for the day.
Nobody needed him around anymore.
Most of his time was spent in Blue’s cockpit, blurting out his frustrations and worries and fears while she hummed to him to calm him, upset she couldn’t assure his worth with words like she wished to do. He didn’t know if anybody even noticed that he was hardly around anymore, aside from missions. He kept it too himself, knowing that the Lions made his team happy, he couldn’t be selfish and beg for attention. He was raised better than that.
The tipping point was during a mission to destroy a Galran main support ship. They had formed Voltron to fight back, but that’s where everything went to Hell. An overcharged laser cannon hit Blue, inflicting horrifying damage and actually snapping the leg off of the main body. They were forced to split up, Blue returning to her previous Lion form but unable to move as her pilot wasn’t responsive.
Blue was sent flying at high speeds into a planet so very very far away from her sisters, crashing into a black ocean that felt thick and heavy against her metal skin as they sunk to the planet’s ice cold core.
Her Lance was bleeding, badly. He was burnt and sliced up from the electricity of the laser. She drew in power from the sludgy ocean and forced herself to form a human body inside her own cockpit. Fluffy, curly blue hair bounced around her tan shoulders as her slim, twiggy body smoothed out her blue t-shirt and jean shorts, grimacing at the sticky dark red liquid staining her bare feet.
Wasting no time, she hurried to where her first aid kit was stored and pulled out everything, more than a little frantic. She almost slid on the bloody floor while dashing back, but she caught herself and pulled away his armor, leaving him in his black undersuit. She’d left a working light on before she’d shifted, as it was pitch dark outside her windows, and proceeded to tend to the burns and slashes carefully.
She pulled him onto the floor with her, and tucked his head onto her chest, purring soothingly, light glinting off of her golden eyes. She tilted her head back to look at the ceiling.
She hoped her sisters found them soon.
If you want a part two, let me know! Instead, have this Mama Blue and langst ;)
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Lance is the guardian spirit of water!!!

he first starts out piloting the blue lion >>> the ocean

then Shiro goes missing, Keith gets bumped up to Black while Lance gets bumped up to the red lion, the red lion’s element is fire >>> the water heats up

Lance and Red’s bond doesn’t work, it’s too forced and bad for Lance >>> the heated water begins to evaporate

Keith piloting the black lion doesn’t work out either, Lance proves to be an effective leader and more compatible with Black and gets bumped up to Black while Keith returns to the Red lion >>> the steam that evaporated from the water RISES into THE SKY AND FORMS CLOUDS (the black paladin is the guardian spirit of the sky!)

Lance leads the team along side Princess Allura and they kick Lotor and the Galra’s asses! >>> the clouds roll across the sky, growing and getting heavier

the team eventually finds Shiro! he returns to the pilot seat of the black lion while Lance returns to Blue >>> the heavy clouds start to rain, the water returns to the ocean (Lance has a motif with rain! he misses the rain!)

Okay, I am jumping here with the idea of “other aliens discovering Lance’s insecurities first before the team”.

> Just like the other ideas, the team landed on a planet where the aliens has a strong connection with emotions. This time though, the moment they entered the planet the leader (Queen? King?) wanted to judge the voltron crew with their own eyes and asked their soldiers to do nothing even if they will feel something.
> Let’s just say that this race has been holding themselves all this time against the Galra and Allura wanted to form an alliance with them because of their military power.
> The moment they entered the castle the leader immediately had this face like the crew offended them in some way.
> The leader lectured Allura that she dared to call the Paladins as her own, fight a battle that they should have not joined in the first place, yet failed to see the deteriorating mentality of her soldiers? The effect of the scars in their mind and soul?
> The leader gave Allura a week to prove herself to them. That she can care for five people just like a proper Princess.
> So then Allura had this determination and talk to the Paladins.
> They made this sort of group therapy. At first they tackled Shiro’s problems. Then Pidge and Keith and Hunk. Lance joked around and everyone assumed that he is fine.
> After they reached the given time limit the team presented themselves to the planet leader again.
> The leader was disappointed. They said that the voltron team see but do not observe. Observe but do not think deeply. That the team only believe what their eyes can only see.
> Then one of them snapped (maybe Keith) towards the leader and said to stop dancing around the subject. Will they want an alliance or not so they could stop wasting time.
> Of course the leader was even more offended at the blatant disrespect. Allura and Shiro apologized to saved a possible alliance.
> The leader agreed to an alliance if the blue paladin will be left with them.
> The team started to second guess and Lance saw this in their eyes. It hurts him that they will think twice if they should agree or not. And why not? He was just a liability after all.
> The leader, sensing Lance’s distress, pressed Allura even more. The blue paladin in exchange for an alliance or nothing at all.
> The leader also promised that they will help the green paladin in finding their family.
> Lance saw the hopeful eyes of Pidge and that was the last straw. If it will help the team then he would gladly let himself be left behind (not really gladly, in fact it was really hurtful)
> So an alliance was made, Allura will be the temporary blue paladin.
> When the rest of the team was outside the planet the leader asked Lance why he was staying with a team that didn’t even recognized that he was wearing a mask this whole time.
> And that was the time that Lance realized that he was the one the leader talking about from the start.
> The aliens treated him like a child to be treated with full of love.
> But Lance still dared to believe that the team will be back for him. That the Blue Lion will return for him.
> Days turned to weeks then to months and eventually it became a full year.
> Lance was showered with love and he believed that he was not that really needed to form voltron.
> A passing comment from the leader made Lance to think that since he was not a paladin anymore then he could go back home, back on earth.
> The leader fulfilled Lance’s wishes.
> The moment Lance landed on earth was the moment the voltron team returned to that planet with the intent of getting Lance back because the Holt family was once again completed.

