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happy 18th birthday to this awesome gentlemen. 

Bruno and Pol

I have to talk about yesterday’s first episode of the second season of “Merlí”, I’m from Spain so I watched it yesterday. I’m gonna talk about Bruno and Pol relationship and what I could see about them. We find at the first minutes of the episode that Pol isn’t at the highschool, that’s because of his home problems, he has left school so he can win money working. At class Merlí asks where is Pol, and guess what? The only one know knew where he was, was Bruno. So Merlí goes to talk to Pol and tries to make him go back to school but he denies returning. After that, Bruno decides to go too, and the first thing he says to Pol is that during the summer he has forgotten him, (I mean, who says that? If I forget someone I don’t go and tell him, cause I don’t mind his opinion, because I don’t care about him anymore) Pol appears to be a little bit sad when he hears that. At the end he goes back to school, and omg Bruno looks so happy. So in conclusion, I don’t think that their relation is that dead, I just hope some moments of them and fanservice and I think Bruno deserves Pol. 💕

Ps: Sorry about my English. I hope everybody gets the chance to see second season soon!

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On this day in 1987, “Respect Yourself” by the totally awesome Bruce Willis peaked at #5 on US charts.

Yes, kids. “John McClane" released two music albums in the late 80s.

Sing your heart out, Brucey baby. ;D

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Here’s a question: how do more people not know about Bruno? i mean, i get it. Not a lot of people remember Moonlighting and it really wasn’t until Die Hard that he became a star, but for real? Why have more people not delved into his back catalog and found these gems of pure 80s awesomeness. Also: the name? It gets me on the same line of thinking as that Eddie Izzard bit where he’s trying to figure out how Englebert Humberdinck got his name. What exactly was [Walter] Bruce Willis searching for when he came up with the name Bruno.

“I want something that sounds tough, but gentle. Something that’ll make me sound like a dude who could kick your ass, or cuddle you, and then play some harmonica.”

“Well Bruce, how about something kind of related to your name. Like Brian?”

“Nah. I come from a long line of blue collar workers. It’s gotta reflect that.”



“Benny? Barry?”

“No and no.  Ooh how about (Light shines from heaven, a host of angels sing on high) Bruno?”

“You got it Walt!” Bruce Willis and MAN play blues harmonica until dawn pours slowly over the refineries of New Jersey.

But i digress. Love me some Bruce (if you haven’t seen it i highly recommend watching his Between Two Ferns interview). Love me some Bruno. Hope other people enjoy this as much a i do. Oh, and what’s up with the hat?