alright so i have to admit- i do play habbo retros. ive been playing them for years but today one of the rooms on there made me sick..

“Let’s recreate the Manchester bombing” says one room with 8 people in it.

guys its literally not been a day im fucking done



i. yikes // jupe ii. one of us // slenderbodies iii. cold // retro culture iv. hard times // paramore v. california // grimes vi. supernova // house of lions vii. oh! // vallis alps viii. call me in the afternoon // half moon run ix. julianne // roy english x. good morning // amber run xi. heart out // the 1975 xii. chill out // ray blk xiii. right place right time // boa xiv. rico // wild front xv. days of lavender // promises ltd. xvi. all i had // louis la roche xvii. indigo puff // sundara karma xviii. la 97’ // the geek x vrv xix. obsessive // chase atlantic xx. 90210 // blackbear

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