Yeah, I know the idea was not that good
Also, sorry for my English. It is not my first language.

Things Confirmed in The New Crystal Gems
  • (Forgot to mention last time) Steven and Greg have gotten their ears pierced
  • The CGs have returned to Earth
  • Connie took care of Lion and restocked the cereal at The Beach House 
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Lapis since Ocean Gem
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Peridot since Stevens Birthday
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Pumpkin Dog
  • Lapis doesn’t remember Connie
  • Peridot considers Connie Stevens 3rd. Best Friend ( After her and Lapis)
  • Lapis has almost drowned a lot of people
  • Peridot thinks they need to act like the CGs to do the job of the CGs
  • Peridot wants to be like Garnet
  • Pumpkin dog is a girl
  • Connie doesn’t know much about beach city besides what Steven has told her
  • Some people vandalized Mayor Dewey’s Van
  • Peridot has gotten better with her metal powers
  • The Car Wash got very busy
  • Lapis can do a pretty good Garnet impression
  • Peridots are good at fixing things
  • The Car Wash has a new sign
Voltron Lion to Human Headcanons
  • It was initially Lance’s idea to go and explore the new planet.
  • Allura and Coran objected but, you can’t really say no when ⅘ paladins rocket their lions towards an unknown planet.
  • It’s covered in like, trees and flowers and cool stuff.  Seriously, Pidge loves it, Hunk wants to eat everything, Keith is fascinated by the sharp rocks, etc. etc.
  • They touch down, explore, all that fun stuff (Shiro, Allura, and Coran join after being persuaded by our dearest Pidge).
  • When they get back to their lions, oh dear.
  • Instead of five giant robotic/alien lions, the paladins return to five people.
  • Each one looked really confused.
  • But honestly, so were the paladins.
  • The first lion saw the team and stood up immediately, standing at a respectful attention.
  • The next two stood, one a bit distracted by some fluttery butterfly thing, the other glaring at the team.
  • The last two stood, just kinda watching, not really focused on anything.
  • “Are you hurt,” the first asks.  He takes a step towards Shiro, Keith stepping in front of the black paladin.  
  • “Back off.”
  • This first person explains how somehow, these guys are lions and that something weird with alien energy, etc. etc.
  • Everyone takes a ride back up to the castle and the real crap happens.


  • Pidge and her lion sit in their room, Pidge recording things.
  • She asks Green about how it feels to be human, takes scans, just kinda chats with the lion.
  • Green has really dark skin, very similar to fresh soil.  
  • Her eyes are dark green and they honestly fascinate Pidge because no human has eyes like Green.
  • Green is short and very energetic, quite sassy as well.
  • The two of them chat some more and Green tells Pidge some really cool things about her past paladin and how cool he was.


