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Homestuck Kids and Fan Music Tastes: a retrospective of 5 years of listening to Homestuck 8Tracks playlists

John: Hope you like Owl City because every other song is Owl City.

Rose: Superior music but with the undertone that the creator knows that they’ve made a playlist with superior music. Feminist jams, palatable punk, and the occasional splash of southern gothic rock. (Side Note: 80% of my current taste in music came from circa 2012 Dave&Rose playlists. Good stuff.)

Dave: White rap, comedy bands, (Eminem) angst, and a bizarre fascination with CAKE’s 1996 underground hit “The Distance.” (???)

Jade: I don’t think there’s a pre-2013 Jadeship playlist that doesn’t have “Something That I Want” by Grace Potter on it. Jade fans were just really into that one obscure bonus track off the Tangled soundtrack. I have no idea why.

Jane: Imagine the whitest, softest, most unoffensive music imaginable. I’m talking the entire discography of Ingrid Michaelson having sweet, missionary wedding night sex with Michael Bublé while Of Monsters and Men serenades them from behind a modesty curtain. I used to study to Jane playlists.

Dirk: Imagine the afore mentioned Dave playlist but with doubled angst, more expiramental electronic bullshit, and Rose playlist levels of pretentiousness. Also Marina and the Diamonds. So much Marina and the Diamonds.

Roxy: Cool lady rap and the occasional hauntingly depressing ballad. On the same playlist. Also Marina and the Diamonds. Marina and the Diamonds was on pretty much every playlist in 2013. 2013 Homestucks fuckin’ loved their Marina and the Diamonds.

Jake: I don’t have much to say here bc Shelby Cragg made a Jake playlist and it was all anybody ever listened to. DirkJake playlists deserve a post all their own bc that shit had subcategories on subcategories.


Hal: Electronic but annoying. So, you know, perfect.

Sawtooth and Squarewave: It’s just Daft Punk all the way down, kids.

The great day has arrived! It is Algy’s 5th Tumblr Birthday.

Algy’s surprisingly fluffy 5th birthday party will start at midday, over on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

It is YOU, Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends and followers, who have made these five years of Algy’s adventures possible, and YOU who have kept Algy going through good times and bad. Thank you all so very much!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the thousands of almost-invisible followers who Algy does not really know but who see his posts and leave notes from time to time…

And a VERY SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those hundreds of amazing friends and followers who Algy has come to know and love over the past five years - who frequently “like” Algy’s posts, leave kind comments, and send Algy messages. 

Algy loves you all and sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy birthday hugs, and hopes that you will be able to join in his birthday celebrations xoxo

To take part in Algy’s birthday party on @lovefromalgy, submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link (your own original work, please). If you post on your own blog, please be sure to let Algy know, as the Tumblr notification system for being mentioned on another blog doesn’t work…

And of course come along to @lovefromalgy and enjoy the fun whenever you can. This very special party is likely to run on into the night here in Scotland (GMT).

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again: again:

To celebrate, Algy is also running a small retrospective of his 5 years of amazing adventures, on his main blog @adventuresofalgy. This was originally planned for just two days, but Algy has now decided to spread it over 5 days - one day for each year :)

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but how come dan and phil pre filmed so many videos? like I know they would've prefilmed anyway to fill in for live shows. but if dan was going to come home early, he would've done live shows and dnp would've only filmed enough to fill in on thursdays but not tuesdays

in retrospect they’ve only uploaded 5 pre filmed videos which isn’t much, plus they might have wanted to make sure they had enough gaming videos to upload while they were away cuz even if dan had gone back to london right after playlist he still wouldn’t have been able to film gaming videos since phil wouldn’t have been there with him

In retrospect The House Cup was a weird thing to add to Harry Potter.

Like can you imagine if other franchises did that? Luke Skywalker saves the day and conquers The Empire. Then all the planets are tallying up their scores and it looks like Tattoine’s not the best planet this year but Luke gets awarded some last minute points for his heroism and Fuck All Y’All, we’re still the best! Yeah! Yeah! We’re better than Endor! We’re better than Hoth! We’re better Naboo and anybody else!

Like they stopped Voldemort and won’t have to deal with Malfoy for another couple months. Generally that’d be enough.

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Have you ever done a top 10 list for outfits/monsters/whatever in CCS? I just really like your top 10 lists.

