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Can i have an nct 127 reaction to them having a fiesty girlfriend?? Like she can be sweet but she also has that sassy side to her? Lol i feel shy... but thanks for your time! <3<3

A/N: This was so fun to make and so relatable. Also, if these gifs to not mess with you idk who you are bc-
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Is astounded you just roasted him. 
He finds it humorous though when you’re sassy and causing melancholy.
“That was a bit mean-”


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He literally lives for it and instigates so you will roast his ass and throw some sass at him. He just likes the reaction of getting you riled up and sassy.
“I’ve taught you well-”


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Self-proclaimed sass master is not having it.
He thinks your sass is weak and tries to conceal his smile each time, not wanting to encourage you.


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Yo, Taeil gets fuckin invested.
He is not about to have you talking back to him like a rude teenager.
“Say it again and see what happens-”


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Jae thinks it’s pretty humorous and honestly doesn’t care.
He’d probably laugh the most as you sassed his earlier comment, correcting him.


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Johnny encourages it.
He likes being sassy, so he thinks it’s entertaining when you are too.
“You’re not as sassy as usual-”


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I feel Taeyong might miss that it’s ‘sass’ half the time and think you have a real issue with him. He’d call for a serious talk, curious as to why you treated him so distantly.
“Did I really make you upset earlier? I didn’t mean to-”


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This is war.
He’d be so sickeningly sarcastically sweet with his return sass.
Don’t sass him because he’ll definitely roast you in return.


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Mark would highkey try to high five you at the disses you hurled at him or the snide remarks you’d make. He’d really appreciate your spunk.
“Oh! That was a good one!”


Magnus’ attitude towards Alec in this scene, you do realize what this is besides the return of Magnus “King of Sass” Bane, don’t you?

This is Magnus with all his walls up. The walls that started to drop when he fall in love with Alec, but which also protected Magnus for such a long time before Alec entered in his life. His sassy attitude, his sarcastic comments, the way he almost doesn’t look at Alec. All of those are samples of Magnus’ walls, that walls that were indeed dropped, but Magnus just picked up from the ashes so they would be able to protect him again.

Because Magnus loves Alec. Magnus loves Alec so much, so deeply, and it hurts him to have to be apart from him, so much that he had to put up his walls again, just to be able to look at him, to talk to him. Remember how Luke said that Magnus couldn’t face Alec sober? This is just the same. Just as alcohol, sarcasm and indifference and coldness are nothing else that Magnus’ coping mechanisms, the ones he use to endure the pain.

Because this may be not the first time that Magnus is in the same place than Alec after their “break up”, but being alone with Alec? With Alec knocking the door of his place, the place that just some days ago they both called home? After days missing his warmth, his smile, his voice, his sole presence?

That must be a new level of pain. It’s not even surprising that Magnus went to face Alec with his walls displayed at its finest.

Mundane Dating

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Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: Jace takes you on a date outside of the Shadow world.

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Dating a fellow Shadowhunter isn’t easy. Between fighting demons, going on missions, and training the remaining time is spent sleeping so you don’t much time to yourselves. Especially recently due to the whole Valentine situation you haven’t had a date or spent quality time together just the two of you with your boyfriend Jace. You missed him. Sure you saw him everyday and were on missions together but it wasn’t the same. You and Jace wanted to spend time together without the worries of being a Shadowhunter, without the worries of demon attacks or Valentine. You both loved being Shadowhunters but sometimes you envied mundanes and how they don’t have the same worries you do as Shadowhunters.

You had just finished your training for the day and was putting the equipment away when Jace snuck up behind you. “Hey, beautiful.” He whispered in your ear causing you to jump.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to do that. I could have hurt you.” You exclaimed.

“Debatable.” Jace pointed out jokingly which caused you to roll your eyes and shove him.

“What is it that you want?”

“Really? Is that anyway to greet your boyfriend?”

“Fine.” You laughed. “What is it that you require my love?” You said mockingly in a sickly sweet tone, clasping your hands together to your chest.

