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Does life after death happen when you are sag... do you return again as aries?

scorpio is the death of ego through reform and transformation, the 8th house is the holder of death, hades guards the underworld, on the threshold between life and death, it is regeneration, life, birth, and death

sagittarius is the reborn scorpio, hence the centeur and the archer theme, half man half spirit shooting toward the heavens, sagittarius is spirit in this world

the 12th house is the close of the zodiac, death in all senses, wintery, death, preparing for oneness and reunion with god. aries, the first sign of spring is the rebirth, like jesus rising from the dead during the time of aries to symbolise resurrection 


Only the Good Die Young

In memory of one of the best. Klaroline, with heavy Steroline Brotp overtones, and Klefan too. Let’s assume Markos decided to vacate the Salvatore boarding house. Spoilers for “Promised Land”, obviously. 

It was too sunny. For a time that was so dark, the town didn’t deserve blue skies and a bright, shining sun. It didn’t deserve the carefree laughter of human children who had no idea about how cruel the world could be, it didn’t deserve to carry on as if nothing had happened, as if a piece of Caroline’s heart hadn’t been crushed to dust.

It didn’t deserve to live if Stefan Salvatore was dead.

From her spot on the Boarding House’s front porch she could hear Elena’s hushed sobs floating down from Stefan’s bedroom, Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie were speaking in low tones in the living room, probably over a glass of whiskey. And as for Damon, he was nowhere to be found. The last she had seen, he had grabbed a bottle of bourbon and driven off, and for all Caroline knew he was miles away from this godforsaken hellhole that had taken his brother. She didn’t know if she was angry at him for leaving or angry because she couldn’t bring herself to leave too. The opportunity was there, her car keys burning a hole in her pocket, but still…she had to stay. She couldn’t run away – Stefan would’ve stayed and made sure everything was alright.

‘Always thinking of others, weren’t you?’

For a moment, she wondered if he could see her, stuck on the Other Side. He would probably tell her to keep her chin up, or make her laugh, or do something to make her feel better, because he was Stefan, that was just what he did.

Did. Past tense. The tears were sliding down her face before she was even aware of them, a strangled sob rising from her throat. She didn’t think she could cry anymore after last night, but clearly there was more sorrow in her than she knew. But it was all for Stefan, and she knew he deserved every bit of grief she had to give.

The crunch of tires on gravel alerted her to the car pulling into the Salvatore driveway, but she didn’t bother looking up. At least Damon had deigned to show his face.“Finally decide to come back and bury your brother?” she asked bitterly, wiping at the tears on her cheek.

“So it’s true then?”

Her breath hitched at the familiar voice and accent and looked up to see the last two people she expected on that day. Rebekah Mikaelson paused on the front step, and for once the Original had none of her bold manner, she looked instead like the seventeen year old girl she had been a thousand years ago. And standing a little behind her…

“Hello Caroline.” His words held no charm, or cheer. None of the glib arrogance that Caroline had always associated with Klaus Mikaelson, but she knew that if he had shown even an ounce of flippancy, she would’ve wanted to claw his eyes out.

Caroline tore her gaze away from Klaus’ and looked back towards his sister, whose eyes shone with unshed tears. “Where is he?” Rebekah asked, her voice barely steady.

“His bo – his body’s inside. The others are there, they’ll, uh, they’ll show you.”

Rebekah nodded dumbly, brushing past Caroline as she marched inside the boarding house, leaving Caroline alone with Klaus on the front porch, with nothing but the sunny day to distract them. It would’ve been awkward if Caroline wasn’t so sorrowful.  Now all she could think of was Stefan teasing her in front of the fireplace, how he had told her that she wasn’t awful. Not that his words rang true today because nothing could change how terrible she felt.

“How did it happen?” Klaus’s words caused her to finally pay him attention and she looked up to see his face, stony and impassive.

“A passenger in Tyler’s body – he tore his heart out,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “How do you even know?”

“I paid a call to the Bennet witch last night,” said Klaus hoarsely. “I was following up on some information about the disintegration of the Other Side. She informed me of Stefan’s – she told me what happened. I tried to call you – “

“I wasn’t talking to anybody,” Caroline snapped, irritable already, but she couldn’t pinpoint why. “I just wanted – ”

“I understand,” started Klaus, but she cut him off with a scoff.

“Do you?” she shot at him. Klaus bristled under her tone but he held his tongue, though Caroline wished he would lash out, yell at her just so she could yell back, and do anything to get her mind off her grief.

“Stefan Salvatore was a good man,” Klaus said, sounding detached.

Caroline just rolled her eyes, the anger welling up again, “Please don’t talk about him like you actually give a damn,” she sneered, “You only liked him when he was at his worst.”

“Perhaps that’s true but I didn’t want to see him dead!” Klaus roared, his restraint finally slipping as the emotions he had worked so hard to suppress came through. “He was my friend, Caroline, whether you choose to believe that or not!”

Then where were you?!” Caroline screamed right back, “If you cared so much, if Stefan was the only fucking friend you seriously cared about, where were you when his heart was being ripped out right in front of me?!” She stopped then, another sob wracking her body as she lifted her arm to cover her mouth, keep it in, but to no avail.

“He was right there,” she muttered, more to herself than Klaus, “He was right there, and I couldn’t – I couldn’t help him, I couldn’t save him, I couldn’t stop the passenger, he just killed him and I was useless!

“Caroline, you couldn’t have saved him – ”

I should’ve been able to!” she cried, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. “I screamed for help, I kept hoping that somebody would fix it, but he was just gone and I had to drag his body back here!” Caroline couldn’t help her tears now, her body convulsing with sobs as she relived that moment again and again. Wrapping her arms around herself did no good to ease the chill in her bones, but what she didn’t expect was to feel another pair of arms wrap around her and pull her into a warm chest. Klaus’s hands ran through her hair as she let herself break apart, trusting him to keep her upright while she cried into his shirt, muttering Stefan’s name over and over again senselessly, apologies for her inability to save him, pleas for him to return to her, to them.

Eventually, after a long while she stopped, sagging against Klaus. After she had worked up the energy, she pulled away slightly and looked up at Klaus, a little shocked to note the tear tracks on Klaus’s cheeks. But then, was it such a surprise? “I’m sorry,” she said, her voice muffled as she laid her head against his chest again. “On some level, you guys were friends.”

“At one time, he was like a brother,” said Klaus wistfully, a smile on his face as he remembered a bar in Chicago all those years ago. “I don’t think he would’ve agreed these days though.”

“But he still thought that there was good in you.”

They remained in silence for a little bit longer before Klaus spoke again. “I’m sorry I broke my promise,” he said, half-attempting a smile.

Caroline shook her head as she finally took a step back but stayed rather close,  not willing to move too far away from him right then. “Stefan deserves to be mourned by everybody who knew him,” she said quietly. “He was the best of us.”

“That he was,” said Klaus thoughtfully. “Shall we go inside?”

Caroline nodded silently and Klaus kept an arm at the small of her back, guiding her inside.  What would happen with Markos was uncertain, but for now, they would both mourn their best friend.