This is great news to me, because I love making them! Top 10 Clow Cards can be found here. Top 10 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits can be found below! 

10. I am here to grant your wish, unless your wish does not involve matching your hair accessories to your off-shoulder sleeves, in which case, get out of here (12)

9. In the future, everything is two-tone and everyone is battling trees (04)

8. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. I know just what to do with you… better be… GRYFFINDOR! (15)

7. Just give me the biggest coat you have. (43)


5. In retrospect, I can see how the giant wad of cotton superglued to the butt was entirely necessary. (36)

4. Something about all this dark green and lavender together just screamed “tiny bat wings” (07)

3. Ambassador Epaulet has come to Earth, seeking resources for her planet’s dwindling supply of thigh-high boots (32)

2. Real princes carry 20 Pounds of extra fabric on their shoulders (42)

1. Sakura wears the clothes of her dead mother and never even knows it (16)

Honorable mention: BASIC ITEMS (06)

"ANGEL" RETROSPECTIVE: (5.08) "Destiny"

“ANGEL” RETROSPECTIVE: (5.08) “Destiny”

One of the most interesting episodes to air on “ANGEL” during its Season Five turned out to be the eighth episode called (5.08) “Destiny”. Written by David Fury and Steven S. DeKnight, the episode is considered one of the best in the series. It also marked a relief for many viewers who had become weary of Spike in corporeal form.

“Destiny” begins with a flashback to 1880 London, where a recently-sired William Pratt (yes, that is his surname) meets Angelus for the first time. The latter accepts William into the group that also includes Drusilla and Darla and adds that he looks forward to killing with another man. Angeleus expresses a vow that he and William are “gonna be the best of friends”. The two male vampires seal their new friendship with clasped hands burning in the sunlight. One hundred and twenty-three years later, a mysterious package arrives at the Los Angeles Wolfram and Hart offices, addressed to William (now Spike). Harmony Kendall, Angel’s vampire secretary, opens the package, which produces a flash of light. Minutes later, Spike tries to materialize through and discovers that he is corporeal again. It is not long before Eve, the firm’s liaison to the Senior Partners, announces that the whole universe is in turmoil. Spike’s return to corporeal form and existence is messing with the expected course of the Shanshu prophecy, because after dying on the Hellmouth to save the world in the “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” finale, Spike now qualifies as a champion.

When an employee named Sirk, who worked under the absent Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, is questioned for more information on the Shanshu prophecy, he informs them that they did not get everything from the translation. Sirk adds that “The balance will falter until the vampire with a soul drinks from the Cup of Perpetual Torment”. In other words, whoever (Spike or Angel) drinks from the cup, that vampire is the one who was destined for the prophecy. And once the champion is decided, the universe will go back to normal. Sirk also adds that the Cup of Perpetual Torment was destroyed in an opera in Death Valley, Nevada. This bit of news leads both Spike and Angel to race to Death Valley in order to find the cup. And the two souled vampires end up battling out to determine which one of them will achieve the Shanshu prophecy. What Angel and Spike fail to discover was that their battle for the prophecy had been planned by Eve and her lover, former Wolfram and Hart attorney, Lindsay MacDonald, to mess with the Senior Partners’ plans for the older vampire.

I might as well say it. “Destiny” was a bloody, intense and brilliant episode. In a small way, this episode reminded me the “BUFFY” finale, (7.22) “Chosen” and Angel’s reaction to the news about Spike possessing a soul. I initially found it odd that Angel would react to the news about Spike’s souled state in such a negative way. Surely he would have been thrilled at the idea of another vampire – especially one he has known for over a century – as a fellow champion. Instead, he reacted with a mild mixture of annoyance and resentment. This attitude carried over in “ANGEL”, after Spike reappeared as a ghost at the end of (5.01) “Conviction” . It occurred to me that being the souled champion of the supernatural appealed to Angel’s ego and he did not like the idea of another supernatural being – especially a vampire – raining on his parade. And I am certain that his feelings about Spike played a major part in his reactions.

