thoughts on return of the jedi
  • that blue elephant in jabba’s palace reminds me of something… 
  • poor chewbacca, in chains again
  • leia sneaking around in that bounty hunter’s outfit, she really is the collest disney princess
  • han talking in the wrong direction
  • can I just say that I’ll never understand girls who dress up as leia in her slave bikini? I mean apart from it being super degrading and a slave costume, her endor outfit is just that much cooler (and I for one wouldn’t feel comfortable running around a convention almost naked) -rant over-
  • ‘I used to live here, you know’ - ‘you’re gonna die here, you know. convenient’ I love han’s sarcasm
  • there’s a boss opponent in yoshi’s island ds that looks a lot like the sarlacc
  • han accidentally ending boba fett and leia not so accidentally ending jabba
  • palpatine is a bit like the falcon, held together by trash which is himself
  • luke’s parking skills have improved
  • I’m like yoda; when I’m confronted with an unpleasant conversation ‘I must rest now’ *goes to sleep*
  • ‘fly casual’ 
  • leia: making sure the enemy is disabled before fainting
  • why the hell did they take the droids to the forest
  • I should probably kill you as you invaded my homeworld - oh food! never mind
  • han’s face during the whole ewok scene is just hilarious (‘prOPER?!’)
  • I’m the ewok snuggling up to harrison’s leg
  • han apologising to leia is what I call character development
  • ‘you were once anakin skywalker, you take your tea with milk and sugar, you don’t like sand and you always double knot your shoelaces’
  • wait what
  • ooooh yes, spaceships 🚀👌
  • ‘it’s a trap‘
  • I’m also the ewok knocking himself out with his slingshot
  • ‘I got it’ *door slides shut*
  • Palpatine is really such an asshat
  • luke is just too good for this world, too pure
  • anakin losing his hand again, must feel like déjà vu
  • can you dance the ewok?
  • I love the star war

remember when Leia dressed in a dead man’s clothes, dragged one of her best friends into Jabba’s palace in chains, activated a detonator she was holding and kept holding it while staring down Jabba’s thugs and all the guns pointed at her, sold her friend to Jabba, rescued her boyfriend–who she knew was blind–and dramatically whipped off her disguise to give a clever one-liner and make out with him.

like it was a terrible plan in the first place, but you can never be more Iconic than that


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“For me my first memory of Carrie was when I was 11 years old. Very new to the film industry, never been on a film set before, but what Carrie did was just made the whole experience to me fun. It wasn’t intimidating, it wasn’t daunting in any way it was just fun. And, you know being inside the ewok costume you get very hot and I remember every time I took the head off Carrie would be there checking on I was okay. She had chocolate milk and cookies. You know, whether she thought I needed. And she kinda became a very sort of on-set mother figure. Yeah, I just remember her humour, just making the whole experience fun.” — Warwick Davis about Carrie Fisher