“Blocks On Blocks” - Visage

a message from retrolyn:

I’m struggling in making connections with people in reality.

But I wanna say I appreciate the people here on tumblr who I can relate to tremendously.

It really means a lot to me. I don’t feel so alone.

I’m not the only 80’s freak in this world. <3


I have no friends in my web class….

i sit in the very front

i take a lot of notes and I seem to only make good convos with the teacher

everyone failed the midterm.. i gave her advice on how to lecture the students in order for them to understand, they understood completely after…

i still have no friends -__-

everyone was happy they got the midterm now

I still have an F

can someone

explain to me whats goin on :(

i have to manage to get more than 3.9 or else they take money away from me

and i have band to juggle..

im sorta stressing out and its not fun.

i need sleep :/

Welp. I know when people ask you “you’re a yr older! how do you feel?” and the answer is usually “The same..” but I feel different lol To me, in my personal opinion, every birthday I look back and think of how much I’ve actually accomplished and grown as a person.

I got my first degree..

I let go of an Ex and found a brand new lover

I am driving around and taking care of business.

found a grreat internship that somehow is wanting to turn into an actual JOB.

gaining more knowledge. 

meeting new people, and still talkin to the same true friends.

growing strong and maybe maturing lol

still being the same meowy me.

love for 80’s increased a shit ton.

yeaaa, ive changed since my last b-day and its goina be way better than last yr

thank you girly for the bathing suit, underwear, goodies, and the love/ support you give me everyday. :]

thank you family for helping me reach my dreams and goals with all the love support and patience, I promise I wont let you down.

Thank you school/band friends allison, alan andi sabrina, izzy, stefanie, chris gabi jason breanna  for all the true friendship. 

professors baker ken lynch caveney esperti all those amazing professors who have helped me become more of a professional creative :] 

lol and the haters ;] 

Lets start making even bigger goals <3

Here we go, 20!