retro tones


Morning Musume ‘17 new double a side single.
BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy.

BNM doesn’t sound like your typical H!P song, in fact it reminds me a lot of After School’s Bang, with the talking/shouting parts in tune with the song.

Jealousy Jealousy is made by Tsunku, yes it does have the ‘Tsunku feel’ to it, it’s retro, jazzy tones almost similar to what J=J tend to be given. I would have to say it also reminds me of something that would’ve been great for Platinum era Musume. It has a cool, adult feel to it and is quite close to Aki Urara with the way it’s sung.

The single will feature two b-sides; one of which is a collab song featured in AKB’s album Thumbail with Sashihara Rino titled 'Get You’. This will be a Morning Musume version. The other b-side will be the Morning Misoshiro song that os a revamp of Morning Coffee as part of their collab with Miso soup making company Marukome.

I also get hey say jump vibes from both songs. XD


His death sadly won’t be listed among most “Those we lost in 2015” lists, but John Bradbury was a great drummer, keeping time for “The Specials”, the most famous of the two tone revival bands. No song better demonstrates this than “Gangsters”. RIP