  • Yellow is pretty short, likes to sit on the counter and watch Hunk bake.
  • Hunk doesn’t press many questions.  A lot of, ‘Do you like…’ or ‘How about…’
  • Yellow has dark choppy hair, pulled back into a really messy bun.
  • He has dark skin and really golden eyes and loves to chat.
  • He has somewhat of an accent but, Hunk can’t really pinpoint what it is.
  • (He doesn’t just love to chat, he’s a chatterbox.)
  • Yellow loves physical attention and loves back scratches so, Hunk gives him one to help her fall asleep.


  • Keith and Red don’t get along at first.  He doesn’t believe that his precious lion was turned human.
  • Eventually, they’re fine after doing some training.
  • Red is tall and lithe, and she’s very agile.  She does numerous parkour tricks while training and teaches Keith a few.
  • The one thing about Red that Keith can’t stand is that she and Blue are basically inseparable, which means that Keith and Lance have to hang out.
  • Red likes Keith a lot, always calling him, ‘My son’ or ‘Darling’, in such a motherly tone.
  • Keith doesn’t really mind.
  • She pets his hair a lot.  It’s a tad weird.
  • Red is very protective and now that she has a mouth, verbal assault from Lance is basically impossible.
  • Red crosses several lines in her argument with Lance after he teases Keith about his mullet.
  • “If you’re not going to be nice, why don’t you leave, Seventh Wheel?”
  • Red is fierce, very savage, and leaves Lance a wreck.


  • Blue and Lance get along great.
  • You can’t say that Lance didn’t hit on his lion because, he totally did.
  • Blue is very enthusiastic and a bit chatty, always talking and asking Lance questions.
  • She may or may not have a bit of a narcissistic personality.
  • Blue is flouncy and fun, complementing all the paladins.
  • She loves to kiss cheeks.
  • Blue and Allura get along so easily.
  • Honestly, everyone loves Blue.
  • She loves to hang out with Red as they are best friends.
  • They like to play fight and tackle and bite each other playfully.
  • When Red insults Lance, Blue goes into mom mode.
  • She hisses and nips at Red, actually scratching the other lion.
  • After she hits Red, Blue runs off to find Lance, comforting him.
  • She loves cuddling so, they end up cuddling close so that he can calm down.
  • Keith finds them and takes over, letting Blue leave to deal with a very distraught Red.
  • Blue is calm and helps all her friends calm down.


  • Black does not deal with all the crap.
  • He and Shiro just chill.
  • They don’t even realise that the Blue/Red thing is going on.
  • Black is really chill but can be stern.
  • He complains to Shiro about being the Dad Lion
  • Shiro totally gets it, being Space Dad
  • They both get along nicely and do some more trust exercises, getting to know each other.
  • Black tells Shiro a lot about Zarkon and the bond they had.
  • Overall, it was interesting.


  • The lions turn back to lions about a week later.
  • Most of them got along, most of them did not.
  • It was just a big mess and the paladins agreed to never follow Lance’s navigational advice again.
  • The end.

tbh I’m starting to get sorta iffy about Allura piloting a lion because it seems like Shiro’s gonna come back and pilot again and like I feel like I’d be more pissed if they put Allura in a lion and then took her out?? I think I’d rather the castle get an update via Slav and Allura get a bunch of cool magical weapons and kick ass and run the alliance and be the commander without being in a lion instead of having her pilot and then taking it away when Shiro comes back

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Klance, prompt: confessing their feelings


  • they are mutually pining
  • it’s almost tangible
  • it gives shiro anxiety so he’s like “guys. confess. please” but like individually 
  • it takes lance a little longer to realize he likes keith cuz he’s so deluded by this “rival” thing
  • keith realizes it when lance saves his life. again. and he’s like “oh shit”
  • so they both take steps to confess because for frick’s sake they can’t risk the other finding out by accident! and they need to form voltron!!!
  • lance tries with flirting. this is the only way the poor child knows how to express romantic interest
  • “baby are you a star? cuz you light up my world”
  • “…what?”
  • it’s super frustrating to everyone because keith is BLINDED with infatuation so he doesn’t understand lance is flirting but everyoNE ELSE DOES
  • keith tries to confess to lance in the middle of a battle because he’s extra™ and needs to do stupid stuff like that
  • “lance! I need to tell you something!”
  • “keith look out!” 
  • lance takes a huge hit for keith because the emo child was distracted with trying to confess and lance goes unconscious
  • everyone is in this state of panic and keith loses his mind. he attacks and attacks and attacks with his bayard until the battle is over
  • they return to their lions and keith carries lance in his lion, highkey panicking
  • lance goes into a pod and keith literally doesn’t sleep. he spends the entire time by lance praying he’ll be okay
  • lance comes out of the healing pod still unconscious
  • allura explains to the panicking paladins that he’ll wake up after sleeping for a while, because healing actually took a lot out of him
  • keith takes lance to his room and lets him sleep while keith sits next to him
  • he starts crying “this is all my fault. and now you’re unconscious and I know allura says you’ll be okay but I can’t help but worry I’ll never get to tell you-”
  • “tell me what?” from a groggy lance
  • and keith yelps and jumps away from him, face burning
  • lance stares at him like “what” and he just waits
  • keith confesses
  • lance stares for a while and keith starts to worry he screwed up until lance grabs his hand and pulls him towards him, and keith falls on top of him
  • lance confesses back
  • they kiss and laugh and the rest of the team is outside their door simultaneously sighing in relief
  • the nightmare is over!!!
  • and keith and lance become the literal grossest, most adorable couple in the galaxy