Then again … one only has to look at the flashbacks featured in “Destiny”. Not long after welcoming vampire William as a future hunting mate, Angelus made certain that the younger vampire got the message that he was the sole alpha male of the group. And he did this by making certain that William knew that Drusilla was his “property” and no one else’s. And since Drusilla was William’s sire, the latter was also his by extension. I would not be surprised that Angel viewed the role as souled vampire/champion as his alone. It is possible that he viewed Spike as a mere interloper. And Spike’s past history with Buffy – someone Angel viewed as his sole love – probably did not help matters.

As for Spike, he must have harbored a great deal of resentment toward Angel from the moment he could the latter with Drusilla together back in 1880. This resentment probably increased after his relationship with Buffy. After all, the vampire slayer had never declared her feelings for him as she had done about Angel in the past. Despite Angel/Angelus’ claim as the alpha male, Spike challenged the former’s claim every chance he could. Remember their confrontation in the Yorkshire caves in one of the flashbacks featured in the “BUFFY” episode, (5.07) “Fool For Love”? It was simply another moment of Spike upsetting Angel’s claim as the superior.

One also had to take in Spike’s accusation in “Destiny” that Angelus made him into a monster. On one level, he was right. Although Drusilla had sired Spike, it was Angelus who more or less taught the former how to be a first-class vampire. Angel claimed that Spike always had the ability to be a monster. And he was also right. Angelus alone could not have been responsible for the creation of Spike aka William the Bloody. The darkness within William (even before he became a vampire) played a major part, as well. It seemed as if both vampires were trying to deny their own responsibility in the formation of the “Slayer of Slayers”.

Finally, we come to Lindsay MacDonald and Eve’s role in this scenario. I have this feeling that some kind of conflict has been set in motion with the scheming of Lindsey and Eve. I must admit that I was a little surprised to see the former Wolfram and Hart attorney again. But I originally could not understand why he had returned to kick-start this rivalry between Angel and Spike … especially since he had willingly put both Angel and the firm behind him back in Season Two’s (2.18) “Dead End”. In the latter episode, Lindsay had discovered that he had been chosen to be the new CEO of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram and Hart. It is possible that the news of Angel assuming this very position had not only revived his old dislike of the vampire, but resentment toward the Senior Partners for allowing a nemesis to manage their firm.

It is obvious that Lindsay used Eve as a minion for his plans to put Wolfram and Hart off balance. Many fans had not been impressed by Eve as a replacement for the very memorable Lilah Morgan. But in this episode, Eve managed to fool the Fang Gang with an air of innocence that many believed would not have suited Lilah’s personality. She became a more believable adversary for the team. Lindsay and Eve had used a spell to convince the others that the universe was in chaos due to the presence of two vampire “champions”. The spell caused blood to leak from Harmony’s eyes, but it had no physical effect on the mortals that worked there … except for Charles Gunn. It could be that his “legal upgrade” made him supernaturally vulnerable to the couple’s spell.

The acting was superb in “Destiny”. Both James Marsters and David Boreanaz were absolutely fantastic as Spike and Angel. Not only were their verbal interactions sizzled with electricity, but I believe that their superb fight scene may have been one of the best ever featured on both “ANGEL” and “BUFFY”. I also have to commend J. August Richards for his portrayal of Gunn in this episode. I am certain that his Charles had fulfilled the fantasies of many by choking Eve. Christian Kane’s return to the series was a sight for my sore eyes. And Sarah Thompson gave her best performance as Eve, since she first joined the cast at the beginning of the season. As for the brief Spike/Harmony sexfest - it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Loved the look that Spike gave Harmony, and how she finally capitulated. Both Marsters and Mercedes McNab proved they had not lost their screen chemistry. In fact, Marsters not only worked well with Boreanaz and McNab, it was great to see him renew his old chemistry with Juliet Landau, who was great as ever as the eccentric Drusilla.

Overall, David Fury and Stephen S. DeKnight wrote a first-rate episode … probably one of the best of the series. And their work was handled with care by a superb cast and solid direction from Skip Schoolnik. Two thumbs up for “Destiny”!


GMM Season 5 Retrospective: Milestones!

