retto draws


I call this post: left facing Jay… just standing there 
This post is also called “IF ASTERIA WONT DO IT THEN I WILL”

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that Troll Jay is my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life


I REALLY LOVE how Pierre wears Chocolat’s clothes and I love how Chocolat always thinks he looks good in them (me too, Chocolat. Me too…)


Fellow Ken Robbins lovers please raise your hands

I’ve been rewatching Kaleido Star and enjoying Ken a lot. He’s so supportive and helpful, but what I like is that his crush seems to take a back seat when it comes to his motivations/actions. He just genuinely wants to see Sora succeed, and he really believes that she can go the distance. He’s such an amazing coach/ manager!