“Oh, haha.” Jace said unimpressed but quickly changed in to a grin when you bursted out laughing. When you stopped laughing he added. “I was going to ask if you wanted to go out on a date tonight. Just me and you, outside of the institute, outside of being Shadowhunters-.”

“Wait, you mean like mundanes?” You interrupted.

“Yeah, like mundanes. So what do you say?”

“That would be amazing.”

“It’s a date then. I’ll pick you up at seven.”


A knock at your door interrupted you from putting the finishing touches to your outfit. You wore black skinny jeans with a crop top with lace detailing and a pair of heels. You grabbed your purse with your essentials you needed for a night out and opened the door to a speechless Jace. “Wow, you look… you look amazing.” Jace complimented you. Even though he tells you all the time how beautiful you look it still makes your heart flutter like he’s telling you it for the first time.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” You smiled at Jace through the mirror putting the finishing touches of your makeup on.

“You ready to go?” He asked. You nodded in response putting your lipstick in your purse and headed to your door which Jace was holding gentlemen like.

“So, where are we going?” You asked holding his hand, walking out of the institute.

“It’s a surprise.” Jace said which resulted in you pouting trying to get it out of Jace where you were going but he wasn’t budging on his decision not to tell you.


The evening consisted of Jace taking you to dinner at one of your favourite pizza places, the one he took you on your first date. After you had dinner you thought that was the whole evening, not that you would complain if it was, but Jace had another surprise for you. He took you dancing at this bar not too far from the pizza place. It was in a tiny nook of New York, if you weren’t purposely looking for it you wouldn’t be able to find it. Surprisingly, Jace is an amazing dancer and was leading you the whole time, you were less than amazing but Jace taught you a thing or two about not stepping on his feet. When the song ended you both collapsed onto your seats out of breath from the non-stop dancing. “Where did you find this place?” You asked looking around the bar taking in the decor. Jace was about to answer you before you interrupted. “Wait, let me guess you asked Clary and Simon.” Jace rubbed the back of his neck guiltily. “You totally did!” You exclaimed and then started laughing.

“How did you even know?” Jace asked.

“Well, those two are the only mundanes we know and these activities we did this evening are very mundane. Plus it was totally written all over your face when I asked.”

“Yeah well they must have given me great advice seeming as you enjoyed yourself.” Jace said tracing patterns on your hands.

“Yeah well of course I was going to enjoy myself in your company.” You smiled and moved onto Jace’s legs so you were straddling him. Crossing your arms around his neck you pressed a kiss onto his. “I can’t believe, you Jace Wayland, actually asked Simon of all people for dating advice.” You snickered. Before Jace could return your sass with a comeback to what you said your phone buzzed. “I’m just going to freshen up.” You kissed him on the lips again and got up from the position you were in on his legs causing him to groan. “To be continued.” You whispered in his ear as you walked off to the ladies with your purse in your hand.

When you weren’t in sight Jace got his phone out and saw a text from Izzy telling him there is a demon five minutes from where he was. He contemplated on whether to go but it was a short battle and he decided to go. Jace could have gone and killed the demon and got back before you returned from the bathroom as he’s used to you taking ages. He left the bar and headed to the location of the demon only to be met with you already there. You both looked at each other in confusion but you had to put that aside while the demon was still alive.

It wasn’t long before you both killed the demon. You were both looking at each other knowing that you were both in the wrong here. “The ladies looked different than I last remember.” Jace finally said breaking the silence between the two of you.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” You apologised, walking up to Jace.

“I can’t say anything when I am also standing in the alleyway with you.”

You nodded in agreement. “So, how did you know about the demon?”

“Izzy, you?”


“What are we like, huh? We tried to do mundane dating which ended with us fighting a demon.” Jace laughed.

“Mundanes would class this as weird, for us this is just a regular Tuesday.”

“I guess mundane dating isn’t for us.”

“Oh on the contrary. I was having fun. It was different, in a good way. I liked not thinking about Shadowhunter business and to end the evening with killing a demon with my boyfriend just topped the evening off. Plus next time you can teach me to dance more.”

“Next time? Well I don’t know, I’d have to check my busy schedule.” Jace jokingly said. You shook your head and gently shoved him trying not to laugh. “I do miss you sitting on my legs though.” Jace added. A mischievous grin appearing on his face.