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good post about vriska.. one thing that always stands out to me when reading her dialogue is that she has really, really poor social skills. and people always attribute it to her being a self-centered narcissist but actually i think a lot of it is because she was so isolated as a child she has a hard time interacting with others. vriska's.. really annoying, and sometimes it's on purpose, but other times she's just. oblivious and obnoxious. she's completely tone deaf and tends (1)

to say completely inappropriate things at the worst time, she can’t take a hint or flirt to save her life, she can’t read the emotions or conversational tone of others at all, she’s awkwardly blunt and too honest, and she’s so annoying and oblivious it’s almost pathetic. multiple different characters on multiple occasions have to resort to straight up telling her they don’t want to talk to her to force her to leave them alone. and sure, a part of it is just that she has an irritating personality, but another part of it is that childhood trauma and the situation she grew up in isolated her socially and she’s honest to god just not good at social interaction to the point where the other trolls mock her for being irritating and stupid. sometimes it’s just straight up sad – in a conversation w aradia before entering the medium aradia implies she and vriska weren’t ever friends and vriska is very obviously hurt. vriska talks frantically about how “she’s not good at being a friend” and about how being a good friend just isn’t second nature to her, but she insists she and aradia were friends, even saying “why would you play games with me if you weren’t my friend?” because vriska doesn’t.. pick up well on social cues and assumes anyone not actively murdering her is her friend and ally, and it’s honestly sad. esp since she spends literally constantly trying to “fix” things and “make her friends like her again”.

yep! its one of her traits that really jumped out to me on a second readthru - and its why she hits it off so well with john, since he assumes everyone is his friend and he says exactly what he means all the time. in retrospect act 5 vriska is pretty depressing and i like her post-retcon comeback now much more than i did when it first happened

(these are also all good reasons why vriska could be read as autistic imo)

#RetROspective #5 - Epilogue/Dedication

I want give my unending gratitude to just a few people without whom I could not have done this or it would just not have been nearly as fun to do!!!!

@existingcharactersdiehorribly, you listened to me cry about the con, and rant about poor scheduling and express a litany of insane, insecure, emotional thoughts, and let me oscillate a thousand times, you promised me you wouldn’t hate me if I ditched, and told me I was awesome, and were my roommate, drinkmate, and crazymate throughout all this wackiness. We had a dual breakdown when we stopped breathing saturday night, but you saved my ass there too, however dirty we felt afterwards. I knew you would always answer if I gchatted you. BASICALLY, I WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY LOST WITHOUT YOU.

@idontfindyouthatinteresting, pulling off massive stunts is difficult, especially when you can’t plan properly, and you can’t time right, and it all comes down to pulling out the stops at the last minute. I don’t think anyone could have organized the London end of the skype like you, and it was SO WELL ORGANIZED, IN MY OPINION, on top of all the other incredible things you were already doing for this con. There would be none of the wonder of what happened without you, and even though we were both stressed and crazy, we kept it together and we pulled it out. You’re fabulous in every way, I’m glad I got to share the heavy lifting with you and make it all happen.

@sherlocks-freebitch and @vi0lentquiche - I think you were the people who I was looking forward most to meeting, who also got the brunt of my SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I dithering before the con. I know it was even harder for you guys to listen to because I know this trip was so immense for you both, and I appreciate that you were there for me all the same. I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW AMAZING IT WAS TO FINALLY MEET YOU BOTH FOR REAL. AND HOW ANNOYING IT IS THAT WE ARE SO FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. YOU WERE MY CREW AND I LOVE YOU (And husband cardboard Mads). <3

@docnickie, @wiith-my-hands and @drinkbloodlikewine, Though we live anywhere from 2 hours to 20 minutes apart, we mostly see each other when we’ve both travelled across great expanses of land or water. Which keeps a friendship interesting, I think. I had a great time hanging out with all of you and falling into each other’s orbits naturally even without really planning our next moves. I’d say I’ll see you at home, but I think we’ll all be somewhere crazy instead.

@confusedkayt, @wolftrapqueen27 and @radioxsilence. MY NYC FANNIBAL STALWARTS. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY STUFF, CARRYING IT, MAKING SURE IT DIDN’T GET LOST, MAKING SURE I DIDN’T GET LOST, and bearing with my loopy plane mind. I knew I could depend on you when I pulled the NYC part together and I appreciate that so much.


@bonearenaofmyskull - I’m pretty sure your “You have to now because I want to watch.” comment really clinched my decision. You know I love a challenge, ;) I hope you enjoyed the show.




