return of black adam

Do you ever think about Clark Kent in Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam?

He’s probably like, “Damn it, just once can’t I do a news story and not uncover some evil plan from Lex Luthor or something?

“Can’t I do some stupid human interest story that doesn’t end with me fighting a supervillain? Just once?

“I’ll go to Fawcett City. Nothing ever happens there.”

So he goes, and he finds this woobie-ish homeless kid named Billy Batson. Clark’s gonna write a story about him, and then some nice foster family will adopt Billy, and he’ll have finally done a good deed that doesn’t involve getting punched by superpowered psychopaths.

And then

wouldn’t ya know it?

Billy happens to be some damn Wizard’s Chosen One.

And now there’s an evil Egyptian space elf trying to kill him.

Of course. Of course.

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Could you do Billy Batson headcanons? That bean is to precious for this world

Muahaha, I was actually going to post hcs about Billy and now I have a reason to. Thanks for that, mused on these while writing my prompt here. Totally want to write more of Billy/Jay and just Billy in general which’ll follow this model I created of Billy.

- So thinking on the Cap/Billy dynamic, they’re the same person on a technical level but Captain Marvel is supposedly the embodiment of a purely good mortal while Bill is a kindhearted, but still fallible, human. Billy’s a homeless kid so he’s got his own issues aside from normal human junk. My theory is that the “Bad” parts of Billy are kind of tamped down when he becomes the Captain and the “Best” parts are brought to the surface to form the core of Cap’s personality. Billy as a whole is still there, but one side is more emphasized due to the magic at work. So like Billy can say something (“That asshole’s a real jerk, I’m gonna kick him in the nuts”) and it sort of gets filtered into something more wholesome (“That man is being a jerk, I’m going to kick his butt”). Billy finds it kind of embarrassing at first but he gets used to it, if he concentrates, he can push more of himself onto Cap.

- Going off the point above about Billy being filtered, all the curse words Billy says end up coming across as super PG sayings. Holy shit becomes Cap’s signature Holy Moly. So all this time Cap is saying these adorkably cute exclamations, imagine Billy inside cursing his head off (I laughed, I’m big enough to admit that)

- My version of Billy is mostly the version from Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam short film (if you haven’t seen it, watch it! The bean is so cute), which is kinda similar to the comic Superman/Shazam: First Thunder which I also like. Then a handful of N52 Billy (he’s a dick, but like a realistic kid in his situation so I take that into account) and of course, the ever precious YJ version.

- I like homeless Billy and by that I mean I think it’s interesting to have a homeless hero just for diversity but also to add a different perspective to the League. After giving it some thought, I like the idea of Billy being kind of known as a trouble maker for the State. It’s not his fault, as a kid he just defended people who were being hurt and was always blamed cause the orphan is an easy target. Because of his record, he has a hard time being placed in a foster home so he was on the streets a lot. Finally, he gets into the good home with good people and he becomes Captain Marvel soon after. Time passes and there’s a couple of near misses and Billy realizes he’d putting his foster family in danger. So he heads back to the streets into order to keep them safe. he’s been on and off them for years so he survives, plus his foster siblings (the other Marvels) are there helping out whenever possible. He lives in an old, dirty subway in a tent and he scrapes together money through a couple small jobs and from begging or his foster siblings.

- I like the idea of street wise Billy, who acts kind of sarcastic and cautious on the outside but inside is a super softie. He’s not nearly as cranky or skittish as Jason, he’s a lot more optimistic, makes the best of his sad situation and always does what he can to help. He gets angry and lashes out and cries, but he’s still overall pretty happy. He’s kind of a goody two shoes for a desperate kid. He used to sometimes steal money/food but after becoming Cap, he never felt right. In order to make ends meet, he swallowed his pride and does a little begging here and there because he’s got to eat. If he’s truly desperate, will go hang out in the Watchtower and covertly grab some food.

- Batman learns Billy’s identity rather quickly and didn’t know what to do. He stalled for a while over how to handle Billy because he sees Billy is in a foster home and being taken care of and is handling Captain Marvel rather well. He makes a sly effort to keep the Cap away from ugly crime scenes, the League aids just because Cap is so naïve and innocent they don’t want him involved in that. Bruce grows complacent and doesn’t realize until months later that Billy left his foster home. It’s around this time, Bruce takes in jay and sees first hand what the streets do to a kid and enough is enough. He confronts Billy about it, he’s calm and non-judging but he refuses to let things continue. He even offers straight up to adopt him along with Jay. Billy thanks him but refuses. Bruce upgrades him to a better apartment and gives him a monthly stipend (he calls it a ‘salary’ for Cap’s work as a hero to make Billy accept it) for food and whatever he needs. Billy still keeps his jobs because he likes earning his own pay. the League is not informed on Billy’s request.

