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Plenty of people have made this point before, but I’ve been hung up on the fact that we probably should have seen this coming, at least those of us who were into the exact same shitty subcultures around like 2004-2008. At least as early as the Scientology protests and the guy fawkes masks and the sporadic destructive hacking – and certainly once LulzSec started fucking everything up – you could probably have predicted that the SA//4chan milieu would eventually burst out of the internet into something politically/culturally relevant and truly horrendous.

I spent plenty of time arguing with my adolescent friends about the more serious and nasty claims made on the websites we all liked, but I assumed they were just doing normal aggressive teenaged stuff. I guess I just never considered the importance of the fact that those groups weren’t just teenagers, that there really were plenty of adults laughing along about master chief not afraiding of anything and all the other less benign stuff. In retrospect, I suppose that was pretty good evidence that some people wouldn’t outgrow that subculture, that they would generalize the ideas in their subculture to the culture at large and the conclusions they would reach would be seriously warped, and that they would eventually gain major institutional and cultural power (money, gun licenses, drivers licenses, jobs and degrees which confer respectability …). I never thought about it, but this really feels like it was predictable.

At least the history nearly writes itself. The narrative should be quite straightforward, and in a few decades I think we’ll have a very reliable picture of where this surge in American hatred came from.

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Hey uh you mentioned not knowing what plants to give Merle? Succulents are real cute small plants, but that nasty plant fucker probably has grapes and creep vine type plants somewhere in the back. (Though consider; Merle trying to make his own Wine? He says sweet talking the grape vines as they come up makes it sweeter but everybody knows his kinks and they just constantly side eye him)

that……………. is very helpful thank you tbh

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If I may ask, whatcha think of Doug Walker or Brad Jones?

i used to be a nostalgia critic fan but i got really sick of his style. like specifically the fact that he lies about his opinions on certain things and purposefully ignores some stuff just because it’s funnier if he’s more angry. his style is also like… the worst. he basically just summarizes films beat-by-beat with a bunch of little skits strewn throughout. it takes him until the very end of a review to actually get to his thoughts beyond just riffing. that’s why i always liked his videos done without the nostalgia critic persona better, like his disney retrospectives and stuff. no fluff, just him sharing his thoughts on pieces of media

i haven’t watched a ton of brad’s stuff but he’s okay

i’m more of a fan of lindsay ellis out of the ex-tgwtg crew, personally. she’s funny but she skews more towards actual genuine criticism and literary analysis these days, and that’s generally what i’m more interested in seeing as a writer

I want to take you away

Let’s escape into the music

DJ, let it play

-Stephane Lambiel, “Don’t Stop the Music” by Jamie Cullum

love this program so much!! felt like drawing something with a proper background for once


Watch wellntruly flirt with relevance as she live-blogs her season 3 rewatch!

3.1. ‘Antipasto
3.2. ‘Primavera
3.3. ‘Secondo
3.4. ‘Aperitivo
3.5. ‘Contorno
3.6. ‘Dolce
3.7. ‘Digestivo
3.8. ‘The Great Red Dragon
3.9. ‘And the Woman Clothed With the Sun
3.10. ‘And the Woman Clothed In Sun
3.11. ‘And the Beast From the Sea
3.12. ‘The Number of the Beast Is 666
3.13. ‘The Wrath of the Lamb

Previously: “Super Concise & Sensible Hannibal Recaps” of Season 3, “How To Properly Scream” Season 1, and “How to Properly Scream” Season 2


FLUFFBOTS. (Fall 2013 to present)

Needlefelting for me actually started with animals- A small, round owl, and a couple of dinosaurs, most of which are at my desk at work so I can’t photograph them.

Drift and Ultra Magnus were the first Transformers I attempted- They’re up there with a drift from about half a year later, wearing a ribbon for a scarf. I’ve done something like 65 custom orders now (some for multiple characters) in addition to a whole bunch of shopfills, including TFcon toronto back in 2014!

They’ve been a blast to make! But, I’ve learned that I really need to take time off between opening commissions in order to prevent burn out. (Presently, shop is on hiatus for custom orders for this very reason, and will probably reopen in July or so.)

I’d post up more of them but i guess there’s a limit for photos now! I’ll put more in the next one.

I do occasionally make not-robots still; Lion from Steven Universe plus a small handful of Undertale not-tsums because they’re obcenely tiny were fun in-between-orders projects. I made Mettaton too; he is @katyamondfische ‘s now. Goats and Frisk eventually?

Supernatural: A Summary by Jeremy Carver from the Supernatural Season 10 Retrospective 
↳ Yellow subtitles are narrated by Rob Benedict
“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x03 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Buttertarts, I feel like I did a Bad Job on the last one of these. I was having SUCH FUN re-recapping 3x01, it was like I was falling in love with this damn show all over again, and then I stumbled. I felt weirdly tied up by what I’d written last time, maybe? But for some reason I’ve got a good feeling about this next one! LET’S DO IT, BETTERLY.

Season 3, Episode 3: “Secondo”

Ok first up though, why is “Secondo” not the name of the second episode? I cannot believe I’ve been being confused by this for nearly a year, god.

Wait hold up once more, is there a fragment of a deleted scene in the Previously On?? Will sitting with Abigail in the chapel chairs saying “There are places within himself that he can’t safely go” — I do not recall that happening! Hah, SPOTTED. Ok I swear I’m starting the actual episode now.

And oh my ever loving fuck, the opening shot is dark red wine plunging into a stupidly ornate glass to the most ominous sound cue known to man, a heavy pour, and then the lens focuses beyond it to reveal the reason why:

This is my favorite thing on the planet.

Hannibal is seriously just sitting there BLINKING MOROSELY. Beautiful.

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