HOLY SPACE COW! We got our Steam Green Light in 11 days! That HAS to be some sort of record!! Thank you all for your awesome support.

We still have 16 days to go on our Kickstarter campaign. If we hit our target we can look at building other platforms in parallel! Hope you guys can continue to share and support our campaign!…/pixel-starships-8bit-starship… 


When I think of Super Bowl Sunday, I think of Super Bowl XXIX, the year my family actually didn’t force me to watch and I got to play Final Fantasy IV uninterrupted and finally beat it. That ending sequence was mind-blowing to 12-year-old me. And I just rewatched today, and damned if it doesn’t hold up. That music — the way Uematsu weaves together all the characters’ themes? The way you realize that Locke’s theme and Celes’ theme harmonize beautifully and were maybe always two halves of one theme? 


Tonight I learned of the existence of Just Breed, an Enix RPG for the Famicom that looks amazing for an 8-bit game and has a kickass soundtrack. You need to listen to this.