“Well the night is still young.” You bit your lip and arched your eyebrow. “Maybe I can do more than straddle your legs. That’s if you’re not too busy.” You whispered seductively in his ear.

Jace’s eyes grew wide and the infamous Jace smirk appeared on his face. “I think I can make time for you.”

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The girl he once knew (2) ∾ r.m

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posted 4/12/17

this is part two of The girl he once knew - if you want part one, click here

pairings: reggie x reader

warnings: none

a/n: anon requested a part two of a reggie imagine but i had no idea which one you meant so i hope this is the one! if you have any requests, click here!

words: 861

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Hi! I hope your blog does well! What do you think the chocobros look for in an s/o?

Thanks for the kind words, anon! Also, thank you so much for your patience! I hope this is alright. They’re definitely not all the same length, I’m so sorry. I’m on my mobile again (and it’s late lol), so they’re not as consistent as I would have liked for them to be.

Chocobros: Ideal S/O


Noctis is in need of an s/o that is able to handle his awkwardness and his sass in equal measures. The relationship would be hard at first because of all of the barriers Noctis puts up - primarily his introversion. Because of this, Noct is sometimes interpreted as rude or uncaring. The truth is, he’s incredibly sweet, just a bit on the awkward side. Having been raised in a royal bubble, he’s not entirely sure how he’s supposed to interact with those outside of his circle. He puts every ounce of his being into his relationships, he just doesn’t show it as outwardly as most do. When Noct starts to get grumpy, especially with outsiders, he’s met his quota of how much social interaction he can take for the day. Once his partner realizes that he isn’t the snobby royal so many portray him to be, that he’s really just a lovable dork, things with Noct will be a breeze.

Noct needs somebody that he will be able to sit quietly with, taking in the silence. At the same time, he needs somebody that is willing to give him the push he needs to step out of his comfort zone. In doing this, they’ll need to be incredibly gentle, caring, and supportive, showing they are behind him 100% of the time. Noct tends to lose himself in his social anxieties of maintaining a certain persona; his partner needs to convey to him that he is more than just a crown, that he is a person just like everyone else. He has his failures and his anxieties like each one of us, and that’s okay. Just because he’s a prince doesn’t change that. All in all, Noct’s partner needs to show him constant support in every area of his life. They are the place that he can relax and be himself without all of the pressures of royalty. And if they were able to return his sass, it would make him all the more fond of them.

The prince would also definitely enjoy if they expressed interests in his own interests, especially fishing. Noct would have so much fun teaching his partner how to fish - the lures, lines, and different types of fish would all excite him so much. It would get to the point where his partner would have to be the one to remind him they’re not supposed to be scaring the fish.


This sweet ray of sunshine needs a ray of sunshine himself. You can be guaranteed he would be obsessed with taking his partner’s picture. Whether they are looking or not, he is going to be snapping photos of them. It would make it all the more fun for him if his partner enjoyed having their picture taken so they were willing to pose or spend hours in the same place trying to get the perfect shot. Teaching his partner how to take pictures would hype him so much he probably wouldn’t really be even to teach them properly, there would just be a lot of fumbling and giggles shared between the two. Being able to share a love of things like dogs and chocobos would be a must. This sunshine chocobo loves animals and being able to share that love with another would be such a sweet experience for him.

Prompto’s partner is going to need to be able to keep up with him. He tends to move quickly, forgetting to do important things or not properly explaining his thought process. While keeping up, they will need to be able to remind him to slow down and take in the moment for everything it is. The two will be adventurous and fun loving, sharing many unforgettable memories, whether they are sitting on the couch or playing with chocobos.

While Prompto is usually upbeat and incredibly optimistic, his partner will also need to be able to handle his insecurities. This boy will do anything for his partner, so he can’t be with someone that will take extreme advantage of him. He had a rough past that he has hidden for many years - when he opens up to them, they need to be accepting and understanding, expressing that they will love him no matter what his past holds. Along with words of affirmation, Prompto also needs a lot of physical affection, such as cuddles, hugs, and kisses to remind him of his importance to his partner. Whether it’s holding hands in the car or cuddling on the couch, Prompto adores being able to hold onto his partner, knowing that they are his and his alone.


