We have seen some incredible images in the last few hours from Nautilus Live. We will begin posting specific stories about the history and heritage of USS Independence. Our first article: the conversion of Independence from a WWII-era cruiser. Guest post by our resident tech guru, Captain George Stewart, USN (Ret.). ‪#‎nautiluslive‬ ‪#‎ussindependence‬

“I am scared to headcanon any Disney characters with Aspergers, because the last time I did that on another website I got attacked for it, and I got a lot of really nasty messages from people saying how they don’t want people like me diagnosing their favorite character with “ret*rdness” and that it ruins the character. Its double painful because they’re the same ones who headcanon them with different sexualities, but I can’t do it with conditions even if I identify with the characters”

okay but think of the peacock miraculous!Marinette puns Chat would make

  • “My lady, do my puns just ruffle your feathers?”
  • “My lady, could you say you were winging it?”
  • “I don’t mean my puns to be a bird-en!”
  • “My lady! Duck!” “I’m a peacock you piece of shit.” “My lady, your language is too fowl!”
  • “Want a taste of my cockatoo?” “I egg-ret being your partner” cue starry eyed Chat bc his lady punned

Hello everyone!

Before I began, I know there’s a similar blog based on this one @tosmasterlist but people either seem to not want to join or they don’t know it exists.

This is a blog where I have every single Town of Salem ask blog that’s existed so far (hopefully), If I don’t have something you want on here, please don’t be shy and ask me. I will try to keep this updated as best as I can throughout the year.

The links cannot be viewed on the Tumblr mobile app, even if I put it in the description, it doesn’t seem to work. However if you type the urls listed below in your browser, Safari, Chrome, etc, it should work :3

Go to: for all the ask blogs listed by role

or go to: for all the ask blogs listed by their first post

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Hey there guys. I have small announcement to make.

When my laptop is fixed, I am going to be ret-conning Bleu’s entire character, complete with a new blog. The slate is going to be wiped clean and i’m going to start over.

This is because of a few reasons, though mostly my perspective of Sans, as a character, has changed drastically.

Something I also noticed is that Bleu’s characterization is really inconsistent, to put it lightly. I say he does one thing, and then he does the opposite.

This new version of Bleu will be very different from the one you know. Also, i’m canning the whole PTSD thing. I feel as if I’m not portraying it respectfully.

I’ll reblog this post a few times. You’re welcome to do that same.

That said, i’ll be on my personal @hirsch-mania for the next few days or so. Something happened and I’m not feeling great right now.

Thank you for your patience. ❤ I’ll see you guys later!!