return of a diva

Her Return

Prompt: “ Can I please have an imagine where you’re a diva who just returned after 6 months due to an injury.. And when you get back.. Sami zayn says something flirty to you and all the divas go crazy and Seth (who likes you) overhears you saying Sami is so handsome and gets a bit jealous Please and thank you :)”

Requested by Anon

A/N: I am so, so, sorry about the wait on this! I really hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,175 

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Say Cheese, Pt. 4

This is the end of the road, people! I might revisit the universe from time to time, but I have already planned out my next fic (what have you people done to me?). So, enjoy the last entry in the Say Cheese ‘verse, dedicated to @damnslippyplanet - Happy Birthday! 

Want to catch up? Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3

Ben Jones was about 70% sure he wasn’t going to die. He quietly fiddled with the f-Stop on his camera, trying not to make eye contact with the two cannibals pacing in front of him. The things he does for Freddie fucking Lounds and a fat retainer.

“Why the fuck can’t he just go downstairs and point the camera up? Suddenly you’re too good for balcony sex?” Will gestured to Jones, who tried to make himself smaller on the overstuffed blue sofa.

When Will had grabbed him in the lobby and dragged him upstairs, Jones had known for sure he was going to die. So when the empath deposited him on the sofa and asked for his professional opinion about the setting and angles of the next TattleCrime Murder Husbands shoot, Jones found himself at a loss. Freddie had told him to show up, point the camera at the balcony of Honeymoon Suite. She hadn’t mentioned anything about refereeing a spat between the most notorious serial killers on the planet.  

“I have repeatedly told you that the Adriatic angle will not work. I prefer to be shot from the left.”

“You know what the left side of your face looks like? THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR FACE. You don’t have a bad angle, you goddamn fop!”

Hannibal Lecter, top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List, took a seat next to Jones smoothing the blue satin next to him. He sniffs at Will who continues to stomp, muttering about ‘prissy little cannibals’. Taking a moment to adjust the black robe around his legs, Hannibal lifted a silver platter toward the photographer, offering him a chocolate covered strawberry.

“Mr. Jones, may I offer you a treat?”

“Y-yes. No. Um, are…are they strawberries? Like strawberry strawberries?” Jones feels his throat constrict when he meets the warm maroon eyes. Hannibal furrows his eyebrows.


Still pacing in large arcs through the suite’s living room, Will snorts.

“He’s trying to ask you if they’re people.” Jones feels his pulse in his ears, he envisions a maid coming upon his rended body in a luxury suite in Montenegro. Understanding lifts Hannibal’s brow.

“I assure you, these were procured from room service,” Hannibal purrs, “and they do not share my recipes.”

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Tim Burton: Batman Returns (1992)
According to Tim Burton the live penguins were the biggest divas on set.
The production had to fly in penguins from the English countryside in the refrigerated hold of a plane. Once on set they were given their own refrigerated trailer, their own swimming pool with half a ton of fresh ice every day, and had fresh fish delivered daily straight from the docks. Even though the temperature outside frequently topped 100 degrees, the entire set was refrigerated down to 35 degrees.



Several Cast Members Booted Off Total Divas

Mandy Rose, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox will not be returning to the main cast for the upcoming season of WWE Total Divas.

Naomi, who was removed as a regular on the show, will be returning to the main cast. Lana and Renee Young have also been added as newcomers, as well as Maryse. This is the reason Maryse made a return to the company.

Okay, a number of things wrong with this:

  1. Last time I checked, Brie was a face.
  2. Last time I checked, Paige was a heel (uh, I think).
  3. Brie was acting like a babyface when she came out (posing, throwing her t-shirt to the crowd) and a heel in the match.
  4. Paige was the one who attacked Natalya in kayfabe and had her hospitalized.
  5. The clip focused on Paige and Alicia even though neither were in the match.
  6. That feud ties into something that was filmed months ago.
  7. That feud is over one person unfollowing another on Twitter.
  8. Natalya’s big return match lasted two minutes. Divas Revolution everybody!
  9. Well, at least the Royal Rumble lottery should cheer me up.