retro romper

so many headcanons for all ma ladies that i need to start writing down


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.20.17

vintage gems by shopexile

a new favorite shop of mine is shopexile — they specialize in curated vintage fashion finds and i’m in LOVE with the things i’ve found there recently!! this pair is just the right amount of retro-cool.

My view on the piece P4.


Style: I’m not a big fan of these swimsuit style teddies, but this is very nive. Looks like it came from Playboy Mansion, glamorous and beautiful. High cut, generous clevage and the fabric has a beautiful pattern. 10!

Colour: perfect. 10!

Chosen Model: my God, what a woman. Big hair, nice hips, golden skin and a naughty face. 10!


I have looked for a romper FOR.EV.ER.
I always knew that I could rock the shorts off one (pun intended), but it had to be the perfect one.
I think its safe to say that my multiple years long romper search has been concluded VICTORIOUSLY.