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A guide to who i follow and who i think you should follow too

Assorted military blogs:

@enrique262 @historywars @historicaltimes @retrowar @m4a1-shermayne @gruene-teufel @pra-vda @apostlesofmercy @ultimate-world-war-ii @thebeautyandthehorror @bmashina @greasegunburgers @hanspanzer @ourforgottenwars  @militaryhistoryvisualized 

Military and Civilian Aviation:

@spectre-130 @fcba @flytofight @aviationgifs @thevickers @theworldairforce @beautifulwarbirds @full-afterburner @longislandairpower @fcbairways @usaac-official




@lex-for-lexington @navyhistory @navalarchitecture @sixfrigates

Mainly Guns:

@peashooter85  @qsy-complains-a-lot @historicalfirearms

British history:

@britishimerialglory @bantarleton 

Imperial Japanese history:



@greatwar-1914 @thegreatwardaybyday @battleofverdunpodcast @today-in-wwi @justanotherww1 @jasta11 @guns-gas-trenches @meninroad @friedrich-barbarossa


@lamb-art @ttyto-alba

Cool blogs:

@lee-enfeel @graf-spectre @elisabeth-brown @coffeeandspentbrass @a-40k-author @lacepantsu @uss-edsall @dieselfutures @das-blut @junglechild @steampunkvehicles  @vultures-over-cadia @kompanie-mutter @aber-flyingtiger @la-volpe-bianca @opossumom @supermarketsecurity @ghoulishmints @girlintheshade

i think that’s all, so yeah i love all these blogs and i think you should follow them if you’re interested in those subjects, sorry if i missed anyone.



Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla.   - A Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94 engine from a World War II PB4Y-2 Privateer patrol bomber was ripped off its engine mount at The National Museum of Naval Aviation during Hurricane Ivan. The museum reported only minor damage except for a few aircraft on display outdoors. Navy officials reported that nearly 90 percent of the buildings on the base suffered significant damage. Ivan made landfall at Gulf Shores, Ala., at approximately 3:15 a.m. EST Sept. 16, with winds of 130 MPH. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Saul McSween