Prologue | BTRDC | Bryan, Janice and the Skype Heard Round the World | Paley Fest Fannibal Domination & Hugh | Epilogue


Epic Game of Thrones Retrospective from Season 1-5 by Steven Thomas

We’re all excited for the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but in case you need a refresher in preparation for the Season 6, don’t miss this epic 11-minute video flashback from the past seasons edited by Steven Thomas.


GMM Season 5 Retrospective: Outside the Studio!

  • GMM 377: The Safest Way to Walk
  • GMM 407: Roller Coaster Death (Playlist Live)
  • GMM 443: Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  • GMM 455: Extreme DIY Hair Treatments (Tanning Salon)
  • GMM 465: Extreme Gifts for Dads (Sushi Restaurant)
  • GMM 467: Most Amazing Coincidence Ever
  • GMM 470: Never Say These 1st Date Phrases (Massage Parlor)
  • GMM 473: Introducing Pool Pants
  • GMM 475: Should You Sneak Food Into The Movies?

The above are my five favourite photographs of 2015, selected for the Gray-Card end of year extravaganza

They may not be the most popular shots I’ve taken and posted, but they each conjure a pleasant memory for me and that feels like as good a selection criteria as any.

1. Stanpit Marsh, Mudeford, June 2015 – the marshes make up 65 hectares of reeds, streams and grasses at the entrance to the natural harbour at Christchurch. Often flooded, the marshes have wooden walkways dotted amongst the overgrowth. It was here, jumper wrapped around my head in lieu of a sun-hat, that I spent a heady afternoon taking snap-shots of passing boats, dodging ponies and helping fishermen pass the time (mostly by retrieving their unattended gear from said ponies).  

2. River Stour, Christchurch, March 2015 – I was incredibly lucky to happen across the river at low tide, the light just starting to drift westwards, and these three clustered together in the black waters.  I grew up in the area and it is only through taking up photography that I feel like I’ve really got to know it properly. It is for moments like this I keep returning.

3. Barrington Court, Illminster, October 2015 – I joined the National Trust this year, a cause and organisation I care more and more about each time I visit a different site. I have ended up on secluded beaches and ageing estates that would have entirely passed me by without it and I have it to thank for some incredibly fun photographic adventures over the past few months. The statues dotting the gardens at Barrington Court were great subjects to linger over, but I could have chosen a dozen shots from the day.

4. The Solent, Bournemouth, December 2015 – regular visitors may have noticed I take a lot of shots of the seascapes along the Dorset coast. What can I say? I’m incredibly lucky to have these vistas on my doorstep and am just annoyed work precludes me from making the dawn sunrise a daily photo. The winter is always great for conjuring almost unreal palettes in the sky and it sometimes feels like I’m cheating a little when photographing it – it being almost impossible to take a poor shot. 

5. Millhams Street, Christchurch, October 2015 – this last one I’ve chosen simply because I’m rather proud of it. It was entirely spur of the moment and is testament to what photography has done to my walking patterns – it has been a while since I could walk down a street in a straight line with camera in hand, instead meandering left and right as my eye takes me. Autumn is a wonderful season and this year has been the first in four that I’ve been able to enjoy it fully, having finished off the last of my professional exams – the colours were great to take shots of and I can only apologise for the number of leaf/leaf-on-ground variants I posted between October and November.

Where else can I be found?: for more in this vein I can be found on tumblr in two places – my own photography blog, and my personal/reblogging blog which predates the first (so don’t be surprised if you get a follow from there) and is home to a huge array of photo journalism, original photography and selected mutterings from yours truly. Flickr is also a thing and I welcome all correspondents on that site too.  

I love this hobby of mine; it takes me places I would never have dreamed of visiting and little by little, as the archives continue to grow, I can feel myself getting tugged deeper into it.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following and thanks again to @gray-card for putting this together.



My Top 5 of 2015 for
Gray-Card’s Year-End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza

Well, that was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  Choosing just 5 photos from the however-many-hundreds I took this year was not easy.  I decided on these 5 for a variety of reasons - mostly composition, color, feel, memories - but in some cases, “just because.”

1.  Clocktower.

2.  Dancing in the Breeze.

3.  Frank Turner (unpublished).

4.  Sunbursts on the Terrace.

5.   Tranquility Between Water and Sky.

Thank you Gray-Card for hosting this! 

Here’s to many more fabulous photos in 2016!