list of Edgy rey theories

today’s ridiculous rey theory was so amazing that i just decided to make a whole list dedicated to all the people who are trying so hard to deny the rey skywalker theories that they’re on a whole other level of reaching

  1. rey is anakin skywalker’s clone/reincarnation
  2. rey is anakin skywalker’s sister (through shmi and cliegg)
  3. rey is born from an experiment with luke’s chopped off hand
  4. rey is related to palpatine/snoke and/or palpatine’s reincarnation
  5. rey is leia’s daughter but not han’s
  6. rey is ben solo’s daughter (han and leia’s granddaughter)
  7. rey is another force baby
  8. rey is related to obi wan/qui-gon/phasma (i put these together bc they’re not Likely but theyre more plausible than anything else in this list and i can Respect these theories)

feel free to add your own


Anon: Hi! I was hoping to request some snaps/texts where you’re Internet friends with bangtan and they’re getting really excited as you’re all about to meet for the first time. If all of them is too much then maybe just the maknae line. They can be idols or not I really don’t mind. I hope this request made sense 😰 also I love this blog so very much 💕

Jimin would act like an ass but he’d be soooooo nervous

- Admin J