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Doing a few more tagged memes I’ve had in my drafts…

Answer 10 and Tag 10

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  1. Last movie you watched: In the theater - Moana, it was lovely. At home - Return of the Jedi, via @ofhouseadama’s New Year’s stream
  2. Last song you listened to: Eminem - Without Me (well some of it at least)
  3. Last show you watched: umm… ummm I do not remember. I think maybe Peppa Pig when I was last babysitting? I want to watch Emerald City though.
  4. Last book you read: Finished a reread of Lois McMaster Bujold’s A Civil Campaign just last night. Debating whether I should reread another Vorkosigan book (either Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance for more Ivan and Byerly, or Diplomatic Immunity for more Miles and Ekaterin), or The Curse of Chalion because I got more people into the series lately, or something non-Bujold… maybe not even a re-read, I think I have some Wild Cards books in my to-read pile…
  5. Last thing you ate: Cream of mushroom soup with challah rolls and mandel croutons, for dinner last night
  6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be: Someplace nice and warm, where I wouldn’t have work Monday…
  7. When would you time travel to: The past sucks. I want to be in the future, so I can go to Mars. (A colonized Mars, so I can be nice and warm.)
  8. First thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off my various debts
  9. Character you would hang out with for a day: Oh, Sansa. We can go shopping, and have tea, and sit and chat, and find a way to keep her here please thank you…
  10. Time right now: 8:33 AM

Post two things you like about yourself

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  1. My sense of humor
  2. My face, I guess. :)

Tagging anyone who’d like to do these, as usual!

tag yourself original trilogy edition~
i’m 100% herder of nerfs


My Space Mom™

remember when Leia dressed in a dead man’s clothes, dragged one of her best friends into Jabba’s palace in chains, activated a detonator she was holding and kept holding it while staring down Jabba’s thugs and all the guns pointed at her, sold her friend to Jabba, rescued her boyfriend–who she knew was blind–and dramatically whipped off her disguise to give a clever one-liner and make out with him.

like it was a terrible plan in the first place, but you can never be more Iconic than that