return of superman

❝ You’re the best, dad. ❞

Plot: Jaebum and his two twins are the new “trio” of the reality “The Return of Superman”

Words count: 2,2k+

Pairing: Fluff, Fluff, Fluff

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. I’ve never seen this reality, so I hope I’ve made “justice” to reality / “Mami” is a sweet nickname for “Mom”


“Babe… Wake up.”  

A tired groan made your son laugh but you were well away from being happy. You knew perfectly what day it was and the idea of staying alone with both your children scared you slightly.  

Especially since it was the first time. You still couldn’t understand how your manager had succeeded, aided by your beautiful, sweet and cheating wife, to become part of the cast of “Return of Superman”. Because you kept, after four years, to hold you a bad father. You were often absent for work and you had lost every moment really important.  

You couldn’t imagine that but your twins, the little Jaesi and Wonwoo, loved you in an unconditional way and rejoiced for every little moment that you spent together.  

“They’ve already prepared the cameras and I have to go, Jaebum..” The sweetness in your wife’s voice forced you to open your eyes and her hair gently tickle your face.  

“At least it’s an easy task?”  

“The easiest love, promised.” She murmured, just touching your lips with a little peck.  


“I’m awake Jaesi, I’m awake princess.” Immediately the sweet weight of your daughter took your breath away since she had thrown herself with all her strength on your chest, but those little attentions were able to banish your grumpy side in less than a few seconds.  

If you were to admit that you were incredibly softened by the day you found out that your wife was pregnant, but you were always trying to show some detachment because otherwise she would start teasing you and you couldn’t bear it.  

“Are you quite presentable to get out of the bedroom..?”  

“I’ll make myself prepared by Jaesi, she’s very good at setting up Appa’s hair, right?”  

The youngest of the house started hopping on the bed due to her suddenly joy, while the amused look of your wife made you smile and you followed her with your eyes when she stepped out of your room.  

The door remained open and after a few minutes a sleepy and grumpy, he had taken everything from you as you always repeated, Wonwoo made his entrance and climbed on the bed.  

He hid his face between the pillows and you watched him smiling, resting your head again on your pillow and starting to gently caress his back.  

“Appa I want to sleep…”  

“Me too Wonwoo, me too..” You whispered accomplice, turning around on your back and taking him in your arms letting him laid on you. One of the things you most loved was that, staying in bed and cuddling them until you were able to feel your cheeks hurt because of the too much smiling.  

Immediately he curled against you and you could feel that he had started to suck his finger since you had recently started trying to make him stop the pacifier.  

“App–why is he here? I had to make you beautiful! ”  

“Don’t get upset, a long day expect us and you’ve to be good with your appa….”  

“We shall see, pft.” She snorted and stepped out of the room leaving you grounded and making you realize that those forty-eight hours would have been incredibly, frightfully endless.  

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