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Headcanon for how Bruno and Abbachio would compete for the same crush?

I'm gonna make this end in poly bruabba because this is my blog and I can do that

- For a competition, there is very little actual competing actually going on. While Abbacchio has strong feelings for his crush, he also believes that they would be so much better off with Bruno, and he genuinely wishes them the best.

- By the same token, Bruno also loves his crush very much but knows that they are uncomfortable with intragroup conflict. As such, he resolved to not do anything, since he does not think his crush returns his feelings anyway. He would rather see them with Abbacchio because, in his mind, they both deserve that happiness.

- Meanwhile, their crush has had strong feelings for both of them the entire time. They don’t really mention it because they know that polyamory is not a very popular or accepted lifestyle, especially in Catholic Italy. 

- When they let slip that they're Polyam, you can almost see the lightbulbs go on over Bruno and Abbacchio’s heads, and they share a surprised and slightly elated look. 

- It takes them a few weeks to come to terms with their own feelings for each other, but they both come to the conclusion that they are mutually in love and care very deeply about each other. 

- When they jointly ask out their crush, their crush’s eyes tear up and they throw themselves into Bruno and Abbacchio’s arms overwhelmed and delighted that the two men the love most return their feelings. 

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So Michelle took ballroom dancing classes for most of her childhood and when peter finds out he asks her to teach him how to and then there's fluff soooo much fluff

I am so freakin’ intrigued by the possibilities of dancing MJ and Peter. like, both of their actors are dancers and so it just lends itself so beautifully. OKAY. enough rambling, here we go. 

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Someone on Twitter said that there is an article out that talks about Bruno's return and how it is going to show Bruno staying with his dad and starting something up with Pol. But I'm not sure if that's a spoiler or if the person who wrote the article was just speculating about Brunol? Like I don't know, maybe they were like "maybe it will show him starting something up with Pol". I haven't seen the article so I'm not that sure, but I think that if it was a certain spoiler we'd all know about it

Hi nonnie :) I have found the article (x) but it only confirms Bruno’s return and then wonders how Bruno‘s storyline will end. If he will live with Merlí again, share a flat with Tània or start a relationship with Pol. They are all speculations and the only confirmation is his return.

In the time it takes Henry to turn around, I could have found the Whisperer, got it re-authenticated, called a museum, delivered it there by hand, traveled the entirety of New Orleans with Bess, waited for Renee to die of natural causes, shed my own skin, morphed into a reptile, flown to Hawaii to pay Big Island Mike a visit, and then returned to Bruno Bolet’s house.

Bruno and Pol

I have to talk about yesterday’s first episode of the second season of “Merlí”, I’m from Spain so I watched it yesterday. I’m gonna talk about Bruno and Pol relationship and what I could see about them. We find at the first minutes of the episode that Pol isn’t at the highschool, that’s because of his home problems, he has left school so he can win money working. At class Merlí asks where is Pol, and guess what? The only one know knew where he was, was Bruno. So Merlí goes to talk to Pol and tries to make him go back to school but he denies returning. After that, Bruno decides to go too, and the first thing he says to Pol is that during the summer he has forgotten him, (I mean, who says that? If I forget someone I don’t go and tell him, cause I don’t mind his opinion, because I don’t care about him anymore) Pol appears to be a little bit sad when he hears that. At the end he goes back to school, and omg Bruno looks so happy. So in conclusion, I don’t think that their relation is that dead, I just hope some moments of them and fanservice and I think Bruno deserves Pol. 💕

Ps: Sorry about my English. I hope everybody gets the chance to see second season soon!

Jaebum's Music ~

Hey everybody/AhGaSes! So basically, I’ve acquired an unhealthy obsession and interest with the type of music that Jaebum listens to, so I went ahead and compiled this small list here (it’s under the cut). I’ve included links whenever I could, but some artists don’t have a link because I’m not quite sure which song exactly he listened to. 

Jaebum listens to a lot of soul, r&b, funk, jazz, and some hip hop. If you like those genres, please check these songs out! also because this took me forever TT~TT They’re really good songs uhu. Anyways…he’s a pretty cool guy and he listens to some great music…ugh.

I’ll be updating this list whenever I find any new songs - thanks!! <3

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