Dear Iggy needs somebody with a heart of gold. They are going to need to understand how important his position as Noct’s advisor and confidant is, not only to Noct, but the kingdom and Ignis himself, too. Ignis has a very busy schedule and is going to have difficulty making time for his partner, but, because he’s Ignis, he’ll make it work out perfectly. His partner is going to need to have the patience of a saint though. Some date nights will probably be cut short by a phone call from Noct saying he needs to be picked up from the Citadel or something to that effect. Ignis’s partner will be completely understanding of this though and allow him to attend to his work, teasingly making him promise he’ll make it up to them.

Being of a slightly more dominant nature, Ignis’s partner would be considered more quiet and gentle. However, this doesn’t mean they are incapable of firing back to his sass and sarcasm. They would be quick witted and intelligent, relaxed yet driven, and incredibly cheerful. When Ignis begins to fret about something, such as perfecting a recipe his work, his partner is there to ground him. Their gentle nature and firm approach would be just what he needs to coax him into slowing his pace a bit.

Most importantly, Ignis’s partner would remind him of the importance of taking care of himself. He is always on top of making sure his partner is comfortable, fed, or has slept enough, yet he doesn’t do that for himself. Ignis would refuse for his s/o to take care of him in that way because he firmly believes that’s his role in the relationship, but he would greatly appreciate their concern for him and his wellbeing.


Gladio is as stubborn as a mule and he needs someone who is just as stubborn. If he had a submissive partner, they would find themselves consistently coming in second to Iris and Noctis. His partner would be understanding of his role in protecting Noct, but they would also make sure Gladio balances his time correctly, probably resulting in them giving him ultimatums at occasional intervals.

Although his partner would need to be stubborn and able to stand up for themselves, they would also need to be caring. Gladio’s work is stressful - it’s they’re job to give him a stress free environment full of love and unconditional acceptance. They can’t be too cautious of trying not to hurt his feelings though, because they may need to bring him back to reality at times, reminding him that he’s only human.

While his partner needs to have a strong character, they also need to be able to kick back and relax. Sharing a candlelit cup noodle dinner and cuddling is just what the big guy needs from his partner. They can’t be afraid or hesitant to touch him, whether it’s his forearm,leg, or shoulder, considering Gladio feels a deeper connection to people through touch. In times when Gladio is feeling frustrated or uncertain, if his partner asks for help, this helps him feel needed and wanted, even if it’s just to reach something up on the top shelf.

Taunt, Tease, Kiss, Please?

Request: Can i request another jean x reader where he always bullies and teases her ( not nastily) and they end up shut in a room together where he flirts etc and ends up kissing her. There aren’t enough jean imagines and he’s my favourite, so expect more :’)

A/N: (Y/L/N) = Your last name :)


“Kirstein! (Y/L/N)!” Levi barked your names as he emerged into the dining area.

Immediately, you and Jean fell in line, hands over your chests.

“Sir!” Simultaneously, you stood at attention and bellowed your replies, anxious to hear what you had done to be called out.

“You two were in charge of organizing and cleaning the library, correct?” The captain’s face was stone-like as ever, adding to that grim aura he carried about himself.

“Sir, yes, sir!” You both maintained our composure, ready to be torn to pieces.

“It’s completely unacceptable. Redo it, immediately. So help me, God, someday you brats will learn how to clean properly. Don’t return until it is up to my standards. Dismissed.” With a sour look on his face, he spun in his heel and exited and you both were able to breathe again.

“Damn. I hate when he goes on these cleaning benders.” Jean raked his fingers through his hair as he started off with you toward the library.

“Don’t we all. Best get it done soon. Surely, he’ll come to check up on us.”

“Yeah. Joy. Another night stuck with you.” He winked as he pushed open the door to the library. “Just how I wanted to spend my night.”

“Ha, ha. Funny, Kirstein. You’re lucky you were assigned here. Otherwise I wouldn’t be caught dead with someone of your stature.” You returned his playful sass with a sarcastic wink of your own.