Send me a ship and a prompt!

Happy Thoughts for a Bad Night
  • McGonagall comforting all of the little first years when they have had a nightmare, assuring them that even brave lions depend on the pride for strength. 
  • Sirius Black was one of these scared little lions after he was sorted into Gryffindor 

  • He had a nightmare about returning home and McGonagall would not hear of one of her lion cubs calling himself a disappointment, assuring him that he was too “what do the muggles call it these days? I believe I have heard one of my students refer to it as Punk Rock” to be anything other than spectacular. 

  • Sirius Black making it his mission from then on to aid every young student who had a nightmare.

  • He would stay up for hours telling them stories of Dumbledore and McGonagall and all of the amazing things they had accomplished and adventures they had been on while they snuggled into the little nest Sirius had built for them on the floor out of pillows and blankets. 

  • He would act out grand tales of Godric Gryffindor slaying magnificent beasts, fantastically illustrating his death defying maneuvers with over exaggerated movements and faces.

  • Any child who was frightened, no matter how old they were, always knew that they could quietly rap on his door and hop on his bed for a good story and a feeling of warmth and security. 

  • Eventually, after the first month of rapping on their bedroom door, the other marauders started to pitch in.

  • Peter would gather the blankets, because he was the best at fort building, and would settle all of the kids in to get ready for the story.

  • Remus would pass out sweet treats and hot chocolate before tucking in closer to the younger ones, because Moony’s hot chocolate is the best and no one would dare drink the stuff if anyone else made it. 

  • James would help Sirius with his epic skits and would cast dancing shadows on the walls in the shapes of hippogriffs and lions so that the younger ones felt protected and safe inside of the haven these four boys built for them.

  • Eventually, because it’s Hogwarts, word spread and Lily, Marlene, and Dorcas decided that the girls needed the same type of system.

  • In the event of a thunderstorm, Lily and Sirius made a plan to bring all the kids downstairs to the common room where they would all sit together in a giant nest of love and comfort, until they either fell asleep again, or the bad feelings passed enough for them to climb back into their own beds.   

  • Lily would braid hair so the little lions could have a mane when they woke up in the morning.

  • Dorcas would bring her guitar and sing softly when the mood required a more relaxed form of soothing 

  • Marlene would charm night-light stars on the ceiling so that the room would never get too dark and scary. 

  • One evening, after a very very violent storm, McGonagall decided to go up and check to see if her little lions were okay. 

  • She found everyone curled up in the common room, in front of the fireplace with thousands of charmed stars and shadow protectors on the walls. and 7 very gangly 7th years sleeping in a circle on the outside of the little ones. 

  • Instead of interrupting the peace, she walked to a sleeping Sirius Black, smoothed back his hair from his face and whispered “10 points to Gryffindor for finding courage and love in the heart of a storm” 

I think they are going to reveal that Keith is part Altean as well. In the recent Wondercon Panel “It’s all about unlocking powers, and we may see more of that.” 

Many of us have been wondering how Keith is able to feel the blue lion’s energy in the desert if he was not the destined blue paladin. We know in season two, Allura unlocks hidden powers that she is unaware of. Perhaps because of these “powers” Alteans are able to sense or feel energies of some sort. 

Keith says he can feel the energy and was drawn out to the place, but he cannot find the exact source until he physically stumbles upon the cave. 

What fuels this is that it is revealed in season two that Haggar is Altean. She can also sense the return of Altean energy.