- Jay figured early on that Cap had gone through a lot of the same experiences he did and, while he suspected that Billy was younger than everyone thought, he was stunned to find out Billy was a few months younger than him. They’d become friends and Billy had confided in him. Jay burst into B’s study that night and demanded Billy be adopted ASAP. Bruce had to explain his offer had been declined. But Billy and Jay become super tight and he’s over at the Manor a lot. Alfred adores the kid because he’s charming and polite and a good influence on Jason. Jay is super protective of the kid, he's older and the kid acts like the world is actually a decent place. Billy’s kindness and optimism really do wonders for Jay when Bruce can’t. Bruce likes that the boys are helping each other recover from their difficult childhoods. But as things get harder for Jason, there’s only so much Billy can do. Jay begins to push him away in his depression/anger and they had a pretty big fight just before Jay left to find his mom. Cap hears about Jay’s death on the Watchtower, he starts crying onto Batman’s shoulder and Bruce lets himself hug and be hugged for the first time since his boy died.

- Eventually the League does find out that the World’s Mightiest Mortal is actually a 13 year old and they are pissed. Mostly at Batman cause they knew that dick was in the know. Supes, GL and Flash want Billy out of heroing yesterday. Wondie, Bats, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter think Billy has earned his place and she be cared for within the League. Billy does choose to stay but is now upset over how everyone hovers now. It is nice to hang around them as Billy, not just Cap. It was worth the headache to see everyone’s faces when he can actually properly curse for the first time in front of them. Clark almost gets out the soap for his mouth. He still insists on his independence but it’s nice that the others invite him over for dinner and sleepovers. It’s nice to feel loved. He does that maybe once every 10 days or so and it rotates between Leaguers. He eventually builds a stronger rapport with the League and becomes a good mediator between the adult League and their kids/sidekicks since he is a kid and understands but also highly respected by the adults.

The Supermen in Television/Animation and Movies

George Reeves(Adventures Of Superman)
Christopher Reeve(Superman/Superman II/Superman III/Superman IV The Quest for Peace)
Dean Cain(Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman)
Tom Welling(Smallville)
Henry Cavill(Man Of Steel/Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice/Justice League)
Tyler Hoechlin(The CW Supergirl)
Tim Daily(Superman:The Animated Series/Superman:Brainiac Attacks/Superman/Batman Public Enemies/Superman/Batman Apocolypse)
George Newbern(Justice League/Justice League Unlimited/The Batman Ep.5 The Batman/Superman Story/Superman/Shazam The Return of Black Adam)


So I just realized that these two amazing characters, Steven Universe (of Steven Universe) and Billy Batson (from Superman/Shazam: the return of black Adam) are in fact voiced by the same voice actor, Zach Callison. It’s funny how I’ve been a huge fan of Captain Marvel for years, and have watched the DVD of Superman/Shazam countless times over the years, and yet I never once recognized that voice when I started watching Steven Universe. This is not like me at all. I can recognize Tara Strong’s, Greg Cipes, Mark Hamil, Yuri Lowenthal, Jason Spisak, Drake Bell, and probably a whole lot of other voices easily. But apparently this one actor is the one I didn’t notice. Lol… but seriously I’m really good at recognizing certain actors voices… especially Spisak… what can I say,

I’m a huge fan of Wally West, And I loved the green lantern animated series… he’s played a lesser speedster villain on the current avengers cartoon, which I sometimes watch when I’m bored, and as soon as the character made his first appearance I knew it was him… and I’ve watched so many episodes of Teen Titans and Ben 10 (alien force through omniverse) that I’m pretty good at recognizing Cipes’ voice. And Ashley Johnson’s voice, by extension. (Fun fact, she played both Terra and Gwen Tennyson, both of whom had Cipes’ character as a love interest.)

Also I just thought it was interesting that these two boys have so much in common, the color red, the voice actor, powers from an “ancient” source, being born long after the enemy did their very evil thing (Black Adam turned against humanity, Homeworld/the diamonds tried to colonize the earth), they can both (kinda in steven’s case) fly, they both can change their age at will, a big light colored symbol on their chest chosen by the one who gave them their powers/ “created” them, Steven’s mom is kinda dead, Billy’s an orphan, they both have a magical large species of cat as a pet, being good and hopefull.

We’re happy to welcome the voice of Steven Universe, Zach Callison, to MomoCon 2016!

Zach Callison is known for his roles in Disney shows including Prince James from Sofia the First, Billy from I’m in the Band and additional voices from Kinect Disneyland Adventures. He is also noted for being the voice of Steven from Steven Universe, King Tut in the film Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Young Jiro in The Wind Rises, Billy Batson in the direct-to-video movies Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam and Justice League: War.