“My stature? Do you mean, average height? How’s the weather down there?” Smirking, he ruffled your hair gently before gathering up the cleaning supplies from the closet.

“Bigger they are, harder they fall. Height isn’t always an advantage.” You took a dust rag and began going over some of the shelves.

“No, but it doesn’t have its advantages. For example, I think I have a better view of that pretty face of yours.” Jean took his own cloth and began wiping of the same set of shelves. You couldn’t quite tell what his tone was, but it almost seemed as if he was..flirting with you?

“You’re hilarious. You’ve proven it, Kirstein. Relax.” Whatever he meant, you decided it best to laugh it off, continuing your work.

“Hey, I mean it. Look, I’m not exactly what you would call a smooth talker, but I do think you’re beautiful. You’re funny too. I wish I could insult people the way you rag on me and that’s just goes to prove how smart you are. Hell, I only tease you because I can’t think of a good way to tell you all that. Sorry, if this is weird or awkward, I just..thought this was as good a time as any.” His face was flushed red with embarrassment as he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“All right, drop the act. Jokes over. I don’t wanna play into this prank.” Just as visibly nervous as he was, you tried to play off the sustain to avoid the inevitable awkwardness you would achieve, given that’s just how you ended up coming off any time you tried to ‘flirt’ with someone. You had now perfected it as an art of driving someone away with sheer social ineptitude.

“No, really. Look, I know this is weird, but I like you. I wish I knew how to make this less awkward, but I don’t so I’m just gonna–”

And in the middle of his ramble, Jean leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on your lips, which you happily reciprocated. He meant it and that was okay. This kiss was definitely worth the awkward build-up and it melted away all the anxiety.

“I’m..sorry. I didn’t really know if you were kidding or not and I’m terrible at this stuff too, but uhm..I really liked that? And, I like you too, Jean.”

“Really?” His eyes became alight with joy as he stared down at you, wrapping his arms around you carefully.

“Really.” Placing your hands in his chest, you leant up and pressed your lips to his slowly.“

"I told you to clean the library, not the inside of each other’s mouths.” Whipping your heads toward the entrance, you found Levi standing the, arms crossed and stamping his foot as he glared a divide between the two of you.

“Sir!” Hastily, you broke apart and resumed cleaning furiously. Once he had turned and left, muttering another bit of Levism under his breath, you two glanced at one another, mirroring shy, but joyful expressions.


“Well….” Lucy folded her arms over her chest again. “…Did you ever think of asking her if she had any friends outside of Limbo City?”

“I’m sorry, it didn’t occur to me to do a complete background check while trying to keep our asses alive. How rude of me. And while I’m at it, I’ll ask about her credit score too.” Lucy would soon find out that Vante could dish out some sass of his own.


summary: love makes you stupid.

pairings: not rlly specific to any couple, but mainly ladynoir/marichat?

sidenotes: just got rlly random insp and im here, its midnight, please save me




Adrien remembered the first time he tried to tell Ladybug he loved her.

A complete disaster was a simple way to put it. A disaster that literally ended with Ladybug throwing him at someone, and only later, from details provided by Plagg, did he learn that he said awful things to her after being akumatized. Sort of.

Evidently the world was against him when it came to his adoration for Ladybug, because ever since then h’d been absolutely terrified of telling her his true feelings, but nonetheless…

He really was useless, wasn’t he?

“She’s going to hate me forever,” he remarked forlornly, laying his head on his keyboard so a series of aaaaaaaaa’s appeared on the screen. Plagg made no effort to comfort him, only groaned in dissatisfaction like his sadness was completely uncalled for.

“Relax. You’ve done dumber things.” He comforted (if that even counts as comfort).

“No. This is it. This is the end.” He wailed. By now, Plagg was at the end of his already short patience.

“Just remember to k.i.s.s, Adrien. Being extra isn’t going to get you anywhere.” Plagg advised him. Adrien sat up, hair messy from being smashed against his forehead non stop for the past 15 minutes.

