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His death sadly won’t be listed among most “Those we lost in 2015” lists, but John Bradbury was a great drummer, keeping time for “The Specials”, the most famous of the two tone revival bands. No song better demonstrates this than “Gangsters”. RIP

How did you get into ska?

I always enjoy stories about how people got into ska. How did YOU get into ska? Reblog this post with your story, or submit a post and I’ll post my favorites! 

My story is pretty simple. My neighborhood babysitter in the late 80s early 90s LOVED ska - he mostly listened to Skankin’ Pickle and Fishbone. He’d play it when he was babysitting us kids. I was batty for it. He even asked my mom if he could take me to a Skankin Pickle show (of course she said no, I was like 5..). I don’t think I could really understand that ska itself was a genre.

Fast forward to grade school - the mid 90s. Ska boom hits. Ska is everywhere. That’s when I really started to get it. I loved it, but I had no idea there was a subculture attached to it until I started 7th grade, when I went to my first show. I’ve been enamored ever since. The End.

Send your stories! I want to know how you got into ska!