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I’m Not Sick (But I’m Not Well) by loonietuna

Steve Rogers doesn’t meet Bucky Barnes in the 1930’s. Instead, Steve meets him April 17th, 2012.

Well…sort of meets him.

In actuality, Bucky had almost hit him with his truck.

Or: The fic where millennial Bucky Barnes nearly runs over a freshly thawed national treasure, and what Steve Rogers did to adjust to modern NYC during those two weeks before the events of The Avengers.

Brought to Brightness by eyres 

Army veteran, Bucky Barnes has fallen in love with Steve, a guy he met online a few months after he returned from Afghanistan. Only problem is, he doesn’t know Steve’s last name or even what he looks like.

When his sister helps him send his story into MTV’s Catfish, he’s hoping they can help him meet Steve or, at least, let him move on with his life if Steve isn’t real. Little does he know, Steve and Captain America have more in common than just a first name.

The World’s at Stake by Atsadi 

Few soulmates are separated at birth by too much time – but when the distance becomes greater than one year all bets are off, with five years’ difference being equally as unusual as fifty.

Yet the one rule that has never been broken is that the soulmates’ lifespans always overlap.

So it came as something of a shock to the young boy in an orphanage in Brooklyn, New York, when his soul mark came in at the age of twelve and told him that his soulmate had been dead for almost sixty years.

First Impressions And Second Thoughts by winter_archer18 

In a world where Bucky Barnes was born in Brookln, 1978, and Steve Rogers grew up sickly and alone, barely surviving until the serum, things happen so fast.
One of Steve’s major faults is that he gets way too invested in people. Way too fast, as it turns out, like what happened with Peggy.
Natasha just happens to drag Steve out of the tower to her favourite coffeeshop on Bucky’s shift, and Steve finds out that first impressions can count for a lot.


The U.S. Army has kicked out more than 22,000 soldiers since 2009 for “misconduct,” after they returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and were diagnosed with mental health disorders and traumatic brain injuries. That means many of those soldiers are not receiving the crucial treatment or retirement and health care benefits they would have received with an honorable discharge.

The Army has taken these actions despite a 2009 federal law designed to ensure that troops whose mental illness might be linked to the wars aren’t cast aside.

That’s the finding of a joint investigation by NPR and Colorado Public Radio that listened to hours of secret recordings, looked at hundreds of pages of confidential military documents and interviewed dozens of sources both inside and outside the base.

One of the Army’s top officials who oversee mental health, Lt. Col. Chris Ivany, told NPR and CPR that the Army is not violating the spirit of the 2009 law by dismissing those soldiers for misconduct.

He says the soldiers’ “functional impairment was not severe” enough in some cases to affect their judgment. In other cases, the soldiers’ disorders might have been serious when they were diagnosed, but their “condition subsequently improved” before they committed misconduct — so they can’t blame the war for causing them to misbehave.

NPR and CPR also obtained the soldiers’ records, with their permission, and asked three independent psychiatrists to review them. Two of those psychiatrists served as top medical officers in the military. All three say that based on the records they saw, they would have advised the Army not to kick out these soldiers for misconduct.

“Especially for our soldiers who are coming back, not just with post-traumatic stress disorder, but with traumatic brain injury and other wounds, I really think that we as a society need to take that into account,” says Col. Elspeth Ritchie, who served as the Army’s top adviser on mental health during some of the worst fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I think as a society, they deserve to have us do everything we can to support them. I absolutely would want them to get the benefit of the doubt.”

Missed Treatment: Soldiers With Mental Health Issues Dismissed For ‘Misconduct’

Photos (from top): Eric James with his mother, Beverly Morris, and father, Robert James. Eric secretly recorded more than 20 hours of sessions he had with behavioral health specialists and Army officials; Michael de Yoanna/Colorado Public Radio. James Vanni, at his home in Colorado Springs, Colo. Vanni was dismissed from the Army without benefits; Theo Stroomer for NPR. Larry Morrison, who is appealing the Army’s decision to dismiss him for misconduct; Michael de Yoanna/Colorado Public Radio


Burgess Believers

Strong in belief despite their age the Burgess Believers are still around exploring and adventuring in a world unseen by others. Jamie Bennett now operates a small radio channel where he connects with other believers and shares news on recent cryptid sightings or even talks of his own escapades with his crew. Even now he writes stories among his notes in his old leather bound journal gifted from North, filled with sketches, theories and plans. Sophie Bennett has grown into quite an artist with a flair for watercolors and nature inspired works, no doubt influenced by an affection for a certain holiday figure. Young Cupcake has grown stronger over the years, now a renowned regional boxer who does physical therapy training with a mixed clientele both at the gym and with horses. The largest concern in her life though is keeping her friends alive as Jamie bucks the group head first into the world of unbelievable creatures and beings. Monty, good old Monty is returned home from Afghanistan after a fateful IED explosion that cost him a limb. Happy to leave the military as it was never his true cup of tea Monty serves as the group’s researcher into the supernatural, eager as Jamie to stay up into the night delving into old books and of course a large stack of comics. Nerds forever. Pippa grew into the genius that her parents groomed her to be of course, but instead of turning her large IQ towards Harvard law she opened a small book shop cafe where she reads fortunes as one of the strongest psychics around. The twins Claude and Caleb lead the busy yet somehow very relaxed life, operating a YouTube channel of their parkour skills, a small nightclub and working at their uncle’s diner. Yet all the contacts have granted the pair trusted access to many rumors and people, making them the suppliers of most of the trails that Jamie chooses to chase after.

au meme: poldark + the south

The Poldark’s are one of Texas’s most prominent and wealthy ranching dynasties. Everyone was expecting Ross to marry his high school sweet heart when he returned from Afghanistan. But broken and traumatised from his experiences at war, he spurns the socialite he was destined to married and closes himself off on his ranch. Demelza Carne is a high school drop out from the wrong side of town. But she’s hard-working, loyal and desperate for money with six younger brothers to feed and an alcholic father. So Ross decides to take her on as farm hand for the summer. It isn’t long before she starts to fall for her mysterious, older boss. 

Affair (2)

read chapter 2 of the Emison fic “Affair” by clicking here

“Sometimes who you marry changes after you tie that knot, and that’s true for Alison DiLaurentis’ husband of two years. He’s just boring. But things change when a wounded soldier returns from Afghanistan by the name of Emily Fields, sparking new feelings and a secret love affair.”