How is the blue lion able to create a worm hole if Allura is the only one who can do it? Im still trying to figure this out but maybe there was leftover Altean energy stored inside the blue lion somehow which can explain how Keith is able to feel her presence in the desert because he can sense it’s Altean energy.

And then the whole Altean people can blend in with the local population. It all can just fit in really easily. 

a concept: keith and lance kissing post every battle as a way to celebrate the success

“you did good out there”

“you too :3″

*stare at each other smiling for like an eternity*

“we should you know… go back in the lions and return to the castle”

“right.. right.”

*hold hands while walking towards red and blue*

“i guess we’re inseparable” “good”

like you cannot convince me these two wouldn’t be sappy as hell once in a relationship

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Can you do some headcannons for laxus, loke, grey & nastu on how get act when their jealous please X

god this ask is old im so sorry for the wait ;((
but pls enjoy this finger guns

Laxus Dreyar:

  • he gets really grouchy for the longest time, seriously he can hold a grunge for a really long time that it gets super annoying when you want to talk to him and he brings up that one time from ages ago
  • so when he gets jealous it’s one of the worst things ever since he doesn’t let it die, no matter how long ago it was and it gets hella annoying oh my god
  • he’s borderline like a little kid with his arms crossed and how he won’t look at you unless you have to show him something. it gets really annoying when you want to talk to him
  • oh and he does that thing where he answers with only one-worded answers or simple hums, which is really annoying. all you want to do is have a conversation with laxus, not this
  • he doesn’t admit he was jealous though because it’s super embarrassing (to him anyway), but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, just mention it to him and he’ll immediately deny it and let it go to prove you wrong

Loke/Leo the Lion:

  • the most calm one about the situation to be honest, sure he gets annoyed, but he lets it slide since sometimes he can flirt (in your opinion) with other too much, so fair fair
  • it’s actually really hard to notice when he’s jealous, but when he grabs your hand a little tighter than usual or grabs your waist a little tighter than usual. it’s not that hard to work out
  • it’s all the little things you have to notice when he’s jealous, he doesn’t really do anything big about it (hence why he’s the most calm) so you have to be observant to notice
  • he gets really upset when you mention the thing that made him jealous in the first place, but loke being loke doesn’t show it through big things and you have to notice it
  • like these boys he’ll never admit he was jealous, he’d just push his glasses up with a laugh and say something to make you think he wasn’t jealous
  • just shut him up with a comforting kiss so he gets the idea that he doesn’t need to be jealous for any reason otherwise he will go on for days about how you thought he was jealous

Gray Fullbuster:

  • the second most chill (aHA GET IT) one about this situation, he doesn’t really do drastic things, but he does frown a lot more with multiple pouts and arms crossed
  • like laxus he answers with one-worded answers and hums so he can prove his point, though unlike laxus he doesn’t hold a grudge and he’ll probably just do it for a day or two
  • he thinks he does super well at hiding how jealous he is, but honestly it’s just what he thinks. it’s really easy for you to notice when he’s jealous, but you don’t tell him how it’s easy to notice
  • going back to the whole doesn’t hold a grudge thing, gray can’t hold a grudge against you. he’s tried multiple times, but it’s really hard to not talk to you for a long time honestly
  • just help the poor boy and tell him you know he’s jealous (without telling him how easy it was to notice) so you can see his embarrassed look when he denies it
  • if you grab his hand while doing the top one he’ll ignore the whole jealous situation and change the subject so he doesn’t have to be embarrassed anymore

Natsu Dragneel:

  • never calm (or chill) about this whole situation and will stop it the second it happens. he has no hesitation or second thoughts about stopping some guy from making you laugh
  • there’s two things he does: tucks the bottom of his face in his scarf and pouts with arms crossed, or he pulls you away from the situation. you will never know until he actually does it
  • he still talks to you, but with a flat voice and not a single trace of excitement. it gets kinda annoying, but he still talks to you so you can deal with it for a little
  • will still hold your hand even though he’s jealous just so he can prove to you he’s fine and nothings wrong, but with his tight grip and face tucked into his scarf its not hard to figure out
  • he will admit it over his cold dead body, will refuse to admit he was because it’s just not him to be jealous over something. you can point it out, but he’ll never admit it okay
  • give him a comforting kiss with an “i love you,” and he’ll be back to his original self, smiles and all. never talk about how he was jealous though because he will instantly get silent.