I needed more nuclear type families in town & was too lazy to create them on my own – so I gave the ’Funke’ family a make-over. I hated that last name so I re-named them the ’Fraley’ family.

When the Castors heard they had new neighbors, Beverly didn’t hesitate to bake a pie & head on over to introduce herself & family. Both families are now well acquainted & getting along splendidly! Sabrina even enlisted Beverly’s help on redecorating her kitchen. The country apple red theme is now on my list of my favorites!


The grand opening of Frenchy’s Beauty Parlor - a place where the elite society of Twinbrook housewives get their hair done & catch up on local gossip.

This beauty parlor was inspired by an episode of ‘Mad-men’ I saw a while back. I really wanted it to look glamorous & chic; the gold accents, feminine touches and pastel color palette really help accomplish this.

This is one of 2 salons I have been creating in Twinbrook and is located in the better part of the neighborhood.

Being the best hairstylist in town, Dottie works here part-time. Her kitschy-ness has inspired me to create another salon with a rock-&-roll theme on the outskirts of town. This salon however is almost exclusively for the wives.

After all, no high-class housewife would be caught dead on the wrong side of those tracks!