“Are you making fun of me?” He asked, knowing full well that at some point while being under the akumatized Kim’s spell Ladybug had kissed him.

“Is that even a question?” Plagg asked.

Adrien’s eyebrows fell, and Plagg rolled his eyes.

“K.i.s.s. Keep it simple, stupid.” Plagg booped Adrien on the head and flew over to the keyboard, like there was something hidden behind it. He was probably expecting some sort of reward for his less-than-adequate advice.

“Stupid, huh?” He asked blandly. Love sure did make him stupid.




Keep it simple.

Flash-forward to present-day Adrien, who, in all honesty, wasn’t any less stupid than Dark Cupid Adrien.

“You know, for a guy who’s turning 18 today, you don’t look so happy.” Plagg commented in his usual bored manner.

“I’m dead inside.” Adrien answered simply.

“Well that’s a nice way to start off the morning.” Plagg flew over his head and sat atop his forehead. He had yet to official get up from bed, his motive to move around draining by the second.

“Happy birthday, buddy.” Plagg told him solemnly. “I got you a present!”

“Oh really?” Adrien asked, slowly sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes. Thank god it was a Saturday, school had been more draining than usual. Between constant modeling shoots and saving the entirety of France every other hour, he deserved some time to himself.

“Yup. It’s sitting on the bathroom counter.” Plagg informed him.

“Why the bathroom?” Adrien asked him, nose wrinkling in confusion.

“I wanted to encourage you to take a shower while you’re in there. You stink.” Plagg let him know sweetly.

You stink.” Adrien corrected.

“18 years old, and still can’t think of a better comeback.” Plagg chastised. “Now get up, ya lazybones.”

Adrien stood up and Plagg flew to his shoulder, thoroughly enjoying batting at the chunks of blond hair that fell behind his ears after ahard night’s rest. It was much longer that it had been years ago, the modeling agency insisted that he kept it long because apparently short ponytails were ‘in’, and if Adrien wasn’t ‘in’, he was out of a job.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and Adrien nudged it open, fully expecting to see a block of cheese from Plagg on the counter. Instead, he was welcomed by something he never would’ve imagined.

“No way.”

Yes way.”

Adrien reached forward and touched Plagg’s present, soft to the touch.

It was a Ladybug plush. About the size of a sock, but cute, and flat, probably handmade. Adrien let out a small laugh as he lifted it up and smiled.

“Where the hell did you get this?” He laughed. It was adorable, to say the least. Adrien’s ardent admiration for Ladybug had always been a topic only shared between him and Plagg. Kind of like an inside joke. It was particularly heartwarming to see Plagg so invested in it. Maybe it would make his already bleak day a bit brighter.

“I stole it,” Plagg admitted proudly.

Adrien blinked, waiting for him to laugh and say ‘just kidding’. It never came.


Plagg shrugged. “I just saw it in some girl’s room, she was old, so I figured she didn’t need it.”

Adrien looked down at the doll that had caused him happiness, emotions making a full 180 as he stared at it in horror.

Plagg, you moron! You can’t steal people’s dolls!” Adrien yelled.

“Hey, hey relax, I thought you liked it!” Plagg argued diligently.

“Well…yeah, I liked it until I realized it wasn’t yours to give!” Adrien shouted, setting the doll down lightly next to the sink. “Alright, alright. Here’s what we’re gonna do – I’m gonna take a shower, and then we’re gonna go return it. Got it?”

Plagg made a pfft sound. “You’re no fun.”

Adrien shrugged. “And you’re a pain in my ass.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Plagg mumbled as Adrien got ready to shower. His eyes drifted down to the doll he had so willingly stolen and smiled.

Plagg may be stupid, but he sure knew how to give birthday presents.

And the name stitched onto the side of the doll would surely be the best present he could give.




“We’re just going to drop it off, and then go. No harm done.” Adrien explained for the third time to Plagg.

“Right, right. Can you just hurry up and get it done? I’m hungry.” Plagg said. Adrien rolled his eyes.

“Just transform me already.”

Minutes later, Adrien, as Chat Noir, jumped near the familiar bakery where he knew the owner of the doll to live.

