Imagine that, when Loki was brought to the Avengers tower to carry out his punishment, the other part of it was that he has to learn to love humans, or he can’t ever return to Asgard. Even more than he hates Midgard, he hates its inhabitants. He’d rather die on this wretched place than ever feel anything but hatred towards mortals. 

Until you come along. You are the new recruit of the Avengers team, still in training. You are so annoyingly cute and innocent, and always happy and kind, even when Loki snaps at you. The worst part is that you don’t even know how adorable you actually are and Loki finds himself irritated by it. Though he tries to deny it, you start to grow on him. Without noticing, love changes him to a better person and eventually he realises that he has fallen in love with you.

lostropics  asked:

Hi N! What are your methods for preparing to astral travel?

Preparations for Astral Traveling:

  • Eat/Drink before traveling. Traveling can take a lot of energy out of you, food and water can keep some of that energy up.
  • Take a Buddy. Make sure you are accompanied by a spirit with you while astral traveling. It will help. 
  • Protection. Make sure to ward and protect your physical body before you go and astral travel. Also cleansing helps.
  • Relax/No distractions. Don’t do it in the middle of the day knowing that it will be stressful. You need to pour all your focus on this.
  • Meditation. I highly suggest this because this will help you relax and also focus on being able to astral travel. 
  • Breathing. Sometimes I focus on my breath. Like breathing deeply in and out. It helps. 
  • Lie down or Sit up. As long as your comfortable, that will help the process. It is kind of hard to focus on astral traveling when you are uncomfortable after all.

Preparations for Returning:

  • Eat/Drink after traveling. Sometimes what you ate before wasn’t enough and you feel weak.
  • Headache? Upset stomach? You are going to feel sick or dizzy or misplaced. I chew on raw ginger to help my headaches. For an upset stomach, I drink peppermint tea. 
  • Record your experiences. This is always wise to do. That’s why when I astral travel, I write my experiences as journals. 
  • Cleanse/Ward again. This is self explanatory. Things are going to follow you, even haunt you or try to hurt you. Make sure you stay protected.
  • Alarms. I haven’t really used this method, but when the Alarm goes off it’s suppose to help you return to your physical body. 
  • Doors. I use a door as a method of returning back to my physical body.
  • White Light. I walk through white light as a way of returning to my physical body. White light is also a way I use to cleanse myself.

These are some of my preparations before and after Astral Traveling. I hope it helps you. 

Last Updated on July 14th, 2015

Luke telling Han what happened when he was blinded by carbonite
  • luke: and then jabba put leia in a bikini with a chain around her neck, but later she killed him, so...
  • han (excited): really?
  • luke: yeah.
  • han: what did it look like?
  • luke: erm, the bikini was red and gold and-
  • han: no. when she killed jabba. what was it like?
  • luke: she strangled him with the chain.
  • han: how did her biceps look? i bet she was really flexed.
  • han: *sighs* *stares off into the distance* i bet she got that really gorgeous look of murderous rage when she's about to do something heroic for democracy and freedom...

And when we
return to dust,
share this earth with me
ride these winds with me,
let us mix
with the rivers
that flow,
let the sun sift
through the cloud cover,
as we nestle
at the bottom of the sea.

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