Inktober 2016 #20 - Shantae

I found out about Shantae when I saw Ray Narvaez, Jr. and Ross’s playthrough of Pirate’s Curse on Grumpcade, and I’ve really wanted to play one of the games since then. Maybe it’s the nostalgia goggles talking, but when getting a glimpse of the graphics, it kinda reminded me a lot of Jazz Jackrabbit (2, specifically). The soundtrack is just as catchy as well.

If not for really creative character designs and colorful art style, I do like the premise and its sense of humor about how silly and ridiculous it can get. Call me old school, but I’m instantly hooked on stuff with the simplicity of a character going on big, crazy - and above all else, fun - adventures.


Caesar Weed - getting closer!

I think the fiber I retted from the Caesar Weed is ready; although, wow, does it take a lot of time to clean and comb out. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to comb it into strands or brush it into a fiber “cloud” like I see with wool. So I did both.

And check out my super fancy spindle that I fashioned out of a 79¢ dowel, a 99¢ craft block, a finishing nail, and leftover wood stain.

Now I just have to figure out how to spin…