“I still can’t believe you stole from Marinette.” Adrien grumbled. “Asshole.”

He jumped onto the balcony and looked around. It appeared to be uninhabited, but he’d still have to be careful. It’d be a little odd if Marinette or her eccentric family noticed a local hero snooping around her room.

He snuck in through the trapdoor to her room, each step more silent than the last. Just in, and out, it was that simple. The doll in his hand was limp and helpless. He gave it a sympathetic look and jumped down into Marinette’s room quickly.

“Ok, where was it sitting when you stole it?” Adrien asked, a hint of annoyance flaring into his voice. Marinette’s room was exactly as he’d remembered it from his fleeting visits, for school and such.

Uuh, over there, in the closet.” Plagg murmured. Adrien paused.

“What’s wrong with you, you sound weird.” Adrien whispered, looking around the room to make sure, again, that he was alone.

“Just hurry!” Plagg’s voice bubbled up. Adrien shook his head and inched to the closet, letting his eyes take in the sights around him. Marinette’s room was quiet, filled with sketches and designs. He’d always known her to be the silently talented type, but this was just breathtaking.

Distracted, he walked over to a corkboard where several designs were pinned up. Dresses, shirts, skirts, the lot. Each one was unique, in a stylish sense where it wasn’t too weird, but it was just different enough to be original. Kind of fascinating, actually.

Oh would you stop ogling and just return the doll?” Plagg sassed.

“Hey! Don’t be snippy, it’s you’re fault we’re here.” Adrien grumbled. On his way back to the closet he caught a glimpse of himself in a full-length mirror next to a body mannequin and gave himself a once-over.

God, I can’t believe you kept your hair in a ponytail. You look like a douchebag.” Plagg insulted. Adrien pointed at his reflection and grinned.

“A sexy douchebag,” he corrected confidently.

Still a douchebag.” Plagg reminded. There was a sudden thumping sound above them. “Did you hear that?

“Shit,” Adrien whispered, his hand reached for the doorknob on the closet and he yanked it open, throwing himself inside and pulling the door back just enough to conceal a majority of his body.

A muffled voice surfaced from the quiet above them. The trapdoor opened and a pair of legs appeared out of thin air.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Chocolate-chip is the best kind of cookie, but I still think gingerbread has its perks.” The voice that belonged to the pair of legs said. Adrien could barely see anything through the crack of the closet door – but he’d recognize those legs anywhere.

“Ladybug,” he whispered, voice dead quiet. Plagg stayed silent, for once in his life.

Ladybug dropped through the ceiling and shut the trapdoor. A million questions ran through his mind – what the hell was she doing in Marinette’s house? Who was she talking to? What the actual hell was she doing here?

“Well, that’s rude.” She said to no one. Adrien concluded that she must’ve been having a conversation with her kwami. “Just de-transform me, Tikki.”

Oh, god. Adrien thought as he forced himself to look away. He owed her that, he owed Ladybug that privacy.

But somewhere, in the back of his mind, he just knew.

He looked down at the doll and swallowed hard. Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The baker’s daughter. The sweet, brave designer girl who could barely form a sentence sometimes.

Happy birthday, Adrien.” Plagg said, his voice sounding more hollow than usual.

Adrien drew in a shuddering breath, painfully loud, and Marinette’s voice rung out.

“Hello?” She asked curiously. Dammit. She’d heard him. He was screwed. What the hell would Marinette say when she realized he was camping out in her closet like Paris’s #1 creep? Idiot!

He had to do the right thing. Just come clean. It couldn’t get any worse than this, right?

He creaked the door open and held his breath.

Marinette, who was standing in the center of the room, let out a blatant gasp and stepped backwards in surprise.

“Chat Noir? What are you…what are you…”

“I…came to return something…” He said quickly. His mouth was dry. His blood was on fire. He couldn’t look her in the eye, not Marinette.

Marinette. Her name rung in his head like a song, Marinette, Marinette, oh, how could he have been so stupid-

“What…what could you possibly – oh.” She let out a sound of relief when he thrust the doll in her general direction. He still refused to look up. Marinette, Marinette.

