This is my little niece, her name is Aleisha.

a few months ago she was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.

she developed normally until she was about 2, she said small words like ‘mum’ or 'more’ or 'num’ for food.
 she was crawling around, dancing when a song she liked came on.

she is 5 now, she cant say any words, but it doesnt mean she cant express her emotions.

she cant walk, unless we guide her.

she laughs and yells and cries.

she is human like all of us.

but how miraculous it would be for my family, especially my sister, if they find a cure for rett girls.

my precious little niece might one day be able to walk, or sing (very badly, like her auntie ceri)

she is the most special inspiring person in my life, and im so proud to call this giggling wonder my niece.