“It’s yours, I…found it. Sorry for scaring you.” He said quickly. His hands were almost shaking. It was her. It was her all along. Thousands of emotions ran through his brain, like a merry-go-round it spun, what to do, what to say? What could he possibly say to her?

His eyes flashed as she reached forward to take the doll, her soft skin brushing up against the cool leather obscuring his hands.

He remembered something from years ago. Something Plagg had said. Keep it simple. Keep it simple, stupid.

Love sure made him stupid.

“Marinette,” he cleared his throat and finally raised his head to meet her piercing, saturated blue gaze. So familiar, so breathtaking.

“Chat Noir…are you…are you ok?” She asked him nervously. She was afraid, probably afraid that he had seen her transform. He hadn’t, but he still knew.

18 years old. He was 18 years old, and he had nothing let to lose.

“I want to show you something.” He said, hoping his voice didn’t sound too strangled. “It’s important.”

“Um…alright,” she said softly. Her eyebrows lowered in concern.

“Please, just…don’t say anything.” He requested. Plagg said nothing, he knew, he’d known all along. This was his present. This was it.

Adrien closed his eyes and felt his Chat Noir suit disappear, Plagg had read his mind. This was it.

He heard Marinette’s choked up gasp and he opened his eyes, completely vulnerable to her. He had just revealed his biggest secret to her.

“Just listen,” he said, holding both of his hands out, tanned and bare. “This is me.”

“Adrien? What is this-?” She gasped out, her hand pressed against her mouth.

“It’s my eighteenth birthday today,” he told her slowly. “I had to tell you.”

“You’re Chat Noir…Adrien…you’re Chat Noir, Adrien, is Chat Noir, oh god-

“Marinette,” he began, “I-“

“I love you.” She said, looking up, eyes focused with sudden, deadly clarity. “Adrien, I love you.”

Adrien’s mouth went dry. She had just stolen his thunder.

He had nothing else to say. What else could he even tell her? No, I love you! What was this? Was this a sick prank organized by Plagg? He certainly wouldn’t put it past him…

“Uh…you do?” He asked stupidly.

“Nice one, genius.” Plagg complimented.

“Yes,” she said, by now tears had sprung to her eyes, no, why was she crying? Adrien felt his muscles clench. Why was she crying, had he made her cry?

“That’s…” he struggled to finish the sentence accurately. “Thank you…”

Uhhh…try again.” Plagg advised him. Adrien’s eyes widened In horror at what he had just said.

“I mean, no! Wait! I love you too.” He said quickly shaking his hands in the air, trying to erase what he’d said before.  “I love you, Marinette.”

She let out a happy laugh, like she was actually surprised he felt the same way.

“This is crazy,” she told him. “This is insane, I’m…I don’t know what to do next…”

“Me either.” He admitted. “I just…k.i.s.s.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Uh…k.i.s.s? You know, keep-“

Marinette took one fluid step forward and her hands rested on his jaw, before her lips slowly rose upwards to meet his in a soft, longing kiss.

Right. Kiss.

He was eager to respond, even clumsy. Marinette, Marinette, Ladybug. She was Ladybug and he was kissing Ladybug.

His hand slipped down to her hip and his other hand reached up to stroke her cheek with his thumb. She tasted like gingerbread. Her lips were remarkably soft and he  felt a buzzing sensation in his stomach, and he leaned forward until their foreheads bumped.

She pulled away with a smile, and he held her head close, not wanting to miss the proximity.

“K.i.s.s,” he said with a laugh, “keep it simple, stupid.”

She laughed, god her laugh was beautiful.

“You’re not stupid,” she insisted, hands fisting at his shirt playfully. He smiled. This was the best birthday present he ever could’ve received. And to think that it was from Plagg.

“I am stupid,” he told her, “stupid for you.”

She looked up at him before bursting into a fit of giggles. “Oh god…I can’t believe you.”

He shrugged. “I gotta keep it simple, M’lady.”

She did a double take and shook her head. “…That’s going to take a while to get used to.”

He smiled down at her, his lady, his Marinette. Maybe it wasn’t all that complicated after all. Then, he knew exactly what he needed to say.

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”